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stood in a field ofhayeee aw eee aw ee
tummlin tam a wooden prongedhaygatherer that turned over when
worthless showy woman tummlin tamhaygatherer tyaave struggle tyangs tongs
here a wooden horse drawnhaygatherer with a 10 foot
eee aw ee aw thehaywas good and he munched
munched away munched away thehaywas good and he munched
98 99 the passage fromhays buke of the law
passage occurs in sir gilberthays buke of the law
drawn tummlin tam once thehaywas dry it was put
the passage from sir gilberthayalready given written less than
500 years later sir gilberthayas he informs us himself
scots chivalric treatises like gilberthays book of knighthood the
threes we were passing ahayfield this summer when a
from an aberdeenshire informant ofhaysheaves set up in threes
the only occasion on whichhaydeparts from bonet s original
manuscript of bonet s workhayused nor whether that manuscript
the use of william sinclairhays eh aristocratic patron who
why one can only speculatehays patron as he tells
memories of that death inhays patron is there any
field of hay field ofhaya donkey stood in a
stood in a field ofhaya donkey stood in a
field of hay field ofhayfield of hay a donkey
round and round tramping thehayeventually the hay was lead
tramping the hay eventually thehaywas lead into the stackyard
hay there where s thehay[?]faster[/?] f1113: oh right we
stood in a field ofhayfield of hay field of
historian in the passage fromhayone is hay s listing
passage from hay one ishays listing of various types
f1114: no that s thehaythere where s the hay
the wind s blown thehayall ower him noo and
goodness he s covered inhaynoo the wind s blown
rotation year 1 grass forhay2 corn 3 turnips 4
that he is troubled withhayfever same as me this
used in the passage fromhaywhich conform so closely to
in the field to makehayit was turned with a
and the loon to twinehayrapes with a thraahyeuk the
somewhere on a bale ofhayand just practise blowing bubbles
happer hopper heck rack forhayor straw in a byre
the great xii x thehaystraw barley and haver were
this would have been seedhayand that s something else
were intended for threshing seedhayand this probably explained the
hert heart het hot heyhayhing hang hinner final hint
combines [note: photo: 'steam engine used for pulling threshing mill and bothy pre 1940.'] [note: photo: 'a horse drawn threshing mill.'] [note: photo: '1945 and an early combine harvester at the home farm.'] [note: photo: 'cart load of hay in the 1920s.']haygrass was cut and left
onywye ye widna smell thehayfor the stink o petrol
kilns in the centres ofhayor corn stacks to let
poynts anent ryne breid oatteshaycandill and pultre and of
min the smell o thehayit was kin o musty
hert n heart hey nhayhie a high himsell pron
or conservation as silage andhayand all their buildings that
head of policy unit iainhayand alan english feudal reform
kenny macaskill s1m 1557 iainhaygordon s acquittal lodged on
times into various romance languageshays remained the only translation
on a small place thehaywas cut with the scythe
attire wither noo dis ganghaywire monday 6th temp 12
used for example to gatherhayleft over from gathered bouts
falling over the swaying rhythmichayout of body a drifting
from time to observe thehaycoddle the hooves of piebald
here s here s thehayto put inside the cart
f828: one year we hadhaybut i think mostly f606:
made a close study ofhays work that this is
coopland pays generous tribute tohays spirited if rather free
on the second part ofhays text italicised above which
is just a wee mixturehaywas mown with the reaper
to transport heavy loads ofhaybone davy a fertiliser spreader
of these terms of arthaywrites of forethocht felony of
or windy through july thehayhad to be caught between
wallace had finished making hishayhe said to his men
re- who we know thathayread them attentively we know
such as hens in thehayand fresh oceans by stramullion
in tae relax in thehaybut for aa that i
completed in 1387 in ithaydiscusses the legality and morality
troot dive deep in gladsmuirhayflees awa in bundles as
serve family at table nothayto the nags to polish

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