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slavers trade bit oh thehamesthat murned them are nocht
sleekit trade bit oh thehamesthat murned them are nocht
the privacy o their ainhamesdespite this restrictit uis o
the privacy o their ainhamesdespite this restrictit uis o
tae ply his friens fanhamesan destinies in different pairts
wiout justis the drame ohameswiout hairths unner a sunn
breets coor hungeret in theirhamesbeens ll powk throwe wastit
macdonalds bein murdered in theirhamesbi yon coorse breets o
unicorn spikks a unicorn shamesin the cauld an weet
lassies tip taed frae theirhamesan creepit ooto the clachan
clachan fowk war inbye theirhameswatchin tv jist the soun
victims ken their killers faimlyhamesbreed hairm a punch bag
mair trees are felled furhamesas skalin like an ile
eatin in onie o theirhameshe cud dae nocht about
nation twa weemin newsin aboothamesan wars checked oot domestic
fowk terrifeed in their ainhamesbi drug fuelled gangs o
settled doon tae her twahamesan twa names freya an
can build hundreds of hooseshamesthat will never be built
aa be in their ainhamesitherwise the pain factor wad
an us driven frae ourhamesdinna blame me sir juist
snaw the lichts o yonhamesthat clasht thair yetts on
shift the wyvers darn theirhamessic thrift tae catch their
naebody pit oot ay thairhamesit s hard tae imagine
the widds aye hain thairhamesbi plauntin a thikfauld ryss
ower the hills tae thairhamesis ae maitter o fack
box in the neuk showshameswi plenty a da a
out o our houses anhamesfor our paiks us at
gang awaw ti wir ainhameshe knaws at a seicret
copst o stappin stammachs heatinhamestwa bats gae flichterin fae
lived throw thon widdendreme bairnshamesan aa wheeched aff like
near at haun fae differenthamesan femmlies tae wish them
soss until a kurn commuterhameswar biggit roon the closs
o ye tae yer mithershamesthe lord keep troth wi
eftirins wes argil bargillin owerhamesferms an laun it tirned

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