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we prevent this matter fromhappeningagain if that is possible
prevent such an incident fromhappeningagain that situation needs to
a provision to prevent thathappeninghomelessness legislation grew up in
prevent the same thing fromhappeningto other groups all the
tried to prevent those crimeshappeningwe do that by working
must be told what ishappeningeven if nothing is happening
see this look fitt shappeningfitt s happening fitt s
fitt s happening fitt shappeningfitt s happening see it
happening even if nothing ishappeningif there is a delay
fitt s happening fitt shappeningsee it again again again
f1116: yay f1115: fitt shappeningf1116: [exhale] f1115: farr s
look f1115: [?]fitt castle[/?] fitt shappeningfitt time is it it
a picture of fitt shappeninghere m1096: a broken car
f1091: okay now fitt shappeningon the next page m1092:
me see fitt else ishappeningturn the page [inaudible] f1114:
that everyone knew what washappeningand although there were safeguards
not only knew what washappeningbut knew that what was
person knew everything that washappeninghe does an elaborate gesture
but knew that what washappeningwas an offence pauline mcneill
hardly aware of what ishappeningaround her it wis a
the other things that arehappeningi am not aware of
be aware of what shappeningin terms of the pupils
be aware of what washappeningto its cigarettes we are
aware when sewel motions arehappeningwhy we are agreeing to
me things that have beenhappeningand i know nothing about
muscle bulges but nothing shappeningand i read demetrius at
scots erm a- and nothinghappeningi i think you think
useful sections include what shappeningabout the parliament msps education
make assessments of what ishappeningabroad and to give people
much interest in what ishappeningabroad what work has the
is typical of what ishappeningacross the board margaret jamieson
stop what he did fromhappeningagain fair point but not
closely based on what ishappeningand being measured at the
elaine posted on what shappeningand everything f1143: oh aye
the gravity of what washappeningand joseph standing behind her
kept informed of what ishappeningas stirling council is very
we should examine what ishappeningat a lower level to
the action process what washappeningcircumstance of place where was
our concerns about what washappeningcolleges were not actually named
in control of what washappeningdavid elliot it was my
not sure what will behappeningduring october stephen could you
face up to what ishappeningelaine thomson i refute absolutely
alerted him to what washappeningeric was at this point
don t know what shappeningf1155: how many years was
it is not what ishappeningfor the sake of our
to learn from what ishappeninggiven that there has been
what was and was nothappeninghe had also been involved
said much about what washappeninghere in britain it has
think we know what shappeninghere [inhale] or of his
[inhale] erm so what shappeninghere [inhale] urquhart is taking
pretty much like what ishappeninghere is people are taking
mum f1105: eh what shappeninghere m1106: mum [inaudible] super
in knowing exactly what ishappeningi bow to my colleagues
to work out what ishappeningi know that there will
don t know what shappeningi ve not spoke to
statutory framework what is alreadyhappeningi welcome that the bill
what is said to behappeningin ireland he has a
into what on earth ishappeningin our prisons mr wallace
when we consider what ishappeningin our schools it is
the transition from what shappeningin p6 7 into s1
so wisely and what ishappeningin relation to revenue and
positive view of what washappeningin schools but seemed to
i suppose that what ishappeningin scotland and the uk
to connect with what ishappeningin scotland but at the
in view of what ishappeningin scotland it will immediately
strong views about what ishappeningin scotland which in his
me to say what ishappeningin sweden we are not
receiving information of what ishappeningin the area and must
take into account what ishappeningin the country where their
had before about what ishappeningin the hmo sector the
because i think what washappeningin the hospital was i
in terms of what ishappeningin the oil and gas
to find out what shappeningin the parliament you can
and just say what washappeningin the pictures and stuff
and respond to what ishappeningin the same way as
sufficiently to realise what washappeningin the sqa john kelly
of implementation what has beenhappeningin the two years since
seeing carole soon what shappeningin the u k all
one could see what washappeningin the various areas i
that that is what ishappeningin this case ms macdonald
security of all what ishappeningin this tenement is impacting
fit in with what ishappeningin westminster and why we
water and see what shappening[inaudible] f1111: yes she s
action taken against what ishappeningis strong enough the intervention
see er wh- what ishappeningis that the child is
to the station what shappeningit s r- it s
s you know what shappeningm608: yeah m1174: so that
to find out what washappeningmoreover the supplement was not
to tell us what ishappeningnow and what your fears
back up what should behappeningon the ground in any
and therefore know what ishappeningon the ground on any
groups and experience what ishappeningon the ground this letter
other meetings about what washappeningron tuck former chief executive
keen interest in what ishappeningthat is exactly the kind
don t know what shappeningthe new manager s m608:
and find out what ishappeningthe scieh figures are published
circumstances so what is currentlyhappeningthe scottish executive provides grant
her mother know what washappeningthen he cycled to auchenblae
of sleep wondering what washappeningthen i read something about
makes you wonder what ishappeningto the post well i
a question of what ishappeningto the results nicola sturgeon
protest at what s actuallyhappeningto the world today when
look at what is actuallyhappeningwhat is really going on
be needed on what ishappeningwith the glasgow underground i
she was asking what washappeningwith your bedroom she was
not tell me what ishappeningyon news lad seemed affa
papers just now what shappeningyou know what s sort
mmhm m762: of weird thingshappeningand and so that th-
area so things are reallyhappeningand we would encourage all
many other things will behappeningat the millennium we need
friday when other things werehappeningbusiness people gathered in cumbernauld
some extremely exciting things arehappeningi would be delighted to
of the things that arehappeningin scotland a raft of
that many exciting things arehappeningin the textile industry on
of the things that shappeningis that because of things
you know things that arehappeningsay back home er m608:
[inhale] a similar thing ishappeningapparently in icelandic [laugh] texts
ve this weird eh thinghappeningin england certainly [inhale] that
you can see this processhappening[inhale] erm when i was
markets evidence that that ishappeningalready exists brian adam would
f606: no f890: this ishappeningalready f606: yeah f889: aye
to an extent that ishappeningalready in small local authorities
actually because it s stillhappeningand f963: mm mmhm right
violent youth culture is justhappeningand it was actually very
teachers were sceptical about thishappeningalthough i d heard news
find out why it ishappeningalthough we will hear grand
is a risk of thathappeningbut i believe although far
of that chamber as ishappeninghere today although even this
concerned that something similar ishappeningalex easton i hope that
suspect that something similar ishappeningin the oil industry as
upkeep but because of somethinghappeningoutside for example an adjacent
ministerial contact if something washappeningthat engaged the interests of
am not envisaging something disastroushappeningthe preparations that have been
them realised something untoward washappeningwhen they felt as they
m762: possibility of something elsehappeningyou know and and f963:
and when is this reallyhappeningand when it is his
like this process is alsohappeningaround the world today because
to s2 but that ishappeningfairly gradually across the country
letter not a lot ishappeninghere the weather is beautiful
change overnight but change ishappeningi am pleased that the
in the nhs change ishappeningi know that within lothian
welcome the work that ishappeningin our communities because communities
kind of situation that ishappeningin scots five hundred years
do is stop those situationshappeningin the first place it
and whether that action ishappeningnow has happened in the
countries maureen moore that ishappeningnow i will give examples
are more police that ishappeningslowly but there is safety
to ensure that that ishappeningthose links clearly extend through
ideas there is a lothappeningthrough our televisions and much
to say that that ishappeningto any great extent the
it not much has beenhappeninghere we had a very
poured you can watch ithappeningnot much else going on
t know if that shappeningmore or not these i
andrews which now isn thappeningso i don t know
know f963: was it stillhappeningwhen you went to ayr
at a pinch as ahappeningbut here seemingly oblivious to
just pretend it wasn thappeningbecause there was enough people
even though they are nothappeningon our shores surely our
fracas if if anything washappeningand i think that culture
of place where was ithappeningcircumstance of time when did
cigarette half smoked another unusualhappeningif it was how could
perceived or felt that washappeningin that situation was that
never no it wasn thappeningit was a bad dream
like well as it washappeningnot that er often a
not happen a lot washappeningthen i remember that bill
whatever s m608: mmhm m1174: happeningat a local level as
a big kind of realignmenthappeningi could m608: mmhm f643:
slip i can see ithappeningm1106: [inaudible] my eye [laugh]
if you do see thishappeningreport it to the community
m734: [laugh] could see ithappeningway off f718: uh huh
have not heard of thathappening10 15 des hudson i
disenchanted disconnected happenings dreichly drablyhappeningand not too many of
it s it isn thappeningat the moment or not
week but a not unexpectedhappeningwe are told minutes were
supposed to write down anyhappeningof importance if it really
when i write down ahappeningin this diary i can
days can you imagine thathappeningnow f641: [laugh] f640: to
it just can t behappeningmen don t speak to
it simply can t behappeningi ll have to ring
geneva this can t behappeningit simply can t be
i can only remember thathappeningonce it maybe happened more
mm m762: well it shappeningand it still happens and
ah wis warned aboot thishappeningdoll me taking over ed
arrangements this event will behappeningin the middle of winter
local musical events which arehappeningall the time for the
that the chances of thathappeningare limited given the available
of the changes that arehappeningin europe there will be
torture and imprisonment whit shappeningtae oor country divine rights
in the eyes an unusualhappeningsignalling a female to female
scott as opposed to ithappeningat the time i suppose
were trying to stop ithappeningto beth maggie beth to
south west scotland relates ahappeningwhich might have had a
for a funny old fashionedhappeningsince you lit up my

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