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it s another man saysheah ah [exhale] [child noise] [toy noise]
he forgied hir wyfe saysheah killed a sheep this
he says ti me saysheah m wabbit fiador ilyich
ti ae syde an sayshealasdair ma brither ah mint
like so boring cause allheall he says is you
yep m605: and and hehealmost says well i can
[inhale] he says different wordshealways calls me the toonie
remember yeah but that shealways says that and we
ye aw in wattir sayshean bedein the reid wyne
m speirin oh harpin sayshean i felt like sweerin
says i oh harpin sayshean i gied a sigh
i askit oh harpin sayshean i tuik my basket
an thrie arraes murdo sayshean wyse me ti the
else stoaps it naebody saysheasked fur it by gettin
mannie says pressure low ifheasked i wid hae telt
ere s nae muckle saysheat i dinna ken aboot
ever kick at aw saysheat lest in a deep
an hit wis aa tammieheaye haes ideas he says
to your bible brothers sayshebefore ye try to sell
a yung knicht he sayshebrings wurd frae a frein
maister says he canna behebrocht him hame frae jamaica
ettil ti gaun on sayshebut meg didna lyke pinglin
f1023: eh he right awayhecame out he says oh
maister and the maister sayshecanna be he brocht him
no bad he says thenhecatches a whiff man ye
miss wood says he shouldhecould write capital as for
teeth f1112: and f1111: andhecounts them and he says
says my wife and ihed a lovely highland voice
pal hud says tae himhed come wi him fir
says lu da an whanhed setten out the fruits
says the auld ane herehed thocht a wis takin
anent wee fairie wumman sayshedae ye ken whit ah
wal ay ay wyfe sayshedid ah no say ah
that for i says wellhedid he wouldn t answer
heat exhaustion one source sayshedied at c an palou
he says meh f1113: nohedisnae he goes oink oink
catch all the minister sayshedoes not have there is
s the point like heheeven says you know that
gutties no yeah f1024: doeshef1025: frank says gutties aye
driest january since 1797 sayshefebruary saturday 1st temp 0
last adventure he says thathefeels that he must go
it yet prof [censored: surname] sayshefinds it eminently acceptable so
i says to him oncehefinishes treatment hell get home
again in fact michael sayshefirst started talking about his
frae aa thae dominies sayshefor a m richtlie no
an eftir a wee whyleheforgied hir wyfe says he
can dae he says sohege- goes in his pocket
it then he says andhegives me a little hug
says well have ye everhegones where are you frae
for a wee while whanhegot back he says a
eliot says from these threehegot the idea that he
he says come in herehehad a kinna study he
frein o yours he sayshehaes guid news for ye
owre the place he sayshehaes seen sum o thair
faculties mark for example sayshehardly worked for his mid
letter james miller says thathehas instructed west of scotland
the census he says thathehas since seen the light
m741: yep m605: and andhehe almost says well i
what s the point likehehe even says you know
fitt s he say m1108: hehe says fee fi fo
aye m608: aye m642: andhehe says ye a good
says how do i lookhehe would say awright right
lucy he strokes it tillhehears her purr he says
an fits mair i thinkhehis deen us weel says
loon s benefit so sayshei begood to see at
door yeir hieness he saysheis a mediciner an that
he says sumthing silly toozenbachheis a queer burd ah
tigger f1091: mmhm tigger saysheis hungry for a breakfast
hardie tackle says i hopeheis nae a gweed player
smash kilmamock says geordie butheis not really cross he
says his muse arrives whenheis oan the booze ah
wi jack thomson oh saysheis that a fact folk
guidwyfe weill says the crownerheis yeir kie ti tornes
wood says that will doheisn t a good reader
aboot e close aye sayshejock mckay ye re here
smack andy says mother hastilyhejust laughs and laughs when
he turns round and ermhejust says aha cause cause
notes in t it buthejust says ye need tae
the knee jynt he sayshel want sax men ti
out your hand she sayshelets go of his haipny
cock jetted tae spain sayshell nae be returnin again
it cuts nae butter sayshell nivver pull the burds
tae ma maws fine sayshell no swear or act
in oor houss nou sayshelook you doun the street
sky boy s name saysheloves her all the boys
hears her purr he saysheloves the feel o fur
me gao the braw sayshelowtin doun an claspin his
some papers mr mcbean saysheluikin ower his hauf mune
war staunin tae neirhaund sayshema leddies is aw yon
even ken yeir name sayshema name is caermoulis an
says that he feels thathemust go he cannot stay
aye soft a bit sayshemy feet were fairly chorkin
me ma bonnie quyne sayshenaebodie wul lichtlie ye as
ca guid mornin pharoah saysheno blate guid mornin says
often he often says thatheoften f1024: [laugh] f1023: looks
that s it [laugh] f1023: heoften he often says that
it [laugh] f1023: he oftenheoften says that he often
is he she says yesheonly speaks french [laugh] an
fair feart for him whaneverheopens his mou he says
is reddie for fliein saysheor naething wad be sauf
he says git him sortedheowes me a fiver i
weary guid mornin tam sayshequite cheery an whit s
about the power of partnershiphequoted ecclesiastes which says that
says like he s quiteheregrets the whole concept of
and walked away no wonderheruns away says my daddy
our own native one sayshes an artist and writer
yi cut the water whenhes angry he says things
says the laddie s fearthes been ower dissolute in
mcgraw thinks hard and sayshes bringin ma bluidy game
santa said prancer he sayshes concerned fur the wee
hir this mornin he sayshes cum aw the road
says happy birthday dad f1114: hes drawing a picture f1113:
says ay a ve heardhes everie inch the bonnie
the lad says oh ayehes flittin the day jist
bed she said no becausehes foreign an i says
at dunsinane sum fowk sayshes gaen gyte awthegither he
an says aw my goadhes gaun ra amblance man
awfu lyke temper he sayshes gaun ti hunt doun
mercie tea wyfe he sayshes gaun ti kill him
another man says he shes goin to climb it
some money so he sayshes going to authorise it
he says he s stunnedhes got children who eat
asked him and he sayshes got no regrets being
it s another man sayshes he s goin to
says right in you gohes in uniform says right
says happy birthday dad andhes made his dad a
that s fleeing about sayshes making a front page
benjy even tho ma sayshes nae my dug at
pickle it wis he sayshes no sae gleg ti
a bit ae paper sayshes no tae come near
bad back diggin tatties sayshes noh comin in ti
them out he says ifhes not careful he s
s birkie the vet sayshes okay it s either
thing and he says likehes quite he regrets the
that hates him less sayshes reamin fou wi richteous
for absolute nutcases he sayshes stunned he s got
sae ill faured then ginhes the paip says the
an wang jin says ginhes the young maister o
birthday tomorrow and he sayshes trying to forget it
him an gang throu ginhes willin says shi jin
s [censored: forename] at i sayshes with his granda m1098:
pampf m1183: [audience laughter] m1182: andhes- and he says all
my husband last night andhesaid oh he says you
aye willie i says ayehesaid short like e widna
grass f890: yes f889: anhesaid that he says i
giant f1107: mmhm fitt shesay m1108: he he says
while whan he got backhesays a cannae understaun some
lookit at shi jin anhesays a haena muckle by
aa the fowk forgaithert therehesays a hear there s
whit wye wi its teethhesays a nivir even touched
ti the heidmaist place buthesays a wadna daur say
day the lice were murderhesays adding to the sense
m1182: and he s- andhesays all p- all all
sae ti the lord clerkhesays an ye re willin
washed your hands yes motherhesays and has to stop
hug that s it thenhesays and he gives me
a publisher so am ihesays and invites me through
my son gug gug gughesays and it sounds as
aye he says come uphesays and meet me at
showed them to the wifehesays and she s in
see see the damn lawyerhesays and tell them tae
ruthrieston aboot it noo eventuallyhesays and you can draw
cont- i phoned gary andhesays aye he says come
see him stopping himself fionahesays beastie s proper name
stitches in f632: mmhm f646: hesays because if he stitches
you mean she d suffocatehesays because my cousin got
my mother s sayin whyhesays because ye know the
know me tree nyil cheteerehhesays before i get the
that ye ll believe onythinhesays bloodless his mither is
tammie he aye haes ideashesays boys i tink we
at the gallowlee my selfhesays but mynd and do
and all the other bitshesays but she was a
s been in see whathesays carolanne no you don
mither a hand tae packhesays cheerily jonsar eck said
tammie stöd grinnin john alechesays come an pit in
airm aboot me shooders anhesays come du in lass
was staunin in the hallhesays come in here he
gary and he says ayehesays come up he says
buckets an ti the ladhesays come ye ti the
they re a different [inhale]hesays different words he always
dronin wey o speakin andhesays dod willie i cam
air you see and achhesays don t be daft
with his knees right uphesays eanie meanie mynie moe
at the back door andhesays eh could you shut
at agnes susan s illhesays even if i don
do would you say anhesays f1026: [laugh] f1027: plimsoles
stop playin wi that cablehesays fee fi fo fum
s he say m1108: hehesays fee fi fo fum
recks doon his haand anhesays geng du hame mam
ithers landed oot at seahesays georgie fit aboot muriel
it s up tae youhesays git him sorted he
right and what s wronghesays giving no suggestion that
an aboot ten minutes laterhesays granny i cannae i
cud staucher ti s feethesays guidsakes a wis near
f1025: frank says gutties ayehesays gutties but h- that
s a different dialect altogetherhesays gutties i would i
it s a yung knichthesays he brings wurd frae
frae a frein o yourshesays he haes guid news
ither aw owre the placehesays he haes seen sum
the ooter door yeir hienesshesays he is a mediciner
leg abuin the knee jynthesays he l want sax
till he hears her purrhesays he loves the feel
hearken tae santa said prancerhesays he s concerned fur
an see hir this morninhesays he s cum aw
in an awfu lyke temperhesays he s gaun ti
pompitie ai mercie tea wyfehesays he s gaun ti
i have some money sohesays he s going to
i have asked him andhesays he s got no
the wee pickle it wishesays he s no sae
it s for absolute nutcaseshesays he s stunned he
his 39th birthday tomorrow andhesays he s trying to
him f1054: is that m1042: hesays him i said f-
up at mother you jobhesays his blue eyes squinting
written of leslie s prosehesays his built periods are
alive the experience was handyhesays his imprisonment sounds no
at aberdeen university but maistlyhesays his real education was
mooth daesnae uise cause ashesays hissel it s the
tae a neeper fairmer anhesays hiv ye a coo
small gig at the timehesays how times change in
noticed that afore either doakyhesays how ye doin doin
go see doc in eveninghesays i can take another
laws unto a savage racehesays i cannot rest from
by that remark born againhesays i cannot understand how
f632: mmhm f646: i ihesays i d to sit
m not big on breakfasthesays i got up late
likely to break with conventionhesays i grow old i
oot yon blood sooker yithesays i haud oot ma
his attitude towards those recommendationshesays i have carefully considered
inverness east nairn and lochaberhesays i have very grave
f889: an he said thathesays i ll turn my
naw efter aboot twa yearhesays i m fed up
play football or stuff eitherhesays i m sure some
i was so happy withhesays i needed it but
poodle m608: aye f643: forhesays i noticed that she
says i ve nae moneyhesays i says well i
you your snaps sam [click]hesays i showed them to
tae the knawledge that ashesays i ve been anaesthetized
scots word or not buthesays i ve been followed
at yin o the meetinshesays i ve only one
what are you talkin aboothesays i was aye askin
often thocht aboot that andhesays i was just wonderin
1990 i remember that wellhesays i wore a lime
you wantin a bittie f1141: hesays i wouldna say no
s been bawling them outhesays if he s not
a fearfu fuss that fruithesays is no fur us
nearly reached a hunner lifehesays is sic a scunner
in the field gin whathesays is true we canna
boring cause all he allhesays is you know there
pause it s the wayhesays it cammy woooooh fuckin
aginst ma haun ye kenhesays it s aginst ma
have wi yin o therehesays it s great eh
it was the wrang weyhesays it s i just
pan in the mid 90shesays it s proved itself
suddenly i felt free ofhesays it s strangely reassuring
s not the case ratherhesays it s that glaswegians
gets even mair serious lookinhesays it s the other
book cammy fuck all lesshesays it thru doll is
fresh the air was therehesays it was cold most
its terrible shift work buthesays its better than nothing
sadie whit aboot beth ifhesays jump she ll jump
nicodemus of that incident andhesays just as moses lifted
these gardens constantly and ashesays just [inaudible] and they
is no tae be bornehesays keep ma bed for
ma eh on ma barraehesays ledders an an slates
small change of my withesays life will be all
s the scientific thing andhesays like he s quite
in the name o godhesays look she s a
in front of him yeshesays looking straight into my
about the present mrs woganhesays m1007: [laugh] m1008: to
hurt but she lived anhesays m608: aye f643: oh
it s almost as ifhesays m741: i think that
as she go oot anhesays m865: what did yon
zhu wu an the ithershesays ma dominie leirsman wang
beyond nicodemus es apprehension ohesays marvel not be not
oink f1114: he says mehhesays meh f1113: no he
he goes oink oink f1114: hesays meh he says meh
at your chicken dippers andhesays mm i would like
planet qualified to give ithesays my great friend mr
proposal for him this fridayhesays my ideas sound good
years later she says andhesays my wife and i
press charges i says whithesays my wife has asked
hiz shouther wi hiz thoumhesays mynd ye weill auld
gaun to help me f1104: hesays neigh this a girl
have to send for doctorhesays no danger 20 sunday
mouth you ve been smokinghesays no it was baby
staff relief is an understatementhesays no one looks forward
love every one of themhesays none of them is
right away he came outhesays oh anybody left handed
think i m biddin [laugh]hesays oh god i carried
whit he was talkin aboothesays oh i think we
i explained in english andhesays oh i would say
what s a munter andhesays oh it s it
in his garden yesterday sohesays oh we re havin
and he counts them andhesays oh yes she s
particular chord with me whenhesays on his website i
up the loan the dayhesays on ma oh sorry
the member recognise that whathesays on the withdrawal or
doll it s not whathesays pause it s the
band it feels that wayhesays quick as a flash
loo paper bye bye jobbieshesays quietly as if to
god for his mercy repenthesays repent whats to repent
ye m608: oh right m642: hesays right i ll need
a rookie at the timehesays right we re gien
boy we re playin wihesays she brings them in
custody fur how long maggiehesays she fell going in
she gied me the straphesays she missed ma haun
says don t be dafthesays she s got holes
month in march april sohesays she s welcome to
the throat f632: [laugh] f646: hesays she says and i
benches wi backs on themhesays she spends her time
see what we can daehesays so he ge- goes
pick it up on tuesdayhesays so i was tryin
the other man is smilinghesays someone once said that
whanever he opens his mouhesays sumthing silly toozenbach he
came intae the mill andhesays tae me i often
hud seen him the firsthesays tae tony deek yon
i don t know whathesays talks too quick f1054:
you and i said ayehesays tell me what s
the people of that countryhesays that a state that
to the rural affairs committeehesays that deadline 2000 has
go for one last adventurehesays that he feels that
language question in the censushesays that he has since
western stars until i diehesays that he will go
aa pouer to dorigen insteidhesays that he will take
morning my newsagent knows themhesays that hercules androkles the
that s no ma problemhesays that in itself i
s arguments were rather spurioushesays that it is okay
to er the translator andhesays that one of the
and his report but whenhesays that only 25 million
watch the meter spin andhesays that s it get
easter with his fiancee andhesays that she hasn t
years ago a translator andhesays that the same thing
has more far reaching consequenceshesays that where the negative
a cuidna thole thon aitherhesays the croun deserts the
it goes way way backhesays the glass stuff is
seik an hungry no badhesays then he catches a
huh f646: you know andhesays there they re chaffin
year war it was pandemoniumhesays they could have been
ye know the polished benchhesays they had ye know
water when he s angryhesays things bad things boot
re gordon s on aboothesays thingummy i say oh
well part of it anhesays this book of the
sae ti the sheriff principalhesays this lu da he
he d read them owrehesays this lu da s
1936 i left george squarehesays three double decker buses
on a sudden ae dayhesays ti gao the braw
there wis naebodie but themhesays ti lu da it
gentlemen eftir the conference yestreinhesays ti me says he
ah did for the keinghesays ti me spaewyfe says
boud ti get up buthesays ti the guidman a
settlin doun til his dennerhesays til hir afore ah
the hour wis weirin latehesays til his auld mither
his wyfe sae ae dayhesays til his sister eilidh
to align the articulatory organshesays to live in russia
gets out of bed andhesays to the guy in
thomas weir we beseek yehesays trouble me no more
s your old andy thenhesays trying to push me
an aw sorts o thingshesays up tae where i
they know aye they toldhesays we re havin another
us in the 17th psalmhesays we shall be satisfied
he s away now ayehesays we went er we
as i wis stupid anhesays weel du kens whaar
what are ye lookin forhesays well i ve got
round the whole thing causehesays well it s m741:
and she said no andhesays well look outside and
mean i don t knowhesays well run out and
i asked my husband anhesays well that s a
because everybody ll laugh andhesays well that s why
what dae ye mean andhesays well they re kind
the cheerier lot an thenhesays well you might see
do and i said nohesays well you ve to
to be a late developerhesays went to college in
drukken at a ruggerbaw matchhesays wes it a guid
and the guard and thenhesays what and then loo-
him a double espresso jesushesays what are you trying
he was the driver andhesays what happened tae m642:
t actually see the workhesays when you see work
the wey an walcomin ithesays whit a braw caller
keekin aroun him ti hisselhesays whit cantraip s this
speech an writin an ifhesays whit he speaks is
up tae his height anhesays wi da very wye
fluent i hope that whathesays will be more sensible
inaugural programme pretty much everythinghesays without hesitation if it
it ye know oh wellhesays y- eh this man
m608: aye m642: and hehesays ye a good job
to me las- last yearhesays ye know f606: mm
[laugh] f643: aye m642: andhesays ye ll hae tae
s wantin ye keppit forhesays ye re juist lettin
is ootby in the hawhesays ye wantit ti see
train m608: yeah f643: andhesays ye were a young
the smyll o ane legaiterhesays ye winna be nedin
ll never forget it eitherhesays yer mother ch- changed
an ti the lord clerkhesays yir freinship s misreckont
words an ti the abbeymaisterhesays you anes wad hae
jack you ve heard whathesays you have to go
mrs ower and eh sohesays you know just a
dictionary m741: right m605: becausehesays you know ma language
last night in fact evenhesays you know this whole
s been mistook fir yehesays you ll let me
night and he said ohhesays you mean jine in
had come to visit himhesays you must be a
no it s two bedroomshesays you must have a
notified in the same letterhesays you say that your
the wee window and hadhesays you takin me such
yeah f1144: is it wellhesays your kegs [laugh] [laugh]
for a minute she saysheseems pleased enough wi her
foreign an i says isheshe says yes he only
just as miss wood saysheshould he could write capital
time she says no wonderhesmells she giggles again clype
an if he says whithespeaks is border scots wha
s supposed tae blud whenhesplit it says she how
he says this lu dahestertit out as ane o
f646: he says because ifhestitches that she ll carry
you stupit biff says anhestops walkin i wis oan
wood says speak up andhestumbles and has to start
chemist for that areddies sayshetae stap fowk talkin ay
wheisht luath says caermoulis anhetaen a sherp gullie cut
says ti me spaewyfe sayshetak you this poutch o
whein bleirit the day sayshetell me murdo see you
that would dae dae sayshethat nail would hold all
other lawyer agent tries sayshethinks it will be ok
says giving no suggestion thathethought twice about going to
the gret wattirs an saysheti the otter but ah
ma legs the day sayshetil himsell a never mynd
order but eh an thenheturned roond and says well
i says tae mysel thenheturns on me i thocht
even says you know thathewants his poetry to be
explain it to me andhewas losin me i says
it she says [click] williehewas sittin cradlin the wee
jesus an it says ashewas so are we in
once i asked him whithewas talkin aboot he says
she says it shows whathewas thinking about as he
m due a snog insteadhewhispers grampa dan says don
in the face an sayshewhit ma laddie is thenks
i die he says thathewill go out made weak
up the hill who sayshewill help me i ve
dorigen insteid he says thathewill take no maistire agayn
s dug da says finhewints tae wind me up
i says well he didhewouldn t answer me my
exactly what miss wood sayshewrites a lovely round capital
saikless ye liein jaud saysheye wad murder ma bairn
about half past two [audience laughter]heaccompanied his cobbler an equally
his master we heard thatheacquired education and religion and
minister for his answer doesheagree that best use can
a scarf around his facehealso carries a large medical
two for his toes andhealso had um three for
his school f1101: mm f1102: healways j- [censored: forename] always play
o the kirk why shouldhean his bishops tell me
that his brither haed madeheanaw wantit a horse a
they were english speakers thatheand his comrades survived at
nicholls of dundee university thatheand his team are to
in his repulsive features hortensehearticulated patronisingly you may have
load oot o his fordelheaye kept lookin for the
or fairmer s loon unlesshebe working his ain or
leear ye mukkil toozie skellumhebeats his fists against the
environmental protection of his estateshebecame an absentee landlord these
his face brightened again andhebecame conspiratorial almost chummy i
five years before his deathhebecame professor of arabic at
to give his display beforehebegan mr [censored: surname] presented the
consequence of a distressing quarrelhebéranger left his father and
his personality to prove itheblows a raspberry at me
be stealin onie mair needleshebrandishes his club he l
his heid aff wi painhebrandishes the needle triumphantly then
he had about two raceshebroke his leg again and
drew tears to his eyeshebrushed them away with the
plaster on his head hashebumped his head do you
fettelt for in his breisthebure an auld haterent it
wutch ontil his back buthecairrit hir naewhaur but at
called for his pipe andhecalled for his bowl and
called for his bowl andhecalled for his fiddlers three
merry old soul was hehecalled for his pipe and
and when he comes homehecalls together his friends and
his neck like a millsteeenhecam in the door as
his name f638: me f637: hecame fae maybole his name
of his ain electioun ashecan be sa mistaken is
ll be his turn thenhecan be the one who
his men steevelie she quohecan gaither een amang the
deep breaths as quietly ashecan his big brother can
be an engineer so thathecan look after his old
his hair down well literallyhecan t since he s
it on the tv screenhecanna aim his moo the
his kirkyaird hoast ah douthecanna be lang for this
and straggly as his beardhecarried a staff and wore
human family mcclure 1988 71hechanged his stance 10 years
aince his dander wis uphechappit on the heidie s
be picked on its headhechose his chunks first and
his amendment relates to whatheclaims is a failure to
taen waur dunts nor thatheclapped his ruined leg and
white through his skin asheclaws the shoulder of my
his brother s suggestion thathecling to his horse who
should be his aim canhecoin some original phrase on
his muckle pleugh staff anhecomes and swabbles mei i
his shoulder rejoicing and whenhecomes home he calls together
language of his parents asheconstructs for himself a language
open in his left handhecontemplated the dishes dried on
his tay withoot milk ifhecood he wid steal the
his heuchie back he fandhecoud daunce as weill as
his haill life he thochthecould dae nae wrang then
that he took part ifhecould despite his determination to
his toupee over his headhecould hear her repeat that
huntlie answerit againe and saidhecould nocht suffer his native
fight their way out andhecould set his men on
his arm you d wonderhecould still stand up a
picket line jist so shecould warm his backside at
clean out of his headhecouldny see me lilian because
his faither s craft finhecud arthur tho wis a
draw last stane tae winhecuidnae draw his pension that
gang tae leeches burn farhecut his firewid in the
[censored: house number] wilton street requesting thathecuts back his hedge since
his own home the hillhed be going home when
than me i just wishhed do his job and
aff wi aathing ance anhed gotten his maister s
wis stertin tae dee doonhed gotten throu his first
o langin fill his eenhed learn tae loe me
notion in his heid thathed like to be a
yeah m762: and and nowhed lost his he was
his ways my father vowedhed make him take the
fit for dogs meat unlesshed mend his ways my
his ain flesh an bluidhed niver clapped een on
ma faimly wis his mottohed nivver gaen near the
his een ower me likehed sicht a stot at
tae see them an saidhed stake his reputation on
the doctor a stammygaster finhed trawled ben his computers
his old ones for mehed try to teach me
geordie cuid weel mind ashedandert on tae his paper
was his obsession in desperationhedecided to ride into the
pencil gets blunt too sohedecides that his letters will
some of his stuff hehedefinitely comes across as a
jobs in his chosen professionhedefinitely likes being among the
some of his own wordshedescribed wendy alexander as a
extending his index finger ashedid and pushed it into
way from his work f1111: hedid come right up from
bring him roun an whanhedid get his voice back
his father on the fermhedid hae a fitba a
his age he you knowhedid he s done about
a prize at the showhedid patent his invention and
the bailies of edinburgh thathedid ride his mare into
his stocks were dwindling fasthedidn t broach the subject
uh huh m842: and ehmhedidna change his tongue at
ooto his clorty hame bithedidna it wis the first
his brither an made shuirhedidna lay a fingir on
as his frein tam saehedidna tak tent that the
in town at brown squarehedisengaged his arm from that
his divinitie yon s houhedisna bide here in our
like miss wood s sohedoes his second line very
his jotter and writes andyhedoes it again and again
at drumnadrochit is a protestanthedoes not wish his sheep
s his legs f1071: you-hedoesn t have legs a
door cleverly with his heelhedoesn t want me to
thon day jenny quo hehedrappit his voice tae a
daurna stop the doctor finhedrave his gig up the
his hands like peeled skinshedropped them smartly into the
so he doesn t answerhedrops his school bag in
hame he hid his tayheen set oot for a
to the chemists and thereheended his days in the
he never appeared after thatheended his days in the
some distance in horrible weatherheexpressed his case well this
d reinvent his hell ifhefaced a primary 3 on
balcony his brother james thenhefaced the front again when
frae his day s fishinhefand an open dure on
for aw his heuchie backhefand he coud daunce as
thinking about the note bookhefeels for his haipny it
earlier on in his careerhefelt as if he was
the maltmen all his workmateshefelt proud that he could
his very own where wouldhefind a pencil forgetting the
vanished his fingers still hurthefinds now that he has
cuidnae believe his een whenhefirst got sicht o the
safely now he said asheflashed his travel pass at
attracts andy s attention andheforgets his fingers there are
rich man had done andhefound out his mistake when
fairlie ken hou ti chairgehefumbles in his pouch for
his verra best dream thathegaed an tint on the
sae back ti his chaumerhegaed for some siller at
tae an liftin his neivehegaed him ane atween the
broken jist his pride ashegaed himsel a shak a
the saft warm sand ashegaed his wey alang the
ill chaunce the day saehegaed on his wey for
in his guidnichts an awahegaed ti the chapel that
his mither this how wishegaein tae tell davie the
he dae that fur pausehegave his word made a
he made in his speechhegave some indicative examples on
to his mind giving wayhegave up the pits and
s bigger f1142: mum canheget his breakfast on my
goes in his pocket andhegets a nail oot and
ken an nae wey wishegettin his teeth intae me
fingers clortit in a gubhegie his yucky eyes a
frae his mou an thenhegied him anither ane at
fingers o his haun anhegied the number twae a
wye i was brocht uphegives his mother a good
fence that is falling downheglances to his left again
andy starts his rhythm againhegoes back to staring into
out of his pocket ashegoes subtle allusive author a
be seen steve steve nuhthegoes to his cushion in
drinkin wi his pals fanhegot hame he thocht there
his breakfast f1115: fitt shegot in his bowl do
and half on the jotterhegrips his pencil properly and
a real jerry a heinkelhegulpit wi his hert in
his maternal grandparents in tireehehad a great love of
end of his third dayhehad an epileptic fit which
same state of soul ashehad been his desire was
told by his father thathehad caused the family to
raise his hand to herhehad done it in the
apologies [censored: forename] [censored: surname] [censored: forename] [censored: surname]hehad had his operation and
five seats from the backhehad his head down so
that kind o thing buthehad his hert set on
and last last week ermhehad his lectures cancelled so
to talk about jack greighehad his request for early
bequest the moderator intimated thathehad in his possession a
by the number of pickershehad in his squad a
cigarettes from his seared fingershehad lost the capacity to
pretty good m805: and alsohehad one for his feet
shy confession a nervous breakdownhehad placed his arm around
note safe in his wallethehad promised susan he would
his 80s he said thathehad reached the stage when
when robed and brightly hoodedhehad received his master s
in his the surgery bithehad scottish music playing and
and reflected on his situationhehad started off his day
appeals panel the fact thathehad stopped his care because
his national service so obviouslyhehad toilet facilities you know
also had for his hearthehad two m804: two that
with his second article burnshehad worked extremely hard at
ed efter his feyther coshehadna een so he was
his heid fell awa anhehaed dovert aff intil a
ulster wad dae me anhehaed his hert set on
his legs gang shouglie forhehaes aye a laddie for
to the extent to whichhehas anglicised his work to
outcome his punishment is thathehas been asked to provide
has had his five interventionshehas done well i do
an individual member state ifhehas his wish i am
made much of his lifehehas measured out his life
opens his reading book happilyhehas reached the very last
he has just made morehehas spent his four years
that and his future activitieshehas the good wishes of
or english whatever his grammarhehas these words or or
has now amended his petitionhehas withdrawn his request for
juist liftin his feet whanheheard ahint the pines a
sandshoes i m saying maybehehears his children using that
of foreign affairs a positionheheld until his death during
for his new years dennerhehid been deein this for
cam oot wi a speilhehid larned ower his years
strugglin wi his auld glesseshehid the same specs for
an sail the muckle oceanshehid won his engineer s
shares with his big brotherhehides his notebook and pencil
his wishes against the fatherhehimself became god beside or
noble family [someone in audience sneezes] [inhale] sohehis first book [someone in audience sneezes] which
faister an faister as ifhehis lungs war bladdit like
heid ti the syde manheholds his head awkwardly to
all the varnishing was finishedhehopefully tried his watch again
whit the sang meant saehehung his reins owre the
needs a hard bed sincehehurt his back i like
she held his head whenhehurt it falling off a
at school on their ownheidentified his school sample and
just thinks that his bedhe[inaudible] he just thinks that
something about his voice maybeheintended to betray him not
his colleagues know exactly whatheis 31 07 07 the
a shuir sign o daithheis aboot his wark the
them for his own endsheis also not afraid to
fairly well like his wifeheis an intense person who
his satisfaction i think thatheis asking the parliament to
creamola another of his favouritesheis in the middle of
his mother is following himheis looking down as if
of time he admits thatheis losing his ability to
a minute i hope thatheis on his feet to
committee heard i see thatheis raising his hands in
the point of his pencilheis too frightened to look
in perth disnae ken whitheis worth his hoose has
on the clans i daresayheis writing his book even
by his doting mother whenhejoined the company fifteen years
to his tranquil disposition ashejust followed the egg as
stupid crooked wee smile orhejust grinds his teeth for
big bull wi its hornshekeeps cockit his lugs when
be beat fur the weyhekeeps his meat he s
1590s has of weillie personshekens his groats among other
spoken tae her at aahekent his place aabody on
began the long walk homehekept his head down when
his favourite abba track althoughhekept quiet about that when
face that fear through dollhekin dae his talking through
and draws his small knifehekneels down and cuts at
is now sucking as ifheknew his life depended on
many of his fellow volunteersheknew how to handle a
his exploits with us runheknew the lasses bake the
needles he brandishes his clubhel be stane deid that
mercy quine fit s adeehelays down his hammer and
is he pompitie help mitherheleaps from his chair and
the inside of the furnaceheleft his home in the
will the minister explain whyhelent his support to the
his notebook into it thenhelies under the bed and
expanding his son s educationhelifted a cherry from the
trampit on his breist thenheliftit a muckle neive the
his videos isn t ithelikes pancakes m1092: no what
o his uncle brian forbyehelikit the sky train it
his name wis clark anhelived tae be an old
s got all his marbleshelives alone he has a
it up with his familyhell be home for a
he s three oors latehell fin his plate s
dippin days are ower nouhell get his reward in
for his feet an synehell grow up intae a
his father s office johnnyhell no wallop me again
it from them oh nohell tilt his head back
on his thighs almost delicatelyhelooked anxious and careworn and
down in the middle ofhelooked at his watch if
work at 10 o clockhelooked at his watch it
measure of personal care ifheloses all his dignity and
in there f1111: oh hashelost his way home does
as a result of thathelost much of his social
his ain an a brydeheloued weill sae in the
laugh f943: well no causeheloves his hair he s
a better job himsel ifhelowsed his galluses in the
his wife sally wis furhelued her as weel if
even his rubber stamp ishem1090: yeah and he left
on his roof hasn them1092: give me other one
his bobble scarf shouldn them1108: aye so he s
his speech several times buthemade no specific reference to
the wings of the windhemaketh his angels spirits and
ower his hail bein anhemakit anither muckle maucht this
his own time explored againhemay regain some of that
you god bless you sonhemeasured out his words so
his road throw thaim untilhemet macdonald nae fairfaw or
major aye whit like washemitchel shook his head like
him his usual chainge wheneverhemoved ah gied him a
he returned to his coffeehemulled over how best to
his idea cammy disclosin mibiheneeds mair time dimps so
of offences to his nameheneeds to be protected from
usual i blame his mitherhenever did a hand s
his book on trade thathenever read any of the
o ye is eternal punishmentheniver lost his faith in
his faith in that senseheniver stopped believin in the
his haund an here didheno turn fergal aw at
deal and counted his blessingshenow had something to do
there four years earlier andhenow retraced his steps to
captain ferguson s thoughts ashenursed his stricken ship at
the wee chap came downheobeyed his lords call there
united nations during his illnessheobviously suffered a great deal
his cage all day andheonly wakes up when the
da da just wait tillheopens his throttle again who
princess spak til him hereheopent his een an at
the same letter to grantheoutlines his thoughts on that
it wasn t as ifhepaid his way he was
newton mearns then where doeshepark his 4x4 could it
tae get a booster soheparked his bum on a
his life in dumfries sadlyhepassed away at the early
draw of his uncle ashepassed by me i was
followed ducking his head ashepassed through the door the
nae lie an wi thathepat his haund inti the
he gets his breath backhepeers into the water where
out pittin his pockstang dounhepeyed his respecks an the
hungry jimmy heard water runninghepicked his way across the
his eyes and breathing deeplyhepictured himself in an earlier
on the pins like andhepit his end up and
cam ti the simmer houshepit his sting doun for
left ahint him there weillhepit on his heid a
braw day caller an brichthepit on his lang coat
he sat there weeping asheplayed his amazing prelude when
bi turner aa throw scienceheplayed his trannie gied a
this made darnley jealous anheplotted his murder scenes 5
is waesum an vext thatheplowtert his wey throu the
him after the broken pencilhepresses his legs together and
s escaped from the fieldhepushed his nose out through
corner eating his christmas pieheput in his thumb and
happened tae him m1096: ermheputted his dad hat on
his story m805: and andheputted screws in screws in
he doon the stair isheputting his parcels under the
m wi her grannie nooheraises his hand towards the
gie ony answer richt affheran his een ower me
on his houss dure anherase oot his bed for
thrapple fae his squatterin consciousnessherecaws doc hazelrig s words
soothing his mind and bodyherecognised the approaching car there
seeks refuge from his wifeherecords the events in a
while serving as a gunnerherecovered from his wounds and
distracted he gazes steadily whilehereduces his noise to the
made in his mouth thenheremembers his note book and
had done to his leghereplied ouch it s no
his ain mairriage is decliningheresolves tae mak her life
shock stirs his memory andheresponds triumphantly it s for
broun ogre carrying his clubherests his club against the
lordships had taken their seatsheresumed his as if they
did hold his hand andhereturned my grip to the
send for a doctor saeheroused his twae prentices the
wes deleivert ti the knichtheruncht his teeth but made
to his own house butheruns the other way instead
deep into his lungs perhapshes an aztec deity i
see it in his eenhes backin awa fae me
the pouer o his stickhes confessed it she s
for his junior honours yearhes doin earth sciences and
his bed f1115: na thinkhes doon playin wi [censored: forename]
heid woody must be hungryhes eating his dinner you
aboot wi his troosers doonhes echt years auld bit
keing s awa ti hishes fairlie enjeyed himsell the
ta- means his relatives anhes from rural aberdeen somewhere
s his mouth look seehes got a like a
standing in the road andhes got his hands on
engine f1095: mmhm m1096: [exhale]hes got his hat on
a chance bruce aye noohes got his lance in
on the other side f1023: hes got his name on
yes he s smiling causehes gotten his post from
he s hurt his eyehes had a crash as
his 7 weeks in moscowhes had a great time
shottie of that ain whenhes had his bath are
his in laws out thanhes hi fiving cringe two
[laugh] to his er masterworkhes in prison he s
collector coming round his househes like squandered something like
his mother m942: i thinkhes not allowed to go
yes s- he s onhes on his oh look
him in his natural habitathes out of condition then
an aw i gub himhes ower oan his back
to change his mind buthes paid nae attention so
loaned him his mobile phonehes phoned his wife back
high brow in his m741: hes really really good like
having a bath f1121: mmhmhes scrubbing his back look
in his loss of mindhes seeing times compress into
he s daein the noohes sharpening his cleuks on
sitting his sitting his kneeshes sitting f1113: he s
f1113: that s his mouthhes smiling f1114: where does
re not expecting him andhes taking his time about
naw f1115: do you thinkhes tootin his horn to
an wi his ain haunhes traistit me wi the
he s clearing his throathes wanting to bend my
his towel f1114: towel f1113: hes wet and he s
of his written medium erhes writing in effectively what
his former english touched voicehesaid are you come to
his days work oh ayehesaid bit you wis late
to come on your facehesaid his breath hot and
his reasons to the governmenthesaid in a time when
in treacherous conditions like thishesaid mounting his bicycle again
rue that decision caught youhesaid pointing his finger at
his hand in the tillhesaid presenting the matter as
he immediately stopped his carehesaid take them out i
family came from ayrshire andhesaid that his parents and
his patient companionship rust colouredhesat on guard beside me
rover on one particular dayhesat outside his granny s
matilda still in his headhesat up and looked around
vanse alloued him in andhesat wi his faither for
alane provide for them sohesaved up his sixpences and
he told me exactly whathesaw in his head and
back in his mirror andhesaw me goin down so
tae yon auld deil dunbarheschewre his feddreme that was
tae yon auld deil dunbarheschewre his feddreme which was
fin his chapel brunt defeathescornt tae preach bi a
down behind his shoulders ashescraped the soapy stubble from
gulped and swallowed hard thenhescrewed his toes up and
when he lifts his headhesees that the word is
fowk caad him spikk furheseldom opened his mou bit
in his freezer and thenhesells it [laugh] it was
this was in 1914 15heserved his time there for
his literary ambitions and soheset about writing and publishing
the huntin nae suiner haedheset his feet owre the
cryit him inby juist asheset his fuit owre the
kate bit did ye kenheset his spells doon in
back to his flat andhesets up the flat i
tippin back his cep fitheseyd wiz a sailor s
bairn malcolm na na naheshakes his head shona gin
didnae ken whit tae daeheshone his licht on them
occasional poet himself he feltheshould defend his muse i
in his sleep last weekheshouted oh god at about
like fiona she always noticesheshows her his hands who
wes whyte lyke the snawheshuik his heid whan you
loudly his big sister giggleshesits next geordie macmillan and
his poem factory and ifhesmiles at nothing or a
cancer tae be honest firhesmoked aa his life bit
buttoned high on his chesthesmokes a cigar he has
roon his thrapple sae swankyhesmokit a pipe like a
auchterless and amongst the thingshesold in his shoppie was
losing his acorn f1071: yeahhesometimes he gets stuck in
will cover that point whenhespeaks to his amendment which
his queer norlan tongue anhespeirs hou muckle drink are
over rational north these dayshespent all his time in
letters o general merciment anhespent his ain stipend on
is having a party andhesplashes with his friends in
aye gang this road hamehestamps his feet in a
his character is flawed becausehestands in the way of
him to finish the storyhestared down at his feet
his usual charm free moodhestates that some of the
house a whilie uh huhhestayed with his granny last
up ower ma sheen synehesteepit his hauns in its
the lichtenin crack bit finhesteered his muckle pot a
in at the side andhesticks his head out will
raises his hand to showhestill has the guts in
the decibel level noticeably buthestill wants his mother as
with her free hand andhestops his noise immediately even
wes fair owre the muinhestrechtent his shouthers for the
nicht sae aw at aincehestuid up on his feet
windae pane on his stiltshestyters ben wanderin willies in
dressed as a cherokee indianhesued his captors and was
had his ninetieth birthday hadhesurvived erm on wednesday often
looked at his watch ifhesussed oot whit time it
throat strings fair birred asheswalled his breist like a
hir lyin thare fest asleephetaen out his shears cut
box for 40 000 ashetakes his full salary i
a chair and a magazinehetakes his time to place
back one pace in unisonhetakes off his apron and
one or thirty two andhetalks about his own back
see his slides on nigeriahetaught chemistry there for 2
wis in his element ashetelt big betsy aboot the
the lykes o that synehetelt his frein aw about
status and if not doeshethink that his statement in
wis his first fee anhethocht he wis fair the
his bearings that s queerhethought what s happened to
produced his well trained labradorhethrew a stick into the
picked up his pen anhethrew it right across the
does an aa f1104: surehethrows doon his toys at
the drink wis owretakin himhetirlt aff his lang coat
the bonnie fite haired loonhetoddlit at his mither s
from first hand experience ashetold his friends in the
and except on special occasionshetook all his meals there
turner from hillhead of auquhiriehetook his boar round the
help him leave the ussrhetook off his hat look
was in his 80s whenhetook on the establishment to
begins with adam [laugh] sohetraces his line right back
o his enchine nothin happenedhetried hid again bit there
his pock an wan awahetuik the rounabout road back
presses it to his eyesheturns away out of the
on his ma and thenheturns red comes at me
thocht intil his heid saeheturnt an made for the
he understands his humanity anheunderstands that he has certain
as perfect as fiona sheuntwists his legs twists them
um he used five andheused four for his eye
on his second marriage anheused tae call his first
four for his eye andheused two for his other
as the years flew byhevisited his parents only as
his leg as a bairnhewad niver daur yaise it
fairies spiert at him ginhewad play his pypes for
by counting his strides ashewalked down the length of
grub so wi empty backhewanders home his day is
the box an ye knewhewanted his tools ye know
sair wantit aw his dayshewantit for ti be the
picture in his cell ifhewants to and i can
which his brother was killedhewas a farm servant at
wintered here every year whenhewas alive his widow the
went round on his motorbikehewas also the gravedigger i
to fruition his cherished dreamshewas an idealist and like
no f1118: mm mm andhewas at his granny s
have been very naughty whilehewas at his work in
before his austrian holiday buthewas better just in time
in his life once whenhewas brought to scotland and
his style of dress buthewas certain his son s
through time in 1872 whenhewas conducting his study it
the looks of his picturehewas definitely in his early
to pass by his wayhewas determined to have a
could do this and erhewas enjoying doing his english
to respect for his homehewas evicted no one will
was well into his stridehewas feeling buoyed by the
of trinity parish church ashewas garaging his car late
his seat he loathed sceneshewas going to have to
unless as somebody whispered oncehewas his master s very
tried his sentence read andhewas hung till he was
later at his first placiehewas in a chaamer with
but that in his songshewas influenced by burns if
that kind of stuff sohewas into all his computers
to the central heating whenhewas joined on his left
york is just that hehewas looking for his old
now he d lost hishewas losing his mind you
his biscuit this moming becausehewas noisy and rude and
repay his kindness yes thenhewas off back to the
with all his heart thathewas right at the other
were runnin doon his f-hewas soft hearted [laugh] that
he lost his leg sohewas started in this little
about his guts as ifhewas the only one to
his ain wye i supposehewas trying to sell you
went in one day andhewas unpacking his bags and
the time and the distancehewas worth his round number
aye high were risin fasthewatched his flee move through
up ower his face ashewatched whit wis gaun on
of his current warehouse thathewell that he had at
helped shape his thoughts ashewent on to write about
the pavie grippit his eehewent ower tae hae a
on his release from prisonhewent to the continent and
littil neives in his gizzhewes fair dumfounert at this
his pypes for thair cumpaniehewes quick ti grie the
o his favorite tree anhewes that roused that for
yin wes said his guidsonhewes unco proud o the
cut neckline bloody hell maryhewhispered shaking his head and
tears in his eyes becausehewho had no english and
kings exempt from death ishewho takes his life and
his marine diesel ye seehewid say a poo- a
pey oot his pocket elsehewidda wondered like jist left
his experience to good usehewill get peter quince to
bill and i trust thathewill indicate his support for
failing to achieve his purposehewill pay as forfeit one
his days e er synehewis a wee bairn at
his grip throw the nichthewis aawye a king in
o his better hauf onlesshewis eatin oot at the
wis fourteen year auld anhewis giein his father a
the peats were jist brakinhewis jist wastin his time
up the brae ance mairhewis juist liftin his feet
speak tho i his breisthewis switherin a m a
humour tuik him nae thathewished his maister ill bit
proudfoot efter liftin his creelshewisna doin too weel so
lewed man in this thathewol putte his wyf in
one from his big brotherhewon t tell him about
the concern of his departmenthewould do what he could
his arms saying to annhewould go with them there
called out during the nighthewould put on his coat
help him on his wayhewould say ta ta good
only a shillin a bargainhewould shake his heid at
efter his denner ronald thochthewould try tae clear the
mind till shift a bittiehewound up his line and
overlook his sea of dreamshewrote that this temple was
his letters in june 1875hewrote to fanny sitwell my
ye in his larder whaurhewul hank ye on a
ye in his larder whaurhewul hank ye on a

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