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thursday 13th temp 0 8grunfer fyte aye a motor
wednesday 5th temp 2 4grunfer fyte wi frost jist
monday 2 temp 1 5grunfer fyte wi frost like
wednesday 18 temp 0 3grunfyte like sna frost dis
16 rise tae see thegrunfyte wi frost pits winter
awa tuesday 17 0 3grunis hard an fyte like
wednesday 22nd temp 4 2grunis hard an fyte like
wis ae friday mornin thegrunwis fer fyte wi frost
tae plant an seed thegrunahin the cuttin ploo a
dreel ploo oot o thegrunen gang forrit an start
o e ploo faar freshgrunwis bein turnt be horse
abody wis doon on thegrunfer alert fer keyed up
thursday 5 temp 3 2grunis covered wi fer puckle
the daffys fer doon troodengrunsae wet flooers lie fer
aneth i finn the solidgrunan coontless starnies see owerheid
reets rin deep aneth thegrunben the braid mantle o
is a mole aneth thegrunis underneath the ground or
it bene beilt on saftgrunwe yokit ti the wirk
steam haimmer till e saftgrunwis as firm s e
an scrappy an hung rygrunyit if saft flush lint
16 rise in the morningruncovered in sna bit the
9 16 fit a surprisegruncovered wi sna weet sleety
at lay intak on thegrunaye wi the chimla stauk
o wersh mochieness on thegrunflicht cars lay like smashed
life lay sprauchlt on thegrunher edders fou o mither
kennin fit tae dee egrunlay on a slope an
set at ae side egrunlay on e lower slopes
besom lay t on egrunpit e hen s heck
iron in the spring thegrunclung tae yer fit fin
an openin first in egrunwi e iron pinch ye
ice the hairt o thegrunwis like iron in the
doon yer claes in thegrunand we all looked at
doon yer claes in thegrunm1055: mmhm f1009: [inhale] and
yer claes are on thegrunoh right we ve got
doon on the cauld hardgrunan listened the futterat wisna
the wrang lair an thegrunbein hard it tuik gey
hard wrocht oors an thegrunhe uised tae delve for
anaith e door though egruns gey hard i d
an aa in richt hardgruntae get aathing snod an
ma hauns hard on thegruntae get rid o the
liggit the lanthern on thegrunan gied ae stok a
laid oot on the frostygrunane or twa gied a
that gied him the heichgrunin aa maitters o conjecture
cauld afore he hit thegrunas jonsar eck ran ower
2 cauld for day thegrunlike a steen ere s
thick cauld flakes till thegrunootbye wis like linen fite
for makkin holes in egrunan for leverin oot posts
heid rale close till egrunan seein e little linies
e feetprints in e dubbiegrunas far s e road
little o em touchin egrunas ye cd manage a
rucks ye steed on agrunat ae side o e
village e twelve patches ogrunat e vrocht wis scattered
wid edges an on rochgrunat ye get e mair
wi e snaa on egrunere wis plinty o ammunition
anaith e nest on egrunhalf a shall in e
at e heid o pittiesgrunit wisna very welcomin half
eir sookers ticht till egrunnae eese tryin tae meeve
grubbin e siderigs gettin egrunready for shaavin neeps it
wis aa it managed egruns nae aaegidder free at
o e girse an egrunwis fine an sappy e
craiters at bide in egrunwis wirkin at it steady
ye cwid tae pack egrunye cd mak a gweed
nae business bein yonner thegruno sgian o sgian the
it dis tear see thegrunbegin tae dry tae brak
bare win as the plooedgrunbegins tae dry tae pit
at ither times on drygruni dinna ken bit maybe
crap is teen aff thegrunfermer dis grin ere s
throw me doon on thegrunan och granny is there
corn battered doon tae thegrunbi the rain that the
doon it lands on thegrunit coups ower the lid
on their wames on thegrunluikin doon ower the hairst
suitit me doon tae thegrunsic a fine player is
bodach neb doon at thegrunthe provost s limo poors
sky boos doon tae thegrunthere the linties sing an
quait gran mornin tae begrundries up for us tae
re gey thin on thegruntae deal wi mair nor
the new turn t owergrunay ere s aye that
fin the touers struck thegrunas faimilies watched aa hopes
fin they drappit tae thegrunthey grew inno tea plants
fin their feet hit firmgrunthey wid stop an let
stop fin it struck thegrunyer first watch willie an
dug his feet intae thegrunan growled he simply refused
his feet scarce skiffin thegrunfrae their first nicht thegither
em were still in thegrunfit aboot this rose bushes
fit ye micht caa deidgrunfit wis a lot mair
sax fit fower aff thegruni realise maist aiberdonians are
an it lyin on thegrunjist rottin fit wis cut
gaed tae the gusset ogrunatween twa dykes left ower
grave festoons peace ower thegrunbit dearly won bi the
ower narra an the vehikilgruninti the gavel ontil it
o cuttin ower northie sgrunon the wye tae schule
howks till up through thegrunhis black neb powks mollochy
needin ae pyock o corngrunmiller aa richt can you
green frock trailin on thegrunan she wis rowin something
dug aff the marquis sgrunbadger wis a gran auld
mavis wis scrattin in thegrunfur wirms that war latchy
his father wis makin neepgrunhe used a three taed
an his father made neepgrunit wis deen wi tractor
hoosie biggit on the baregrunit wis the same for
there wis fire on thegrunroon the lan o los
fey sense o humour thegrunthat the street wis biggit
quest wis airtit ti agrunwhaur ye micht growe ti
the strae lyin on thegrunwis as weet an black
he d drap tae thegrunas if deid afore his
like fae plooed an rolledgrunnae lang afore aathing turnt
snadrops heidbang eyndless at thegruntryin tae leave afore the
a furrowed broo for thegrundries up turnin tae stue
preen yer lugs tae thegrunhe telt the twa quines
hand tae gither knott girsegrunhid been made ready for
hae bin brunt tae thegrunhim wi t an his
tae be scythed tae thegrunlike the roch muirlan whin
tullynorth they hid selt theirgruntae a chiel at dunracht
d tae load fae thegruntae gie it tae the
she d a lot ogruntae makk up the twa
tae the wee rim ogrunthat lookit doun tae the
slipped an fell tae thegrunthe lum landin on tap
the lift pod tae thegruntrampin ben tae sector 8
raxxin frae heiven tae thegrunwheesht minnie her faither telt
got in tae haud hergrunwhile tory men the buit
had the grilse on thegrunwi his back tae me
great muckle fleein burd taegrunye noo it s sae
grun they wadna covet thegrunained bi their neebors the
o seagull keech pattern thegrunfar arctic breezes wheech bi
oat twa triangles in thegrunthe seal o solomon ane
lichts frae ane auld fairgrunwes the awnser the geir
if ey were in opengrunan its jist aboot wid
for saain neeps an thegrunhid been chain harraed chain
beasts hid their ain bitgrunthey wadna covet the grun
birse cup on the mantlepiecegrunthe heid o his lichtit
lift the shaves frae thegrunan load them inno the
daud o clay frae thegruni likit clay tee an
dees they come frae thegruno coull an they gyang
an steen o their faithersgrunan aa its secret placies
beeriet his talent in thegrunan dinna makk eese o
pickle o freest i thegrunan mair the inspector shuda
cuid cover a lot ogrunan while alec wull an
lure o a muckle bitgrunat the back at took
their shelts on oor craftgrunat the time o the
o the dew upon thegrunhear the clout o aixe
mairchin bauns o the caufgruno jauss an the auncient
o t on the staniegruno scotland cuid hae sic
warld o los heich abeengrunthat wye the gweed scientist
reets are anchored in thegrunfar mowdies howk the yird
wi a plowt on thegrunan curled roon like an
thrappil bure his ti thegrunan cut out his tung
cawed his spade intil thegrunan goavit at hir his
sometimes it fell on thegrunan ye just wiped it
lat inower the i hallowedgrunefter a pyot an a
med its decense ti thegrunlael mirren an ruth run
bin an nae on thegruntrees sud be clippit back
dew at s on thegrunaye bit later on blessed
leafs for himsell on thegrunhe wes juist aboot ti
us pokin aboot on thegrunit must hae taken him
wes flang out ontil thegrunwhan he wun ti the
mony scots hae fertilized thisgrunmajor rogers major rogers logged
ti ligg doun on thegrunthai gruppit the puir laddies
s- slang so words likegrunand groond and that were
twinty storeys up abeen thegrunatap the railwye struts that
the globe skreichmakkers delled thegrunfur human pairts they cam
or a hole in thegrunit s sick i m
hooves could niver touch thegrununtil the day we heard
the corner shoppie if thegrunwas even a wee bittie

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