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wush ah kent the musicgrowsfainter and fainter koolyghin happily
her sobs a green oakgrowsby a curving shore and
her breath a green oakgrowsby a curving shore and
thing masha a green oakgrowsby a curving shore and
distance masha a green oakgrowsby a curving shore and
and we hae primroses thatgrowsin oor gairden primroses and
[laugh] yeah f961: very rarelygrows[laugh] wi my my my
this is a song thatgrowson you most versions are
up [inhale] scottish vernacular prosegrowsgradually out of a multilingual
year grass f889: aye f890: growsquickly yeah f606: mm f889:
it yeah f960: oh atgrows[laugh] yeah f961: so it
this one that his nosegrowslonger and longer and longer
is golden here the lotusgrowsthe heart s dark cave
the human tide o nationsgrowsthe clash o claik s
of the bag that storygrowshorns and a tale each
a large garden where hegrowstomatoes corn peppers green beans
withering on the virgin thorngrowslives and dies in single
inbye the tarn sattles peacegrowsclear kidney bean child stars
ensure that every scottish childgrowsup in a poverty free
[click] [inhale] and this activitygrowsamong the scottish aristocracy through
alder s one that usuallygrowsweel on shetland f1074: yes
increase so strong and tallgrowshe the watcher in the
the sun dappled sea terracegrowscold and fiddle is restless
a navy door the airgrowssatty near the nor sea
think ah m941: his hairgrowsf940: i m lost again
stop i approached cautiously rosemarygrowsaround the building which i
ll bet fate iver kindgrowskinder yet hooiver it has
the macroscosm s abstract facegrowsbeard an fuskers in this
the flo- the flower thatgrowsin the water there s
a long way when itgrowstoo big for comfort you
gloamin greys ay an daygrowsbricht caain ma draigon cairtie
that the urge for survivalgrowson some an diminishes on
growes cauld an the burngrowsbauld an the woods are

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