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gaud s sake and dinnahairmme whereupon pantagruel replied now
for gaud s sake dinnahairmme whereupon pantagruel replied now
their killers faimly hames breedhairma punch bag whiles is
innocent bairn fa did naehairmthat bedd in the hoose
innocent bairn that did naehairmthat he ll thrash an
fir a meenitie bit naehairmdeen ir neen at naebody
cad him glaikit fyles bithairmtae neen bappy wis derk
servant and there is neitherhairmnor disgrace in either situation
care ey niver did onyhairmbonny grey craiters e moosies
oor saviour dinna let onyhairmcome tae him father striding
it didna dee me onyhairmit didna turn me into
s bit nae deein onyhairmye can tell onywye fae
haud thair dochter rosidandrum fraehairmbot the puir wumman died
weys an disna sei thehairmo d the puir craitur
yir grace whaur s thehairmo a bit kick the
vest ah didna mean naehairmhe apologised oblivious to the
tho shae didna mene oniehairmsae he didna shiffil whitlik
he hesna cum ti oniehairmthe mukkil bouk o grant
or ye cuid dae mukkilhairmmirren hecht ti haud hir
coorse so as nae tohairmyour reputation but aye choose
it sae whaur s thehairma m thinkin thon king
better richt as rain naehairmdane ye brocht aa thon
ll dee the lassie naehairmshe says to my ma
an god ere wis naehairmin at it wis richt
wee necklace i see naehairmin t mair argy bargy
sae fine could mean herhairmher bridal guest the hoodie
he manished ti kepe fraehairmbi jinkin an joukin the
d vrocht the hotterel ohairmshe d caused in time

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