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it whaupshaw juist up thehaughburn yonner whaupshaw wis the
frae craik hope ligs norhopehaughwhaur the wolfcleuch heid ferm
2000 millennium magazine at norhopehaughwis aince upo ae tyme
kate nichol wis veesitin thehaughan whan thay wur haein
an yid nichol o thehaughtells mei at thay flittit
tyme a wis it thehaughyid nichol shawit mei ae
the praisent laird o thehaughyid nichol wis mebbies born
o yid nichol o thehaughyince bade is ae matter
the maislee brig frae thehaughma airliest maimories o maislee
royal burgh examples are thehaughg an talchan holm g
holm yonder the snoot pairkhillhaughmasel a kan reca the
the fore up it thehaughyonner an a m juist
the middle hoose it thehaughyonner fur ae wheen ear
i oor hoose it thehaughyonner speakin aboot the supernaitral
the auld laird o thehaughit sae happint at yid
hoscote ludge wud it thehaughnou afore a leave the
owre hoscote rig tae thehaughthe storie gans on tae
the young laird o thehaughand kathleen stewart tom scott
ae wuman hed veesitit thehaughan hed telt hir thit
the ither denizen o thehaughthit a hae i mynd
walkin frae henwuddie tae thehaughhevin walkit owre the girnwud
faither wum hame til thehaughhei drove the car intil
his wey hame tae thehaughfrae hawick an hei wis
speaking quietly doun i thehaughdwammy wi haw fume a
o oor hoose atween thehaughburn an the dyke neuk
hauf ae mile up thehaughburn frae deanburnhaugh on the
the main street o thehaughit wur onpossibill fur him
ae lift hame tae thehaughwhan thay wur traivlin past
the bairns scamperin doun thehaughtil thair schuil ae blithsome
fur ae joiner it thehaughwi ma faither an ma
hoose atween it an thehaughfit ma muther cuid mind
appeared near kirkcaldy on ahaughwhere salt used to be
innse loch of the oldhaughaccording to professor watson but
the saw mill it thehaughmakkin towartis ashkirk alang yon
mounted set up plies strandshaughlevel ground beside a river
ve been up tae thehaughfur sum mae bacca in
luscious traisure trove ben fernyhaughor gressy grove whaur pintles
we wull gang doon cityhaughawa the twa o em
they maun lye in stronachhaughto biek forenent the sin
high place delnabo s thehaugho the cow fin ma
conteena tae bide i thehaughwis the laist residenter cobler
nicht wi uz it thehaughkis the borth ick waitter
lane the velar fricative inhaughis sometimes dropped so that

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