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on you brush mummy shaira minute f1114: no no
i ll never brush herhaircan you manage to brush
the soft brush sweeping cuthairdown my collar instead of
you goin to brush herhairf1103: i will f1104: [?]brush it[/?]
mum brush your pony shairf1104: erm well erm them
wantin me to brush theirhairf1104: [inaudible] [?]fall oot[/?] [child noises] it
wantin me to brush theirhairf1104: mmhm f1103: well come
you goin to brush myhairf1114: no i m no
going to brush mummy shairf1114: no no no no
aboot you brush mummy shairf1114: okay the hairdryer f1113:
going to brush your ownhairf1114: [squeal] [squeal] f1113: eh
i need to brush herhairf1117: oh my goodness are
now let s brush yourhairgentle f1114: [squeal] f1113: and
they need bobbles for theirhairher hair ll never brush
by a fine brush hishairhowever was grey but thick
his mouth open wide andhairlike a brush for the
bobbles for their hair herhairll never brush cause she
well you can brush herhairmy goodness f1118: look she
you manage to brush herhairoh her hair s all
f1113: i ll brush yourhairokay are you fine f1114:
to brush aa them shairokay f1104: yeah and their
right we ll brush yourhairokay now that s you
you going to brush myhairokay oh that s fine
brush her hair oh herhairs all static look it
on go and brush yourhairthen f1114: [?]your hand did it[/?] no no
you going to brush herhairwell it s a l-
wad kaim an brush mahairwhyles aince she gaed oot
f1113: oops right brush myhairwith a brush f1114: smell
here [inaudible] brush mummy shairyou going to brush mummy
on we ll do yourhairyou going to brush your
got brown hair f1122: brownhairbrown f1121: can you find
f1121: what f1122: [censored: forename] needhair[censored: forename] needs hair f1121: mmhm
your hair my friend shair[censored: forename] s hair [inhale] [exhale]
ve cut his off hishaircut his hair f1113: are
s [censored: forename] quite heavy blondehairf1049: new girl dark hair
about [inaudible] hold on herhairf1111: hold onto her hair
off his hair cut hishairf1113: are you goin to
f1113: like hair f1114: gothairf1113: got hair f1114: that
it that s it hishairf1113: off his hair f1114:
his hair f1114: cut hishairf1113: will i push up
his hair f1113: off hishairf1114: cut his hair f1113:
[laugh] f1114: aye f1113: likehairf1114: got hair f1113: got
f1114: got hair f1113: gothairf1114: that s not milo
[censored: forename] need hair [censored: forename] needshairf1121: mmhm he needs hair
his hair that s hishairf1121: okay what aboot [censored: forename]
think she s got brownhairf1122: brown hair brown f1121:
he s not got blackhairf1122: [?]no, you just going over[/?] that hair that
hair so what colour ofhairf1122: what about this colour
tiny dance earrings m944: yourhairf943: my hair your hair
as ah wis strokin herhairher fine blond irish hair
and is now brushing herhairher waist length sable hair
hair [laugh] cut off hishairhey f1114: that s it
hair her waist length sablehairin front of our 25p
friend s hair [censored: forename] shair[inhale] [exhale] [laugh] erm how
hair f1111: hold onto herhairis she just snorkeling f1112:
f1113: to cut off hishair[laugh] cut off his hair
nice hair she s gothairlike [censored: forename] s short dark
dark hair look she gothairlike [censored: forename] s wi a
like [censored: forename] s short darkhairlook she got hair like
hair f1049: new girl darkhairm1048: oh i do know
hair f943: my hair yourhairmy friend s hair [censored: forename]
you rub it in yourhairno in your hair you
f1113: your hair s yourhairs bonny since you ve
ear- [inaudible] oh f1113: yourhairs your hair s bonny
hair her fine blond irishhairshe just stopped breathin an
f1117: she s got nicehairshe s got hair like
hair f1121: mmhm he needshairso what colour of hair
that hair that s hishairthat s his hair f1121:
black hair f1122: [?]no, you just going over[/?] thathairthat s his hair that
your hair no in yourhairyou ll mak bubbles in
m944: your hair f943: myhairyour hair my friend s
i tried to wash myhairand felt the room spinning
a bath and wash myhairf1102: mum will you get
i need to wash hishairf1113: oh right okay f1114:
yes i ll wash hishairf1113: okay and i ll
[panting] we need wash hishairf1113: okay you wash his
i ll wash jake shairf1113: when he goes to
[?]another there aye[/?] f1118: and wash herhairf1117: whaur s your brushes
an ye shouldna wash yerhairfin yer nae weel at
i need to wash hishairi need yes no no
s learning to wash yourhairlook [laugh] you were thinking
i could not wash myhairor get the christmas presents
f1113: okay you wash hishairwash and wash f1114: wash
[inaudible] f1097: eh is ithairwash tonight aye right right
no no f1113: wash hishairwell push it up into
try to cut round thehairalways just ends up lookin
thirties slim with well cuthairand smart clothes is cleaning
else i ve had myhaircut and i ve received
you get your your yourhaircut every day divn t
oh f1111: to get myhaircut f1112: two pence f1111:
says don t get yourhaircut like that again danny
yes i ll cut hishairdown prown f1113: right f1114:
his stubble and through hishairdt needed a cut and
ve cut his off hishairf1113: okay there s another
scissors use to cut thehairf1113: to cut off his
can cut off some morehairf1114: i made that h-
we ll cut off morehairf1114: make it bigger f1113:
on the top of hishairf1114: yes i ll cut
i need [inaudible] cut myhairf1125: that s a clown
egg will i cut thishairhere f1114: yes another egg
dorea used to cut hishairin prison camp the ca
you ve cut off hishair[laugh] f1114: i ve cut
cut aff hir lang yallaehairstappit it in his poutch
no i ll cut hishairthe kni- then the proud
does this have cut hishairthen no one his c-
century luiv foraye whan mahairwes yit cut strecht on
a healthy head of greyhairand only his lack of
headsquare knots grey wisps ofhairescape fly up like birds
beard and a grey greyhairf963: uh huh f965: and
reeds that tug downstream likehairgrey scudding waves like fins
i am 41 and myhairis grey i want to
a good head of greyhairprecisely combed you should be
leg crooked slightly up greyhairruffled arms bent at the
and wiry with iron greyhairscraped back into a knot
storming out coat flapping greyhairstraggling in the wind she
an a daud o greyhairthat luikit fell like a
the day fermer nae pleasedhairturns grey a secret oath
10 wi close cropped darkhairan kinna thick glaisses an
winter after dark my bighairbows and plimsoll shoes my
one s got short darkhairf1118: it s two barbies
candle in the dark herhairlike a badge or blazon
years old her long darkhairpinned up with a red
a tangle of thick darkhairreaching down over his thick
was like [censored: forename] woman darkhairshe s gonna come and
i see fiona s darkhairswinging as she turned her
you get that red curlyhairand those freckles he hates
think would he have greenhairf1122: no f1121: red f1122:
jacket and even dirtier redhairi half expected the policemen
no circumstances under which redhairis good [laugh] no red
tops f963: was was redhairnot supposed to be lucky
morag brushed that long redhairof hers smooth away from
robb boy with the redhairor stick or even holden
later dried blood coloured myhairred a large yellow blue
haffets are side locks ofhairreid een are red eyes
lucky as well f965: redhairs not good ever [laugh]
is good [laugh] no redhairs not good f963: uh
then rubbin it intae mahairthen added silver and red
dad f1091: there s redhairyou think it s dad
bonnie heid o thick blekhairan hir gled airms that
it s a winner thehairdisna faa frae his heid
tyme he poued a langhairfrae his heid an haundit
grandfaither ah haena a grayhairin ma heid still an
eilidh ah fand a grayhairin ma heid yestrein an
10 14 rainfall 1 16hairin my heid i div
speak o yeir heid ohairma mither says she telt
hou lu da hed thehairo his heid shaved aff
nae even scrattit nae wanhairo its heid as much
an then he tuik thehairo lu da s heid
o a wumman bi thehairo the heid alang the
an threw hir bi thehairo the heid bedein intil
aw yeir teeth an thehairo the heid faws oot
thair teeth an aw thehairo the heid faws oot
yeir man harlin bi thehairo the heid the corp
afore i d see ahairo yer heid hairmed brian
trowth ti let faa thehairo yir heid an gang
its mither s luiks thehairon its heid is post
ye haena a singil grayhairon yeir heid ye ve
an he poued anither langhairoot his heid an gied
and green the strands ofhairstood oot roon ma heid
a heid o lang yallaehairthat hung lowss about hir
liftit a hank o blaikhairthe quinie s heid wis
a heid bit wints ehairthis is just a bell
her hudderie heid minnie shairwis as wavy as corrugated
here till i see yourhaira minutie darlin f1114: no
push it up into hishairagain you do it f1114:
now while i do yourhairand i ll [inaudible] f1114:
ll have tae dae yerhairas well [censored: forename] f1114: ah
do you like getting yourhairbrushed f1114: yes f1113: yes
gonna come and get yourhairdone f1114: no no no
re making f1114: jake shairf1113: i m making jake
f1114: i made jake shairf1113: it s a crown
f1114: look at jake shairf1113: [laugh] that s big
ghostie f1114: washing jake shairf1113: mmhm f1114: i m
i m making jake shairf1114: [inaudible] soap f1113: mmhm
a lovely job with myhairf1114: it s [inaudible] right
i going to have nicehairf1114: mm that s not
get a clasp for yourhairf1114: no i no want
dub f1113: you sort hishairf1114: see this on is
that look like jake shairf1114: yes f1113: oh that
[censored: forename] look at jake shair[laugh] f1114: it s big
this are you watching hishairlook [phone rings] oh f1114: ah
f1113: are you washing hishairmmhm f1114: the egg s
f1113: will i do yourhairnow f1114: yes f1113: will
and i ll make yourhairpretty f1114: [inaudible] no you
is okay [laugh] mmhm yourhairs bonny f1114: you- your
f1114: ah that s hishairthat s it fixed f1113:
[?]what fitt?[/?] f1118: look this [inaudible]hairbut i put this f1117:
f1117: she s got nicehairf1118: [laugh] mum look f1117:
f1117: what a mess ohairi think they need a
f1117: it s aa herhairis that all barbie s
f1118: oh look f1117: herhairs fallen oot what about
one [inaudible] f1117: [inaudible] herhairs stickin up already i
f1117: she s got prettyhairshe s in her dungarees
f1117: you ve pulled yourhairwhat did you do to
s sort this one shair[whistle] f1118: look [inaudible] f1117:
f1121: has she got brownhairas well f1122: aye f1121:
met her f1154: short brownhairf1155: i know what she
one cursed with ordinary brownhairhas the stuff of true
young go getter whose brownhairwas hauled back in a
somewhat dishevelled his lank brownhairwas neatly parted above a
go f1122: brown f1121: brownhairwow oh that looks like
no no f1113: get yourhairbrushed and you ll be
i m washing jake shairf1113: oh right look is
dub f1113: you washing hishairoh it s nice and
a dub i sort hishairrub a dub f1113: you
f1113: [laugh] that s bighairwill i make a hat
[inaudible] i m brushing yourhairbrushing brushing brushing brushing f1111:
cutting now you want yourhaircutting now f1111: oh that
bath f1112: not wet myhairf1111: no we re not
i- [inaudible] you washed yourhairf1111: now monkey f1112: [laugh]
f1112: i didna wipe myhairf1111: oh what a good
ah maybe do do herhairf1111: ow oh i bashed
this for f1111: washing herhairf1112: but it s for
f1111: was you wetting yourhairf1112: i didna wipe my
while you re cutting myhairf1112: yeah f1111: oh that
is f1112: [laugh] [inaudible] herhair[laugh] f1111: was you wetting
hope i ve got somehairleft f1112: uh huh f1111:
doon oh i wetted myhairnow f1111: yes come on
stuff f1111: oh is myhairtuggy f1112: uh huh f1111:
neatly combed shoulder length blackhairaccentuating her pretty features remembering
till hud dyed jet blackhairand nae eyebrows we don
swing of her straight blackhairand presses her face against
that f643: beautiful black curlyhairand that so of course
an her jet black longhairat the back an up
o fite beenies an blackhaircam intae vyow it wis
erm ah monica wi blackhairf1103: like in friends f1104:
the black grapes of hishairhang glistening to him we
you with your jet blackhairlike you d just come
to gin bangkok masseuse blackhairpulled back in an elastic
i love her too hishairs going to be black
astonishing shock of curly blackhairthey had called her sarah
he d he d blackhairye see f606: [laugh] yes
a lang skein o fairhairahint her lug ye ken
weariet minnie stoppit caimbin herhairan sat doon on the
at her chic immaculately groomedhairand carefully manicured hands noting
smell the prison on herhairand clothes and have a
her long thick now greyinghairand ethnic clothes her views
noticed the barrette in herhairand for the first time
the cascading lines of herhairand her clothing although her
her granny s long auburnhairand keeps her story alive
his harp with her goldenhairand later harps at dinner
cummin the queen tidies herhairand morag attends to the
a beautiful hairband in herhairand she s got a
credit it she cropped herhairand wore men s tackety
[censored: forename] who was washing herhairapplying some make up and
that i just saw herhairat close quarters down at
bee come on on herhairaye f1095: right you got
about tsunamis he jerked herhairback suddenly it took her
it her jumper matches herhairbow f1122: [inaudible] that s
miss thom wi her longhairbraid we used to call
think pinky pie needs herhairbrushed f1104: [?]socks[/?] i ll
in the yellow bikini goldenhaircascading down her back they
which she had dressed herhaircaught fire and she became
was a gun her nettedhaircaught tightly in a bun
pp 116 7 her brighthairdabbled with raindrops was battened
pet said bethia stroking herhairdinna greet noo morag was
like her bow in herhairdo you that s pretty
mum s gonna get herhairdoing tonight so we ll
think we ll get herhairdone will we f1118: no
even notice helen had herhairdone yesterday f1049: i don
extensions when rapunzel let herhairdown man everyone came to
pair s no fair herhairdyed peroxide just looked an
his wife wadnae caimb herhairefter gloamin fin he wis
i think of her herhairf1103: eh oh it s
this one s for herhairf1118: hey look socks for
f943: no m944: dyes herhairf943: no see since i
goat skin herth rug herhairfaain ower the buik as
older than me her fairhairgreying and tightly curled and
an bustle her dyed blondehairheaped up on her head
up right that s herhairi ll sit her doon
[censored: forename] s been putting herhairin a piggietail what do
opens and fiona enters herhairis dishevelled her shirt is
candlewick robe her fresh washedhairis tied up into an
fur a face an herhairit luiked like straa an
awake i pushed back herhairit wasna the wife it
wi flooers in her tummelthairits mistress stauns hauns on
gorgeous drift of her flamehairjust magic bethia noticed him
him thorfinn caresses gunlöd shairkisses her forehead then presses
you think of that herhair[laugh] f1103: oh she s
a burden lightly borne herhairlike a cresset or candle
she wis sleepin her fairhairlike wheat on the bowster
on the preening of herhairmeanwhile mr morrison got down
i m just scrubbing herhairmmhm i see oh it
neist meenit there wis neitherhairnur hide o her tae
run a comb through herhairoch away mum smiled primping
night accidentally set her pubichairon fire and left her
her ma wid caimb herhairoot wi a been caimb
on i ll get thehairout of her face okay
who had difficulty keeping herhairout of her papers and
cave her ropes of cornhairprefigured the invention of agriculture
it s a l- herhairs aa messy as well
that s pudsey now herhairs better now as well
hat ontae her thick blaikhairsally bruce hid a tweed
mirror adjusts her dress mahairseems awricht ah think it
ears look naked with herhairshaved away at the sides
and puts it in herhairshe then sits down by
some stuff to make herhairsilvery white said katie morag
her long mane of greyinghairsingle beds are aa the
sound asleep her limbs andhairspread in all directions and
the way she makes herhairstand out and by her
she suppit her platie ohairstew that warlocks could takk
tousles oot her lang broonhairtae check gfur fear o
she d a tuftie ohairthat hung fae her chin
her up an smeethed thehairthat stukk tae her broo
designs an yon saft fairhairthat swung doon her back
faist jaad shakkin doon herhairthe larick that showds auld
this she tears at herhairthen storms out of the
she cleikit me in herhairthon wis the folly that
the blonde softness of herhairtickling his nose as he
on her neck and herhairwas all the colours of
a pensioner shuffled up herhairwas dyed a diseased peroxide
her wrinkles were moisturised herhairwas dyed and her cheeks
rouge and lipstick her silverhairwas pulled off her face
the bus and winced herhairwas sticking up like frightened
was she was practically herhairwas that thin all over
bald f632: urgh f646: herhairwas that thin f632: mm
the gouden lichts in herhairwhen the sun streamed in
the little girl combing herhairwhere s the other little
window down she felt herhairwhipped back by the same
o bi her minnie shairwis as thick an roch
wis green as goor herhairwis blue an spikit s
the customers thon wikk herhairwis chestnut broon bit ilkie
her luik like hoolet herhairwis pairtit in the middle
the ley parks an herhairwis yalla blin fair like
washed f1105: why get yourhairaa nicely washed m1106: no
your tongs tae curl mahairagnes she s gaun upstairs
that straw out of yourhairalex ewan said staring at
scrumptiously edible rumpled your damphairand said nice work andy
head they turned your stragglyhairand the ginger stubble on
and your own long gingerhairand your kiss was awkward
stuff you spray on yourhairare knockin holes in the
come on then dry yourhairas well m1106: [humming] f1105:
a bandy to tie yourhairback okay f1122: from the
[censored: forename] [censored: forename] wanna put yourhairbobbles into thae box for
cold [inaudible] you want yourhaircutting now you want your
take you clip out yourhairdid you f1136: fitt f1135:
did you do to yourhairdinna pull that noo fitt
your brushes for your horseshairdo they have to stay
okay will we get yourhairdone first and then you
are you finished getting yourhairdone i ll put that
s your bandies for yourhairf1122: mum look f1121: that
ve got chocolate ower yourhairf1122: tastes good f1121: [inaudible]
to how you had yourhairf963: mmhm f965: was crucial
all chiselled cheekbones and blondhairfalling into your eyes i
your cherry cheeks and yallowhairgars me gae maiden for
ye want this on yourhairgeorgie i m gan to
nov 22 try dying yourhairgreen the season s happiest
bath if you- in yourhair[inaudible] m1106: right [inaudible] f1105:
ah and and yeah yourhairlooks very nice f943: thank
dougal [child noises] f1097: dry yourhairm1098: nae that f1097: eh
keep fallin doon [?]can i pleat[/?] yourhairmum [?]sandwiches[/?] f1141: [censored: forename] dinnae
it if somebody pulled yourhairor anything you didn t
do you want in yourhairthe day then a bobble
lyke aw your teeth anhairti faw oot a bonnie
f1121: we ll put yourhairup in a ponytail okay
to look at me yourhairwas just as i had
i don t want myhairwashed f1105: why get your
m1098: [child noises] f1097: need yourhairwashed tonight m1098: aye f1097:
not going to wet yourhairyou can look out jamas
a reed ribbon in yourhairyou d an affa row
wal pat it in hirhairan sat hirsell doun bi
haedna been for hir sillerhairan the whyte nutch wi
an aff tuik hir caumelhairbavarie ye l hae a
lassie cam in hir langhairblek as a craw s
wi hir croun o brounhairbuskin hir brou that the
bodie but hir gowden brounhairhung doun afore hir ai
winna leave hir or hirhairis whyte from the chinese
rinnin hir fingirs throu hirhairthe sojers wes chermed a
katsura an she rowes hirhairup the left syde hir
aw his leevin days hirhairwes blek as a sternless
yallae an runkilt an hirhairwes whyte lyke the snaw
face wis yalla an hirhairwis a heeze o blaik
if you were cutting myhairf1112: here s the hairdresser
right have you snipped myhairnow f1112: you snip it
table he had long whitehairand a beard he lived
jesus they all had longhairand be- all the men
had really sort of longhairand he had a huge
all the girls had longhairand wore knitted tammies to
men with beards or longhaircleanness of actual streets compared
invariably teenage girls wear theirhairin long heavy pigtails white
in the class with fairhairin long pigtails and big
seem to be unknown theirhairis long or chopped off
appeared on the cliff hishairlong and straggly as his
the carved horseman his longhairpulled back in a mare
aged woman with long greyinghairtied in a bun unfortunately
you to get any chocolatehairdo we f1122: no and
f1122: you draw [censored: forename] shairf1121: right i think would
what colour s [censored: forename] shairf1122: erm i don t
f1121: they don t havehairf1122: [laugh] [censored: forename] f1121: what
think [censored: forename] s got blondhairf1122: no he hasn t
this one s got curlyhairi think [censored: forename] s been
had m944: [censored: forename] f943: gayhairm944: i don t i
f1103: mmhm f1104: there shairbits here s there f1103:
f1103: aye f1104: there shairbits here there s nae
there bobbles f1103: aye naehairbobbles f1104: which bobbles then
right that s belle shairdone f1104: which comb did
m putting this in myhairf1103: mm f1104: mum sure
m brushing all the ponieshairpinkie pie f1104: oh [inaudible]
guidman stertit ti teir hishairan cherk his teeth ah
d come hame wi hishairand his claes clartit wi
it was you done hishairand stuff [inaudible] f814: the
he ll still fix hishairbefore he goes out m944:
old boy could let hishairdown well literally he can
found at herculaneum his hyacinthinehairentwined with sprays of wild
i think ah m941: hishairgrows f940: i m lost
no cause he loves hishairhe s very you know
wrote poem an caimbed hishairhe steppit up the gibbet
he d bin shaved hishairhid bin washed an caimbed
motherly soft paunch and greyinghairhis partner gorgeously flamboyant in
bits and narrow strands ofhairi lean against his smell
described vives as depraved hishairimpregnated with the smell of
ran through the fine lankhairin a puzzled gesture his
squinty and his barley fairhairin a quiff school photies
it but brocht back thehairin his neive an whan
to take them to hishair[laugh] [laugh] m815: if there
nightmares found amigo his goldenhairluminous as a god s
alec lauched jock keep yerhairoan wee alec poued his
all the tips of hishairpink m944: an it was
disna dinna fash yersel hishairs tae be cuttit at
little man seed his curlyhairsmelt fine as new baked
he had tangled barbed wirehairsticking out scizophrenically from his
cheeks are tanned and hishairstreaked blond off like a
to say he had morehairthat his wee brother his
light blue shirt very neathairto his left was two
observations were that his neathairwas in fact shaved nearly
fraiglin hogney shauchilt in hishairwes aw tawtie he haed
had appeared to mitchel hishairwhite and matted with grease
some more up and hishairwill grow see watch this
raivelt in his baird anhairye coud hae taen him
on corsets an dyed hishairyon chiel didna gie a
me noo for my scanthairan a ll catch yer
keep still she has myhairand my eyebrows and all
just ask for all myhairback again no i wouldn
the same colour as myhaircause i m actually m804:
don t ge- so myhairdoesn t go into the
[laugh] [inhale] but when myhairfell out f632: mmhm f646:
turn was ploughed through myhairfinally lacquer enveloped me like
ye m1128: i go- myhairgot weet f1127: did it
the mirror is that myhairhow is that a clown
away if raquel stroked myhairi don t really like
one last peep through myhairi know the insect he
ask my mum about myhairi ll just come ower
aw jeeze she strokes myhairi went down on my
i think i had myhairin a a chignon or
solvent can you tell myhairis layered and tinted flight
run my hand through myhairit s hot and feels
green slime on to myhairits gentle caressing assured me
boy s jacket new mownhairjagging my neck in church
my teeth my lips myhairlast spotted lay in a
me to think that myhairmight not grow back the
m putting this in myhairmum i m putting this
you going to do myhairnice today am i going
that i have slightly morehairon the top of my
mum f1101: no cause myhairs a mess no f1102:
have been my reality ahairs breadth had kept me
him about the accident thehairs breadth my decision to
towel i tied my damphairunder a patterned scarf and
i wasn t having myhairwashed tonight uh huh i
the silken cap of myhairwith large strong hands and
i dae fyles dye mahairan corsets weel that s
wul dwyne ti nocht mahairan teeth wul cannilie faw
unco thocht that gars mahairbirss up an gars ma
afore they dee a pikkilhaircam oot on ma kaim
ma een neb moo anhairi ll gie ye custard
natasha ay ah daursay mahairis aw ower the place
on the monastery ruif mahairis aw ti snaw turnt
ah thirst for knawledge mahairis gaun gray an ah
street ye ken by mahairkicked and punched me fae
graens wad hae birsilt mahairon end a dout a
in its light there washairon the collar of ma
the sweat pourin oot mahairroots an blindin ma eyes
runs doon ma neck mahairstauns up oan end a
waves a ll wesh mahairwi ye see i the
in e gushet nyeuk mahairwis gettin fite be es
ma face wis wrunkled mahairwis thin wid ye see
look here s jake shairagain look they re on
look a wumman wi naehairan nae teeth a bonnie
off of a lock ofhairin pope s poem is
we ve brushed aa theirhairand then we ll take
lift ye ll dicht yirhairay on the skerrs o
ll do if i hadhairi would flick it at
we ll get him orangehairlet me see right roll
ve seen neither hide norhairo him since he ll
who ve i got [inaudible]hairbobbles in here f1118: [laugh]
but he s got longerhairm942: mmhm mmhm m939: i
they ve just got likehairround that bit and it
got like kinna strawberry blondehairthat it wasn t permanent
their make up and theirhairand their dressin their [inaudible]
bits here there s naehairbits over here [inaudible] say
precede like some sort ofhairsplitting point [inaudible] like m605:
like traicle poored ower shailhairas ruggy s a collie
doesnae like daein their theirhaircause she doesnae take their
with silver toenails flowing silverhairentwined with pink like barbie
to like playing with dollshairf812: uh huh f814: but
yeah and they had theirhairf963: yeah f965: like elvis
like you can make itshairgrow longer f814: i just
like pisa no rapunzel shairhangs from its heavenly lair
fair wi snottery snoots anhairlike dried strae willie the
f965: they always had theirhairlike elvis i suppose there
this heroine almost predictably hashairlike golden threads and lily
a lassie bonnie lassie mindhairlike spun gowd an eyes
feckless fite faced vratchie wihairlike strae a coo hid
doon like a wummin shairlowsed frae its preens at
grass sticking out like sparsehairpockmarked the floor empty cans
than a supersonic gleg wihairthat s spiked like hedgehog
like pretty much white peroxidehairthe now and er she
wee shoogle plumes wavin likehairthen luiks roun aboot she
through the sna like horsehairthrough the holes in an
in bows pretty rubber shoeshairwaving in water like a
t need to wet ourhairat night just have a
is that all barbie shairf1118: [sniff] i need to
growe new anes whan yeirhairfaws oot ye canna plant
rugged oot a daud ohairfecht fecht the ithers skirled
chrissie tugs at georgie shairgeorgie yah tease it oot
cause she doesnae take theirhairoot their piggietails f1118: fitt
aa wheech awa pranny shairstreamin oot ahin syne doon
a recipe for fawin oothairtwa unce o naphthalene a
set up wi growthie brounhairan blue en sn she
thaim bairns wi gowden brounhairan saft vyces for the
somebody wi a lot ohairan they were daein this
a seilent wicht wi ridhairat the buird suppin brose
saxtie years wi baird anhairbaith white the auld maister
a gryte pavelyeon o ridhaircairred wi a crouse mene
that the brither wi thehairchrist oan a bike graham
were hairy coarse short thickhaircovered wi it i shrunk
wi a deid knight shairdid ye nae ken thon
the works facials make uphairdoos you re good wi
peint box wi blonde curlyhairfar ower seek tae spikk
doos you re good wihairif you dae mine i
an nae men wi reedhairit s too obvious if
year auld wi thick blaikhairpued back in a wechty
yon d j wi thehairsaid he d spin goldfrapp
sonsie frienly quine wi moosiehairstraikit blonde an spikit up
auld skin wi hide andhairtae keep him warm as
lair wi its reets furhairthis bield tae the derkness
tae the nines wi theirhairtied up in ribbons an
o fish the weemen wihairup in net caps an
scotch mist nit kaim yerhairwi chuggin wind slounge yer
see when you take theirhairdown they re totally bald
ve done stripes through theirhairerm we ve done stripes
over forty looked matronly theirhairneatly coiffed and permed their
drag them here by thehairo their heids i ken
country have been pulling theirhairout at what they perceive
their numbers lookin for lumbershairsheds a sleek gie ing
their bruises by getting theirhairsnagged in each other s
an bein happy an theirhairwas flyin f829: [laugh] an
woman a mane of steelyhaircascaded down from a centre
aye oh me barbie shairs a right mess this
that better m1098: aye f1097: hairwashed the night oh you
it takes tae get yerhairdone in here want tae
chemist to get me newhairdye and dyed it purple
me did mrs [censored: surname] shairget weet and di- hey
again dinnae get intae ahairshirt ower it sadie i
sun she hid lang reidhairdid isie rugged back in
the cuttin o macinnes shairshe flang it inno the
a she guinea pig shairshe s using pinney gig
teeth an braid smile lichthairan blue een wis wir
computers cud decern tae ahairfit wis needit nutritionally an
a coo s lick ohairwis stukken tae the reef
eez face wis gaant eezhairwis thinnin showin pale patches
re very inclusive now f963: hairfor a while f965: and
with a crazy mad scientisthairstyle drive safely now he
exits agnes ruffles beth shairagnes to sadie see ye
a cuttin o gavin shairan anither twa quines tae
cuttin o gavin macinnes shairan ruth ledingham held a
gets to the person shairan then they try to
s a right bright pinkhairbobble that one isn t
fur it sadie or thehairbut the body s daen
shone through mysie walsh shaireven when it was tucked
winds from a sullen voehairis withered for winter s
pinkin shears to people shairm815: [sniff] m816: we ve
er stripes through people shairm815: that s quite devious
keep by guinea pig shairnice and wavy should i
it nanse thare s beenhairon yeir kaim everie tyme
bony wrists matted with gingerhairprotruded from the coat s
right side of life ahairs breadth from death doctor
walking over the edge ahairs breadth into the abyssal
are a lucky woman ahairs breadth sleep was fitful
more potently but for ahairs breadth you would not
also to the lady shairshakespeare could not have been
a young quine s gowdenhairsing it derk as the
tae speak o folk shairstaunin on end i felt
cream howzat what s thehairthat s sticking there a
a mavis s eggshells anhairthe colour o dry strae
s blush that loads thehairtip of the artist s
huh must ve stimulated thehairf646: aye f632: follicles f646:
aifter at nae hide norhairo im i ve been
f646: but eh anyway thehaircome back in again thank
dirty boy right is ithairwashed tonight m1098: broken i
round the end of thehairand roll it up tightly
up its arm and itshairgrew it went mmm f814:
stair bind up yer yellowhairtak a last fareweel o
whan thay pit up oorhairwe war juist twantie an
a nest in its grizzledhairi m letting it stay
contact in all its formshairsweat blood and semen was
the in flight screen itshairwas matted with salt or
task to clean from thehairthen to the ministers that
boys an discos an punkhairdos learn tae think dialectically
i canny find hide norhairo betty i canny think
f814: cause i had pinkhairand a lip stud and
that if the heroine hadhairthe colour of ripe corn
an ye haena lost yeirhairah see ah m rael
him some notion o dressinhaircan be coonted as excessive
thon yalla straikit fooshunless kinnahairconnached bi years o peroxide
f1091: mm same colour ohaireh m1092: [?]him said yeah, that's him.[/?] him said
i the whuff o yeirhairhaillskart frae the lichtyears bi
in a smeeth caimbed pleathairthe colour o roosty iron
daws on runkils an whytehairthe taikens o the rowthness
the asylum seekers daein thehairan daein the the paintin
lang tousie baerds an grayhairan heuchie backs anaw thorfinn
mak mends tammas rent hizhairan rowed hiz ein ti
graned sair whyle puin hizhairan rowein hiz ein than
bairns ti kaim thair sheininhairan sing thaim ti sleep
as the simmer seas anhairas gowd as the sunlicht
dae an evenin shift athairby claire the salon far
braes shilpit shanks an hudderiehaircreepit fae a stormy lair
with a multi coloured mohicanhairdo and an ochre yellow
the chamber with slightly greyerhairhave an interest a key
the staibil an cuist thehairowre the horse syne he
them hae gotten a horsehairsent tae them in an
an outcrop of stringy whitehairsomewhat reminiscent of boiled spaghetti
m811: [laugh] f814: ring ofhaircause you know how you
feel about mr wonka makinghaircream how do you know
year old legs and blondehairdavid you just sit yourself
blue silk dress and butterflyhairslides suddenly you couldn t
with just a smidgen ofhairgel lavender passion do me
tease out a hank ofhairfrom the nape of the
the china ornaments not ahairout of place maybe that
white plastic tangled clumps ofhairtwisted in and out of
by the use of italicshaircream these typographical features all
and all the creams excepthaircream which all add to
to this after all thehairhas been placed into curlers
should not let the whitehairfool them i am the
banks wind flooers trowe mihairfur i man drap tae
mam again not having anyhairwouldn t matter if i
pee strollers with blackthorn legshairbraiders sellers of sandals and
violet cream and the phrasehaircream does not go with
or fifty with greying fadedhairpulled severely into a bun
guinea pig before setting thehairshampoo with a pinney gig
soak the first hank ofhairwith it chrissie pushes georgie
poo some flooers fur mihaira bouquet fur a bride
fabiani is having a badhairday but for the fact
wantin a garland fur mahhairdella us pare cauld blooded
being a big believer inhairof the dog among other
in comes the food ahairon the plate steel fist
colanders and also a roundhairsieve made of thin tin
bullet proof a bursting horsehairsofa being carried on kai
charm yon toss of wirhairwas a wee kinda snare
that colour and consistency ofhairwas standing naked in a
a total of twenty minuteshairwill shine and baldness be
a pause toozenbach whit wunnerfuhairye hae whit marvellous een
build near enough and ourhairwas roughly the same length
een to the second yeirhairablo yeir gowden croun luiks
care assistant barges in steelhairaglint and great bosom ready
flat iron and sparse heatheryhairand mannerisms that made folk
food blessed bath washed clotheshairand slept more truth than
one different in cullor ofhairand so on the first
from heather or broom orhairand were of various sizes
persil to make the feathershairaround the hooves nice and
water among floating islands ofhairballs and discarded sticking plasters
the sweet echoes of thehairgel the lads used to
the keing saw thair unkaimedhairhingin doun owre thair shouthers
gothic stairway the shaggy streaminghairit is when the day
of thin tin or horsehairoutbuildings crofts and farms would
wid be scrattier nur onyhairshirt worn bi the auld
verbs are selected e ghairshouted envelope and the players
the saicont tyme thair langhairspraingilt ahint thaim as thay
f646: eventually it worked thehairstarted comin in again f632:
the soun made bi thehairthat soud hae been thrawn
the soun made bi thehairthat soud hae been thrawn
burnt pause lee brushin mahhairti the static sent sparks
one teaspoon of king coconuthairtonic must be applied for
lace liquorice masquerades as mermaidshairwhere fish in silver wrappers

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