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birthday last week it washappy40th birthday to sewel motions
which she hands to peggyhappy60th birthday peggy peggy michty
formally here s to mehappy60th birthday she takes a
more cheers and laughter peggyhappy80th birthday gladys here she
went happy birthday spot f1114: happybirth- happy birthday spot happy
to wish peggy a veryhappybirthday a few weeks late
to her ha- f1114: yeshappybirthday [censored: forename] f1113: sing happy
his daddy and it sayshappybirthday dad and he s
and over here it sayshappybirthday dad f1114: he s
happy birth- happy birthday spothappybirthday dear s- he s
said to me that nichthappybirthday evie and in six
happy birthday [censored: forename] f1113: singhappybirthday f1114: [censored: forename] f1113: happy
happy birthday f1114: [censored: forename] f1113: happybirthday f1114: dear [censored: forename] f1113:
ll just have to writehappybirthday from [censored: forename] f1140: but
somehin in it an goeshappybirthday gilbert ah opened the
voice for sarah rather englishhappybirthday mother must make more
then reads from the insidehappybirthday mother pause bitterly from
the party and they wenthappybirthday spot f1114: happy birth-
birthday spot f1114: happy birth-happybirthday spot happy birthday dear
again he starts to singhappybirthday the others all sing
forgetting now oh we sunghappybirthday to [censored: forename] wi her
fitt was you singing m1098: happybirthday to you f1097: happy
happy birthday to you f1097: happybirthday to you m1098: aye
blissin n blessing blyth ahappyblythsum a happy boddom n
blyth a happy blythsum ahappyboddom n bottom bole n
he hear me say happyhappychristmas day f1107: aw i
you hear me sing happyhappychristmas day is he singing
ye know aye [laugh] ayehappyda- happy days in the
aye [laugh] aye happy da-happydays in the carpet factory
right now f1114: he shappyf1113: he s all happy
doing f1114: he s nothappyf1113: is he not happy
not happy f1114: no [?]mummy's[/?]happyf1113: why s he not
happy f1113: is he nothappyf1114: no [?]mummy's[/?] happy f1113:
happy f1142: i m quitehappyf1141: leave him [censored: forename] go
leave him he s quitehappyf1142: i m quite happy
falling he hear me sayhappyhappy christmas day f1107: aw
falling you hear me singhappyhappy christmas day is he
the door ah m thathappyhappy happy irena ti tell
byordnar ai ah m thathappyhappy happy masha an ah
door ah m that happyhappyhappy irena ti tell the
ai ah m that happyhappyhappy masha an ah m
i eest tae introduce themhappyhappy memories an tho they
chuffed as well f1025: nowhappyi ve got happy mm
ah m that happy happyhappyirena ti tell the truith
happy f1113: he s allhappyis he oh yes he
ah m that happy happyhappymasha an ah m that
eest tae introduce them happyhappymemories an tho they laached
now happy i ve gothappymm [inhale] f1054: an whit
get a wash is hehappynow m1092: no him happy
happy now m1092: no himhappyuh huh f1091: he s
the budget i am particularlyhappyabout it because ever since
that they are not veryhappyabout it i am disappointed
but i am certainly nothappyabout it in the current
young people i am veryhappyabout that alex easton there
am not 100 per centhappyabout the final draft of
i am i am nothappyeither when i remember the
wife i can make youhappyemotionally not financially i am
report is published i amhappyenough for the report to
smith yes and i amhappyfor colleagues in the enterprise
robin harper i am veryhappyfor the committee to debate
by next week i amhappyfor the committee to review
be found i am veryhappyfor the people of marchmont
as i said i amhappyfor us to come back
the available time i amhappyfor us to write to
1584 1 people are nothappyi am not prepared to
should say so i amhappyif that is where it
schengen provisions overall i amhappythat our elected representatives the
bill does so i amhappythat scots will derive benefits
no sound terrible i amhappythat things are changing scots
of the chamber i amhappyto accept a motion without
glasgow iain gray i amhappyto accept mr gallie s
9 nicola sturgeon i amhappyto accept your reassurance that
the national network i amhappyto address the points that
in heroes and i amhappyto admit to that romantic
maybole iain gray i amhappyto agree that the link
east iain gray i amhappyto agree that the three
of my party i amhappyto agree that the voluntary
with that explanation i amhappyto agree to the commissioning
harper thank you i amhappyto answer questions on the
recall the convener i amhappyto ask for that information
david steel i am perfectlyhappyto ask the procedures committee
of the day i amhappyto award the contract to
budgeting accountancy technique i amhappyto be corrected but i
and islands con i amhappyto be speaking on fishing
said sarah boyack i amhappyto clarify that point the
and buchan snp i amhappyto come along and support
areas mr rumbles i amhappyto come to the substantive
july letter and i amhappyto confirm that i stand
support ross finnie i amhappyto confirm to the member
edinburgh central lab i amhappyto congratulate elaine thomson on
for audiological assistance i amhappyto congratulate the executive on
fulfil its purpose i amhappyto consider the possibility of
at hame i am quitehappyto dae that it is
with me but i amhappyto discuss it with it
have already done i amhappyto discuss that further with
my diary but i amhappyto discuss them with members
members alastair dempster i amhappyto do that cathy peattie
or other agencies i amhappyto give some examples of
testing susan deacon i amhappyto give that assurance the
their potential impact i amhappyto give the committee that
question susan deacon i amhappyto give the member the
our role although i amhappyto go along with helen
be this week i amhappyto go along with richard
course in you i amhappyto go along with whatever
that together i am alsohappyto guarantee that the equal
does it go i amhappyto have the opportunity to
my view i am perfectlyhappyto hear what other members
the documents i am nothappyto hold a meeting when
the bill so i amhappyto lay responsibility for that
what i feel i amhappyto leave it at that
parliament michael russell i amhappyto leave the photo call
perhaps deserve i am nothappyto leave the words amongst
some issues clearer i amhappyto listen to the discussion
provided the convener i amhappyto lodge such a motion
public des mcnulty i amhappyto look into the circumstances
council is honest i amhappyto pass on the pack
is the case i amhappyto pass the petition to
stage 2 i am alsohappyto propose amendments in preparing
factual information which i amhappyto provide however i shall
classroom cathy jamieson i amhappyto reassure ian jenkins that
cope cathy jamieson i amhappyto reassure irene mcgugan on
cathy jamieson again i amhappyto reassure marilyn livingstone about
ago cathy jamieson i amhappyto reassure the member that
my previous views i amhappyto refer the whole chamber
an undertaking which i amhappyto repeat now that the
meeting michael russell i amhappyto return to the proposal
which was held i amhappyto say at the peebles
discuss those matters i amhappyto say that i will
sought to address i amhappyto say that i will
compliant mr mcaveety i amhappyto say that that element
of their expertise i amhappyto say that that has
the european parliament i amhappyto say that we have
on that basis i amhappyto seek to withdraw my
prepared statement that i amhappyto share with the committee
me itherwise i am quitehappyto speak in scots but
in its entirety i amhappyto speak on the other
be taken forward i amhappyto support its going forward
confirm that i am quitehappyto support moves to include
in that case i amhappyto support that approach the
local authority and i amhappyto support the amendments amendment
progress then but i amhappyto support the minister in
into the profession i amhappyto support the motion and
children in europe i amhappyto support the motion the
petition helen eadie i amhappyto support the suggestion that
up very differently i amhappyto take any specific questions
a welcome contribution i amhappyto take on board the
should be commended i amhappyto take questions at the
share that objective i amhappyto take questions the convener
for other purposes i amhappyto take up the points
resolution and annulment i amhappyto undertake today to examine
on that basis i amhappyto withdraw amendment 107 amendment
is not appropriate i amhappyto withdraw i might even
across coherently and i amhappyto work with people over
range of people i amhappyto write to bruce crawford
roads and motorways i amhappyto write to mr welsh
that we had i amhappywith it the convener are
course angus mackay i amhappywith that approach if it
a way forward i amhappywith that course of action
person gordon jackson i amhappywith that i have another
england and wales i amhappywith that level of spending
i think that i amhappywith that mr john mcallion
section 67 2 i amhappywith the executive s position
3 angus mackay i amhappywith the minister s suggestion
michael russell i am veryhappywith the paper and am
am glad that people arehappywith the suggested amendments and
while i am not entirelyhappywith the wording that we
evening by wishing everyone ahappyand joyous christmas and a
i assume that everyone ishappyand relaxed with the term
i hope everyone s wellhappyand that spring isn t
it so that everyone washappycause we didn t want
good idea everyone will behappyincluding the petitioners the convener
mcnulty i wish everyone ahappynew year amendments 57 and
possible the convener is everyonehappythat we should do that
everyone could benefit i washappyto find out then that
business the convener is everyonehappyto remove that sentence members
no comments so everyone ishappywe move on to conduct
on general conduct is everyonehappywith that section good that
all the best for ahappychristmas and a good new
he wished all members ahappychristmas and a splendid new
you and arthur a veryhappychristmas and all the best
trying to give him ahappychristmas the shop owner was
trip to toronto and ahappychristmas we will no doubt
christmas f1103: [laugh] and ahappynew year f1104: mmhm f1103:
christmas and wasn t toohappywith what he saw he
full an i m quitehappyand i m gaun tae
m1008: so gradually silly acquiredhappybut not quite you know
points i would be quitehappyeuan robson we are prepared
has become quite relaxed andhappyfirst i d like to
the unambitious unionists are quitehappyfor us to be a
actually you d be quitehappyif your children didn t
like i m actually quitehappynow sort of to to
cause erm i was quitehappyploddin along but we d
we should be quite behappytae have ither people tryin
says listen i m quitehappythat it s workin but
minister is tricia marwick quitehappythat we write a letter
organic farmers would be quitehappyto bargain for a slightly
m954: and and is quitehappyto be a loner and
are an i m quitehappyto listen to you f831:
smiling lady who seemed quitehappyto see us pull out
so you d be quitehappyto stay here or [laugh]
they were quite good quitehappyto stay m824: yeah f606:
but they ll be quitehappyto try and fool you
t know she seems quitehappyto work it so i
that they would be quitehappyto work with us in
f965: so i was quitehappywhen it was me if
lead committee i was quitehappywith getting the spreadable fats
guy and they re quitehappywith him but then they
oh m959: i was quitehappywith it f958: i went
so if you re quitehappywith that that s fine
the organics sector is quitehappywith the idea of split
and that he was quitehappywith the outcome the convener
that point i will behappyto provide a note to
and charitable sector and arehappyto provide advice on that
audit scotland will be veryhappyto provide any further information
the parliament i will behappyto provide further details if
deal with i will behappyto provide further information to
harper seeks i will behappyto provide him with a
today but i will behappyto provide it before thursday
that dialogue we would behappyto provide members with more
in partnership we will behappyto provide the executive with
our structure we will behappyto try to provide any
the convener phil are youhappyenough with the 30 minute
no the convener are membershappyto note the order members
the incident i will behappyto respond the convener we
the convener i would behappyto take the paragraph out
private the convener are membershappywith that i think that
nomination the convener is everybodyhappywith that members indicated agreement
convener the convener are membershappywith that members indicated agreement
that the presiding officer ishappywith that the convener i
it the convener are membershappywith the draft report members
idea the convener are membershappywith the paper members indicated
convener no is everybody reasonablyhappywith the proposal stewart stevenson
no the convener are membershappywith the rest of the
the church of scotland ishappyyou said convener that we
man must feel proud andhappyat such a moment i
do you jalouse i feelhappyat this moment lilian no
suppose you can feel altogetherhappybeaumont you haud me in
as weel sin peeps throohappyi div feel saturday 22nd
weel fowk in simmer attirehappyi feel the auld kirk
feel right made him feelhappypity jimmy s gift had
feel at hame an uncohappyye ll niver jalouse whaur
feel m1016: chuffed m1014: justhappyye re pleased wi something
the term ombudsmen are membershappyat the prospect of ombudsmen
they will be more thanhappyto meet members of the
and lee cousins will behappyto respond to members questions
the record if members arehappywith that as a way
take on board is everybodyhappywith that members indicated agreement
later this year are membershappywith that members indicated agreement
is a warning are membershappywith that members yes des
by e mail are membershappywith that suggestion members indicated
stamp stamp if you rehappyand you f1114: [exhale] know
[claps hands] [laugh] f1113: [laugh] f1114: happyand you know [inaudible] show
sing that to mum f1114: happyand you know it clap
hands [claps hands twice] f1113: yey f1114: happyand you know it stamp
dear s- he s nothappyf1113: no f1114: he s
f1113: why s he nothappyf1114: look a crocodile f1113:
smiley mouth is he ahappysnake f1114: an the crown
turned out they are veryhappybut they seem to have
earliest memory but eh veryhappydays and eh unlike these
the gentlemen will be veryhappyfor ye maconochie said whit
run i would be veryhappyif we just said agreed
to plan have a veryhappynew year convey these wishes
i suppose deli- delighted veryhappyover the moon m1055: yeah
for chester 2002 treasurer veryhappypacket secretary all was going
that people would be veryhappyto look for alternative sources
the liberal democrats are veryhappyto support the bill s
i would be very veryhappyto to to to to
the organic sector is veryhappywith a target of 20
good change carole s veryhappywith it i only got
costed it i would behappyfor you to give me
you re both well andhappygive my best to all
snow well take care stayhappygive my best to all
as long as he shappystay healthy give my best
the executive i would behappyto give way to the
peacock again the executive ishappyto support the amendments that
get a chance werenae toohappyabout that but there was
my legs were not toohappyabout the slog back up
and andy isn t toohappyabout them where has that
shop and they werenae toohappyan employer er if you
embassy she s too triggerhappyanyway have a great hodilay
wednesday trying to keep everybodyhappycath not too good 12
o us wid be toohappyif somebody anybody come in
charge won t be toohappywill he ed gets up
hands i ll probably behappywith it too at the
well [censored: forename] really wasn thappyand then like for months
wait george ll be sohappylike that and [censored: forename] went
[censored: forename] and i wid behappytae stot in tae glesga
recovered her breath [censored: forename] washappyto continue so we zigzagged
and that he would behappyto receive orders president [censored: forename]
both kind of weren thappywell [censored: forename] really wasn t
theory at least i mhappyabout the system oh by
merrit an i m thathappyan in another nine months
o coorse i m ayehappyas lang s i ve
princess and i m nothappyat all now at last
biology an i m nothappyf832: i m havin to
sorry f833: i m nothappyf835: for you miss [censored: surname]
will keep you busy buthappyi m not working just
smell would have kept youhappyi m sure m942: [laugh]
m fine and healthy andhappyi only wish occasionally that
ma lyfe ah m ahappyman ah ve actually been
m good at making peoplehappymaybe happiness isn t his
believe me ah m saehappythat ful o luiv an
is it ah m saehappythe day it s lyke
of oe studies i mhappyto be able to tell
f834: i m nae entirelyhappywi the course choices this
about it afterwards he washappyenough with his new lifestyle
whose shields have a mrhappyface with asian eyes painted
insurance i would be mosthappyfor justices to deal with
with that committee which ishappyfor pe431 to be passed
in m944: is your mumhappy[laugh] with it cause she
of authority and is justhappynow with an easy gig
you re not dealing withhappyshiny people f606: mmhm m954:
later but i will behappyto deal with the matter
the situation we would behappyto explore that with health
with literary complexity he ishappyto take earlier forms such
on that i would behappyto work with them in
to the sips and arehappyto work with them to
bench msps and meps arehappyto work with us on
yesterday which i was sohappywith he says i needed
the situation pupils cannot behappywith it either pat cairns
changes to suggest is everybodyhappywith it kay ullrich people
an an they re naehappywith it the second time
re good m608: i washappywith jobs that have been
not all singing dancing andhappywith life they were working
think that we are terriblyhappywith our terms and conditions
said that he was nothappywith targets at all sopa
notice of opposition are youhappywith that bristow if we
that if he is nothappywith that conclusion or with
a straightforward introduction is everybodyhappywith that des mcnulty i
that is fair are youhappywith that irene irene mcgugan
that the local authorities arehappywith that mr adam ingram
the circular the churches werehappywith the circular however the
assured us that he ishappywith the current definition furthermore
saying that people are nothappywith the gate and that
be the pattern were youhappywith the reassurances when the
produce the organic sector ishappywith the target of 20
area if you re nothappywith what s working there
you know she s nothappywith whatever s goin on
see him nobody will behappyabout that my daddy is
boxed an we kin behappyan ah ll pour mah
grice spent da simmer ashappyas could be in dir
tinnie you ll be ashappyas larry fa ever he
our new home be ashappyas this one 30 thursday
nae wey we can behappybut we aw want happiness
tess this should be ahappyday krista telt mi this
mi this wid be ahappyday wid aw sing wi
a year in sweet contenthappyeneuch tae be thegither bit
[?]settee[/?] aye we ll behappyf1141: mm f1142: would you
different awthgither it wul behappyfor a stert we l
smile and i d behappyfor a while joyous times
shall be saved and madehappyfor all eternity may you
of a committee might behappyfor an amendment to be
us as we are nothappyfor it to be heard
amendment although i will behappyfor lorimer mackenzie to answer
missed it i will behappyfor somebody to correct me
the chamber i will behappyfor the member to publish
most of the countries arehappyfor their data to be
sure that they will behappyfor their submissions to lie
i don t know howhappyi d be spending my
helen eadie i would behappyif it were to go
cash cow i would behappyif the money were being
you re safe now behappyif you can beaumont lilian
dae this they ll behappyin the states pop ower
i supposed to be thehappyliberated child of the sexual
to be a kind ofhappymedium f963: mm f965: where
king james the first ofhappymemory be and is hereby
your face is tae behappynippy jonsar eck wis sittin
think i ll ever behappythe young girl asked when
we war gaun ti behappythegither but ma god weeps
robison but i will behappyto accept one from the
different targets i would behappyto accept that stewart stevenson
in the community will behappyto address activities that they
telecommunications developments and will behappyto advise it and the
and christine boch will behappyto advise us on petition
this stage i will behappyto answer any questions the
issues before but we arehappyto be back and hope
you know so i washappyto be back in that
mentioned that you would behappyto be one of the
muir russell we would behappyto check and come back
been made i will behappyto come back to any
des hudson we would behappyto come back to you
bid we would certainly behappyto consider further materials or
proposal the executive would behappyto consider how it could
amendment 108 i would behappyto consider lodging amendments at
the echr i shall behappyto do so sutherland report
mr mcconnell we would behappyto ensure that the committee
those circumstances i would behappyto lodge an amendment that
the hague i would behappyto look at the definitions
checked but i would behappyto look into it scott
would have we would behappyto look into what has
suggestion that we would behappyto make special arrangements for
meeting us we will behappyto meet him to clarify
matter and i will behappyto pursue it i would
other activities i would behappyto put resources in to
views which we would behappyto receive i think that
week and i will behappyto reinforce that message next
she would be more thanhappyto see in her own
pressured areas i would behappyto send a copy of
first minister ministers will behappyto take up the points
large documents i should behappyto talk to you about
i would be more thanhappyto write to andy kerr
it f1121: is it ahappywalk f1122: i ll be
might be going around unnaturallyhappywe can all think of
without it would they behappywell i doubt it for
community they will be lesshappywhere someone is to use
why george will be sohappywho s george [laugh] sad
uh huh m017: but erhappynew year aabody sort of
sub zero conditions have ahappynew year and i hope
other and absent friends ahappynew year and went to
and firs and posters sayinghappynew year decorate some shop
dec my dear sheena ahappynew year i hope 1990
and wish you all ahappynew year i hope that
i think you stopped sayinghappynew year to people up
and and you said ahappynew year to people you
to themes and illuminated outdoorshappynew year will write soon
i would not have beenhappyabout it and its effect
i might not have beenhappyabout the situation if i
erm because papa wasn thappyabout the strong drugs i
justice she is obviously demobhappyand i do not intend
a guard dog i wishappyaricht i wis still in
a store and was ashappyas larry and i m608:
hymnsy things i was ashappyas larry but eh the
answer and i wasn thappyat all when you stopped
sat but then i washappybecause i thought phew i
watching barney miller and ahappydays i d already seen
100 baggies of heroin ohhappydaze personally i hope the
promise you ll make himhappydeana i ll no promise
there f1006: mm well ahappydrunk s usually i d
words for that f1005: ehmhappyexcited i don t know
i thought he s sohappyhe ll never need to
oh aye mony s thehappyhoor i spend lost in
f1026: yeah fair pleased chuffedhappyi d say chuffed as
eh lookin back it washappyi mean the ehm we
ussr so we went homehappyin the early evening i
and woke up feeling lesshappylater i went back to
[laugh] i would have saidhappy[laugh] but i think ma
of got a lot ofhappymemories erm i don t
of understanding thank goodness forhappymemories i will stop now
but i have i havehappymemories of of situations and
i wonder if he ishappymonday 21 brucefield hotel square
its back back to herhappymood an i got a
[laugh] m608: okay on thathappynote i think we ll
public do not have ahappyperception of the system i
old is not always ahappyprospect but i intend to
[inhale] and i was sohappyreally they weren t the
i d keep my mumhappyshe wanted proper f631: yeah
and i was really reallyhappyso i brought it back
never meant to have ahappysocial life and er i
early evening i was sohappythat i went to sleep
so much to talk abouthappytimes and sad times i
and i are more thanhappyto examine the matter in
the acting world ricky shappyto grow old gracefully i
and would have been sohappyto see her i cannot
on actually if you rehappywi them can i just
know you can get likehappydrunk right what would the
me we would huv binhappyif we d steyed on
didna jist look aa thathappybit mabel didna let on
f1091: he doesn t lookhappydoes he m1092: uh uh
distant shores a large andhappyfamily of workmen look on
f1091: no he doesnae lookhappym1092: [inaudible] thomas f1091: oh
at his face is hehappym1092: now look f1091: now
however we have lots ofhappymemories to look back on
look at him face himhappynow f1091: mmhm m1092: him
the executive richard are youhappyto have a look at
want to go back tohappygang this year f1122: mum
got his photo he wishappyan pleased wi his efterneen
the man s in ahappyand beneficent mood he was
he said that mccabe ishappyand that the church of
house so he was ashappyas larry but anna and
raining and this teddy shappybecause he s getting a
he got m1106: in thehappybit the erm his dad
above himself but he shappycause he s getting eight
least he spares us hishappyclappy guitar he s only
then it was he washappyever after wasn t he
ken maybe he s naehappyf1104: but sometimes [inaudible] nice
michty aye loretta he washappyfan he was at the
a wi a a generallyhappyfeelin an he was just
12 98 that he washappyfor the designated school kaimhill
is in october does thehappygroom know what he s
run he s never beenhappyhe doesn t know what
and western if he shappyhe speaks english to me
him and make him sohappyhe won t want to
good things when he shappylaughing normal sadie normal includes
links o a crook naehappymedium aywis affa trig he
pragmatic comment it s ahappyrelease for her he should
f1091: mmhm and he lookshappythere doesn t he m1092:
challenge that interpretation he washappyto let scotland believe that
right m1106: oh he washappyto see his dad f1105:
pleased wi something ye rehappyabout it aye that s
[inaudible] show if you rehappyand you know clap your
the [inaudible] if you rehappyand you know it go
f809: [laugh] yeah they rehappyf810: good well nothing exciting
[laugh] f1118: we re ahappyfamily is that a good
surplus and we re ahappymuriel sourly to angelica so
eggs we re mair norhappyoor wee grubs will thrive
handle well if you rehappysadie that s all that
drunk you say somebody shappythat means they re just
and she still wasn thappyit transpired that she now
newsletter and that you arehappynow that we have gone
us to investigate is everybodyhappyabout changing the bullet point
s somebody there s ahappydrunk you say somebody s
say fightin drunk you gethappydrunks and you get fightin
you say that you arehappyfor the final decision to
say that they indicate ahappysituation do you have any
hegemony something that burns seemedhappyto take as given as
also hindustani if we arehappyto take elements of other
s father wis niver aafahappyif a gale wis blaain
have been a lot lesshappyif there hadn t been
on the ferm puir buthappyif yon bastarn factotum hudnae
but whit if ah imhappynou vershinin but ye r
come oot the world ishappyah ve even changed the
at aince ah felt saehappyan ah thocht o the
[laugh] ah we d ahappylife when you think aboot
bonnie then an whit ahappylyfe ah saw aheid o
therefore ensuring that nurses arehappyand motivated is vital for
towie towie in yonder glenhappyare the maidens fair bit
tell me are you reallyhappybeaumont in my faimily you
the circumstances we are nothappyeither about the inclusion of
flags are makkin the skyhappyeven the sun s smilin
pharmacists although they are generallyhappysome concerns about blips have
those commitments we are perfectlyhappythat the united kingdom parliament
for their attention we arehappyto answer any questions the
executive development department we arehappyto answer questions on the
the union and we arehappyto have a secretary of
getting dark but we arehappyto have you here just
to recommend that we arehappyto proceed on that basis
building standards registers we arehappyto undertake to make all
why in germany nurses arehappywell trained and content they
s hairt fin ye arehappyye hae mair adee than
she asks andy is nothappyabout this the others might
were runnin about an beinhappyan their hair was flyin
as usual the snp ishappyto complain about things but
mr nardell is more thanhappyto talk about general principles
and forks we were sohappyand relaxed we had to
makes her first communion ahappyday procession in afternoon to
string just to recapture thosehappyearly days interested in energy
to see the herd ahappyending s worth the cost
plaster wood return tired buthappyevening 10 sunday to 10
heisted up to reveal thehappyfaimily taken unawares a man
wis time to go forfochenhappyhame we went deid weirit
intrudes is in the supremelyhappypassage on the walk to
sheena we were such ahappyteam it was lovely to
sea clearly its residents werehappyto advertise their presence by
be- silly moved from beinghappyto being foolish m1055: mmhm
in confidence we have beenhappyto disclose the total advertising
visits to ann she washappyto get away from chae
this and so we werehappyto get up after most
said that s allright billyhappyto help out they sat
speak it themselves and werehappyto include it within the
s excesses we were ashappyto leave them as we
to decide that it washappyto publish there is a
they were not at allhappyto see themselves portrayed in
tobacco tax and it ishappyto use that tobacco tax
the dress but she shappyto wear the gloves [laugh]
on thair road weill ahappytraivel til thaim to her
to el presidente exhausted buthappywhile a small hard core
o devices tae keep himhappyan oot o trouble jonsar
myne on him lauchin anhappythey hid aathing in the
mr mcneil they were nothappypushing sales perhaps the problem
that s steaming is usuallyhappythat s not a term
clarification because they were nothappythis was a period during
ain m1108: will we makehappyand you know it cookies
will leave this meeting ahappychristian rejoicing in the knowledge
lie doon on the stonehappyand so and kid used
along and make you sohappyand sure of yourself that
thare again we r nohappyan the r nae wey
reason we can sing ohappyday when jesus washed our
for wife an weans anhappyhame we thank thee lord
tell you that was ahappynight in his experience we
wish you and judy manyhappyand fulfilling years ahead applause
and you know [inaudible] showhappyand you know clap your
it clap your hands [claps hands twice]happyand you know [inaudible] show
it clap your hands [claps hands twice]happyand you know it clap
you do you never makedhappyand you know it f1107:
classical beauty enhanced by ahappychildhood and balanced adolescence you
you think that s ahappyface f1122: aye [inaudible] f1121:
that our intrusion into yourhappyfamily circle takes you by
flag at f1122: at thehappygang f1121: do you want
burgh sit here in splendourhappypowerful honoured you that allowed
i- it it was ahappyschool you obviously ha- didn
beaumont you wouldny hae beenhappywi me lilian you ken
in rabbit paradise an uncohappybairns pairty mither said dinnae
ll get hame tae aiberdeenhappymusic as the children shout
news and she ll sleephappytonight thursday 20th october a
independent older people who leadhappyand useful lives that is
nice things in the shopshappylooking people in the streets
dee it but she seemshappyenough wi neil gladys has
but westminster elections on thathappynote it remains only for
werena feminists they were perfectlyhappywi the arrangement but fit
s way of reminding thehappycouple that there s no
that s right she shappyeh and fitt s that
that other ballads and thehappyever after side of popular
the glue sure she shappyf1107: that s right she
the great majority who werehappyon that bright and memorable
and scots language is ahappyone that brings the play
della let it come robbyhappythe bride that the sun
that the sun shines onhappythe corpse that the rain
an fleein ower wi mehappymemories were reca d o
the shipping clerks weren thappy[inhale] f631: [laugh] f634: and
there maybe isn t ahappymedium f963: mmhm f965: maybe
excited mixed up shocked andhappyall at the same time
folk in the kingdom werehappyand content every man the
looking well 21 sunday ahappyday dunkirk st maries troops
release let go blithe ishappycontent bumbazed is perplexed stupified
my own chances of ahappyfuture lilian go on james
sang in its bones ahappykettle it always ate me
they need tae keep themhappyclean an braw mair hansom
raise entry charges and havehappyand contented markers however before
have made a rich andhappyexperience of their burns topics
town house it was ahappymarriage of mediaeval and modem
ones and there was nohappystudent atmosphere only grim concentration
is ana there s naehappyendin s in life ye
i- no it s ahappywalk is it f1121: is
she s got a reallyhappyface f1122: aye [cough] f1121:
fae aiberdeen and she wisnaehappyin fife things cam til
out the art of makinghappyand unexpected discoveries by accident
daft and silly originally meanthappyblessed m1007: uh huh yes
girls spin the saucer cardshappyfamilies 3 and pick the
keep their spouses content andhappyin their houses must learn
rises and dances around shoutinghappyphrases the pig wife shoves
from the president and herhappyteam shoana [censored: surname] and audrey
oh dae ye bring ahappydream o bonnie simmer days
oh dae ye bring ahappydream o bonnie simmer days
the october revolution спраздником orhappyholiday it s 11 50am
see fowk wak aboot saehappyan free tuesday 28th temp
the sin maks abody jisthappyan grin wednesday 3rd temp
in aside the piggies ashappyas a soo in dubs
blek a black blyth ahappybluid n blood boddom n
bluim v bloom blyth ahappybodach n old man bogil
family war born again christianshappyclappies the neebors cried them
gonna put on her ahappyface or a sad face
ve been a right weehappyfamely bj still in lee
in the midst of hishappyfamily his fellow citizens sang
its foun sae pranny livedhappyivir efter an keepit aa
car mair an a bittiehappyjonsar eck an the wee
follaein the sun dear burdshappylucky burds goes off andrey
no such thing as ahappymedium f963: mm m964: when
ending the play on ahappynote sustaining the chord until
face noo the german wisnaehappysayin it wis supposed tae
ane bi ane fu anhappythe horsemen clattered oot intae
tae shift an on yonhappythocht twa oors afore mornin
by another example of foregroundinghappyvalleys drink the sound the
the rippling rustling brook hishappywand the angler plies o
responsive system in which ahappywork force provides patient oriented
company sri lanka 2000 twohappyyears in ceylon volume 1

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