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she wants pascal to playhamletbut not surprisingly pascal has
excerpts from king lear andhamletvery festive she wants pascal
century houses swelled the oldhamletand villas sprouted along the
fuid offish i hawick thehamleto roberton comprises o the
the manse burn frae thehamletitsel an the manse orchard
this is how you interprethamletm811: yeah f814: this is
express himsel i his ainhamletborder lallans tung aither howpasley
an promoval o oor auldhamlettung gin it s yer
describe it as a littlehamletsymson a large description of
one hill named after thehamletor farm in turn gave
range so what did thehamletname mean pen is clearly
uh huh f814: we didhamletin english lit in first
part of the hills thehamletis still there now old
self and anti self inhamletthis goldmine had been waiting
of the tiny secreted fishinghamletnearby the forests above the
his day as a littlehamletor village and today careful
til thaim i thair ainhamletleid juist is siclyke dis

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