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to the churchyard where manygrownups had arrived for church
and mother getting the votegrownups have boring secrets andy
1930s i remember hearing thegrownups talking and laughing about
fizzed and it was thegrownups that drank it the
from three families plus tengrownups they sat ben the
oats called mashley was alsogrownand fed to the house
including black oats which weregrownmainly for horse feed during
corn i e oats wasgrownthe rucks were theekit an
of vegetables and soft fruitgrownin the garden bones were
and vegetables that could begrownin wisely tended allotments or
pies vegetables garden vegetables weregrownincluding cabbage kale carrots potatoes
ground allowing barley to begrownbruised barley was fed to
and barley peas and beansgrowntogether and ground into meal
import crops that can begrownhere from european organic farms
be fed by food cropsgrowninstead of tobacco and believes
importing crops that can begrownonly in third world countries
fite haired loon a halflingrownhe raxxed his wings wi
his heir jist a halfgrownloon at strathbogie college in
doon an ye re agrownloon noo ye ken yer
in the toon a halfgrownloon that hated the ferm
from pease and beans sometimesgrownand ground together and along
growe v grow growne vgrowngrund n ground grup v
bare ground where nothing hasgrownyet to me that s
market for organic produce hasgrownby 50 per cent or
would be to substitute homegrownproduce for organic imports from
recognises that almost all eugrowntobacco is exported to central
thus reduce imports as eugrowntobacco is of poor quality
by the elderly and infirmgrownpale together lengthened their limbs
fact that they were sometimesgrowntogether as part of a
in my more or lessgrownup head live together and
an wi matty bruce halfgrownand his mither still weel
ma tae her twa halfgrownbairns yer da should hae
blackcurrants rhubarb and raspberries weregrownand sometimes an apple tree
of goods that can begrownonly in third world countries
people including teachers who havegrownup in the area speaking
never come here and havinggrownm608: mmhm m078: up as
independent confirmation of having achievedgrownup status never mind jobs
f963: mm f965: but havinggrownup with that pleasant and
wardrobe that dot had justgrowninto julia s mother less
knew lots of those hadgrownup with them her mother
i think e faimily sgrownup an awa noo bit
know the family had allgrownup and at one stage
all those familiar faces allgrownup and on this bizarre
indeed many of us havegrownup being told that our
f643: but the laddies hadgrownup by this time john
you are married with twogrownup children just as i
and hospitable and his twogrownup children mari and kate
tee for baith young angrownup competitors for fun there
you know because they regrownup erm you ve got
wee any more either allgrownup in your uniform only
book kind of becomes moregrownup like the language an
smokes but she s agrownup little girls are not
it s a bit moregrownup m959: wow f958: but
shore noo at du sgrownup mi jewel du sall
thocht i was haemanannie richtgrownup my auntie gave me
minnie war supposed tae begrownup noo minnie d bin
my daddy horse and othergrownup people laugh at me
a real suck like agrownup princess i suck really
failed that they had agrownup son later he had
wishing and waiting to begrownup to be a real
f1104: well i need agrownup to help me with
i ve because i vegrownup with it but i
i think yes you vegrownup with it so you
generation f1038: mmhm f1037: hasgrownup with not the first
so long because you vegrownup with this horrible girl
hear yursell pat a responsiblegrownup wummin stuck wi the
yeah mmhm he s naegrownup yet is he f1103:
myself that have sort ofgrownup you know with generations
war wheat has also beengrownbefore then only five or
an adolescent phantasy i vegrownout of tenthly nuclear war
war coortin local lassies hamegrowns aye best arthur leuch
buttons key pencil have nevergrownfatter or thinner the buttons
never seen the like agrownman an twa weemin guddlin
me as she s nevergrowntaller than me we have
fifteen years has he notgrowninto a fine young man
wey is that for agrownman tae pass the time
a wean and you agrownman wi a brief case
o contradiction that i vegrownhappier year by year betty
see when i m fullgrownharry ach awa you ve
probably as well i vegrownout of it actually [laugh]
mainly strawberries have only beengrownextensively in arbuthnott from the
robes whether this authority hadgrownin the three years dundas
more variability and that sgrownover the past few years
in gaelic medium education hasgrownover the years and you
words used here are homegrowninsults bluiter babbler huirsone bastard
opportunity to see the homegrownwork that art lovers take
whispered letters their mothers hadgrownlean and anxious looking they
wee lassie the hackitness hadgrownon her year by year
your income since all strawgrownon the farm had to
the bubble had by nowgrownso wide that it was
to strength the membership hasgrownfrom the original six to
involved in it and hasgrowninto something that is totally
bernstein and halliday and hasgrownout of bernstein s much
has it grow- it sgrownquite a bit have you
face i think it hasgrowntired of rehearsing for winter
7 orphans the herd hasgrownto 62 with others being
1945 many more tatties weregrownmajestic and arran pilot for
many voluntary sector organisations havegrownout of an identified need
an faither his bairns aagrownan aa either fermin or
weemin better than the hamegrownvariety aa pride an greed
and tattie pits turnips weregrownfor sheep and cattle feed
five or six acres weregrownfor the straw to thatch
from those socks were longgrownhe sighed again and wished
younger than that we weregrownout of f963: right yeah
bog bit een at hidgrownin e bed o fit
bollocks [throat] it s actuallygrownquite a bit f943: what
wide range of cereals beinggrownand the fact that they
house cows flax was alsogrown[note: photo: ''the loon' sowing neeps in the stane field, millplough.'] [note: photo: 'a squad of men hoeing neeps.] sowing before farm
okay [laugh] f1038: people getgrownpeople getting upset cause you
s people there s likegrownpeople that ll go oh
prehistoric times and is stillgrownin a few places bere
old dinghies from the navygrownbold she changed her cousin
her haun tae her haufgrownquine faith she niver touched
her saxth birthday they hidgrownthegither fin daisy d bin
plucked unblended single estate highgrowntea from the labookellie estate
back an it ll havegrownagain it s f606: mmhm
seems to have ehm reallygrownnow an you know everybody
an expert but i havegrownolder shockingly to an age
an haa the tinks aregrownthat big at air or
trapped in mountain nets bygrownmen in camouflage gear another
pinkish green sweet grapes locallygrownspinach and melons magdalena could
on dee at s cradledgrownmen trace lines o kennin
brae a shroud as ifgrownweary o the lan the

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