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warmers dowp hauders coddlers ohalybaas silk night in the
is cairryin is o thehalyghaist and she sall hae
be wi bairn tae thehalyghaist than joseph her guidman
hae oor kirks upon ahalycrag wi god s domain
waddin ring wi its precioushalyglow the waddin ring a
o oists til me thehalychaumers o yer grace hou
than the wirds in thehalybuik that he wis sae
ooto the pages o thehalybuik this mornin her bedroom
turnin the pages o thehalybuik wi the tither the
terrible thing i hid scaledhalywatter blessed bi the priest
tae keep the sabbath dayhalysax days shall ye wirk
aa as if they warhalyrelics like mony anither scot
pilgrim s progress an thehalybible it wis easy kent
bowl hid bin full wihalywatter an left fur us
navachitta telt them aboot thehalyben it wis a place
bowheid saints thocht they werehalywords but they werena they

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