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an clapped it atwein wirhaunsan it stak the saicont
stukken thegither ane hid itshaunsclapped ower its lugs in
evil the last ane shaunswar clapped ower its een
pirled wi ice an thehaunsinside them war chappit an
late intil the nicht yerhaunsis aa chappit an they
she kent that the chappithaunswar doon tae pride anna
an a sclate inno theirhaunsan liftit the blinfauld a
aa humans smell see myhaunshe liftit up his haund
tae be seen wi trimmlinhaunsshe liftit the dry leaves
nae resistance but pit hishaunsabune his heid as meek
an haud hie yir worthiehaunsabune uis whit s yir
oh aaricht then get yerhaunsabune yer heid an sclim
fairly that brian hid swackhaunsfiddler s hauns he did
hid swack hauns fiddler shaunshe did little else bit
white saft bank clerk shaunsmusician s hauns that fiver
clerk s hauns musician shaunsthat fiver held onythin mair
and jinty s goat urhaunsup ur sleeves again a
ur coat and shoved urhaunsup ur sleeves she only
ae thin pole wi frostithaunsa fermer drives ower hairstit
sly brukken teeth an ragnailshaunsas thin s a cleuk
fite powser her twa thinhaunscreepit up tae smore the
ocean s bree couples haudhaunsas if they thocht the
jist turned midnicht haud mahaunsnoo an wauk aroon the
mither telt her haud yerhaunsoot an haud this hank
a kiss or tae haudhaunsor even a smile but
says i haud oot mahaunsthey re full ae skelfs
her athritic hands och mahaunswillnae even haud a pen
s words think wi yirhaunssenator let the air in
thrissle prods stoonin in yerhaunsan the swyte garrin yer
touch yer chin pit yerhaunsin yer oxters touch the
your face is cakit yerhaunsis cakit yer jist a
een birl roon clap yerhaunsloup up an doon mairch
aa gin ye lay yerhaunson a gran beuk lost
say simon says pit yerhaunson yer heid etc the
ye just say pit yerhaunson yer heid they maunnae
simon micht say pit yerhaunson yer heid touch yer
neb hunker doon pit yerhaunson yer hurdies touch yer
psalms the tunes yer fitehaunsplayed war bartok chopin brahms
o yer heid in yerhaunstae play wi ma heid
oot o there wi yerhaunsup an get doun ontae
comin up richt keep yerhaunsup nou lay doun on
plain wuiden rungs intil theirhaunsaa cryin out kep him
wi plain timmers i theirhaunsan whan they gaed brashin
pit their heids i theirhaunsan they grat quo the
than hiz men can pithaunsti m the u n
roun sae thai cuidna pithaunsti r a m a
kiss me i pit mahaunsup tae her she pit
howk ye out than onseinhaunsgrippit hiz claes an he
hiz castel an inti thehaunso the rid douglas whitwey
tammas nor mirren cuid layhaunson sicna soum ye maun
he cudnae even eat hishaunswar reid an gory like
ower hersel noo her verrahaunswar reid like meg the
wi a weet sheet herhaunswar rubbit reid raw frae
nor thair heid in thairhaunstae play wi gin they
maister comes doun ye chaphaunssee eastawa gangin convoyin the
doun wi glesses in theirhaunsthe auld maister gat ti
fermer s loon till mahaunsthey war hackit fur a
men weemin an bairns aahaunswar needit tae stook the
nae evil the middle monkeyshaunswar ower its moo an
doon its milk minnie shaunswar steepit in the watter
birss gin we hed bruikithaunsan a sair dicht ti
thai hed fawn inti thehaunso the seillie fyfers the
ance profunditas hed wesht hishaunsthe servitor says the elder
the lord clerk claspit hishaunsan says elder at s
for the layin on ohaunssae the elder cud gie
lowtin doun an claspin hishaunsbut a juist ken a
manage fine withoot thae clumsyhaunso mine gin ye survive
sheen syne he steepit hishaunsin its bluid an dichtit
he wad speir a puckliehaunsmicht rise syne he d
grippit their bills in theirhaunssyne they kiltit up their
wrists in his great rochhaunsthe hazel lowpit syne the
wi lugs nebs chikks anhaunsturned icey blue gaberdines buckled
tammas wes sauf i thairhaunshe iftit the man the
steekit wi twa pennies hishaunsfaulded afore him on his
fidgin on the pillows twahaunsruggin at the claes twa
it in her twa weehaunsthe twig wis a deid
that s no in oorhaunsi mean we maun tak
o the sting wi baithhaunsan wi the ae fuit
inno ae pooch faulded mahaunson ma lap an tuik
bannock o 3 whan ettlinghaunsare wunt tae rove i
ye didnae fleich or gaberlunziehaunsootstreitch e en whan that
linkit chappie sticks in theirhaunswhan they lookit they fund
profunditas gat up claspit hishaunsan says a wadna daur
wis trimmlin wi excitement myhaunsan legs were shakin like
sittin humphy backit wi hishaunsgruppin the rod a guid
suddenty she clappit her mochledhaunsthegither wi pleisur see arthur
wi their rowed up legshaunsturn the peat mask the
jist stood ther wi ishaunsup lik a refugee frum
lang years her wummin shaunsvrocht siller nets wi smeddum
aboot wi stanes wi ootstreitchthaunswe d sit an talk
a pilin stab then shuikhaunswi his guid frien rab
rime the chilblains on mahaunsan feet wir sair eneuch
i hae tae rub mahaunshard on the grun tae
tak ma life in mahaunstaakin up residence in her
an the wee caribbean leddiehaunsin oor tea an biscuits
stauns plunkin pyokes in hungerethaunsoor dug tiger s got
get up ti wesh hishaunshe d gie nae thocht
the break dancin s winninhaunsdoon [laugh] f606: [laugh] even
cam forrit ti clasp hishaunsan dae him obedience but
get up an wesh hishaunsan in the bygaun he
a tummler in his rheumatickyhaunsfur fear the reverend john
pocks o mince in hishaunsglowert at flesher zheng an
he could get in hishaunshis sister wasna spared his
he is the senator shaunsjine automatically forenent his face
stude wringin it in hishaunslike it wis a cloot
i see these wee hardhaunsof his catch the nock
grace as he dichtit hishaunson an ilie cloot she
fork o hazel atween hishaunstae pynt it oot he
cried lauchin an clappin herhaunsalec airchie arthur alan albert
feenished miss mckie clappit herhaunsan tellt the cless they
the wide brimmed bunnet herhaunsgaed clean throw t fur
alang her wame as thehaunso the clock trailed roon
tummelt hair its mistress staunshaunson her hips her derk
snell nicht win ruth herhaunsshakkin crackit a spunk an
on her mochles on herhaunstae colleck her slate an
it wis wearisome haudin herhaunsup in the air whyle
wauk by wringin their ringlesshaunsa lifebelt s propped aside
their timmer kaims in theirhaunsbarrin him frae gaun in
o the law ti clasphaunsan mak obedience afore they
ye the layin on ohaunsan the admonition a tellt
thaim shae tuik ruth shaunsin hir ain an blissit
skin an birn i thehaunso a rank lurdan at
us stieve hairts an wullinhaunstae wark the wark o
athout findin masel in thehaunso prestoun or some such
the suiner shae waashes hirhaunso thon kinna fowk the
time no speakin just haudinhaunsthe funeral wis on the
traiveller s kin cannie thonhaunsthat cupped it roan shieldin

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