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douglas fortrace at tantallon weshaudditbi leil weirriours at fendit
it sin youthheid bot hehauddithiz coy whedder he douchtna
wes sae sharrow at ithauddithiz intimmers thegither aw the
napier the kace at inhaudditnapier wesna tabulet i thon
the mainner at the reivershaudditthe debaitabil launs wi thair
the stele raips at uphaudditthe rodd brig ower the
maistert wi reiho an dounhaudditvirr thai stoured forrit ti
the peths anerlie the gaitshauddita caum souch an whan
eneuch monet the auld veillanehaudditti hiz wird an hecht
commend ti mak aither inglishauddithiz coy hiz ain pictur
an gaed but the twasumhaudditthair coy fur a fyow
puir tint dochter maistres steinhauddita caum souch naebuddie l
t an the bodie weshaudditthegither wi strang batter the

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