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the lirk o the benhappitwi the bindwuid ay beltit
cairtie ay cannel weavit penselhappitwi the spykarie see beltit
in a wee gowden kistiehappitwi the yalla silk he
seelence posie like a foamhappitstane yon time wis like
an a buss o ivyhappitthe dyke aneth him minnie
sair sorely exhausted chapman packmanhappitcovered wrapped bere barley brose
back at the fauld theyhappither weel wi clean bere
a better idea bit achhappitwi layer upon layer o
i am a traffic lichthappitin stoor a skinnymalinkie craitur
an aa the skyscrapers wishappitin stoor nearhaun tae the
o leather an he wishappitin a breist an back
me at her breist aahappitin a shawlie fin there
the silken anes that warhappitowre him an taen thaim
ah graip amang the cloudhappitpeaks an auncient wuids whaur
at ye skimmerin abuin seeminliehappitin maimorie ye jouk bedein
glaur o the streets ishappitwi whyte nae cairt wheels
wi curly feet an aahappitin a worsit teacosy minnie
intil a howe he wishappitin a corslet o airn
in zoos naebody noo wishappitin oo nur ledder aa
nae mair nur a skullhappitwi a thin skimmin o
doun sneddit the auld faitherhappitmair strae roun thaim ti
tuik peitie on thaim anhappitthaim wi strae ti beild
whyles admeirin the hyne snawhappitpentlands whan we war feinist
gin it haed been newhappitwi snaw altho this wes
up the neukit sterr anhappithir in a blanket the
on an ye maun haehappitferr the day ye wul
on an ye maun haehappitferr the day ye wul
asyde the kitchen ingil anhappitup amang the clouts whit
an stour about him wishappita strecht gaured braid goun
weir for his heid wishappitin a swastika plait gauze
wis a green glowin chielhappitwi the phosphorus calf skin
in an auld shae boxhappitin christmas paper at the
him at mauger vaigin abouthappitin airmour an bydin ben
that aince ah gat ithappiton ma back ah wad
haes aye been weill aneuchhappitnanse insistently c mon nou
they d aa be betterhappitin wi that he struck
a wyce auld hermit mosshappitpads atwein scarlet speingies heich
ye sall fin the bairnhappitin a barrie coat liggin
rubbish cowpit wir load anhappitit weel again nae lang
raukil russian bear an airmorhappitrhinoceros or teiger ye l
derklin an in pitmirk widlanhappittunes her nicht time note
hrh prince charles hissel awhappitup in his kilt an
s assets are tae behappitawa for good nivver myn
for all another wean washappitthere inside my mammy s

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