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alang da shoormal is hegudhe wid a traded martins
dem at gowled is deygudoot carryin da seed ll
that gowled cried dey theygudwent kloss steep hill doon
chasing froad foam shoormal tidelinegudwent wid a would have
fur da book an datgudfine hoosomivver radder is exhibit
master not gid master orgudmaster guid master the long
o da lanes is shögudburns lane reform lane pitt
double life as da daysgudby shö got fatter an
curled her up cosy angudta sleep shö waakened braaly
hes ivver seen o aygudstill hes plans afuit fur
deprevit discrivis describes anen andgudwhat is significant about this
s a good scottish pronunciationgudsometimes g u i d
me prefer dat dis exhibitiongudnae farder nort is perth
an pure the son ogudcan bei tae thaim whae
and good g u dgudit s a good scottish
ta mind foo da patterngudtryin fur da life o
the breadalbane collection fourtene bollisgudand sufficient meale halfe qhuite
lass an waved as heguddan he picked up da
ye lad end iss nongudyet lesse said pantagruel gargantua
the lift an prayin tilgudlaird send anither pentecost at
howp an grip ticht tilguds hecht til uz i
til wut s end cornerguds postal address an hevin
hei gaed the kirk itsgudgien commission at wei read
a young woman s boyfriendgudwent der their midder mother
of guid you ve gotgudfor example and he is
picter o lealtie an hougudfufills his hechts a say
an the effeckwal ca ogudi the preachin o the
rue an on cumin aforegudon cruikit hochs wi hert

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