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[exhale] know it clap yourhands[claps hands] [laugh] f1113: [laugh] f1114:
and you know clap yourhands[claps hands] [panting] f1113: yey f1114:
and you know clap yourhands[claps hands twice] f1113: yey f1114: happy
you know it clap yourhands[claps hands twice] happy and you know
you know it clap yourhands[claps hands twice] happy and you know
to clap if they hadhandsmaybe they ll just clap
you ve to clap yourhandsto get her to move
be doon here oan myhandsan knees get awa wi
to cut it on myhandsan knees wi that shears
knees f637: doon on yerhandsand knee f640: and ye
s- go down on myhandsand knees and scrub that
cut ony grass on myhandsand knees bessie no it
floor or doon on yourhandsand knees f637: doon on
i went down on myhandsand knees i couldn t
mmhm f637: down on yerhandsand knees scrubbin a great
i was down on myhandsand knees sooking at the
tess crawls away on herhandsand knees tess this should
pat pat crawls on hishandsand knees then picks up
pointless jimmy halted leaned forwardhandson knees gasping knackered somewhere
you want to give yourhandsa wash in the basin
all that flour give myhandsa wash m1108: ew f1107:
darling i ll wash yerhandsaifter ye re finished this
cooking f1122: always wash yourhandsalways f1121: [running tap] f1122: put
nae wanting to wash yerhandsare ye oh dinna dae
ve got to wash yourhandsbefore you do your baking
and begins to wash hishandschebutykin glumly the deil tak
hurry up and wash yourhandsdinner is mince and tatties
he forgets to wash hishandsdo you want a rock
f1103: you gonna wash yourhandsf1104: no f1103: aye f1104:
so can you wash yourhandsfirst f1122: uh huh f1121:
need you to wash yourhandsfirst okay f1122: i m
f1097: right you wash yourhandsgo and wash your hands
wash the scales from yourhandsin case they cling hygiene
hands go and wash yourhandsm1098: i do wash them
do you just wash yourhandsof it m954: it s
you have to wash yourhandsokay you rub the soap
have to always wash yourhandswhen you re cooking f1122:
ll hae tae wash wirhandswill we cause we re
it over there first washhandsyou don t touch f1112:
wee [?]just noo[/?] m1108: are myhandsall wet f1107: well dry
f1122: mm f1121: dry yourhandsand you can choose a
that hand f1125: dry yourhandscause then maybe they winna
f1121: well [inaudible] dry yourhandsf1122: dry my hands i-
[inaudible] f1121: right dry yourhandsf1122: [inaudible] [inaudible] f1121: okay
jelly come and dry yourhandshere you are darling dry
your hands f1122: dry myhandsi- f1121: okay i ll
m1094: d- f1093: dry yourhandsnow [inaudible] m1094: what do
a girl now dry yourhandsokay f1122: and then we
gonna be too big sohandsup till i dry your
they winna stick to yourhandswe dry them f1126: mm
here [?]lick[/?] the hands yourhandsand your face right over
he gies on incredible hulkhandsf1127: eh incredible hulk hands
hands f1127: eh incredible hulkhandsm1128: five two one see
hands were already coarse thehandsof a spinner a skivvy
at the backs of herhandsshe stops raises her hands
hands she stops raises herhandsturns them over palm up
and always correct ann shandswere already coarse the hands
got wipes here [?]lick[/?] thehandsyour hands and your face
your home is in goodhandsacknowledgements calligraphy fancy writing joan
where you d wiped yourhandsafter the wheel changing who
wool rip down with yourhandsagnes sheepish och it comes
to do it is yourhandsall wet f1126: aye f1125:
came you just washed yourhandsand lifted it out then
funny thingmibob feelin in yourhandsand there was it was
on the shampoo in yourhandsand you can rub it
your business wait till yourhandsare full of life and
alright don t worry yourhandsare nice and clean will
back tae your man herhandsare shaking her voice is
there oh oh careful yourhandsaren t sticky are they
your gloves is keeping myhandscosy f1102: look at this
f1111: you were eating yourhandseven there look scoffing f1112:
mm f1101: right and yourhandsf1102: too cauld this f1101:
i saw you washing yourhandsf1111: i know but i
got to do with yourhandsf1112: no i know m-
a girl woops watch yourhandsf1122: dum dummy dum dum
that off of your dirtyhandsf1122: eh f1121: i think
you see so watch yourhandsf1122: [inaudible] f1121: aafu gentle
the wall and rolled yourhandsf963: uh huh f965: and
it up and clapped yourhandsf963: uh huh f965: behind
come here gie me yourhandsgo and dae round and
a bit hot for yourhandsi think is it f1112:
catching fish with your barehandsin the burn the burns
s off of your dirtyhandsis it f1122: no f1121:
wait till i wipe yourhandslook f1122: i ve been
was that you wi yourhandsm1108: no f1107: no m1108:
take it show me yourhandsmother is like fiona she
l- if you took yourhandsoff the bars a wee
the wrong way clapping herhandsoff the beat your family
angelica how dod getting yourhandson coupons would be like
for the all put yourhandson the table fingers touching
officer we are in yourhandson this matter will you
your punishment you held yourhandsout in front one on
mr grant edward take yourhandsout of your pockets paces
got chocolate all over yourhandsright here s your hat
you ll maybe burn yourhandsso if i pour and
your socks right up yourhandstake off your top good
clean f1121: this watch yourhandsthat s dangerous isn t
[laugh] look at th- yourhandsthey re covered in chocolate
right go and put yourhandsunder the tap to get
bit s so- f1111: righthandsup that s your vest
вверх which is get yourhandsup где ваш штаб which
cool we ll get yourhandswashed oh you look up
were knittin wi it yourhandswere m1042: aye f1041: sair
facetious i am in yourhandswhat does the committee want
stuff an look at yourhandswi it na na gie
[claps] f963: and clapped yourhandsyes it s hardly difficult
headlong have you washed yourhandsyes mother he says and
not very good with yourhandsyou broke stuff or you
about things like washing yourhandsyou know i said no
covering her face with herhandsa samovar but this is
man haudin in her wearyhandsan empty pair o breeks
takes matters into her ownhandsand creates her own visit
of the nylons in herhandsand is about to put
back she takes deana shandsand looks at her awa
she takes hold of hishandsand presses them to her
with hers she took myhandsand put them to her
thrusts the tracts into herhandsand rushes off she unties
and she never washes herhandsand she puts vinegar in
finished miss mckie clapped herhandsand told the class they
slippery little thing in herhandsand was fondling it i
covers her face with herhandsandrey ma dear lassie please
curled up position and herhandsare over ears wee andy
the unexpected strength of herhandsas she kneaded his muscles
and fiona has taken herhandsaway from her ears wee
door closing beth hides herhandsbehind her back beth please
her destiny into her ownhandsbut it closes with her
concentrate it in a fewhandscalls on her majesty s
a seat head in herhandscarolanne she s that all
you made into firelighters herhandsdo a lively mime of
tight fit she runs herhandsdown her chest again an
buttons and then runs herhandsdown her chest as if
up and down wringing herhandsenter shona carrying the axe
is cummin she wrings herhandsenter thorfinn and orm thorfinn
haud her f1103: wi herhandsf1104: but she canna can
ti dae he returns herhandsfirmly queen it s a
she ran towards him herhandshalf cupped over her eyes
ye wi this little bookhandsher a book it s
like used toilet paper shehandsher a small pile of
sleeves for a handkerchief peggyhandsher a tissue she dries
get it doon ye shehandsher the bottle a good
buries his head in hishandshesitantly beth puts her hand
dreamt of she extends herhandsin every direction to a
sit back and wring herhandsin the hope that her
doll had arthritis in herhandsin the winter and john
it up with water andhandsit back to her puddok
son dod brocht it hehandsit to her turns with
to whimper mother dries herhandskneels down and offers to
places it in both herhandskrista sets the wreath alight
wi you again kisses herhandsma treisur gazes into her
is she nou rubbing herhandsmercie wul thir haunds never
form agnes rubs her athritichandsoch ma hauns willnae even
jist stood ere wi herhandson her hips tellin meg
ye touch dod putting hishandson her shoulders angel angelica
herself in front of pullarhandson hips her head no
s exhausted she puts herhandson the table back to
a step towards her motherhandsout to hug her but
moonlight she still has herhandsover her ears i tiptoe
peak and mother puts herhandsover her ears it diminuendoes
the foetal position with herhandsover her ears opting out
weeks she stalked my dreamshandsplaced on lap her clippie
leather ye morag wringing herhandsplease puddok an a lang
holds her in her twohandsproperly and reads her three
brushes her clothes with herhandspuddok mercie lassie ye l
am now in her capablehandsshe told me there are
shifting them wi her barehandsshe was strong in those
got magnetic clips on herhandsso why s she s
let me finish with herhandsstill wet she bundles the
aboot chebutykin kissing both herhandstenderly ma wee whyte burdikin
back to her puddok hyuhhandsthe flask to her gang
with her finger hyuh shehandsthe invalid cup to nanse
paper gie me that hehandsthe paper to her knicht
in luiv irena clapping herhandsthrie cheers for andriusha andriusha
and the pianist lifted herhandsto play you could hear
her eyes she clasped herhandstogether across her midriff the
at the backs of herhandsturns away from the door
s nothing wrong with herhandsunless maggie s here to
run home to mother herhandswere softer than mother s
thur course tess claps herhandswheys the clever yin then
whisper for my poor oldhandswhich had been round her
covers her face with herhandswhitna coorse ill mainnert keelie
notices he shows her hishandswho s been teaching you
an storm orm taking herhandswumman wumman ye canna ye
fareweill ma dearest kisses herhandsyeir papers the yins ye
you ve got aa messyhandsas well f1107: got messy
i ve got aa dirtyhandsf1107: have you m1108: aye
as well f1107: got messyhandshave ye m1108: mum f1107:
my hair with large stronghandsand talks to my mother
knows he will get hishandsdirty mother won t like
it s not got anyhandsf1121: how f1122: i just
[inaudible] f1122: i made myhandsf1121: i think look at
on my back with myhandsbehind my head soon the
the baby s head thenhandsit to the queen group
standing in a circle withhandsjoined and held at head
guards his head with hishandspompitie ah lyke ti play
against the doorway head inhandspraying continuously there was the
finish then beaumont shakes hishandsagain beaumont thank you thank
spreading the palms of hishandsagain we slept fairly well
and sprinkles scent on hishandsah ve gaen throu a
pittin his heid in hishandsan sayin oh my god
face belches and waves hishandsand arms about why doesn
had three lives in hishandsand he d gambled with
than likely with his barehandsand if eggs were scarce
supplement his pay lovers holdhandsand kiss in this pleasure
the verbs in clapped hishandsand laughed and kept glancing
no toozenbach flinging up hishandsand laughing we dinna unnerstaun
examines it in his cuppedhandsand lets it fly away
ruminations the lecturer clapped hishandsand literally gave a nimble
shoulders in his strong brownhandsand murmured passionately there was
on the man s coarsehandsand on his uncovered feet
to jack takes both hishandsand shakes them heartily beaumont
to open it but hishandsaren t quite big or
him for apron and hishandsas they handed the carrot
the gangrel scot uplifts hishandsat lack o a sectarian
flouers lyke this rubs hishandsaweill never heed toozenbach ay
kitchen door he puts hishandsbehind his back they are
begun to shred in hishandsbut luckily they were the
scent over his chest andhandschebutykin laughs it s true
before him and a fewhandsclapped his shoulders as he
his neck and thrust hishandsdeep into his pockets ye
buoy wiz poor wi hishandseh twa chiels at eh
his [inaudible] with arms andhandsf1095: fitt did he make
like authoritarian bastard eyes hishandsfeel like claws too are
but he wadna haud hishandsfrae ony o the tools
doesnae like tae get hishandsfuil m1002: that could be
intensely then walked forward hishandsgrabbed for the throat squeezing
but the touch of hishandshad such authority i dared
his parents were rubbing theirhandshadn t they warned him
tails f1111: it s hishandsi think f1112: uh huh
that he is raising hishandsin acknowledgement when the committee
thank me he rubs hishandsin anticipation as he goes
he walks off alone hishandsin his pockets just kickin
sip from his glass andhandsit on fill an fesh
it with his thumb andhandsit to morag morag ah
richt past his hoose haudinhandsit wis easy seen that
and down calling clapped hishandslaughed kept glancing shouted in
sheaths of latex from hishandslike peeled skins he dropped
and he s got hishandson his belt m1096: farr
the man stood with hishandson his hips said bastard
into the hall drying hishandson his t shirt as
apart but he rested hishandson his thighs almost delicately
any need to wipe sweatyhandson the legs of his
they kneel thorfinn putting hishandson their heads ayebydin almichtie
and drum harry puts hishandsover his ears harry yeuch
hairs curling red on hishandsp 40 the whole village
work so expertly in hishandspiles of sawn off limbs
faither he cannae keep hishandstae himsel when there s
nursing the coffee in hishandsthe rich aroma curled into
who wrang his milk whitehandstill the gowd rings flaw
and protects himself with hishandsto moula the lord s
had a fight on hishandsto stop his mind from
smiles and he clasps hishandstogether broun ogre ah can
sprinkles some scent on hishandstoozenbach aweill ah ve sent
and fro on his seathandstucked tightly between his legs
he claps f1111: claps hishandsuh huh and the snake
jilly aaaaaaah bj holds hishandsup noo that s anger
lily asked and now hishandswere ballooning uselessly away too
tongue was kinna thick hishandswere richt eager an quick
a hear he examines hishandswhat haunds are here ha
hardie tackle wis rubbin hishandswi glee he kent be
lot o fallaes rubs hishandswith pleasure excellent fallaes ay
with the back of hishandswouldn t you just know
was quite good with hishandsyou know sort of mechanically
s bum with his skeletalhandsyuck then i remember what
of tears dropped over grimyhandsearth moist as tubers laying
we are trying to achievehandsheld loosely over the arms
f1111: right hang on twohandsi ll hold you over
hame to open t hehandsit over she goes he
ll pit it back agneshandskey over ye ll put
perturbation hangs over us pubertyhandsme a shocked wreath straps
sketches all over the placehandsoff she says get all
me or the weekend hehandsover a coin reluctantly ye
as weel every time shehandsover a tangerine she removes
was like a couple ohandsover in the corner [laugh]
kent i had een shehandsover the final coin and
s for you as shehandsover the letter beth freezes
wi this just before shehandsover the mug she notices
it here they are shehandsover the parcel dod she
i take him in bothhandsand am about to lay
sheared both mister derek shandsare on my shoulders now
on the mantelpiece with bothhandsi can see mummy s
to himself he uses bothhandsto pull the handle down
plump finger on both plumphandswas festooned with jewellery she
that cry alane these otherhandsaccept them my gift of
realised i never washed myhandsafter down below amongst the
again f1126: that s myhandsall cleaned f1125: keep going
wi the reins in myhandsan they were richt heavy
my request the librarian shandsand eyes skim the mallorca
war these scars on myhandsare for drawing pictures i
f1095: i m no myhandsare here m1096: [laugh] you
could put me right myhandsare shaky dr brown i
jobbie gone biccy time myhandsare wet get a biccy
i have them in myhandsbut i don t feel
no eh my teacher shandsf1095: fa m1096: my teacher
they re hot on myhandsf1111: okay can you manage
who up m1128: my myhandsf1127: farr s the you
black resin scarab my goldhandsholding painted crook and flail
thing is out of myhandsi ll probably be happy
gripped it with white knuckledhandsi put my arm round
a quick scrutiny of myhandsin class no wonder she
baldy keeps saying as hehandsme back my english essays
help can you help myhandsmm [?]like that[/?] syrup this could
is at present in myhandsnaturally i have informed my
on floor they re myhandsnot touch my baby not
tools my father couldna layhandson him and he wad
out in the plug myhandsoot into the the plug
he s put into myhandsthe good name he once
i need to wipe myhandsthey re all gooey they
own then they re myhandstugs ring off throws it
one night she guided myhandswith hers she took my
my old boy s shakinghandswith medal man and the
talk a lot wi myhandsye see m941: [laugh] m939:
outcome we must put ourhandsand hearts to it and
we should put up ourhandsand say that there were
put back in their ownhandsas part of a longer
others the older moscow soviethandshad put together some food
nappy f889: aye put theirhandsin aye f890: but james
lovely things and tuck yerhandsbeneath their soft white breasts
f639: lang may yer f641: handseh f639: lum reek you
used tae either buff yerhandsor oh ye ye re
up an doon atween yerhandsrammin t in an shogglin
perfyte fay faither intae yerhandswe gie oor speerit lippen
their teeth an washin theirhandsan things like that f826:
snaps shut people lose theirhandsand [inaudible] m827: they ve
they were good with theirhandsand made baskets from 1940
of hell hold up theirhandsand plead but lord oo
sittin wi their ye knowhandscoverin their mouths really bad
the cling film with greedyhandsdrooling their compliments this stuff
their human numbers silenced unobtainablehandsfilmed their own destruction starred
pail o sticks in theirhandsfin teenie seen the twa
the door dusters in theirhandsgiein athing a wipe it
are in the committee shandsi thank members for their
have the remedy in theirhandsiain smith the phrasing that
no doubt throw up theirhandsin horror at the suggestion
to leave scotland in theirhandsin the future supervision costs
folk did with their ownhandsin the old days is
are hanging about with theirhandsin their pockets looking at
to ye wi their ainhandsit made it a seem
whatever they could lay theirhandson bervie bridge was bombed
folk willing to lay theirhandson illegal coupons in the
would love to get theirhandson the results of the
be glad to get theirhandson the silverware but to
in the air and thehandson their heid and they
the pravdas crumbling in theirhandsspring will not become them
cups thank you neil hehandsthem their coffees neil i
della and krista clasp theirhandstogether and dance a jig
and een for jim shehandsit to chrissie chrissie fit
cushion from the floor andhandsit to eilidh she adjusts
richt een for ronnie shehandsit to teenie and een
she unwraps the tangerine andhandsit to teenie teenie i
stubble tearin mi they greathandslike heavy shovels she starts
but before she can layhandson him he trips and
turning whit she walked forwardhandson hips eyeing each cyclist
special tin of biscuits shehandsone straight to morag but
me see for yoursel shehandsone to dod dod reading
that s a five shehandspeggy a 5 note which
no guid for ye shehandsthe queen a handkerchief queen
similar little packet which shehandsto peggy happy 60th birthday
remember more we were holdinghandswhen she fell she d
doon wid dae maggie maggiehandsagnes the wool rip down
is when looking down thehandsin the sink inside the
awa wi yi git yurhandsoff mah jug yur too
the top grabbing jimmy shandsand birling him into the
spanish men fell into thehandsof native women who were
if they got into thehandsof the council s licensing
certain inevitability into the capacioushandsof the kennedies earls of
glory took matters into itshandspraised them for what they
routes may fall into privatehandssarah boyack let me be
lochs the man stood uphandson hips and reflected on
was the man with skillfulhandsthat carved with loving care
wes askin for ye hehandsthe toll man the thimble
but eat it with ourhandsafter three or four days
they asked us to linkhandsand close our eyes which
miserable remittances wrenched from workershandsand faces our angels must
you while we got ourhandsgreasy and our whole selves
s suggestion would bind ourhandsin the discussion that we
but our bare paws harryhandslilian paws clarty paws harry
wee drop water in ourhandsmake a cup make a
will try to get ourhandson the figures i have
conduct should not tie ourhandsthe convener i would like
waited we patted our freezinghandstogether rubbed our ears gazed
yes please f1113: [inaudible] twohandsf1114: here i go okay
the other way [inaudible] okayhandsout f1112: oh see it
it s finished pit yirhandsahint yir back son said
back to the car holdinghandsas if we wanted to
straight back in nicotine stainedhandswoo woo woo woo woo
sleep enter macbeth with bloodstainedhandsand carrying two dirks ma
grammar etiquette attrectation touching withhandsexerced act performed act definitiones
on faces hacked like rockhandsgnarled like driftwood struggle with
with f963: [laugh] f965: twohandsof the person s wrist
school pupils the opportunity forhandson enterprise initiatives with the
ai ye skoondrel nanse withhandson hips sae ye l
dance form a circle withhandsraised elbows almost touching pace
a vague gesture with uncertainhandsthen started to undress rather
maybe he tickles with thathandswhat could you sing to
hauf past twal areddies shakeshandswith andrey chebutykin gie me
you re ed stew shakeshandswith ed ed always good
hear him introduce himself shakinghandswith richard i watch all
tell the hours with silverhandswomen are still in eden
oh he s got incrediblehandsaye you wouldn t like
ye ve got olga silentlyhandshim the key irena goes
that mannie got on thehandsthat s spi- a rope
to the bottom wi allhandsbeaumont andy god be here
pint o heavy wi tremblinhandshe lifted it an sipped
wall no scarred wi clawinhandso bairns the despair o
bark jist you rest theyhandspause warm yursell wi the
building this wi oor ainhandsthen meetin every sunday meetin
yummy i want fluff [inaudible]handsf- when we get went
it up [period of silence] dinna gethandson f1095: mm m1096: [child noise]
or sumthing here they irhandshim the book and a
fetching the gown here mitherhandsit to queen queen rises
then laugh and giggle clasphandsand dance around silence della
the cloth from chrissie shandschrissie ye guessed then georgie
deeply moved kisses olga shandsthen embraces masha once again
regeneration is in very goodhandsthe member makes an important
putten thair caunils oot hehandshim a bag tak you
band s pr arrives andhandshim a double espresso jesus
a cup of tea andhandsit to him pepper hou
o them ye know yehandsup f831: mmhm m842: who
all instruments in god shandsye canna deny it mitchel
awa for ye awthing thathandsye frae this gowden croun
s tried hash and thehandsgo up and all that
erm foot stompin records andhandsup for trad and er
a minute it s hothandsup i telt you it
steve losin mah grip mahhandsur disappearin up mah sleeve
without f1054: [inaudible] f1024: changinhandsf1025: [censored: forename] [censored: surname] was at
gently gently in two gnarledhandsit rocks them gently gently
gently gently in two gnarledhandsits one eye fixed on
did he make airms andhandsout of snowmans doesnae hae
o hir monie kyndnesses hehandsthe diamond to macbeth he
is in the minister shandsall that i can tell
all but it needed allhandsand when the pig had
people who are all holdinghandsf965: yes f963: and try
it was hard on thehandsand a moment s inattention
set on the new prenticehandsbeaumont aye caird weil when
angela offered to lay onhandsit seemed impolite to refuse
come on just clean thathandsma laddo what a midden
absorbent thing you could layhandson but nowadays kitchen roll
i trust you jack shakehandson it and that s
attend since these workshops arehandson places are limited accommodation
awe to the experiences ofhandson technical practical people such
roon and roon went thehandson the clock time flies
reason isea scotland does thehandson work phone calls go
more community resources pairs ofhandsthat is to draw on
snowmans doesnae hae airms andhandsm1096: aye they div f1095:
cracked the town clock shandsstood still now they sit
the arches made by thehandswhen the song finished they
even more crumpled claw likehandsas the queue grew quickly
bereaved an lacking grandad shandsbit it wis like the
out together yet or heldhandslike holden and old jane
s not legless like yourshandsout tea mugs sadie legless
clicking machines productive screams hothandspressed like leaves one cot
touch and taking the tinyhandsreach out like tentacles its
of rula lenska s cuppedhandswhich were cupped just inches
aw valgerd lat gae mahandsorm wumman the yerl is
in the same way thathandsare mirror images of each
biscuit o 3 when anxioushandsare wont to tell where
the regulations are in thehandsof scottish ministers we are
out of a pocket andhandsit to gladys gladys michty
whey wid imagine sich callousedhandscould create sich beauty awa
wetter than anything else righthandsf1112: i will leave that
14 well oiled wanderers joinedhandsand stamped feet to bring
robertson and getting one shandseven dirtier nick johnston when
lorrain smith chairman and phyllishandshonorary secretary district courts association
lorrain smith chairman and phyllishandshonorary secretary district courts association
keys from a hook andhandsit to shona shona ah
groomed hair and carefully manicuredhandsnoting the trio of rings
the responsibilities lie in thehandsof the typist and readers
works and works by otherhandsthe best romantic era scottish
open see me wrap thesehandsthese shakin fingers see thum
fat purple neck see thesehandssqueeze an squeeze bit ah
it s since it changedhandsas well the bar staff
was left firmly in kennedyhandsit was consequently a kennedy
licht in the men shandsan that great big thing
hand jilly punches bj shandsboxers appear in gym box
attitude but getting one shandsdirty even in electronics is
s gonnae rain della robbyhandsthe wreath to della krista
was exhausting but under experthandsthe climax came surprisingly quickly
working group will have itshandsfull in trying to produce
in ensuring that livestock changeshandsin the safe biosecure environment
degree of influence in thehandsof angus mackay scottish chancellery
will always be in thehandsof the authority to say
area remains firmly in thehandsof the fifteen member state
does not rest in thehandsof the members of the
auction should be in thehandsof the secretary by 30th
this job is in thehandsof the westbank quadrant residents
legs entwine discreetly rubbing ankleshandsshaking in a rythym of
m830: aye an megs meaninhandsf606: megs m830: megs m
the the paintin o thehandsan feet an f606: mm
bloodied scuil library those clockhandsdraggin a hand tae gunn
one stroke the child changedhandshalf way through the punishment
makes changes nature washes itshandshathor hathor was the patron
keep oot sic nitherin cauldhandsir lyke deid an flesh
endured by odette at thehandsof the gestapo during the

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