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yaisefu sections includes whit shappeninanent the pairlament msps education
tae find oot whit shappeninin the pairlament ye can
thit kin stop it awhappeninagain ed and stew sit
gees me the boc edhappeninas we speak biggest money
ed wis warned aboot thishappenindoll me taking over ed
silence stew ed what shappeninsilence ed bones some fuckin
now dimps an what shappeninti stew now ed stew
things easier bit this wisnaehappeninon the tape there wis
ower tae see fit wishappeninin the circle there wis
maist past ordinar extra curricularhappenini the academic yeir ay
moula dear god whit shappeninah dinna ken whit s
ye no see whit shappeninhere speirt geordie naw whit
just cannae tell whit shappeninin in in [?]they are aw[/?] ye
ah dinna ken whit shappeninmalcolm na na christ this
whit aboot it is oniethinghappeninmasha sits down na naething
whit in the warld wishappenintae him he juist kent
ye worked oot whit washappenintae ye but only by
twa cronies kent whit wishappeninthey stertit tae mak for
ma hoose agnes whit shappeninwi beth sadie s cuse
doon an see fit shappeninhardie tackle wis team manager
georgie fat chance o thathappeninas he kens perfectly weel
can hear o odd thingshappeninbit fegs i ve aye
excitement o seein fit wishappeningot s ontae wir feet
in a whisper fit shappeninhave you got my coupons
fit fit s fit shappeninhere f831: [laugh] my husband
awye tae see fit wishappeninit wis jist a wee
sma beer tae fit shappeninnooadays we canna turn the
the past bit what shappeninti yis now dimps an
news aboot athing that wishappeninin the world an of
widna like tae see onythinghappenintill im i ken i
wouldna mind some o thappeninto me afore it s
the f-fu- because what shappeninthere s you ve got
what had happ- what washappeninand he was askin them
it would what would behappeninif i was in a
it alswa accounts for thehappeninxenophobia and anti semitism ye
m642: oh i hate thathappeninin the wood m608: aye

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