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substantially reduced tacs for codhaddockand whiting but at a
sea i e for codhaddockand whiting but instead proposed
in terms of the codhaddockand whiting fisheries public private
1 uk tacs for codhaddockand whiting in the north
share of tacs for codhaddockand whiting in the north
to limit boats targeting codhaddockand whiting to 15 days
limit scottish fishermen catching codhaddockand whiting to 15 days
the north sea by 45haddockby 49 and whiting by
be no fishing for codhaddockor whiting in the north
should be no catches ofhaddockor whiting in the north
speer to ask speldin ahaddockor whiting split and dried
the groups are 1 codhaddockwhiting 2 plaice sole 3
revise the predicted level ofhaddockdiscards s1w 15126 richard lochhead
executive what estimated level ofhaddockdiscards was expected in the
prawns 4 oz cooked smokedhaddock8 oz cooked cod flaked
2 oz raisins 1 lbhaddockfillet cooked flaked melt butter
fried herrin kippers or yallahaddockfor tea that was the
her mother preferred yellow smokedhaddockkippers and siclike she thought
usual f718: mmhm the yellowyhaddockm1078: aye y- yes smoked
herself tossing him a rawhaddockas she had seen circus
yeah f1077: oh cod orhaddockwas all we ever had
uh huh probably cod andhaddockwould be more usual f718:
sort of fish m1078: solehaddockand yeah f718: [inaudible] yeah
this was made with driedhaddockwhich was soaked in several
which particularly affects our valuablehaddockfishery as well as our
dropped part of my ownhaddockinto the tub of peas
the outcome of those negotiationshaddockfishing 8 mr andrew welsh
being taken to protect thehaddockfishing and arbroath smokie industries
european funding highlands and islandshaddockfishing livestock auction markets nhs
the price versus quality issuehaddockand chips for 6 95

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