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v crossgate h we gethammeredour rink 24 10 very
v a birrell i gethammeredas usual i don t
bulbs carted rubbish mended fuseshammerednails wielded paintbrushes pasted wallpaper
between your knees as youhammeredin the needful there was
hammered intae ye john reallyhammeredintae ye and ye never
huh f637: and it washammeredintae ye john really hammered
aboot biggin his hoose hehammeredan knockit an med fast
up to my bus andhammeredhis fist against the door
issued as a circular washammeredout and people were willing
fell out before they werehammeredin again anither thing deen
dressed in blue the familyhammeredmy wee brother went tae
of an implement would behammeredinto the ground to make
point that needed to behammeredhome but after all these

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