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haevens demsels blaze furt nativityhapa blissin on a peerie
cuttin thaim doon tae ahapny but it didnae work
screw ye doon tae ahapny or waur but dinnae
scene 2 cum blinndin nichthapup the tender ee o
praise it cum blinndin nichthapup the tender ee o
she demsels themselves furt forthhapwrap peerie ting little one
flooers sea pinks aedge edgehapshawl dee you familiar at
wavy aedge ta dy simmerhapwe look on dee at
loop hansil welcome hantil lothapcover haud hold hauflin youth
n home hansil v inauguratehapn v cover hantil a
giein hir his plaid tihaphirsell wi roderic kent at
plaid from the chest herehapthis aboot yeir shouthers the
cum doun mirk nicht anhapye i the derkest plaid
fair the third cam uphapstep an loup as licht
valgerd haed ye no betterhapyeir cloak aboot ye the
lass ruth quo she noohapyer cloak owre yer frien
v welcome hantil n manyhapn v cover haud v
veesited the yird unner ahapo inveesabilitie the septiles an
this day that mirk soudhapthe yird the oor the
maun hae been lang taehapboaz alsweel ruth whan she
me a guid whyle tihaproond it an ah im
me a guid whyle tihaproond it aw but nou
i even hae an openwarkhapta prove hit so why
n home hank v hanghapn cover haud v hold
the bamboo shaws cherry blossomshapthe gait a lass walks
no effect scoot no effecthapit no effect awa back
an niver wan hame theyhapaa the haughs see here
here an the snaw wulhapthe haill warld but ah
the rigs ahint the shurershapweel rap weel she was
drink for thair supper anhapthaim up for the nicht
doctor s hoastin an snocherinhapyer moos keep yer germs
her up and lat themhapher i love fae the
pit wi gleamin spaads taehapyer hurts wi sods like
rain oorsel s we divhapmonday 10th temp 2 6
bit twa pennies an twahapnies they daled the siller
an stounin heid i dhapme up an tak my
dreich lirks o his pachydermatoushapfaain ower an inbye his
on the tuesday morn anhaptae dae some spreadin an
hide yersel or whit mayhapa daurna tell eve an
an gaird ye the lordhapye wie his peace this
cuivers the courtyaird daunerin creepershapthe wal ah gether millet

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