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old granny played a spangledguitarferociously other possible sentences which
rock star played a spangledguitaron the stage these sentences
guitar the curves o theguitarare smeeth gracefu its thrapple
uplifted every monday quine wiguitarthe curves o the guitar
guitar m816: ach i playguitari play but you ve
when i m playing theguitarm816: ach i play guitar
concept of just like aguitarand drums isn t m959:
drums pan pipes charanga andguitarwe wandered afterwards down to
the heartbeat rhythms of flamencoguitarwere repeated daily and endlessly
and stuff m959: so theguitarhe plays then f958: yeah
the same thing with aguitarm959: um very original and
jim ure would be playingguitarknow what i mean and
stay put hunched over hisguitarplaying quiet as a secret
one of them playing aguitartoozenbach sae ye winna allou
cool my one played electricguitarand everything i went to
f965: and he played theguitarf963: mm f965: and he
learn to play like spanishguitaryou ve got to learn
m815: yeah m816: take maguitarup and we ll just
i tried to play theguitara bit and all the
my old boy could playguitarif my old dear was
panic as he dumped theguitarback on its stand kidding
as the 47 year oldguitarplayer closed his eyes for
spares us his happy clappyguitarhe s only reading in
een o dm heid aguitarralph drained his third glass
was still yelling touched theguitarand the live mike at
one small hand punctuating theguitarbeats with clicking fingers the
ah hae naething left maguitars burnt ma photigraphs is
asleep he d get hisguitarout and tune up one
wheech scots in wi theguitarthe bairns screive their ain
will forget her the broonguitartho plain o face will
some more to sergei onguitarrushing troika and norwegian wood

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