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poor limousin began to pleadhawguid master haw lordie help
poor limousin began to pleadhawguid master haw lordie help
lordie help me st marshawhawlet me alane for gaud
to plead haw guid masterhawlordie help me st marshaw
to plead haw guid masterhawlordie help me st marshaw
the poor limousin to cryhawgwid maaster haw laord ma
the poor limousin to cryhawgwid maaster haw laord my
to cry haw gwid maasterhawlaord ma halp and st
to cry haw gwid maasterhawlaord my halp and st
bit of mothering haw hawhawbull roared mr scott and
a bit of mothering hawhawhaw bull roared mr scott
and a bit of motheringhawhaw haw bull roared mr
ma halp and st marshawhawi m worried haw ma
my halp and st marshawhawi m worried haw my
marshaw haw i m worriedhawma thrapple the bean of
marshaw haw i m worriedhawmy thropple the bean of
wireless an thon lord hawhawcome on he was boastin
the wireless an thon lordhawhaw come on he was
you know it s likehawhaw haw he s tryin
know it s like hawhawhaw he s tryin to
whit we ur said billyhawhaw luckily the bride s
goat hitched tae a pakihawhaw noo murray said his
a richt shje imitates lordhawhaw s accent private robert
it s like haw hawhawhe s tryin to f943:
we ur said billy hawhawluckily the bride s pakistani
hitched tae a paki hawhawnoo murray said his wife
richt shje imitates lord hawhaws accent private robert harper
whom we hear absolutely heehawf785: mmhm yeah gavin mcdougall
in togas gie the heehawtae oor hame spun worsit
scots executive has done heehawthey ve had nothing but
he is ootby in thehawhe says ye wantit ti
aw ootby in the mukkilhawmalcolm the lord be praisit
wes jek ootby in thehawthe nou he s feinisht
fesh him inti the mukkilhawan tell him ti wait
the dure o the mukkilhawflew open wyde ti the
gied intil a mukkil derklykehawfou o wee binks an
gouns flichterin throu the mukkilhawkythed til the beglaumert iain
i scene 1 the mukkilhawmalcolm s touer appin alba
eftir scene 3 the mukkilhawseivin month eftir in december
i scene 3 the mukkilhawseven months later it is
thay wan til a mukkilhawthat wes litten bi a
the courtyaird in the mukkilhawthe fug creeps ower the
the taibil in the mukkilhawthe war naebodie ti be
mairch scene 2 the mukkilhawtwa month eftir scene 3
1 scene 2 the mukkilhawtwo months later shona is
an alasdair ti the mukkilhawwhaur sat the knicht o
baun ball ben a kirkhawdoun the heich strete o
cover haud hold hauflin youthhawhall hecht promised heich high
v hold haurlie adv hardlyhawn hall heich a high
n youth haund n handhawn hall heich a high
drave ah frae the heichhawthe forenicht ah ludged in
n cover haud v holdhawn hall heid n head
alang the fluir frae thehawintil the kitchen she haed
duin climmin up intil thehawsyne rinnin doun again ti
an thare in the fairiehawdid she no see iain
iain set fuit in thishawnor aw his wabbitness fell
o fresh dirt atween twahawtrees haud on he s
he gaed back ti thehawan sat himsell doun at
doun tae ligg amang howeshawby wattirs lown ma wabbit
guest but cam owre thehawfluir sat himsell doun the
wes deid doun in thehawhis guidwyfe seein the page
doun yeir tree throu thehawwindae ah saw hir dae
spring in every hip andhawthe rooted trees shrink back
flench he gaed but thehawan cam bak in a
an gaed back inti thehawwhaur he ett a richt
the ruits o an auldhawtree i fand twa coal
an syne forgether in thehawall that s richt everybody
heid he breinged ben thehawagane gruppit tammas an whyle
of ma cragg is bruckhawfor gauad s seck lawt
be fund ti the fairiehawye telt me about meg
a bit daunce in thehawshe prances about queen ah
a bit daunce in thehawthe nicht this is a
he feels the pain laughshawcammy seen this ih cammy
was it whit a hehawpub wis stapped fu of
he turnt roun in dismayhawpuggie he wailed up tae
your back an hum anhawbut raise your arm an
of my cragg is bruckhawfor gauad s seck lawt
o saunt george at cawdourhawbot the k nichts tharein
thai stuid i the grytehawi the tapmaist hicht o
turned out to be ahawbut those jocks now they
i the haugh dwammy wihawfume a wumman greitin down
sprung dance flerr a thehawit landed oan its tip
through the roof a thehawit landit oan the flerr
to the door dimps stewhawstew better git in here
in the mornin clydebank toonhawwis fillt up wae evacuees
a straucht face amangst ushawpuggie are ye comin no
manager ash scotland dr sallyhawand lindsay machardy health education

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