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two guys three guys fourguysfightin an you re sayin
breakin loose two guys threeguysfour guys fightin an you
all hell breakin loose twoguysthree guys four guys fightin
suits even all the lightingguysan the sound guys and
except these sort of fourguysand a couple of guys
lighting guys an the soundguysand all that m959: yeah
guys walking doon there sguysand their granny there s
guys and a couple ofguysthat worked in the b-
s the that s theguyswalking doon there s guys
and say look both theseguyswere alcoholics both these guys
guys were alcoholics both theseguyswere womanisers and [laugh] you
ed then stew ed theseguysare pretty vulnerable wounds still
on to stew stew okguyscool it let s try
stew stew need a handguysdimps is in the rain
to swim stew follow meguysgentle mind easy strokes fluid
heid stew rules is rulesguysin here we take the
stew want ti settle doonguyssilence stew cammy and dimps
line stew stew come onguyswe re a support group
one christmas a couple ofguyserm kind of left it
with like a couple oguysf1155: yeah f1154: that were
as i said couple ofguysgot together and sort of
there were a couple ofguysstanding there said you should
a couple of old irishguystellin you porkies [laugh] m642:
fin- big screen and ehguysexplaining the rules and you
should caw it a dayguysmean ed this wee guy
into a room full oguysm815: [cough] [cough] [cough] m816:
mmhm f209: [cough] and theseguyswere just gettin a fortune
and there was these otherguysand it s all just
you know there was theseguysand they wearing this type
these stupid bottles right thatguysare meant to buy it
these [?]darty[/?] arsey kind ofguyscomin up to her and
mean it s what theseguysdo m608: yeah have you
half the age o theseguyskenny s probably never heard
the same sources that theseguysprobably went back to actually
i can remember the- theseguysup at buchanan street subway
[?]get on[/?] m1163: er think theseguyswere all goin to hit
because these f606: yeah f209: guyswere bein paid at the
the triangle and eh theseguyswere going round and they
and there s about fourguysin the ho- in the
middle of that magazine threeguyssub four f643: [laugh] m642:
m642: and some of theguysin our year hated it
aye but they re greatguysm608: aye [inaudible] m642: as
f643: [laugh] m642: they areguyswho have lost the plot
the photograph doctored cause theguysare really f643: [laugh] m608:
speak to the two [inaudible]guysas well and see what
between the two but goodguysgettin shot in the shoulder
would make two normally rationalguyssquare up to each other
ve never seen two stonedguyssquaring up to each other
whole yeah there was twoguysthat she went out with
were the kind of greasyguysf963: yeah yeah f965: and
s kind of just youguyswould use or is it
front of me were threeguysone in a suit light
and stuff on and theguyswent that way and i
instance we we we goguyswent yesterday some of us
coach five seats doon goodguysget shot in the shoulder
it was like the oldguysbut actually i think teenagers
years of age as oldguyswe should lay the foundations
like a karaoke session butguysarrive in i mean we
down to the turf levelguysm941: aye but i mean
let me think aye badguyscomin back for one last
aye m819: erm the erguysthat are goin now let
were from the upper schoolguysand dolls was a wonderfully
up that even the charitableguysin defence were throwing him
they were chucking out theguysthat had been kept overnight
an effort all the footieguyswere mates out of school
m1174: [laugh] m608: five otherguyser where does the sports
move in the school forguysm815: yeah [laugh] m816: luggin
usually f631: but yeah theguyssellin the roses f689: up
yeah and obviously cause youguyswant to be able to
a f833: [laugh] right soguysdo you think that s
they all do it includingguysf807: [laugh] f806: running outside
her and i was likeguys[laugh] m1048: [laugh] help [laugh]
negotiate with a ned lookguysright come on [laugh] f814:
see is when the theguyscome back cause they quite
can figure it out youguyscan i can never figure
use thaim bit aften theguyshe picked up didnae want
you don t want theguysto think you re a
i wouldn t expect youguysto come home you know
you re a cry babyguyshate that here s some
the see the formula oneguysthey re so precious and
head same time and theguyshave got their photographs and
and i said to theguysthis is me this is
me i said to theguyswe started together we ll
i was eventually like lookguyscan we maybe and they
in there and say okayguysbreak it up and calm
that s not what youguyswould say you would say
we you know we hadguysstanding outside erm asking everyone
the marine corps fitness clubguysand they took us up
it cos monie o theguysup there are merrit or
into you expect it fromguysbut you young girls should
families f1054: how do youguysaa know one another ye
s the last one nowguysare you gonnae get any
mummy f1054: [other people enter] now youguyshave no got to listen
tae whit extent are youguyslanguage buffs aficionados that s
alright he added quickly youguysneedn t fret they have
m942: oh oh the gayguysare back in the shag
there was a group ofguyson the bus i m
there s a ye knowguysthat d been injured in
here hugh one of theguysin the maggie with a
a regular hysterical fit theguysower here ur jist regular
really friendly wi the barguysand they used to like
t too keen on theguysbut the girls wonderful they
m941: where are the gayguysacross the street we ve
the category of the 20guysin red coats we are
rollers and the jcbs theguyswho are the roadmen and
eh i ve heard faeguysbut i guess it s
evening by going with someguysto hear a renowned flautist
myself but gutted for theguyswho drive the snowploughs and
snowploughs and the gritters theguyswho operate the road rollers
will witness cowboys and cowgirlsguysin suits afros and trilby
tom selleck fantasy about americanguysin hawaii it s alright
ram lamb abraham s fallguyssolid sea of jumpers precursors

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