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this yin tells tread carefuhawdoor wheesht pause an this
last braithe robby ssh kristahawdoan ti the sile fills
daelt auld bastard laughs dellahawdyur tongue krista auld sol
tess bag that big mighthawdaw kindae things robby aw
that tess krista strong sturdyhawdaw kindae things robby della
kindae things robby aw awhawdoan lori ah m comin
again slowly meltin cammy nawhawdoan you sayin the wee
the famely robby oo besthawdwheesht lori s bi the
oan the krista tradition dellahawdyur wheesht krista pause him
time fur feelins ti takhawddella aw water under the
lori tess grip ur waisthawdur ticht tess bit she

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