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haggis noo an then buthaggisniver can eclipse ma weekly
men a ll tak somehaggisnoo an then but haggis
have a good time thehaggisneeps and tatties flown in
surrounded wi a puckle littlehaggisa notice said it wis
o the windae wis ahaggisan it wis surrounded wi
yeah f951: burns suppers anhaggisan m865: [laugh] right tartan
increase exports of whisky andhaggisfrom places such as my
have been tight fitting ahaggisforced into an hour glass
some elements of burns supperhaggisetc might involve singing reciting
excellent job of addressing thehaggisand his rendition of the
notice said it wis ahaggisnest found in the nearby
the speeches they had thehaggisan everything an of course
the place ye know thehaggisan everything an so he
lad duncan gray to ahaggisto a louse address to
risk of over egging thehaggisi thank my lov d
sayin the address to thehaggisan this was three years
spoken riches an wi yerhaggisring the bell an gie
good story about making ahaggisis that f828: well a
never used to call ithaggiswhen we were wee we
we never ever called ithaggisi used tae think it
said he said ehm thehaggisan it was great really
[laugh] no it s nohaggisit was like ehm we
ye get to slash thehaggisye know as the sort
o fish an chips lethaggison ma plate appear jist
says that scottish people eathaggiseh mince an clapshot and
i m hung like ahaggisaneth my kilt which i
a twisted twix wrapper fourhaggispudding dog turds a seagull

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