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haud burg hill is onhaudat aince hir ain dure
hir burg hill is onhaudburg hill is on haud
thryce burg hill is onhaudburg hill is on haud
haud burg hill is onhaudburg hill is on haud
haud burg hill is onhaudburg hill is on haud
haud burg hill is onhaudthe wee fowk wul be
matty an telt him taehaudhis wheesht an speired if
daurk yon place we whahaudoor wheesht ken thorns hae
ye even learn hoo taehaudyer wheesht agnes ye cannae
barged keekin peeping shilpit punyhaudyer wheesht be quiet yett
gless ee oot whenever yehaudyer wheesht like that i
wi yer shoppie door openhaudyer wheesht wummin her man
an gied a grunt ochhaudyer wheesht ye daft wee
i ll ever win ohaudyer wheesht ye mariners belay
a scots tung quaich taehaudfor the ae towmond an
a condukkit skour mirren cuidnahaudhir tung a suppone he
him speak oot nou orhaudhis tung foraye morag but
haed the smeddum for tihaudhis tung unner tormentin wi
inti yeir tung for tihaudit doun an stap ye
conversation fashes ye ah canhaudma tung ah can dae
couthie tung thir kintrie fowkhaudtil thair auld weys frae
nanse sumbodie wul hear yehaudyeir bletherin tung for onie
ah ken ah ken juisthaudyeir tung an git on
is concerned ye haed betterhaudyeir tung orm listen thorfinn
an heuchie backs anaw thorfinnhaudyeir tung orm orm ye
och ma hauns willnae evenhauda pen some days maggie
fae ocean s bree coupleshaudhauns as if they thocht
wantit a kiss or taehaudhauns or even a smile
the faut gae by anhaudhie yir worthie hauns abune
wrist ay jist turned midnichthaudma hauns noo an wauk
sooker yit he says ihaudoot ma hauns they re
haud yer hauns oot anhaudthis hank o worsit till
stories her mither telt herhaudyer hauns oot an haud
haud my hand will youhaudmy hand that s for
oh [inaudible] f1102: can youhaudmy hand will you haud
billy f1102: haud my handiehaudmy handie f1101: i ll
what a silly billy f1102: haudmy handie haud my handie
derk an cry haud onhaudon enter macbeth gret glamis
o the derk an cryhaudon haud on enter macbeth
ye dinna half get excitedhaudon haud on i ll
[exhale] i want more f1117: haudon haud on let s
in perth weel ye kenhaudon haud on said maclaurin
mak this unco yill oursellshaudon haud on yeir grace
half get excited haud onhaudon i ll dae this
want more f1117: haud onhaudon let s mak some
weel ye ken haud onhaudon said maclaurin this slave
unco yill oursells haud onhaudon yeir grace the auld
ti the hill an taenhaudo a strenth they ve
go and play [inaudible] f1101: haudon a sec in you
we go noo f1101: ayehaudon aye f1102: it s
do my jigsaw first f1101: haudon [note: calling to dad] we ll be
f1102: aye hot f1101: righthaudon till i clip this
freezin f1102: mum [?]do these[/?] f1101: haudon till this windaes clear
mum i canna [inaudible] f1101: haudonto my hand cause your
my handie f1101: i llhaudyour hand doon the stairs
yer secret or a llhaudawa och lassie that isnae
ah telt ye and didnahaudback yer son yer anerlie
peint alang the nicht niverhaudme in yer haun or
and yer seed sall takhaudo the hallan door o
wis a voice at awhaudoff it said yer nesty
mesdames be fin ye shallhaudwithin yer waas steens fae
awa said the cat anhaudyer blethers dae ye think
think tae chase ye buthaudyer grund an they ll
man aye an i llhaudyer haun fir i m
yer a frien we llhaudyer haun twa bairns agin
are staunin up like quillshaudyer heb it s affa
in yer stubborn pride taehaudyer heid abune the rest
yer heid touch yer taeshaudyer lugs touch yer neb
brose gyad yon s scunnerinhaudyer nose granda s teeth
hae wrocht he aye willhaudyer slippan fit he ll
daft ye cam hame fleeinhaudyer wheest ye wilfu wumman
the galluses you wore tohaudyer you know wi yer
know wi yer troosers tohaudyour socks and things f1006:
ti help at yeir burninhaudon jennie says the princess
l macbeth yeir sairvants syrehaudthair vassals an aw in
said anaw yeir bairns wadnahaudthe croun eftir yeir day
me yeir haund lyke thishaudticht tichter ye maunna lat
aneuch thraw doun yeir braincheshaudup yeir heids an shaw
she peers intently at rintoulhaudyeir heid ti the syde
sair wantin thair auld hamehaudyeir horss wised the auld
ben the waws o torneshaudyeir horssis inbrak thair mither
ahent ane hirst ye maunhaudyeir wheisht gin shae gaes
ye maun keep yeirsell warmhaudyou this plaid aboot yeir
dochter til ye sae juisthaudyou yeir wheisht an ah
in thair naitur naither tihaudnor ti binnd they war
the sands they aw gothaudo thair bits o wuid
haein thair luncheon areddies fedotihaudon a meinit takes a
wes at its warst tihaudthair dochter rosidandrum frae hairm
greenbanks boolin club yaised taehaudthair meetins an thair dances
gin we bene asleip tihaudthair thochts awaw frae siclik
she an hir bogil freinshaudthair unco feasts ah wadna
ill daein i scotland thaihaudthe popular unner thair thoum
their coortin taks a tichterhaudan faistens them till een
or till the thing ahhaudcums ti me ah daursay
tae vow that ye willhaudeen till ither come faat
ll need a hand taehaudi ll stey till somebody
horse till i lowp onhaudit faist an makk it
seivin the nicht a lhaudmasell apairt till supper tyme
wisna till a d gottenhaudo a copy o the
ah cam ower for youhaudon till ah get my
put it on f1139: justhaudon till i cut a
a mistake f1140: aye f1139: haudon till i get a
us the samyn virr taehaudon till the daurk chynges
must say- i dinna kenhaudon till we have a
f1103: aye well if youhaudon till we ve brushed
beaumont aye mrs beaumont tohaudthe boat back till the
matthew mark luke and johnhaudthe horse till i lowp
the e e an youhauda nurses hand if you
nurses hand i got taehaudfebruary 1998 sunday 15 temp
come down and i llhaudhis hand f1095: mmhm m1096:
do it f1125: right youhaudmum s hand want to
frae elgin okay right m1096: haudmy hand can we bide
think it s grand taehaudoot somethin in their hand
see fin you hiv taehaudthe nurses hand you widnae
heid ti warnish hir tihaudhir wheisht tel the blak
heid yid an yid reponedhaudon til ee git is
heid bangers nip ma heidhaudthe blanket ower the parrot
areddies ah l never canhaudup ma heid again if
gaun juist ti help mehaudup ma heid ma dream
gat fou an coud haurliehaudup ma heid the chaumer
sae i got rab taehaudwullie s heid steady an
day if they d juisthauda wee at the back
awthing awthing fedotik annoyed juisthaudon a glisk toozenbach we
ye cauldlyke takes a snapshothaudon a meinit juist yin
quo lu da juist duhaudon dir s ten pund
for the morn s mornhaudon juist you byde a
s no deid knicht juisthaudon nou ae thing at
juist nou n again taehaudthem in their place an
halp bot the rovin tuikhaudan forsed him bak nou
here the vyce pypit uphaudon nou ma bonnie princess
and blocks her path puddokhaudon nou ma bonnie princess
a cat that cuid speikhaudon nou or ah fesh
the door morag last queenhaudon the nou morag see
she winna dee nou tihaudti ma promise is a
voices na na ye cannahauda strike next week the
dae t bot a cannahaudbak fur ma faither an
junkies how come ye cannahauddoun a job whit is
her i kent ye widnahaudhim lang bit i canna
awthing aboot it ah cannahaudit in onie langir a
faither s failin an cannahaudon muckle langer brian needit
want mummy to do ithaudon f1126: no i f1125:
right f1126: that one f1125: haudon i need to see
you i help you f1125: haudon then move this ain
all over the table f1125: haudon then well will i
[laugh] [laugh] okay f1125: righthaudonto the spoon wi mum
f1126: okay okay f1125: righthaudthe spoon you need tae
become a candidate for themhauda demonstration tak pairt in
he turnt roun tae takhaudo it i wis able
but the mirk cudna takhaudo it the licht is
but the mirk cudna takhaudo it the licht is
haund for ti tak ahaudo the mast o the
fork wid tak a firmhaudo the peat an the
there is a sound banquohaudon tak ma sword they
it til the dugs queenhaudon a meinit ringan ringan
lyfe wad that we michthaudon a wee til the
til a hunder tho thayhaudthe dule o a thousan
faither an his mither anhaudtil his wife and the
she aither couldnae or didnaehaudtil in the franklin s
that whitever she turnt hirhaudtil it wad be weill
he did biff gits ahaudae ma throat fur aw
doon tae sleep i llhaudhim in ma bosie he
note oot ma pooch anhaudit in front ae biff
suppose a fella that llhaudma bum the way you
seekin ti gain mair anhaudma conscience clear a m
bak raw ti mak mehaudma coy the war twa
that on ma lap ahhaudma wee quyne at ma
mair nor ma hert canhaudmacbeth lennox michtie what s
ma mammy tae come anhaudme close an mak me
carolanne or an axe sadiehaudoan are you sayin ma
yet aa ma hairt canhauds the wintry sorra o
lyke a faucon but ahhaudthe ribbon in ma haund
come a capitane wha sallhaudthe stere owre ma fowk
on the puddok ah maunhaudti ma promise a promise
whyle yit oniewey morag tihaudti ma promise is a
bot napier telt him tihauda caum souch sen he
this forenicht we mean tihauda spaicial supper a d
lik a hirsel aither tihaudane ei on m ir
kistin he invytit freirs tihaudhalie exercises an hissel he
mukkil hairm mirren hecht tihaudhir coy tho shae kentna
l want sax men tihaudme doun whyle he saws
letter he wes naither tihaudnot ti binnd he hoyed
naething in this warld wulhaudon for ti rest even
hed flakes aw roun tihaudout the hens gaits an
ti ye bi oniething ahhaudsacred gin the r oniebodie
naitiounaleise the cumpanies agane tihaudthaim siccar i the productioun
neirby the houss fur tihaudthe leirichielarichie saicret frae the
dram wi the thriesome tihaudthe mid haist day tellin
bene stade in onchance tihaudthe pace he speired whitlik
ti sen in truips tihaudthe pace the wastmeinster governament
unyt naitiouns is heir tihaudthe pece whitivver etioun the
win ti the castel doorhaudti the blek stanes on
he d a mind tihaudup the brae ance mair
ll need ti bath yirselhaudyirsel frae flesh an strang
am waukrif ye pouers abuinhauddoun the gurlie thochts that
that sumbodie sweirin doun tharehaudon ah l cum doun
overaa erosion o fit wehauddear tae oor hairts oor
we baith for endless meenitshaudoor braith me fearfu lest
jaur we d brocht taehaudoor minnons fair prood o
to donalbain whatfor dae wehaudoor tongues we war sib
throu oor daith they dhaudtheir pouer we ken that
tellin ye wullie monktonha cannaehauda caunle tae this place
advises baith his patients taehaudaff an reive a cuddie
hard aboot his lugs taehaudaff the win twa days
tae tine a time taehaudand a time tae cuist
burst oot laughin a llhaudawa tae haunt anew in
speerit an wyse them taehaudfaist aathing i hae tell
will git the quaich taehaudfor ae towmond an [censored: forename]
siller at aw 99 taehaudforrit wi the notion o
wi grubber roller harra taehaudfowk oot o langer dod
fur ye we hud taehaudher back maggie an haudin
a word got in taehaudher grun while tory men
wis made a judge taehaudhim awa fae winnin near
the pyoke fur minnie taehaudin her bosie it wis
that these war airts taehaudin reverence they trystit yonner
a weel corkit mou taehaudin the breid crumbs an
kirk fur they liked taehaudin wi matthew bruce the
tae pee minnie quo isiehaudit in replied her cousin
i m needin somebody taehaudmines mr robb an i
nur wud breets neither taehaudnur tae bind though they
tae daith her steps takkhaudo hell minnie s da
nae gweed tae get ahaudo seein it s you
dram tae says owrancer luhaudon or a ve sellt
tae come oot and sayhaudon pal ye ve been
time o t tryin taehaudon tae his poker face
ower sair if we didnahaudon tae third place these
aw the mair determinit taehaudon tae whit they hed
aw the mair determinit taehaudon tae whit they hed
we baith agree we maunhaudon tae wir ain tongue
language communities tae access anhaudontil their community leid 29
her grannie last wick taehaudony byordinar ferlies the auld
body cast the jaiket anhaudoot tae the gairden if
or scarves or toories taehaudoot the cauld aa winter
ain day racism aabody didnahaudtae siccan gait and aiblins
luve i promise i willhaudtae you an look efter
luve i promise i willhaudtae you an look efter
m1000: you are haein taehaudthat thing f1053: it s
howked oot a bed taehaudthe don flanked bi the
the spoon you need taehaudthe spoon right here you
wuppit roon the taps taehaudthem on faan this would
stitch through the middle taehaudthem thegether an you had
cheer an raxxed forrit taehaudup an aipple the twa
nouadays cannae be expeckit taehaudwi the notion o a
v aye been able taehaudwir ain wi the bettermaist
if a dee a llhaudye entirely tae blame the
let go a minute therehaudit a bittie tighter look
mam f1109: how many numbershaudon let s count how
ll let the blinds doonhaudon mam ll let the
binder worked and let ushaudthe feedbag for the horses
oot he d let minniehaudthe hazel fork the day
yince the flames had gottenhaudthe people wouldna let them
does erm s- erm barbiehaudher f1103: wi her hands
farr s it f1103: ermhaudon a minute it might
f1104: thank you f1103: righthaudon afore we go back
brush rainbow dash f1103: wellhaudon i m [inaudible] f1104:
stickin f1103: look oh boyhaudon mummy ll get- no
he pop up f1103: righthaudon we ll get the
mermaid s sea first f1103: haudon we ll take oot
or the tolbooth ll nohaudhim it s a force
me whaur his brither steydhaudhim there an ah ll
the airm reached roond anhaudhim tight ye ll no
teenie teenie i ll jisthaudit for a minute i
it and see i llhaudit oops has he splashed
ye go i ll jisthaudon here a wee while
na my mannie i llhaudon to this een until
d some pouer an ahaudower him i ll be
you- you ll hae tohaudthem a bittie tighter hang
her big feet stey stillhauda meenit auld jenny s
be a doddle he gothaudo yin o his auld
guesten hous keeper at cudhaudye back sae auld jin
hert o awthing an tharehaudfest foraye fed frae an
t his croon an quidnahaudfrae greetin at mcginty meal
turning lathe but he wadnahaudhis hands frae ony o
hae wurd for me dinnahaudit frae me onie langir
wattir the fishermen s fyreshaudme wauken frae ayont su
nicht bot nae hubbilshue cuidhaudtammas frae z skratcher fur
to do it get ahaudae her beth is sliding
still in ae bit weelhaudawa fae the skid marks
oan it sadie noo justhaudoan i m here fur
eftir naithin as usual sonhaudoan noo stop yir daft
five hunner years or mairhaudon noo quo chae i
there s a deid bodyhaudon the noo m941: [inaudible]
he wis deid noo buthaudon whit wis thae twa
write mum f1139: [inaudible] recordinhaudon does your ain say
bittie tighter look doon herehaudtight and this ain and
tight and this ain andhaudtight there that s better
hoose far a skiffie widhaudoot her joog bit maistly
or daft if ye dinnahaudaff him digger she said
what ye feel ye maunnahaudit in or it wul
mantua ye hae on andhaudit out sae she raxit
aw that ye loue anhaudmaist dear ye left ahint
incarcerat shae wairned wuid yehaudme bak gin junipere wes
whaur exacklie did ye githaudo t geordie telt him
ye maunna leave me bydehaudon a wee man pause
to leave ay maister thorfinnhaudon pause dae ye mynd
chatter morag ye puir craiturhaudon she fetches a plaid
here aw day more knockinghaudon wul ye a m
verra bens here ir onhaudwi fyre an ye ir
a back gangin turn buthaudye aye forrit wi an
at l nourice ye anhaudye in hiddlins furby the
ye granted me before ohaudyour tongue of your former
dae nocht about it forbyhaudawa wast o grashloch watter
richt to dae that tohaudme in contempt oh lilian
for [inaudible] f1118: aw f1117: haudhim up then i don
s aw done finished f1089: haudon a minute mummy was
there at micht kep orhaudhim back ahint them the
an li zhong clappit ahaudo him tellin him caum
chased efter him tuik ahaudo the sting wi baith
him richt aneuch 1st murdererhaudon thare banquo pleasantly it
wi him eence gart mehaudthe shotgun pynt it at
always provokes him they cannaehaudtheir pee at aa thae
an lat him inby buthaudyou the bar o the
grupper whitever ah grup ahaudo that thing ah winna
moves to lift the trayhaudon byde a wee ah
pompitie starts to move awayhaudon son ah hae a
them come set us freehaudback nae mair o key
see the interaction miller heyhaudback fae the peer wee
if i if i gethaudo these glaikit wee bachles
cause they re very hothaudon a bittie m1098: they
trouble at aa oh drawinhaudon a meenit m865: if
queen as nanse reaches doorhaudon a meinit nanse the
an truist in god gunlödhaudon a meinit yit valgerd
penny m1090: penny [?]to leap off[/?] f1089: haudon a minute so mummy
in the shop m1128: ayehaudon a second i m
vext hou lang soud shehaudon afore gittin mairrit lyke
a long shriek of tyreshaudon boys he shouted we
dirt atween twa haw treeshaudon he s gaed in
fowk mary we re movinhaudon i widnae be on
aye it goes there somewherehaudon look try it here
fingerprints there they are wellhaudon m1110: i do the
sir keing s dochter buthaudon the end o this
a steir in onie airthaudon tho suppose it wis
like but no apparently theyhaudon to them for abody
natasha never you heed thaimhaudon wait a meinit please
after the day i cannyhaudon wi my life lilian
i have to say nowhaudon with your efforts at
the waur o me saehaudme up or ca me
day hou can the cloisterhaudsiccan wullcat at sae distrouble
as sae this day willhaudthe fore fin ithers dwine
bits o gear that theyhauddear claes gee gaws o
o ceevilisation an he disnaehaude en wi the rules
hae a sufficiand plece ohaudheir sayed hiz sister an
ran down and got ahaudo andy we went out
resources problem there just gettinhaudo enough eh gaelic teachers
a bittie look take ahaudo it f1100: oh aye
an first aff they gothaudo some prototype cuddy design
might say gie s ahaudo that m1000: aye chuck
tuik his chance gat ahaudo the flesher s left
an the gruppar taen ahaudo the haund an poued
mak shair that folk canhaudontae a sense o identity
speak but pree them aahaudthe guid o them and
the dust i lie ihaudthe knowledge o delicht o
o its computer syne ahaudup in rosemount for gaurin
of course nae that ihaudwi that kind o thing
an jonsar kent she widnaehaudback wi fit she thocht
meant that the loon couldhaudhis ane wi doctors lawyers
is t teenie i dinnahaudwi folk gan into a
bit kent fine he didnahaudwi superstitious styte an anely
came to speir if youhaudwi the palm tree sailing
an girn an moan anhaudback information that wad help
it open and shouts cairdhaudback the indian girl she
it would be expensive tohaudher back sanderson she s
feel altogether happy beaumont youhaudme in contempt do you
sellotape f1139: okay right youhaudonto that for me will
five taed graips bills anhauda bit heuks arrayit as
wae evacuees da gote ahauda some blankets an hud
scorns the fae an wehaudforrit but nature hirsell favors
wove but the stuffie wadnahaudhit gars an honest deil
ower your braken corp anhaudit gentlie gin this staunin
the horsman s fearsome aithhaudup her haun an say
this maitter only if ihaudthem can these properties bring
chanel or coty for theyhaudnae charms for us yes
chanel or coty for theyhaudnae charms for us yes
chanel or coty for theyhaudnae charms for us yes
chanel or coty for theyhaudnae charms for us yes
lave nane kens dry baneshaudnae discourse that full a
f1100: oh aye oh f1099: haudit aboot there it s
i can i can f1141: haudonto it tight though or
s tale ou cannae easilyhaudup onybody or ony situation
far s my fish ronniehaudyour weesht georgie i m
fit they thocht aboot thehaudup every motorist said petrol
swallied thaim up we maunhaudthe temper up i the
the sea shore he coudhauda ship in the luif
greg again cause he disnaehaudkevin against hur sadie has
and you dinna need tohaudonto it [censored: forename] oh haudin
just the box that wouldhaudathing i mean for for
pussy m1108: [child noise] [child noise] ihaudthe bla- f1107: ha ha
yon snell win pittodrie didnahaudthe same attraction it maun
the fish gutter s sanghaudthe fishie bi the gills

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