See this word as a collocate cloud

cause we ve been gettinhada few f631: so is
been in the place beforehada great dislike for george
f643: we could a beenhada scrappie in here m608:
d been married we vehada settee and i just
[censored: surname] of aberdour he hashada shock been in 3
has been happening here wehada very good lecture at
been a bit milder wehadabout 5 hours of freezing
treaty is co operation whichhadagain been going on informally
a less elevated level wehadall been broke to keep
i asked those chaps whohadall been in jail how
new housing and retail outletshadall been predicted by daniel
had seemed so simple wehadall been students at the
by the thought that ihadalmost died or worse been
always refused saying that ithadalready been done although she
m608: [laugh] f643: so everyonehadalready been for interviews for
need for a balanced diethadalready been introduced to the
schools many of the schoolshadalready been working on projects
distinctly inferior option the proposalhadalso been aired by aitken
very fine material the eveninghadalso been enriched by miss
scots writers and singers pupilshadalso been given scots poems
and was not happening hehadalso been involved in all
the scottish parliament sir davidhadalso been one of the
an earthenware milk basin thathadalso been plottit and made
had not explored them ihadalways been a figure among
his outburst but then therehadalways been the consolation of
been born in braemar andhadalways stayed on deeside speaking
it s been amazing wehadan average of 15 increase
and what discussions it hashadand what agreements have been
been astounded when the policehadarrived at his door one
been that salmon sandwich ihadat jean taylor s she
home and the oedipal trianglehadat last been resolved maybe
kupper also suggests that therehadat the same time been
en o a hurricane ithadaye been a guid lie
frae cowrin fear their staunhadayewise been the richt till
been difficult this historical advantagehadbecome a pressing disadvantage by
ehm i think if ithadbeen a bit more standardised
as they are today ithadbeen a bold experiment it
macintosh published in 1928 macintoshhadbeen a british chaplain in
to be flexible in whathadbeen a difficult year for
letting yourself down if ithadbeen a duty or a
know she she thought therehadbeen a false move and
to latest ships calling ithadbeen a fascinating evening by
original and entertaining display ithadbeen a fascinating evening given
certainly nominated by colvin whohadbeen a founder member of
because it had been originallyhadbeen a gipsy encampment and
looked like coming back ithadbeen a good day for
sipping an evening dram ithadbeen a good day we
lack of a real springhadbeen a great disappointment to
in some instances self factoringhadbeen a handicap when the
and whose father in turnhadbeen a humble ploughman in
one whose paternal grand fatherhadbeen a jobbing gardener on
she had gone naked thathadbeen a joy to strip
for a presiding officer hehadbeen a lifelong campaigner for
evening the highlight so farhadbeen a little blobby woman
mairrit on a lassie thathadbeen a maid in mr
release that said that therehadbeen a major breakthrough i
quite as cocky as hehadbeen a meenit syne whit
and long service badge shehadbeen a member of the
[censored: surname] leave the neighbourhood shehadbeen a member of the
croft the lintmill where therehadbeen a mill for processing
religious because her late husbandhadbeen a minister and we
jones convinced himself that ithadbeen a minor aberration that
to restore integrity to whathadbeen a noble language these
of character endeavour and personalityhadbeen a noteable asset to
man named john mckechnie hehadbeen a pit engineman and
m [censored: surname] felt that ithadbeen a pity that so
golden age while innermessan thenhadbeen a place of consequence
efterthocht mind ye if ahhadbeen a poacher ah d
eating snaw noo if hehadbeen a polar bear he
f transport volunteers list therehadbeen a poor response to
great historical interest and ithadbeen a privilege to have
greater need for them markinghadbeen a problem that was
have been useful if therehadbeen a question on religion
calmness surprised her yesterday shehadbeen a raging harridan fighting
willie eccles bought pitcarles therehadbeen a rearrangement of fields
2006 the gargoyle wedding ithadbeen a relatively quiet evening
their house and that therehadbeen a scheme that they
they were at philorth therehadbeen a severe snowstorm on
round and said if ihadbeen a sodding book would
and he wouldn t ithadbeen a sordid painful dirty
had been wonderful and ithadbeen a splendid evening the
reliable so people oriented ithadbeen a spur of the
of fantasy as if ithadbeen a stunt from a
was declared a member therehadbeen a successful visit to
[censored: surname] intimated that the afternoonhadbeen a very pleasant one
in more recent times ithadbeen a vital crop since
you wouldn t think ithadbeen a whole month neil
back to scotland when hehadbeen a year in the
that i learned why irishhadbeen abandoned [laugh] m608: [laugh]
into the bill if wehadbeen able to find a
more topical debate if wehadbeen able to go through
been far better if wehadbeen able to proceed on
assured us that tuition feeshadbeen abolished fees is an
after two failed marriages shehadbeen about to enter a
eyes those of us whohadbeen abroad preened themselves on
a factor given that hehadbeen absent for some time
6 per cent more thanhadbeen accepted at the same
of succession once the declarationhadbeen accepted by william and
the rankine trust 30 volumeshadbeen added to the collection
whether the most sensible approachhadbeen adopted we still do
that the scottish steering grouphadbeen advised it would be
was much longer than ihadbeen advised it would be
cover the case mr joneshadbeen advised to attend by
in my life my ladderhadbeen against the wrong wall
committee until the financial resolutionhadbeen agreed 4 date of
since of course nae wageshadbeen agreed but equally and
mrs [censored: forename] [censored: surname] when shehadbeen alive with regard to
who it was who ithadbeen all along he stood
the top twenty books thathadbeen allegedly voted for by
in some subjects than markershadbeen allocated for i think
take the number that theyhadbeen allocated the papers had
it was felt that competencieshadbeen allocated to the wrong
previous month and that ihadbeen allowed to attend under
a lot of churches whichhadbeen allowed to fall into
there in the past hehadbeen allowed to feed the
were three changes two boardshadbeen amalgamated there was a
although it was wartime therehadbeen an abiding richness then
clearly but we thought ithadbeen an air raid shelter
observer may 25 1889 henleyhadbeen an editorial assistant for
complaynt and the dreme lyndsayhadbeen an important figure in
the 1st world war therehadbeen an intention to sell
kettle over the fire therehadbeen an iron grate between
ourselves from those issues therehadbeen an opportunity in the
day and holiday christmas dayhadbeen an ordinary working day
green vinyl floor the triphadbeen an unqualified nightmare his
or fish if the fishwifehadbeen and they wouldn t
available mrs [censored: surname] s exhibitionshadbeen another splendid display of
we could see whether therehadbeen any changes if there
by a maniac if youhadbeen anyone else i think
the hunter of witches whohadbeen appointed a temporary judge
tender age of 24 hehadbeen appointed professor of hebrew
of celtic university of edinburghhadbeen appointed project manager william
after 18 months 710 applicationshadbeen approved an increase of
000 and that 1 200hadbeen approved which is a
tell aabodie that chris robinsonhadbeen appyntit tae the post
which someone felt that theyhadbeen argued out of that
do with hell because theyhadbeen around much longer and
on me if my heidhadbeen as clear as it
by friday the social serviceshadbeen as good as their
about the instrument and ihadbeen asked to contact the
relation in seggat and hehadbeen asked to get the
mr monteith if hugh macdiarmidhadbeen asked what language he
jones junior thief mr joneshadbeen astounded when the police
at her wondering if shehadbeen at the brandy bottle
with the disappointed features whohadbeen at the ca na
husband s early death shehadbeen at the flax spinning
clock let him know hehadbeen at the piano for
tall red haired man whohadbeen at the poetry reading
and saw the nations thathadbeen at war all sitting
1 el conquistador its bootyhadbeen auctioned off to the
had in her life ihadbeen available to her night
vyborni s need for freedomhadbeen awakened by the time
march i announced that loganairhadbeen awarded the contract for
under john ash the printershadbeen awarded the order to
and coherence again almost shehadbeen aware of the wind
recovered from his wounds andhadbeen back in france for
asking after dr johnson whohadbeen back in london for
mmhm f646: and my motherhadbeen bakin f632: mmhm f646:
russian religious painting the buildinghadbeen beautifully restored indeed there
returned tae him cullen whohadbeen becoming restless coughed loudly
the relationship enjoyed with auphadbeen beneficial in every way
had visited him in prisonhadbeen bewitched and substituted for
the way architecture and naturehadbeen blended the place seemed
morning on how someone whohadbeen blissfully ignorant that they
the service coffee morning thishadbeen booked for saturday 28th
in some upper deeside villageshadbeen born and raised on
to me that if hehadbeen born deaf he would
m608: uh huh m636: hehadbeen born in 1926 m608:
both she and her husbandhadbeen born in braemar and
were chosen to participate whohadbeen born in livingston or
were recent arrivals whilst othershadbeen born in the area
east if one both parentshadbeen born in the north
and if one more grandparentshadbeen born in the north
asked therefore if they themselveshadbeen born in the north
of language many subjects whohadbeen born on upper deeside
certain words if their parentshadbeen born there and that
yet behaved as if shehadbeen born to be mistress
the latter that harry dundashadbeen born to perform on
marked wm beaverly rothie ithadbeen bought at a roup
shrunk in the wash orhadbeen bought before he had
cent of the homes thathadbeen bought since 1980 under
mend the particular gate thathadbeen breached but she could
of a few gulphs thathadbeen bridged such as firth
similarly an ailing child 6hadbeen brilliantly educated at home
noticing that the plastic sealhadbeen broken he ll have
the meeting that her flathadbeen broken into the previous
fine gaelic speaker erm hehadbeen brought up as a
of speech with which ihadbeen brought up in their
lived there told me shehadbeen brought up near the
close them but the doorshadbeen buckled and although the
had died a new hospitalhadbeen built it became part
the opera house of coursehadbeen built the ferries were
floor although he knew theyhadbeen buried mammon interpreted this
were available after the pighadbeen butchered potted heid was
ye d cured gin yehadbeen by god empouered tae
whose minister the rev hunterhadbeen called up for service
gardens because the under gardenerhadbeen called up her sister
number of young men thathadbeen called up m608: right
replace the farm workers whohadbeen called up they were
and the fact that therehadbeen campaigns to improve the
event given that other thingshadbeen cancelled out of respect
of totem and taboo freudhadbeen candid as to his
two pink dabs of rougehadbeen carefully added she began
not satisfied that the processhadbeen carried out effectively iain
was informed that some damagehadbeen caused by mice to
the list to starboard whichhadbeen caused by the water
at a nearby restaurant cuscohadbeen celebrating all day and
names and places in arbuthnotthadbeen changed people were clearly
metrological acts where legal definitionshadbeen changed the first collected
the fish they cam affhadbeen chappt on the heid
bta on its head whichhadbeen characterised perhaps more like
are religious all day therehadbeen check points a sign
the flint core that arrowheadshadbeen chipped from that i
central office or so ithadbeen claimed and that we
patient and where the bathroomhadbeen cleaned only once in
to begin the orchard groundhadbeen cleared of tree limbs
were the following bedding thathadbeen clearly been used by
to the city centre whichhadbeen closed to traffic and
at around eight the nighthadbeen cold and there was
from the guest rooms whichhadbeen comfortable with friendly and
information on the report thathadbeen commissioned in til the
set out that when homicidehadbeen committed an inquest should
public relations exercise the neebourshadbeen complainin this was a
guide telling malcontent man whohadbeen complaining about everything that
since their backcourt improvement schemehadbeen completed 3 the same
for the annual club outinghadbeen completed and the last
last part of the linehadbeen completed but not without
do tonight since the bulkhadbeen completed last night and
proceedings if the national proceedingshadbeen completed the proceedings in
of deeside east of culbleanhadbeen completely conquered by inglis
had been impressive but theyhadbeen complexes fortresses temples houses
old man of seventy whohadbeen condemned to death the
about the situation if ihadbeen confident that the process
even home made brandy butterhadbeen conjured out of lord
the 6th environmental action planhadbeen considered by the committee
groups of economic historians whohadbeen considering the evolution of
and by 1342 an oratoriohadbeen constructed on the hill
them that the caledonian canalhadbeen constructed to protect british
late on suggesting that schoolshadbeen contacted were misleading these
seed rape planted in scotlandhadbeen contaminated with unauthorised seeds
was delighted to know hehadbeen contracted to tackle two
sworn and the parliament reallyhadbeen convened this is an
of the floor where theyhadbeen coupit oot o e
by tellin us hou hehadbeen courit doun at the
movement all the major composershadbeen covered and we had
the stalks the clyack shafehadbeen cut and carried intae
when most of the cropshadbeen cut and stooked but
a puppet who s stringhadbeen cut get up again
in october the monthly meetingshadbeen cut to once a
had recounted the ordeal whichhadbeen dammed up inside him
tears of hope tears thathadbeen damned up for years
and potatoes meanwhile the skieshadbeen darkening with storm clouds
in the two previous yearshadbeen david steel and hugh
in my conclusions 26 hehadbeen dealing freud continued with
the association and matters whichhadbeen dealt with 1 matters
a labels for furniture ithadbeen decided to use stick
that the 1st world warhadbeen declared during the war
soul one night a telegramhadbeen delivered to a remote
on back of newsletter whichhadbeen delivered to all houses
two brand new single bedshadbeen delivered to the macdonald
presumably small breasts janet radenhadbeen described as like an
for a young woman whohadbeen desperately in love with
oil and gas industry aberdeenhadbeen developing an extranet exchange
available lauder recalled that prestounhadbeen disappointed that he had
conduct concordancy checks also wehadbeen discussing throughout the year
thought he exaggerated then buthadbeen dismayed to see otherwise
morroig on previous visits ihadbeen distracted by conversations and
when salvador arrived the monasteryhadbeen divided and sold to
the other groups what wehadbeen doing so far and
story about what your husbandhadbeen doing what would you
i discovered that not muchhadbeen done and that not
such developments okay if theyhadbeen done before but shifting
that obviously not enough workhadbeen done before the bill
all the data handling thathadbeen done by scotvec was
want to know that thathadbeen done euan robson made
for the members interests orderhadbeen done it would be
completed 90 of the workhadbeen done mr [censored: surname] stated
that the original work thathadbeen done on his building
a great deal of workhadbeen done on the sutherland
expressed wis that no mucklehadbeen done tae turn the
home from school and lessonshadbeen done this was always
feeling expressed was that littlehadbeen done to turn the
of affairs in which scotshadbeen downgraded for social and
one of his best compositionshadbeen drawn from that very
he also thought that hehadbeen dreaming although most of
made clear to him hehadbeen dressed in short blue
who had believed that shehadbeen drifting without engine power
back of a staple thathadbeen driven into a post
i m hungry cause wehadbeen drivin for like four
and memorable occasion the muralhadbeen duly handed over in
a considerable part of shadbeen edited but was not
who had no english andhadbeen educated in a poor
been born in livingston orhadbeen educated there to ensure
announce that mr [censored: forename] [censored: surname]hadbeen elected a fellow of
clue by 1875 both menhadbeen elected members of the
the major sweep of englishhadbeen encompassed in oed he
artistic growth erm which ihadbeen engaged in for you
bidders 4 unsold lots whichhadbeen entered for caley funds
called for that the datahadbeen entered mr monteith are
of which a raised stagehadbeen erected the bus trip
the authority of the gavelhadbeen established a third uncle
this dummy doll thought ithadbeen established doll my name
responsibility but that the staircasehadbeen examined and not thought
timescales for holding the informationhadbeen exceeded s1w 26908 andrew
prize winning glasgow artist whohadbeen exhibited in paris new
to the lady artist shehadbeen expecting tiny thin brushes
deepest feelings of those whohadbeen exposed to it in
s attitude to the issuehadbeen extremely laid back i
the recipient if their detailshadbeen falsely used and allow
spined book ca na gaiahadbeen featured in a magazine
itself in childhood both boyshadbeen fed a diet of
it the space behind himhadbeen filled by another two
box of my childhood whichhadbeen firmly closed when my
ago two of the grouphadbeen five years ago and
ban by the norwegian governmenthadbeen followed by a reduction
of the communist party andhadbeen following the situation in
of it before while wehadbeen fooling around with beat
he was there and ithadbeen for the orphanage they
at the monastery which chopinhadbeen forced to use arrived
function bonding with the divinityhadbeen forgotten smith or repressed
to congress a sub committeehadbeen formed to examine congress
the details a sub committeehadbeen formed to look at
that such a pretentious declamationhadbeen framed here yet two
ever for several weeks shehadbeen frightened to sit beside
sports catalogue but their parcelhadbeen full of garden seeds
estimated that once the househadbeen fully restored its market
on the accumulated information thathadbeen gathered for a register
five meenits puggie s britherhadbeen gaun back an forrit
on fair friday nicht ithadbeen gaun up an doun
early reception of burns ithadbeen generally accepted by hecht
that a meisure o credibilityhadbeen gien tae scots in
not come down if ihadbeen given a row for
confronted by 30 prisoners whohadbeen given an hour to
the dyeuks and for rewardhadbeen given for his tea
two years as no acknowledgementhadbeen given of her services
the white flag because theyhadbeen given the flimsiest of
was his favourite mug ithadbeen given to him by
shield knowledge about this conspiracyhadbeen given to him by
point out that no responsehadbeen given to it previously
received recognised that some credibilityhadbeen given to scots in
been achieved if additional supporthadbeen given to the initiative
the president confirmed that giftshadbeen given to the people
was this beautiful hall thathadbeen given to the people
eidentlie whatna time the starnhadbeen gliskit and he sent
scrape off the netting thathadbeen glued to the school
said oh well rory roryhadbeen goin mad about it
really really surprised at whathadbeen goin on in toryglen
culmination of preparatory work thathadbeen going on for about
co operation such co operationhadbeen going on informally since
right m818: aye m819: gavhadbeen going there for two
features look as if theyhadbeen gouged out with a
unknown anglo norman lord whohadbeen granted land in the
from the philatelic interest therehadbeen great historical interest and
these were the thoughts thathadbeen growing in his head
and savagery by sir johnhadbeen hand picked to be
sum of 12 13 11hadbeen handed over by him
of the jews and hehadbeen hearing of the great
who d worn the dresshadbeen heavily pregnant just wearing
outcomes of the seminars whichhadbeen held and the intention
to see how many exhibitionshadbeen held during the 1937
the said parish which sumhadbeen held on loan from
by this time some passengershadbeen helped to the boat
on the two nights josephhadbeen here ann and he
that erm so these peoplehadbeen here for over a
luik at whaur the fishhadbeen heukt an wis sair
says three double decker buseshadbeen hired some were even
state of soul as hehadbeen his desire was for
chisholm of the incident ithadbeen his first day at
at the same time ihadbeen his teacher f963: well
still feel as if ihadbeen hit with a sledge
hillside a natural spring whichhadbeen hitherto channelled underground to
when i was three hehadbeen home on leave before
had to answer if hehadbeen honest english yet hugh
were dead and forty fivehadbeen hospitalised fires were still
hall absolutely beautiful well ithadbeen i mean we we
there were none if therehadbeen i should surely have
that a community care packagehadbeen identified and brought before
the fact that new markershadbeen identified and the statement
one night and the butterhadbeen ill tae come there
by then explaining that hehadbeen ill when the decision
the previous review in 1994hadbeen implemented and in consequence
the ruins on the wayhadbeen impressive but they had
straightforward if a simple planhadbeen in a manifesto and
tell us about that wehadbeen in a meeting earlier
dialect where eventually words whichhadbeen in common use on
involved in operation raleigh andhadbeen in contact with the
think my brother bert whohadbeen in eh stationed in
but at least the camerahadbeen in focus and the
governor of each prison establishmenthadbeen in his or her
told me that when hehadbeen in mainstream prisons he
to the difficulties that therehadbeen in marking the fact
know why but if ithadbeen in ordinary words maybe
sinking the post war victoriahadbeen in service for almost
for some time now wehadbeen in sight of the
very pleased she s shehadbeen in skye and she
being whether a priest whohadbeen in some way the
were also serving soldiers hehadbeen in the army for
the organisation said that ithadbeen in the business for
four month old son hehadbeen in the company of
me that a man grayhadbeen in the craftie he
talking about life as ithadbeen in the farming communities
the old guy next doorhadbeen in the hospital all
form not to go theyhadbeen in the kitchen of
went that the man thathadbeen in the place before
as good and the gaelshadbeen in the year before
was reported that the committeehadbeen in touch with [censored: companyname]
agm multi lets m [censored: surname]hadbeen in touch with the
were fer chuffed bit wehadbeen in twa finals an
home and they said theyhadbeen in winnipeg earlier in
also to ban snares whichhadbeen included in the initial
as a national language whichhadbeen independently derived from a
tell us subsequently that measureshadbeen ineffective in specific ways
four years ago patients whohadbeen infected with hepatitis c
rupert the bear motif andhadbeen inscribed to mummy s
and other scottish verse thathadbeen inspired by competitions sponsored
how many central heating systemshadbeen installed at 31 march
christian path in which hehadbeen instructed by getting the
the sixteenth century scottish peoplehadbeen interacting with the english
started my studies and ithadbeen interrupted for a variety
in the statutory pint thathadbeen introduced in about 1500
took over once their simplexhadbeen introduced of course not
matter of personal recommendation hehadbeen introduced to baynes in
part of the editorial processhadbeen investigated but it was
the announcement that five providershadbeen invited to adapt their
was a newspaper editor andhadbeen invited to become the
of the daughter s friendshadbeen invited to play for
royal engineers and pioneer corpshadbeen involved in camp construction
have known better because shehadbeen involved in local government
had aw the kids thathadbeen involved in the area
of the word someone whohadbeen involved in the attempt
about the fact that resultshadbeen issued and people were
a fixed penalty notice thathadbeen issued by an authorised
only fixed penalty notices thathadbeen issued by authorised officers
of fixed penalty notices thathadbeen issued by constables such
august that all the certificateshadbeen issued mr monteith in
we saw the stamps thesehadbeen issued on the 14
severe gales warnings of thosehadbeen issued throughout the previous
been a grate likely therehadbeen just a peat fire
the operations unit as wehadbeen keen to ensure that
chucking out the guys thathadbeen kept overnight in the
if it s if ithadbeen kept up over the
to him by someone whohadbeen kidnapped by extraterrestrials and
hands and when the pighadbeen killed and the bristles
said the choice of seathadbeen kind of forced upon
holies in the zinc whichhadbeen knocked out with a
to the distorting life ihadbeen leading in the north
achievement and confidence in whathadbeen learned by the end
two 12 year olds whohadbeen learning and singing duncan
test nor the group thathadbeen learnit standart italian by
the year the group thathadbeen learnit the three leids
a cornfield the slate roofhadbeen leeched by barns and
i realised my loyal companionhadbeen left in the corner
went to ma schoolbag whichhadbeen left lyin in the
the showers sighed one showerhadbeen left on full its
for inward investment indigenous businesseshadbeen less of a factor
chisholm s subsequent artistic careerhadbeen less than spectacular after
willie the differences in speechhadbeen levelled out to some
that two large coping stoneshadbeen levered off on to
samovar was malfunctioning and cupshadbeen lined up about forty
if some of your concernshadbeen listened to and acted
kerr doubted that local authoritieshadbeen listened to and talked
but this man it seemshadbeen living from day to
myself from the life ihadbeen living up till now
ailsa craig and the achehadbeen located a little to
meantime a look alike helerihadbeen located in a modern
were keys to doors whichhadbeen locked for a very
of the session the moneyhadbeen lodged in the north
many people and the intervalshadbeen long enough you d
1930s but by then scotshadbeen long established in the
and lie down cause shehadbeen lookin a bit white
in the three years dundashadbeen lord advocate or whether
of focal point the embarrassmenthadbeen lost somehow f965: aye
be revisited as some estimateshadbeen lost somewhere that was
after the war that hehadbeen lost with his ship
and others claimed that therehadbeen lots of discussions about
papering the lobby the pastehadbeen lumpy the paper wouldn
another savage irony two tugshadbeen lying at cairnryan port
the mistress of the househadbeen mabel s mother s
a hearing under section 8hadbeen made amendment 9 would
corporate body that the requesthadbeen made and if so
met to consider the instrumenthadbeen made aware of the
ran from the seed boxeshadbeen made by mennie the
beautiful things belonged to andhadbeen made by them the
with the gang s spokesmanhadbeen made difficult by his
made a a big doorhadbeen made into f606: mm
ring about three inches thickhadbeen made looking like a
notes of how many forginshadbeen made m608: yeah f637:
as one area where arrestshadbeen made of a suspected
and since and translations thathadbeen made of m608: mmhm
presiding officer said that approacheshadbeen made over time to
felt that as similar requestshadbeen made previously they would
the view that the decisionhadbeen made to designate national
been ill when the decisionhadbeen made to reject the
the installation of central heatinghadbeen made to the vast
respect i wondered if ithadbeen made up by somebody
than prices if that linkhadbeen maintained many pensioners would
succourer of many so therehadbeen many at cenchrea who
mr [censored: surname] s bavarian materialhadbeen marvellous and was a
pupils in primary 1 whohadbeen matched for social background
urgent just as the conceptionhadbeen mechanically arranged so science
when invited when a pathhadbeen mentally laid for them
be satisfied that certain conditionshadbeen met before such a
mother actually er her motherhadbeen middle class and she
maobite kintra that the lordhadbeen mindfu o his fowk
retrieve such information where ithadbeen misplaced or where the
in his youth that hehadbeen mistaken after all after
tell them cause the kidshadbeen moanin forever about the
did not appreciate that theyhadbeen modified to account for
the start of the dayhadbeen moored off whiting bay
we admitted that the writinghadbeen more difficult than we
that they wish that theyhadbeen more organised when they
bad weather the soup kitchenhadbeen most successful though it
where the dour strushle jockhadbeen moulded yearly he would
the president disclosed that thishadbeen mr hornby s first
garden where the old millhadbeen much lower than the
thought for deep laid planshadbeen mysteriously appearing in my
apiece an the hale watterhadbeen nettit frae tap tae
the baikie especially when theyhadbeen newly put out to
felt completely foolish because therehadbeen no communication to schools
blank she was sure therehadbeen no eye in the
poor fallen humanity if therehadbeen no hell to shun
never spoke at home therehadbeen no one to hear
round prior to 1952 therehadbeen no post office and
open to sw gales cairnryanhadbeen noted for some two
at the time though ithadbeen nothing to do with
of shattered bus window thathadbeen obliterated on previous nights
to show that the centenaryhadbeen observed in any way
that health and safety measureshadbeen observed we are all
would say if the resultshadbeen okay this year the
get dr aymer but hehadbeen on a picnic a
road to hell when edenhadbeen on my mind but
road to hell when edenhadbeen on my mind i
after june and that hehadbeen on sick leave for
i d won home lynnhadbeen on the blower and
been problematical for years andhadbeen one of the causes
oooooooooooo in his stupor johnhadbeen only vaguely aware of
lizzie weel if that bombshadbeen ony closer ye micht
was niver hame early ihadbeen oot at work i
neighbourhood [laugh] f1054: so yehadbeen oot for a year
tadley was different because ithadbeen originally had been a
within 24 hrs the councilhadbeen out and rectified them
quite a hike if youhadbeen out drinkin the night
someone once said that ihadbeen outed in the uk
out of the country thathadbeen overthrown and that if
over whether a fixed penaltyhadbeen paid or a hearing
over whether a fixed penaltyhadbeen paid or whether a
bisset amounted after death dutieshadbeen paid to 17 19
encyclopaedia britannica 1875 1889 andhadbeen particularly interested by smith
told me once after hehadbeen particularly interfering and obtuse
for some months though ithadbeen partly operational before its
able to indicate that ithadbeen passed that would be
the indignation of many scotshadbeen passed without consultation with
kinds stevenson s school educationhadbeen patchy in the extreme
switched places with [censored: forename] whohadbeen peering past a cluster
of lethe like toothache ithadbeen persistent as a rat
if the higher still programmehadbeen piloted in particular schools
in which the rev dunnhadbeen placed would shortly be
had renagit forgettin hou hehadbeen plaguit an nou for
under a buss whaur ithadbeen plankt by laddies ower
rudimentary laws of physics whichhadbeen planted deep inside his
oot and the trees thathadbeen planted in the garden
central scots accent and sandyhadbeen playing outside and came
was glad to hear youhadbeen playing some bridge i
all summer gathering potatoes thathadbeen ploughed up for 2
of their hearts if josephhadbeen plucked from anything it
the story was that hehadbeen plucked from ignorance and
and dirty green landscape hehadbeen plunked down in the
was drunk when the brosehadbeen polished off and that
so and the way ithadbeen portr- portrayed over the
in edinburgh on 9 mayhadbeen postponed a future date
that the preparation for enlargementhadbeen postponed and will have
were draw merks whaur netshadbeen poued oot on mair
my young wife and ihadbeen practising polling techniques in
exceptionally when my sister elizabethhadbeen prevailed upon by both
and sleeping visions as hehadbeen previously if necessary tragic
had recently boiled four cupshadbeen primed with caffeine and
she could find that thathadbeen printed by em bill
scale of the dictionary thishadbeen problematical for years and
april 2001 a how manyhadbeen processed b how many
factory tae tell ye whathadbeen produced and ye entered
been in a manifesto andhadbeen promptly delivered after the
be held until an areahadbeen properly designated would that
been rather annoyed if therehadbeen protests about that of
land reform scotland bill whichhadbeen published by the executive
individual quarter casks or firkinshadbeen purchased to honour the
measuring ability in english whichhadbeen put forward as the
happened unless the isdn infrastructurehadbeen put in place about
elderly non smoking couple whohadbeen put in smoking seats
from the cow after ithadbeen put through the search
of a known dealer whohadbeen put under surveillance and
up over christmas than ithadbeen quickly removed so i
the pentateuch robertson smith himselfhadbeen quietly teaching his students
not noticed it before ithadbeen quite a long tiring
it the rider s facehadbeen quite featureless a blank
set out how executive budgetshadbeen realigned to meet our
months after the questionnaire returnshadbeen received but he had
[censored: surname] a g m appreciationhadbeen received for p c
hospital in china 1916 lettershadbeen received from nine soldiers
letters no reply or acknowledgementhadbeen received from roads dept
item again when further informationhadbeen received from the executive
performed the missionary alphabet thankshadbeen received from the foreign
committee the following five nominationshadbeen received mr ralph [censored: surname]
[censored: surname] said that only acknowledgementshadbeen received r [censored: surname] had
[censored: surname] since no other nominationshadbeen received the meeting approved
policy had changed from whathadbeen recommended at committee committee
running a little late andhadbeen reconfigured to ensure that
of 17th may 1874 therehadbeen recovered from the scottish
and 44 accounts vary survivorshadbeen recovered from the ship
of difficulties a person whohadbeen recruited in the past
its inventive and elegant geniushadbeen rediscovered by napoleon s
gullible householder as if ihadbeen rehearsing for weeks try
been processed b how manyhadbeen rejected and c how
monteith given that jack greighadbeen relieved of that post
our subscription to the aspshadbeen remitted and there was
parking restrictions abandoned cars manyhadbeen removed from the area
had uprooted the fencing thathadbeen replaced probably because the
new york labov 1966 whichhadbeen replicated in trudgill s
the wall up the hillhadbeen requested 4 about the
on the bend below ihadbeen rescued and taken to
in glasgow jewish children whohadbeen rescued from the gas
jackson i wondered whether therehadbeen research in order to
of the pupils selected whohadbeen resident in glasgow since
voiced at the april meetinghadbeen resolved by june that
jurisdiction and that the matterhadbeen resolved by that court
it accepted that the problemhadbeen resolved david eaglesham there
of 1973 and 1979 europehadbeen retreating into protectionism although
an edgy violence to ithadbeen rising in volume now
my poor old hands whichhadbeen round her substantial waist
red as if its surfacehadbeen rubbed with rouge here
that sanny kent fine hehadbeen rummlt an stertit tae
because the higher still programmehadbeen running for six years
whitiver happened no eftir whithadbeen said aboot me the
at ca na gaia alicehadbeen sanguine about my story
and adding its blood whichhadbeen saved earlier to the
pocket money from wedderburn andhadbeen saving what he could
cunt if george w bushhadbeen say bruce kent s
s objectives in the negotiationshadbeen secured our negotiations effectively
like a loaded gun lilyhadbeen seeing shuggie manson the
attending the infertility clinic paddyhadbeen seen first a very
house on the corner whohadbeen seen sporting two black
treasurer absent packet secretary hehadbeen sent a book valued
checked if any additional magazineshadbeen sent the retailer would
from the area after cardshadbeen sent to the appropriate
was the first time ihadbeen separated from my twin
a third hut in carbethhadbeen set on fire christine
softening rich tea biscuits theyhadbeen set out in honour
which an ex nasa telescopehadbeen set up we queued
mutual agreement on fouls etchadbeen severely threatening our continuing
second l- time the leghadbeen shattered and eh it
sense of time her headhadbeen shaved after the court
four small merchant vessels thathadbeen sheltering at the mouth
he noticed all the furniturehadbeen shifted the christmas tree
at port ellen the sunhadbeen shinin aa day whan
friday when the respectable communityhadbeen shocked by hugh a
of us left the othershadbeen shot we were in
mucus like a train thathadbeen shunted into a siding
be quickly constructed and thathadbeen significant in attracting a
the gardener s wife thathadbeen sin he thanked god
day after visiting an exhibitionhadbeen sitting reading a newspaper
[note: photo: 'arbuthnott mill house and steading before 1920 - wm cushnie is seated in front of the house. the woman is unknown but could be either mrs cushnie or mrs mutch.] before 1839 a millhadbeen situated in the corner
grandfather as a young manhadbeen six feet tall but
of those passed for slaughterhadbeen slaughtered as at 18
mind the jazz rhythms hehadbeen slouching out shifted into
iron bars and likely ithadbeen smiddy made tae gie
a breath spray cause ihadbeen smoking f963: that s
friend babs warned that dannyhadbeen sniffing round nancy jones
man confess this man whohadbeen so important to him
that 125 tea party ticketshadbeen sold and the guests
seed contaminated with gm seedhadbeen sold to scottish farmers
bobbie she said that therehadbeen something in the local
getting a bona fide husbandhadbeen something of a coup
servant yet for years hehadbeen something of a living
every dad in the placehadbeen somewhere bombing or been
to release the information thathadbeen sought on 28 september
with leslie mitchell if hehadbeen spared since she had
been under the impression shehadbeen speaking english the need
that totally with me ihadbeen speaking to tony [censored: surname]
rigorous we heard how muchhadbeen spent on the absolutely
between them ann s motherhadbeen spinning all her life
after a layer of tallowhadbeen spread on and this
stand on ceremony sandy pullarhadbeen squeezing his enormous bulk
one of the bin areashadbeen standing for many a
by w e henley whohadbeen stevenson s close friend
two feet thick posts thathadbeen sticking in the same
added that competition for placeshadbeen stiff and that i
way into the toilets ihadbeen stopped by a dirty
from the school soup kitchenhadbeen stopped for the summer
past the importance of experiencehadbeen stressed by aitken in
retarded at best lily ithadbeen strongly rumored went like
of ministers because the organisationhadbeen stuck for years on
of fines for which theyhadbeen subject to a means
receive a second paper thathadbeen substantially redrafted i suggest
hill awards in london therehadbeen success for some of
application made some years agohadbeen successful in obtaining a
been any changes if therehadbeen such a question a
families viewing the mural ithadbeen suggested that several saturday
be launched in november therehadbeen suggestions for a working
gateway into the body thathadbeen sullied was not the
approvingly no doubt she toohadbeen summoned to this awful
granny s door for ihadbeen supplanted now rejected once
were sure o yersel hehadbeen sure o himsel whit
bills doesn t it hehadbeen surprised at the bitterness
screams stop as if theyhadbeen switched off andy brushes
those words until all membershadbeen sworn and the parliament
before that of pagan primitivismhadbeen symbolically expiated everyone in
hideous pink but the interiorhadbeen systematically looted local farmers
wis fin aa the craphadbeen taen in an the
to tell us they allhadbeen tain doon there is
s recommendations indicating what actionhadbeen taken on the issues
if he knew that allowayhadbeen taken out of the
entries were coming in stepshadbeen taken to identify people
to know that our telephonehadbeen tapped perhaps that is
a situation in which theyhadbeen taught english in english
her urbane brother jack whohadbeen taught proper britishness in
the year the group whohadbeen taught three languages performed
easton yes the simplistic viewhadbeen that there was a
f965: and the person whohadbeen the bogeyman then became
the targeted speech community ashadbeen the case in belfast
hardly have relished the churchhadbeen the centre of the
up the stair to whathadbeen the drawing room that
loss of william allison whohadbeen the estate gamekeeper for
a minelayer the 1939 victoriahadbeen the first purpose built
have been very easy ithadbeen the habit that a
over everything he did therehadbeen the initial lathering and
the victoria s first signalhadbeen the lower priority urgency
was due if their inclusionhadbeen the result of vigorous
than going to war whichhadbeen the tradition in europe
palma now i remembered ihadbeen the victim not of
school and preoccupied as hehadbeen then with his own
in drummonds only wish cathhadbeen there 11 sunday confirmation
prisoners an old chap whohadbeen there for a considerable
double furrow plough after lainghadbeen there for the winter
think the girl before mehadbeen there for years and
mention inverness but if hehadbeen there i am sure
the furst time oor freenhadbeen there juist there an
edinburgh before we did andhadbeen there some days dr
on the sleepers and ithadbeen there that long nobody
enough for her thoughts peggyhadbeen there until half an
good i think if thathadbeen there when i was
stronger than the living onehadbeen they revoked their deed
atmosphere of the dining roomhadbeen thoroughly dispelled by barry
of it if the policyhadbeen thought out and worked
proposal which was worth whilehadbeen thought through when it
it was obvious that shehadbeen through some some pretty
room furious that its intentionshadbeen thwarted frightened lest this
hour but he decided ithadbeen time well spent as
to leave them as wehadbeen to arrive we left
and surprised the assembled companyhadbeen to be addressed in
the adults if both parentshadbeen to church it was
dull yellow as if shehadbeen to hell and back
s original remit for instancehadbeen to restrict the etymological
s cause me an davidhadbeen together for so many
him very much as wehadbeen together since joining the
an old cathedral that [censored: forename]hadbeen told about so we
videoconferencing meeting that ron tuckhadbeen told about that conversation
nurses up to 3 000hadbeen trained by april 2001
worry about a registrar whohadbeen trained in a week
up after a dog thathadbeen trained to help them
around sixty kilos of fleecehadbeen transformed by the schoolchildren
the shade how her mindhadbeen trapped whirling in search
else we were living withhadbeen travelling and been in
sense the matter of scotlandhadbeen treated by barbour and
that all fine enforcement measureshadbeen tried and other community
to establish that the individualhadbeen tried by a court
a sex offender the prisonhadbeen trying to develop community
lament for some time shehadbeen trying to get the
m1007: uh huh m1055: ithadbeen turned black because of
been the drawing room thathadbeen turned into a box
palma in 1909 son moragueshadbeen turned into an agricultural
faur bank the fly buggershadbeen uisin submerged nets that
[censored: surname] mr [censored: forename] [censored: surname] whohadbeen unable to be with
been in mainstream prisons hehadbeen unable to leave his
should be told why theyhadbeen under surveillance an individual
would not be somebody whohadbeen under surveillance and did
the problem was if somebodyhadbeen under surveillance and no
not be told that theyhadbeen under surveillance i do
know that he or shehadbeen under surveillance provided of
carried out the person whohadbeen under surveillance should be
the simple fact that theyhadbeen under surveillance that leads
mentioned informing people that theyhadbeen under surveillance that raises
is in bed the girlhadbeen under the impression she
of twenty parts after ithadbeen under way and a
verifiers until a full studyhadbeen undertaken into their potential
as to why that preparationhadbeen undertaken the dogs should
ken damn fine whit theyhadbeen up tae but cuid
new and marvellous the palacehadbeen used as a barracks
word in the french dictionaryhadbeen used in rabelais there
if a related english wordhadbeen used instead e g
was obvious that a dyehadbeen used the hours passed
poems stories and tv programmeshadbeen used to expand the
translation in the language thathadbeen used to initiate the
home for once her lockshadbeen useful the small metal
mmhm f646: and eh hehadbeen usin an open razor
[censored: surname] reported that three carshadbeen vandalised one night outside
recommendations of the 1994 reviewhadbeen very effective they were
cassettes in the language andhadbeen visited by scots writers
ploo to plate and theyhadbeen visited by tam reid
revealing a turriff lassie laurahadbeen visiting her mother more
and one day when hehadbeen visiting us he went
jeans tells her that hehadbeen waiting from 1 o
hepatitis c from blood productshadbeen waiting many years for
telt her guidmither wha shehadbeen warkin tae the man
ready to be confused ihadbeen warned that sheremetyevo airport
all look as if theyhadbeen washed at home and
him juist then eck whahadbeen watchin us frae ahint
f978: but eh apparently ithadbeen we we used to
cairry on folk said dowhadbeen weel greased in the
puil i fand the gresshadbeen weel trampit doun an
the maastricht treaty the ideahadbeen well researched in the
i could confirm that vybornihadbeen whitewashed further and further
degree of intimacy and hehadbeen wholly wrong he must
them as they had shehadbeen willing to go along
years before the war andhadbeen with his regiment in
law themselves but because theyhadbeen with somebody which had
fixed penalty where the noticehadbeen withdrawn under section 12
own collection [censored: forename] s presentationhadbeen wonderful and it had
and invest in these locationshadbeen wooed there by the
probing we felt that wehadbeen worked over by the
painter [censored: forename] and er shehadbeen working on her thesis
ower looks like new andyhadbeen working on it himsel
parents received news that hehadbeen wounded on 6th august
bruce crawford said that hehadbeen writing to local authorities
and pantagruel [tut] [inhale] thesehadbeen written by rabelais erm
a booklet of doric poemshadbeen written by the children
example of tarland dialect whichhadbeen written down by mr
books that were you knowhadbeen written previously but it
the observers on shore whohadbelieved that she had been
was the portpatrick lifeboat whichhadby then been at sea
that early stage the policyhadchanged from what had been
been easy but the russianshadchanged the name of the
been paid and auld waltamshadclattered on up the street
feel breathless as if hehadclimbed rather than been carried
had been spared since shehadcome to disagree profoundly with
i thocht my last dayhadcome we d been warned
been withheld until the contractorhadcompleted the work fully and
been privileged they have possiblyhadcustody of the brain throughout
expressed in this final testamenthadearlier been expressed elsewhere in
and mrs elrick brenzies hillhadearlier been reported missing and
the 20th century in europehadended has been a factor
scots i ve been probablyhadequal exposure i was educated
to his family than greghadever been aye and there
other voice vanished if ithadever been there thomas would
like all the witches thathadever been were gathered together
been taught french and hashadextra french because she works
have been different if youhadf1025: quite often i think
the agenda any other businesshadfor once been disposed of
would been better to havehadfour spare watches for it
be told that that figurehadfurther been reduced to about
been better john if ihadgone but at that time
youth in those days shehadgone naked that had been
have been preferable if wehadhad more time to look
have been culpable if wehadhad such knowledge but had
had been disappointed that hehadhad to throw out the
because that was not whathadhappened before there have been
395 who commented he freudhadhardly ever been so pleased
like to believe that burnshadhe been alive would have
manage the situation mr monteithhadhe been sick prior to
bore him but if hehadhe would have been fussing
the seeds of that ideahadhowever been sown by smith
up my equipment how longhadi been under scrutiny thinking
secretary by 30th november somehadin fact already been received
his victim but if speccyhadindeed been raped of his
and under changing circumstances freudhadinitially been attracted to smith
been useful if the billhadintroduced a uniform approach for
was the cogent argument thathadinverness not been included in
an wad hae been lichterhadit no been for laich
the writer that i amhadit not been for all
hete of ire of vengeancehadit not been for the
been serious but it hashadits fun moments the bill
the holm forenent us thathadjuist been crappt o hey
the free personal care thathadjust been agreed to and
a coal cellar and ithadjust been converted tae a
her home her two brothershadjust been flown back to
certificate actually ehm an thathadjust been part o their
that the mad one whohadjust been pushed overboard at
i paid a visit thesehadjust been removed because they
felt like a bluebottle thathadjust been sprayed in d
side of the moon whichhadjust recently been released and
d been the driver anhadleft his caur doun a
either that or they vehadlike been like the gorbals
remaining pockets of fresh airhadlong been saturated with the
been systematically looted local farmershadlong since carted off the
been here ann and hehadmade up another rough bed
ve been writing recently havehadmore of a naked i
been preferable if we hadhadmore time to look into
been predicted by daniel whohadmuttered about local politicians tied
been delighted to announce thathadmy colleagues not made such
have been er you knowhadn- had not my people
just been removed because theyhadnearly taken fire bit eence
old one there too ithadnever been a success it
it is as though ihadnever been away the cabinet
i was actually ehm wehadnever been baptised f641: mm
sow in a slaughterhouse shehadnever been sacked in her
their lives some of themhadnever been to glasgow or
their groups however authorities thathadnever before been involved with
eh a a story thathadnever really been documented m608:
his eyes because he whohadno english and had been
lead in considering the petitionhadnot been able to consider
perhaps for the kiss hehadnot been able to give
first met louis and livhadnot been able to join
the federal bureau of investigationhadnot been agreed on it
to run the estate therehadnot been any effective management
to certain defaulters whose childrenhadnot been attending school regularly
was available in may thathadnot been available in january
i realised that the convenerhadnot been copied into the
taking less out again andhadnot been exploiting the black
long since retired if ithadnot been for the war
discussion if the mcfadden commissionhadnot been forced to rush
was a genuine problem thathadnot been fully addressed and
it was noted that thesehadnot been generally available in
freebie flow copiously the collegehadnot been her easiest short
fact that 2 000 certificateshadnot been issued i understand
massive disadvantage because that changehadnot been made earlier alex
s here or no chaehadnot been near them since
him in his time thathadnot been one of them
been delivered and prepared buthadnot been our line did
readiness described in the reporthadnot been reached in other
as a marker but whohadnot been recruited again might
remained unpaid and a hearinghadnot been requested amendment 9
told you that the problemhadnot been resolved i do
in place however the sqahadnot been running for the
sad season for you alicehadnot been so well and
sqa to say that problemshadnot been sorted each time
sinner beyond redemption losing dannyhadnot been the awful thing
a bun unfortunately simon chisholmhadnot been the only one
on the telephone and therehadnot been time to write
and really lovely if wehadnot been too tired and
all and end all ithadnot been understood that the
rocky unsteady and if somebodyhadnot been well and was
to have been successful theyhadnot caused as some people
would have been if chaehadnot poured most of his
can say is that ihadnot previously been aware of
had been received but hehadnot read the returns although
had been received r [censored: surname]hadnot written the letters after
white sand pink and terracottahadnot yet been built an
the old conditions of lifehadnot yet been disrupted by
sales in june and whichhadnot yet been received from
authorised version of the biblehadnot yet been written no
book on durham postal historyhadnow been recorded and was
claim to the women whohadnow been set free they
as a voluntary interpreter andhadobviously been pretty shaken by
and northern english poetry alliterationhadof course been the organising
understand the idea you vehadof me you ve been
moved by meeting people whohadonce been in the gutter
a lost original song whichhadonce been sung to the
not the best room thishadonce been the shop when
the whole battery as wehadonly been in action one
italian than the group whohadonly been taught standard italian
lounging at the clerks tablehadperiodically been making faces or
a more explicit content thanhadpreviously been acceptable against the
off approval when such approvalhadpreviously been granted to another
the task that jack greighadpreviously been in charge of
that her very own conceptionhadprobably been a flash in
of the questions that wehadraised he has been very
had been bought before hehadreached his full stature of
troy ounce about 31g whichhadrecently been incorporated into formal
been better if the executivehadreferred to cooking implements with
had been covered and wehadseen some very fine material
that some children will havehadsexual experiences or been abused
write some of her poemshadshe been able to read
she was crumbling and brittlehadshe ever been different it
beholden to them as theyhadshe had been willing to
a number of other peoplehadsimply been put in a
of which about two dozenhadso far been exquisitely restored
crisis might have been lesshadsome our concerns and those
leave feeling that the nighthadsomehow been cut short we
answer came back that ithadsometimes been said that burns
have been like if shehadstayed in australia i would
o clock and his entryhadstill not been judged although
have been required to makehadsubsection 1 above actually been
under the right to buyhadsubsequently been resold on the
been culpable if we hadhadsuch knowledge but had failed
have been made that havehadsympathy across the committee we
hard life for her ithadtae have been f606: yeah
been a help i vehadtetracycline this time i m
what she might have donehadthe assistance of aircraft been
i would have been happierhadthe incoming labour government in
of gm seeds recognises thathadthe information been passed to
in minor incidents in 1951hadthe necessary remedial action been
we are in ms macdonaldhadthe treaty been ratified three
handles or it would havehadthem if they d been
convictions directly related to foxeshadthere been legislation in place
have been in each casehadthere been no such maximum
prevent catastrophic flooding and sinkinghadthis other lesson been learned
had been allocated the papershadto be reallocated therefore the
up of the nock whichhadto been presented to them
having been boiled before youhadto boil it again to
been so well and ihadto get the doctor who
been acknowledged the bill hashadto proceed through parliament very
have been postponed have youhadto put back other projects
grant assistance for these areashadto some extent been an
been disappointed that he hadhadto throw out the evidence
who have been released havehadtreatment s1o 6066 the deputy
t been able to removehadvanished some recovered from germany
individual would have been welcomehadwe been able to find
asked to do the convenerhadwe been discussing the current
be a second handsel andhadwe not been in the
we would have been culpablehadwe not said something we
fortuitous gains but also havinghadwhat may well have been
hae peyed ye little heedhadye been jist a common

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