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sacks to top up thehapper[note: photo: 'ploughing with a pair of horse.' ] [note: photo: 'alex dallas, upper craighill, with a horse-drawn binder in the 1930s.'] [note: photo: 'jim and will adams, montgoldrum, along with aunts mary-ann, bella and maggie adams scything corn in the late 1920s.'] harvesting prior
an cowpin t intil ehapperor aan crankin e handle
sown by hand using ahapperround the shoulders blin sivs
barra hand barrow sack barrowhapperhopper heck rack for hay
there was an iron framedhapperfor sowing seed manure etc
for easy tipping into thehapperthe two examples at the
the sacks to keep thehapperfull they were carried on
bag or basket called ahapperstrapped to him and keeping
for him to keep hishapperfull and not to break

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