See this word as a collocate cloud

had a prevision of whathappenedalmost before it happened yes
figure out the grammar thishappenedand this happened and this
grammar this happened and thishappenedand this happened and this
and this happened and thishappenedand this happened not a
off mah back bj whathappenedhappened ok pause look beej
nasty little boy yes ithappenedit happened the coup de
and this happened and thishappenednot a very sophisticated prose
mah back bj what happenedhappenedok pause look beej it
happened you ken fine ithappenedpause what fur will yi
boy yes it happened ithappenedthe coup de foudre every
happened to the fish f1114: happenedthe fish [scream] f1113: it
a circle hold on whathappenedto the fish f1114: happened
what happened almost before ithappenedyes oh god yes she
mithir an babby aw thathappenedyou ken fine it happened
together and say exactly whathappenedat each stage that is
t tell you exactly whathappenedcan i you know that
wanted that is exactly fithappenedefter a fyle jane wis
and that was exactly whathappenedf606: mm mmhm m1036: found
to see exactly what hashappenedit is all very well
s [inaudible] m741: exactly whathappenedwith standard english though i
you know erm what shappenedyeah exactly er you know
right okay f1102: fitt shappenedf1101: nothin i was just
like fireman fergus fitt shappenedf1116: look f1115: [?]fitt castle[/?] fitt
the sheep eh fitt shappenedf1116: they re on the
it s braked and fitthappenedfann it braked m1110: break
him oh oh fitt shappened[inhale] crashed oh he s
in the hoose fitt shappenedis he fitt s he
he s say fitt shappenedis there any mair puppies
and this one f1109: fitthappenedoh my goodness he s
ah was it and fitthappenedtae him m1096: erm he
the wooden spoons cause fitthappenedthe last time hm m1108:
f1095: right if it shappenedthere fitt s that bit
lake s ains and fitthappenedto belle s shoes f1104:
lorry f1095: and fitt shappenedto it m1096: crashed f1095:
paper i dinnae ken fitthappenedto that they re hot
one f1115: [inhale] fitt shappenedto the sheep eh fitt
well that s okay fitthappenedto your cheek at the
[inaudible] f1091: oh and fitthappenedto your cheek at the
f1115: mm oh fitt shappenedwhen he s painting the
to report that nothing hashappenedabout the broken back door
i felt cheated when nothinghappenedand even more cheated a
on as if nothing hashappenedat all i know that
but nothing like this hashappenedbefore my daddy might be
mr mcgrigor but nothing hashappenedderek feeley the group s
two stupid nothing untoward reallyhappenedon any of these sit
fair to say that nothinghappenedquestions were asked solutions for
absolutely nothing seemed to havehappenedsmooth arrival in stockholm taxi
to pretend that nothing hashappenedthat i was not absent
f810: good well nothing excitinghappenedtoday i didn t get
nothing of great import hashappenedtoday i had a good
surveillance that such surveillance hashappenedalthough i will see what
aware of what might havehappenedand what is being done
a record of what hashappenedas a matter of urgency
that people have used whathappenedas an excuse to commit
primary classrooms recounts tell whathappenedas for example the frequent
[laugh] and so what hashappenedas i say it s
am not entirely sure whathappenedat the start of this
tell jilly an pat whathappenedaw they years ago shouts
bj quietly efter what shappenedaw you kin say is
my life lilian what hashappenedbeaumont dinny ask still and
has just made about whathappenedbefore 1987 he was involved
a continuation of what hadhappenedbefore electronic data were coming
that was not what hadhappenedbefore there have been other
2000 c 1557 what hashappenedbetween stage 2 and today
m not just sure whathappenedbut certainly we never got
don t know what whathappenedbut erm copyright issues and
i don t know whathappenedcarolanne joining in they were
to learn from what hashappenedcathie craigie i appreciate the
i don t know whathappenedcause he essentially won the
equate with what you thinkhappeneddavid elliot it does not
also been damaged by whathappenedduring the census debate when
any causative effect on whathappenedduring the summer others may
what what what could havehappenedehm i thorough- thoroughly enjoyed
absolute distress at what hadhappenedelaine smith coatbridge and chryston
let you know what shappenederm and a couple of
[squeal] [laugh] f1111: now whathappenedf1112: [laugh] i slided doon
f1114: [inaudible] see what shappenedf1113: and this one s
let s see what shappenedf1113: what s he doing
ve all fall down whathappenedf1114: [inaudible] here s the
sun f1113: oh what shappenedf1114: oh oh dipsy s
i ll tell you whathappenedf643: [laugh] f641: [laugh] f643:
who knows what might havehappenedfor syd maybe he could
and do you know whathappenedfor winning it m608: no
and thereby accept what hashappenedforget finesse you must make
f1109: [inaudible] oh what shappenedhave you gotten a nippy
f1105: and he got whathappenedhe got m1106: in the
till i see what shappenedhere m1098: oh [?]tried[/?] f1097:
aye th- that s whathappenedi [exhale] m608: especially for
in the universe but whathappenedi i w- worked there
want to tell me whathappenedi sank back on the
comparable to what would havehappenedif the area had retained
taking session what would havehappenedif the state of year
for those affected by whathappenedin america all nations creeds
racists who are using whathappenedin america as an excuse
to show sympathy for whathappenedin america people from all
dum dum dum m1070: whathappenedin granny s darling [censored: forename]
sit there m1070: [censored: forename] whathappenedin granny s f1071: [tapping]
m1070: so tell me whathappenedin granny s yesterday when
home mother asks well whathappenedin school today he can
tell that person what hashappenedin support of that view
reality i e radioactivity whathappenedin that assessment centre is
cannot find out what hashappenedin the negotiations in a
to return to what hashappenedin the past 12 months
case which is what hashappenedin the past 15 years
re tellin somebody about whathappenedin the pub the eh
european parliament which is whathappenedin the single european act
i think that s whathappenedin the the nineteenth century
s okay erm what shappenedis er he just tops
now look f1091: what shappenedit s stopped raining m1092:
m trying to remember whathappenedlast week last night was
situation this year with whathappenedlast year mary scanlon given
years ago shouts what reallyhappenedlong silence lee ah understand
look f1091: now what shappenedm1092: him sad f1091: oh
f1091: you broke it whathappenedm1092: me breaked it all
huh f1091: but then whathappenedm1092: me don t know
m1092: look f1091: what shappenedm1092: the the there clouds
f643: [inaudible] m642: and whathappenedm608: you ll believe a
peattie s points on whathappenedmany years ago in relation
the wedderburns came in whathappenednext back came joseph to
s ever told me whathappenednobody s ever mentioned till
nae clippin noo what shappenednoo canna get that tae
f1091: now look what shappenednow it s a different
f1091: now look what shappenednow it s still raining
now oh oh what shappenednow m1092: [inaudible] paints have
huh f1091: look what shappenednow m1092: look f1091: what
a field now what shappenednow thomas to the rescue
now look f1091: what shappenednow what s percy got
for this theory of whathappenedoff the mouth of the
s a fire what shappenedoh no hurry up and
m865: yeah f951: what shappenedoh the [?]carrat[/?] u1028: [inaudible]
which in retrospect made whathappenedon friday night on bbc1
for my mother neil whathappenedpeggy she s feeling a
a glass of water whathappenedshe asks me i can
it is taking what hashappenedsince police surveillance operations began
releases that is what hashappenedso far the media will
and determine whether what hashappenedsubsequently has been in line
m194: and that s whathappenedtae him he always said
driver and he says whathappenedtae m642: hm he was
huv ti tell tell whathappenedtell somebody thit kin stop
widden lintel right and whathappenedthat particular day was that
no cause that s whathappenedthe guy that was stabbed
under the bill given whathappenedthe last time the committee
is my story of whathappenedthe night before he died
below yes that s whathappenedthe roof hit the rock
mmhm m642: so we whathappenedthen we had tae get
s court to see whathappenedthere from our observations it
functioning because of what hashappenedthere in recent months the
look what s what shappenedthere m1092: now now him
i ll tell you whathappenedthere was a church a
you should consider that whathappenedthere was an extremely significant
see what they do- whathappenedthere what s that one
tea david explained what hadhappenedthey were to wait until
you tell me what hadhappenedthis delivered in a kind
what happen jilly same ashappenedti dad tell me why
fairy tale ending s whathappenedti mine silence jilly and
ah dimps fuck sake whathappenedti the confidentiality clause silence
boot thur faithir what reallyhappenedti thur faithir lee yase
stew means is noh whathappenedti yi in the past
s lollipops there look whathappenedto all the other ones
something in return what shappenedto fiona she blushes a
asking mrs scott what hashappenedto fiona so i ve
cardboard m804: ah and whathappenedto frankenstein then do you
ve been inspired by whathappenedto graeme very much so
everyone was like what shappenedto her and that s
i don t know whathappenedto her but then you
with you what would havehappenedto her if she d
anything to me about whathappenedto him in the war
look at piglet what shappenedto him m1092: hi- him
one mam f1109: yes whathappenedto him m1110: it s
the front eh what shappenedto him we don t
so good m804: and whathappenedto his arm m805: um
he's- [exhale] f1113: what shappenedto his feet f1114: [inaudible]
thomas f1091: oh what shappenedto james m1092: him go-
what went on inside thathappenedto me sometimes i have
been longing to know whathappenedto my poor old tankie
old now f1105: and whathappenedto nemo m1106: nemo is
committee represent a defeat whathappenedto new politics i welcome
around 11 billion what hashappenedto our taxes where have
big puddle [inhale] what shappenedto percy m1092: look f1091:
know what the hell hadhappenedto roberto smoking endless cigarettes
queer he thought what shappenedto susan s fancy silver
directing our informer he simplyhappenedto tell us what he
measure very good or whathappenedto that beech hedging on
it well what m815: thathappenedto that guy m816: we
to set such targets whathappenedto that ministerial promise ross
don t know what shappenedto that place either the
white f1113: and what shappenedto the ball f1114: oh
he came to mallorca whathappenedto the beautiful archduchess matilde
i do not know whathappenedto the other 8 per
[inhale] the toothpaste what shappenedto the toothpaste m1092: aw
concern itself solely with whathappenedto the victoria leaving the
miaow and look what shappenedto the water m1092: goin
i don t know whathappenedto them at the blitz
got sair legs f1095: whathappenedto them we re nearly
and so that s whathappenedto us and so we
on to the futon whathappenedto your eye i ask
suitable words for what hashappenedtoday but even he would
seven years ago [inhale] whathappenedwas a guy came down
sixty six and that whathappenedwas that this italian family
s terrible m642: and whathappenedwas this as he came
away love hah look whathappenedwhen ah loved yur dad
did you say m1070: whathappenedwhen you were in granny
no i winna f1095: whathappenedwis you running and it
to tell them what hashappenedwith it we talked about
there [inaudible] m811: so whathappenedwith me like right basically
at fishing look at whathappenedwith objective 1 funding look
situation is similar to whathappenedwith the petition from the
i don t ask whathappenedyesterday or last week it
yeah m762: that s whathappenedyou know and i i
tae tell im fit hidhappenedat s a curst skyte
bank nou juist hou ithappenedbadger never could tell it
me jöst tell you whithappenedcatriona took photos o me
phone tell peggy fit shappenedget an ambulance pull yoursel
tell ye another thing thathappenedhere was we were goin
that again tell us whithappenedshe uised tae talk tae
tell him aboot whit shappenedthat day but hauf the
wi the arrangement but fithappeneda war that s fit
a war that s fithappeneda war that was naethin
onywye she sees fit shappenedan sees a this folk
wye wid he say fithappenedfae shood come intae the
a true story o fithappenedfin i wis wi a
pew wytin tae see fithappenedfin the music cam ooto
hardie tackle an asks fithappenedhardie replied oor best player
haein a news aboot fithappenedin pitsliga on the setterday
my twa een an fithappenedis firmly printed in my
think that s fit hishappenedjist wi that her man
loon an see fit shappenedneil bolts out of the
sling roond eh enchine fithappenednext wiz chist brilliant there
she telt meg fit hidhappenedtill her weel weel is
a real draught mine fithappenedto peer mrs graham muriel
jonsar says aye bit fithappenedup ere och i dinna
it did like me fithappenedwis een o the first
wis nine year auld fithappenedwis fin he came hame
d finished something amazing hudhappenedah canny explain whit it
an telt dem whit hedhappenedan whit dey tocht wid
tammie kent fine whit hedhappenedhe kent aa aboot his
afore ye ken whit shappenedher voice is edgy without
ll have tae noo whithappenedi don t know next
been a meenit syne whithappenedmick did the bull no
stey in that hoose whitiverhappenedno eftir whit had been
naething maitters masha whit shappenedolga puts her arm round
back tae see whit hadhappenedtae his dug puir wee
but sayin how whit shappenedtae mak ye feel this
disconsolate aw fuck graham whithappenedtae oor lives flushed doon
ye d nearly greet whithappenedtae the wino yer nae
the other man whit hashappenedtae ye weir drank from
fuckin convenient so but whithappenedtae yer healthy attitude yer
your television for you whithappenedtae yir accent she asked
morag s appearance christ whithappenedtae you yir the wan
wait tae ye hear whithappenedup oor en said wull
whaur s the poachers whithappenedwe heard an awfy curfuffle
unfortunately that something has nothappenedand if anything the finances
and now something unpleasant hashappenedand it has come as
be told that that hashappenedand it should go into
buttons being pressed as hashappenedat the sqa not all
be that this has allhappenedbecause i ve got to
t realise and that hashappenedbefore and they ve been
we tour that has neverhappenedbefore the rock god pep
we know that that hashappenedbut every week we hear
all cases where this hashappenedin each of the last
functional standards that transfer hashappenedin england and wales and
not think that that hashappenedin scotland if the lord
problems will arise as hashappenedin the past i give
action is happening now hashappenedin the past or is
yes i think that hashappenedin urban situations f718: mmhm
only non disaster that hashappenedis that jimmy dropped it
house of commons it hashappenedit is well documented kay
ither shed noo has somethinghappenedlizzie i ll need to
names the most that hashappenedover the last 500 years
some extent that has alreadyhappenedprofessor richards i agree i
on that whereabouts has thathappenedrev iain murdoch i have
total slaughter that has alreadyhappenedrhoda grant i am not
s important and it hashappenedright across scotland now glasgow
not a terrible lot hashappenedsince i last wrote i
disregard but that has neverhappenedthe figure was picked out
hurry not a lot hashappenedthis week i handed in
to the committee which hashappenedto get this procedure right
no greetin so something hashappenedto her she s in
the best thing that hashappenedto this country in the
retraction but that has nothappenedwe must be concerned about
to say that that hashappenedwith this bill perhaps in
f1114: look look it shappenedf1113: it s a smiley
the whole dunblane thing thathappenedand then f812: uh huh
[laugh] the first thing thathappenedgot off the train at
that was another thing thathappenedhere that was sad wisn
s this ridiculous thing thathappenedrecently where you know there
maist excitin thing that iverhappenedtae him apairt fae gaun
from the pub when thishappenedthe best thing to do
was there when that thinghappenedthe stramash when the bishops
of that long speech ithappenedthe thing she had longed
the best thing thit shappenedti you in a dimps
wonderful thing that had everhappenedto alleviate poverty but he
m642: the worst thing thathappenedwas the first year we
might or might no haehappenedi came back i got
helping at home when ithappenedthat a farmer came to
off the deck all thathappenedwith me was i came
[laugh] m944: [laugh] maybe somethinghappenedand we blotted it out
if a specific something hadhappenedin august 1998 the chaos
that s loretta something shappenedtae her man furious at
is unfamiliar something must havehappenedto her she s a
something else that had neverhappenedto me before it ended
indicated where something might havehappenedwe nearly moved to hamilton
today this morning i justhappenedto open the committee report
access to our papers onlyhappenedtoday and even world service
on that so things thathappeneda bit later are missing
and their families things thathappenedat the time an we
aa the bad things thathappenedjist brocht us girls closer
where the sinfu wicked thingshappenedsilence tess he telt me
on the anvil it oftenhappenedthat men brought things that
music well several things havehappenedthe last 4 days or
maybe the important things thathappenedto folk fell out of
the different things that havehappenedto him leading up to
f639: mmhm f640: things thathappenedto him was getting the
f963: okay m964: things thathappenedwas that some people would
things boot stuff thit shappenedyis dey ken stew falls
dwell on reasons why thingshappenedyou focused on the moment
the reformation as if ithappenedlast thursday and a girl
o a university ring ithappenedaboot e first world war
truth but onywye this ahappenedduring the war joey was
ehm er i suspect ithappenedduring the war when my
world war two atrocity thathappenedin f606: mmhm m954: a
to ensure that that neverhappenedagain those are the origins
car ferries need never havehappenedand so the sinking of
that eh m1055: it neverhappenedf1009: no [laugh] [laugh] m1055:
will just forget it everhappenedteenie i ll never forget
sore it s never bloodyhappenedthe amount of action she
[laugh] and that s neverhappenedto me in australia [laugh]
kidded on it had neverhappenedwhen he made die hard
hasn t f1150: mmhm f1151: happenedfor years and years now
jesus i think that probablyhappenedbefore he was born erm
be cleaned up this allhappenednearly 70 years ago mrs
s- some kind of wayhappenedtwo hundred years after you
a lo- that was thathappeneda lot you know so
and outs of how ithappenedi didn t know him
a long time since thathappenedmr mcaveety i know it
that was tossed if youhappenedto know it it was
in glasgow erm i justhappenedto you know offer my
not saying that would havehappenedyou know but i think
you know and often ithappenedyou know i got many
you know well someone thathappenedyou re f1154: yeah totally
to understand why it hadhappenedappalled by the thought that
the history as it hadhappenedextremely interesting material from tibet
thocht it meant naething hadhappenedhe wisna among the eens
road where my accident hadhappenedi found myself telling tomas
launch until after it hadhappenedi was aware of the
if only this had actuallyhappenedif only scotland had stood
have asked why that hadhappenedin their case but that
er but luckily peter hadhappenedjust to kind of i
be easier if there hadhappenedto be any traffic when
and er because we hadhappenedto beat the english m608:
all the damage that hadhappenedto the to europe eh
and that would not havehappenedunless the isdn infrastructure had
here s a clue ithappeneda year ago oh god
have a good weekend nothinhappenedi was just like oh
was a famous disaster thathappenedin nineteen oh one where
various reasons why it allhappenedone argument that was put
told the group why thathappenedthe letter that was sent
why [?]does everyone[/?] come here thathappenedto me with the islay
your shoulder when yes ithappenedagain the pain was so
all when without warning ithappenedfrom the inside secret pocket
more so when as sometimeshappenedit was time to clean
on one occasion when thishappenedjust outside laurencekirk a lady
in sri lanka when ithappenedthey have taken initiatives to
the river elbe when ihappenedto have a blank notebook
aboot a true story thathappenedto me when i was
supposed to foam all thathappenedwhen i used it was
and she doesn t ithappenedwhen the council elections were
confronted him just like sometimeshappenedwhen you managed to produce
kitchen was growing just likehappenedwhen you were on a
where it aw started awhappenedyi might ask ken naw
part was called harrowing thishappenedafter all the dreels were
this summer would not havehappenedas i said we would
intimate that concern if ashappenedin this case the concern
about the drunk woman ithappenedin this coffee shop didn
m608: were you saying thishappenedmore than once or was
you can see how thishappenedpeople used to exchange cows
happenings that have in actualityhappenedthis style i m using
non local place of originhappenedto be in retrospect this
agricultural engineers huntly alloa thishappenedto belong to davy minto
ye re gled it shappenedye ken or ye re
us cammy it s alreadyhappenedbig boy cammy finishes cleaning
ye re pleased it shappenedeh but chuffed as well
glasgow that s maybe nothappenedin edinburgh er m605: yeah
stuff like that that shappenedin glasgow that s maybe
mean the reason that shappenedis that he then because
that opportunity was lost thathappenednot because of anyone s
date with all that shappenedso far the council kept
the place whaur it aahappenedsolidarity it s exhilaratin ye
aye nightmare m819: that shappenedto barnett right [censored: companyname] ehm
tale was erm it justhappenedto be my uncle s
i think that er thathappenedat school with us er
i think if if thathappenedand people are able to
source however if the personhappenedto be a good neighbour
wirds in t if therehappenedto be any beef left
abso- i [inaudible] if anythinghappenedto that child he would
cup and if a mousehappenedto touch the cup down
at a reasonable pace ashappenedwith standard grade if at
clock in the mornin thathappenedf1054: where did you go
och aboot eh well nothappenedto me but i saw
in the old tenements everythinghappenedin the kitchen you just
and then it just sohappenedit was the not so
take a day off thathappenedbecause of their commitment to
radens were in everything thathappenedin the old days in
that happening once it maybehappenedmore but f640: and the
example the banana wars thathappenedover cashmere and which were
children and for anybody whohappenedto be non drinkers that
the suggestion that someone whohappenedto buy their council house
the late mrs brown ihappenedto mention that i d
mm m964: and it alsohappenedto that was that there
common codes of practice thathappenedunder the auspices of the
it was tonight that everythinghappenedwee drew started to paint
projects that would not havehappenedwithout european funding i want
oot bi aa that hidhappenedyon day fur it didna
west and could well havehappenedon the cmr two ammunition
f606: uh huh m954: whichhappenedwith morse as well f606:
should and need not havehappenedit could easily have been
actually it wouldn t havehappened[laugh] f943: [laugh] conspiracy conspiratory
meeting the next day andhappenedto have the minister in
i ve tellt ye naethinhappenedi m really haein tae
tee wi them fitiver faimlyhappenedtae lan bi the roadside
ony body or beast theyhappenedtae pass an the fowk
a hunder year afore ithappenedin england there wis a
in the same way ashappenedin 1987 there was much
and rachel who as ithappenedgot lost to come for
flywheel o his enchine nothinhappenedhe tried hid again bit
e fleer boords as ithappenedthe winter he spent there
it did not the reversehappenedmacroy spoke at length to
at the academy fin ithappenedruth ledingham birled roon een
wisna their wyte it hidhappenedtho some micht argue it
cup of tea wherever theyhappenedto be visiting it is
and lifelong learning committee ithappenedto suit our agenda to
yourselves the kitchen and everythinghappenedin the kitchen but there
weekend kind of racing eventhappenedthere f943: yeah we were
farm frendraught in 1921 therehappenedto be no salt left
in ch√Ęteaubriant in brittany wehappenedto be there on the
the pailins at first naethinhappenedthen o a suddentie thare
the saiconts passed an naethinhappenedthen oot o the darkness
the main street we thenhappenedupon a soviet electronics shop
pal fiona a pal whohappenedto be a girl wouldn
windows unless the condemned personhappenedto be a warlock or
about a man whose namehappenedto be ian f606: ian
very carefully in case ihappenedto burst very fragile neither
is the absolute minimum everythinghappenedto fall into place with
real jousts could kill ashappenedto king henry ii of
the summer of 1914 theyhappenedto notice through a grating
adairs kennedies rose the samehappenedto their respective client towns
president of the commission ashappenedwith mr prodi in addition
on ye in case onythinghappenedpause the lack of a
opposite gorky park and wehappenedupon the opening of an
soond sleepin lyke naething haedhappenedwe haed sic a thrang
the flick of a switchhappenedyesterday and are straightforward we
the uk the earthquake apparentlyhappenedon wednesday evening or thereabouts
of removed or yeah f1151: happenedsort of halfway through second

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