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geometry book a wildly elaboratehabitof circumlocution of avoiding direct
geometry book a wildly elaboratehabitof circumulo- circumlocution saying saying
general were poor and thehabitdeveloped of having snacks between
wi their habit their buckiehabitf1043: [inaudible] f1054: so that
but they came wi theirhabittheir buckie habit f1043: [inaudible]
ends carolanne it s justhabitsadie my eye like yer
sic is shei hed aehabito makin the fallaen adage
if i m makin ahabito t i d be
now she had caught thathabita name she understood was
s got sic a badhabitaye walkin awa that wey
that m1000: oh a badhabitm999: [laugh] f1001: well i
ay hae a bad badhabito gaithirin thur ain stories
though it had a badhabitof cutting off feet or
officers may get into thehabitof noticing such matters and
ferguson presiding officers as ofhabitreview most of their decisions
by gosh i broke thehabit[laugh] m1010: [laugh] aye f1054:
all it was kesson shabitto pre write her fiction
have given up the smokinghabitprice is undoubtedly the single
t i ve an awfulhabito sayin me instead o
was i was in thehabito sayin that when i
heid juist git intae thehabito owersettin aw thae english
that sheila got intae thehabito sleepin wi ear muffs
but they ve got ahabitof goin intae cars and
concealed in a hooded brownhabitlong grey beard benign and
required to fund a smackhabitindeed medieval justice may be
easy it had been thehabitthat a married son lived
the war that started thishabitwhich is well known now
of caithness were in thehabitof making up half a
and i are making ahabitof this reminiscing at the
i m no in thehabito takkin drink whan i
betweens have become a regularhabitnow and i ll never
meal etc it was thehabitto leave the hens pot
why would you change thehabitof a lifetime after all
would take out later ahabitof wiping the pickings from
which you were in thehabitof doing understandably enough one
she had complained about thishabitand then of course she
s getting to be ahabiti ll need to be
ll need to kick thehabitof that huge hot furry
[inaudible] m827: they ve ahabitof putting them back to
if he was in thehabitof dressing in such a
an moochin tae feed herhabitna bappy bedd wi his
it it was just ahabitit was a fittie thing
know if it was justhabitthat dictated that or m741:
of and afraid of thehabitour community has of crediting
was also the very commonhabitwith farm servants of finishing
could be bought forbye thehabitof drinking a cup of

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