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o kittilrumpit wes a joyfuguidwyfenou an wad hae kisst
troch for hir brekfest theguidwyfeo kittilrumpit wes a joyfu
anent a fairie an theguidwyfeio kittilrumpit haes juiist cum
the knockin stane aweill theguidwyfeo kittilrumpit coud sleep nane
bairn at yeir breist theguidwyfeo kittilrumpit that nou kent
knockin stane she skirls ootguidwyfeo kittilrumpit ye weill ken
paerls for the ettin sguidwyfean him but a sempil
than said the ettin sguidwyfean mynd you weill whit
string for the ettin sguidwyfean shuirlie he wul help
whit soud the ettin sguidwyfedae but send oot catriona
wes ugsum the ettin sguidwyfehae a kynd bit aboot
for this ettin haed aguidwyfehe haed that a wyfe
o the ettin an hisguidwyfenaething o aw his traivels
he gat the ettin sguidwyfetaen frae him the string
necklace for the ettin sguidwyfewhaur wes he that he
us in lat us inguidwyfelat us in mhairi we
aw his louns an hisguidwyfemhairi a kynd mistress til
vycwe cryin heich mhairi brawguidwyfethat ye ir ah wul
no lang eftir this theguidwyfegied hir guidman a braw
walcum hame guidman thorfinn thenkyeguidwyfehae ye been oot in
veisitautioun hiz fleyitnes infekkit zguidwyfethe guidman i hiz tirn
for the guidman an hisguidwyfethe war aneuch an mair
the guidman wes gaen theguidwyfewes left aw hir lane
ye hae sumthing agin maguidwyfeagin natasha ah ve kent
he s awa hame hisguidwyfehaes duin sumthing daft again
byordnar puddok richt aneuch puddokguidwyfethis is no sumthing it
haed she no been hisguidwyfefrae the verra meinit she
meinit macduff hou s maguidwyfeross she s weill macduff
atweill ay ye war maguidwyfethe meinit ye made yeir
beguid ti forget him hisguidwyfemairrit again that micht hae
on the daith o hisguidwyfesen we war first mairrit
selkie wumman ti be hisguidwyfean his bairns war cawed
news an fiddlar s yairnsguidwyfequo the green wumman ah
wumman til himsell as hisguidwyfesae he said ah canna
ye maun ken that theguidwyfewes forordnar a joco wumman
doun in the haw hisguidwyfeseein the page wes a
seein as ye r maguidwyfeye l be gled ti
s propones wiout tellin hizguidwyfean grant brecham he suid
the reverent sawnie bie hizguidwyfebrocht him ti the plece
brig john hed hecht hizguidwyfeti caw cannie tho thai
leddie myne quo the greitinguidwyfeforbeir ma puir bairn an
madam lykes quo the wutlessguidwyfenever jalousin wha she haed
common case serrs howsumever theguidwyfehaed a sou an that
til his bed but theguidwyfehaed wark yit ti dae
he haed been begunkit hisguidwyfekythed a sicht aulder lyke
ill an littil wad hisguidwyfeloued him gin thay haed
his legs twitch occasionally puddokguidwyfeah m no uised wi
puddok ay ye ir maguidwyfean a wyfe maun dae
yit whiteever murdo an hisguidwyfesaw thaim nae mair an
yerl o iceland valgerd hisguidwyfegunlöd thair dochter gunner a
play on in pleisure fowerguidwyfeo the xiang dochter o
mummil til hisell whit theguidwyfecoudna verra weill unnerstaun but
verra lykelie a pause maguidwyfeis lyker hirsell an the
john hes bairns an aguidwyfeweill says the crowner he
wi me an be maguidwyfeah wul loue ye aw
wul bring ah durstna thinkguidwyfesaid the streinger ah dout
an me gey near hisguidwyfethe day wul shuirlie cum
chaumer ah dout vershinin sguidwyfewul hae ti gang inti
berkin ma brither an hisguidwyfewul suin ken aw aboot
wun ti the ferm theguidwyfeaxed gif he wes awricht
ti cairrie hame til hisguidwyfesae he wes feelin gey
lair throu the smith sguidwyfeseeminlie she wes a wutch
wes feinisht at first theguidwyfestuid watchin thaim fou o
tak ludgins ontil aither theguidwyfewes better or thai hed
rimless abuin the grund hisguidwyfewes sair worrit waitin for
or lang gae sae theguidwyfewhan she wes dichtin hir
storie sayin til him maguidwyfean me haes haen twa
him sae awa gaed theguidwyfeback inti the kitchen an
a new stound til theguidwyfes hert sae she sat
maun speak ti sumbodie maguidwyfedisna seem ti unnerstaun me
houss chebutykin whit aboot yeirguidwyfeenter ferapont with some papers
an ah hae been yeirguidwyfeever sensyne it wadna be
can finnd ti be yeirguidwyfethe r no mukkil ah
an telt hir the mornguidwyfeah sal fesh ye a
l git yeirsell a polishguidwyfean she l pit hir
thorfinn did ye notice maguidwyfeorm ah never notice ither
graund yairn ti tell hisguidwyfewhan he saw hir in
nou serrs aweill whan theguidwyfesaw the green gentilwumman near
ma masha loues me maguidwyfeloues me ay an the
wyne wi thair petals maguidwyfelykes ti be hostess an
ma menyie o fish nineguidwyfeo the ben it s
dirdum o the street maguidwyfereads the clessics she speirs
did juist that or theguidwyfedidna ken hou she wad
guidsister n sister in lawguidwyfen housewife guiss n goose
m shuir o that hisguidwyfeseems ti be a bit
on the daith o hisguidwyfemei yao ch en 1002
it but syne he spakguidwyfeah m no uised wi
the swynesty end an theguidwyfefaws doun in a swarf
messenger enters messenger bliss yeguidwyfeye dinna ken me at
an wi that the wabbitieguidwyfetaen the lest neivefu oot
houlet houndit bi wutches theguidwyfeo kittiklrumpit leuch till she
the same for haedna theguidwyfeduin as the wyce man

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