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voices cin begin t beheardand dat fauk is whit
that their voices have beenheardand that their complaints have
important that our voices areheardand that we are all
range of voices to beheardas the first proposals for
voices haven t always beenheardat home when james boyle
crime their voices must beheardby policy makers but that
that their voices will beheardby such groups iain montgomery
voices of young people areheardby those who make policy
take long till ah dheardenough voices till ken at
europe and have their voicesheardeurodesk and young scot demonstrated
insisting that their voices beheardin a europe of a
people s voices are beingheardin a way that enables
convention can have our voicesheardinside it that is why
and voices and laughter areheardirena coming in whit s
ensuring that their voices areheardjames o rourke you are
voices of our people areheardmore clearly in europe the
people can get their voicesheardmost young people just want
voices are allowed to beheardnotes 1 jane tompkins me
there re mair scots voicesheardon on the wireless than
allow their voices to beheardone of the focuses of
ti dae than voices areheardsaying guidby god bliss ye
shrapnel in him but yeheardthae low voices comin at
secondary where other voices wereheardvoices from the kids out-
cause i ain t neverhearda horse sing i would
profoundly deaf they have neverhearda human voice they have
human voice they have neverhearda note of music they
if there was we neverhearda peep oot o him
s house i never everhearda single swear word never
my own house i neverhearda single- f1040: no neither
f940: did they i neverheardaboot that no it s
cawed then huv ye neverheardae it it s cawed
shout through i ve neverheardae ye to agnes you
fluttering heart that i haveheardall afternoon i have never
but i still never everheardan oath come oot my
an i never ever onceheardan oath come oot o
[laugh] f1023: i ve neverheardankle biter i ve never
was f1006: no i neverheardany- i didn t hear
my sister i ve neverheardanybody else sayin that m1017:
lounge f1143: i ve neverheardanyone use the word lounge
up and down to beheardas i never learned what
which i ve never ha-heardbefore and which there s
jingles that i had neverheardbefore m964: mm f963: oh
this morning f809: oh iheardcause she never showed up
years possibly m1004: [laugh] neverheardcludgie f1005: nope m1004: oh
s fine i ve neverheardehm hookey or dippy yet
expressions that i had neverheardf963: mmhm mmhm yeah f965:
mind you i ve neverheardfrom norry what he s
time his faither had neverheardhim string sae mony words
wes deein but ah neverheardhir mak a wurd o
which i i ve neverheardi don t know if
but ehm i d neverheardit anywhere else f1023: kippie
i d never heard neverheardit aye aye f1043: oh
guys kenny s probably neverheardit before because [laugh] m1014:
know hey i d neverheardit before but she said
a shelt he had neverheardit called anything else his
sadie from off hey neverheardit cawed that before carolanne
[inaudible] fists i ve neverheardit clothing m1004: clobber cla-
aye m1014: no i veheardit ken but i never
glasgow one i ve neverheardit m608: paddy s hump
[laugh] f1054: [laugh] f1023: neverheardit much about her- this
aye m1002: i ve neverheardit used as relations it
s unusual i d neverheardit used like that kye
naebodie mairries puddoks ah neverheardmorag whit s mair he
you mean you ve neverheardmrs laing well what is
it but i never everheardmy father called by his
an he i never onceheardmy mother call my father
off and i never reallyheardmyself i try very hard
made locally interesting name onceheardnever forgotten sheer marketing genius
[laugh] f1041: i d neverheardnever heard it aye aye
[laugh] f1006: [laugh] m1004: neverheardo a wee stotter f1005:
trades m1020: well i neverheardo any other no a
never drunk that i everheardo but to hear ma
dumpling bessie have you neverheardo clootie dumpling an you
fae enster i d neverheardo enster but when someone
lot o people had neverheardo it before but it
man m1022: didnae ken neverheardo it f1018: and if
shetlands wi wi henry neverheardo it no but it
o that f1041: no neverheardo it of course maybe
f1041: well i had neverheardo it until eh i
t it i ve neverheardo that either f1040: no
m1042: mm i ve neverheardo that f1041: no never
so m1017: ganzie ah neverheardo that f1054: ganzie ehm
that s nice f1143: neverheardo that f1054: [inaudible] f1145:
m1022: nithered nithered f1054: neverheardo that m1022: ah nithered
s interestin i ve neverheardo that no usin forks
dominoes mm i ve neverheardo them f1104: yeah f1103:
f1103: oh i ve neverheardo them f1104: you get
folk like you have neverheardo them gladys words tae
hit wonders m815: no neverheardo them i went out
that word i d neverheardof before mmhm f1043: an
ve ne- i ve neverheardof colour therapy mm f643:
we said we d neverheardof her but we did
about buskin i had neverheardof it and there s
f718: [inaudible] m1078: no neverheardof it [cough] f718: ew
don t think so neverheardof it f1005: a stotter
remember that cause i neverheardof it f963: but i
that a scottish term neverheardof it [laugh] f950: probably
was eh she d neverheardof it of course but
thing f1023: i ve neverheardof kippie handed either and
must say i ve neverheardof mercury airlines must be
[inaudible] f1023: you never reallyheardof people playing truant much
of bairns that had neverheardof scots before never thought
but i ve certainly neverheardof such a thing f606:
mmhm ooh aye tricky neverheardof that f1009: tricky man
f833: i ve never evenheardof that f832: it s
reason f965: oh i neverheardof that f963: and that
meat f1054: i ve neverheardof that m1019: yeah that
ve forgotten i ve neverheardof that subcity radio plays
mid calder who had neverheardof the three craws and
erm and he had neverheardof this before scots speaking
is one i d neverheardof till mabel told me
told me i d neverheardof yeah yeah f963: which
war s ower i neverheardonything aboot it ronnie of
mean i- i ve neverheardonywhere else m1000: mmhm m999:
was f1054: i ve neverheardoppo before m1022: oppo yeah
he fell never a wordheardout of his mouth but
t have any you neverheardpeople from the other islands
true wattir for ah neverheardtell o it never that
wattir for ah hae neverheardtell o it never that
he is lauchin ah neverheardthat afore but ai sumthing
gaun ti pretend ah neverheardthat ah wunner at ye
s hump i d neverheardthat before and er m608:
s an interestin one neverheardthat before anything associated with
nope f1009: i d neverheardthat before m1008: nope m1055:
night now i had neverheardthat before m1042: [laugh] f1041:
is stupid fu f1054: neverheardthat before tell me aboot
bids hir hae ye neverheardthat deed ay said the
that f1041: i ve neverheardthat either never heard that
f1023: no f1024: no neverheardthat f1025: no f1026: no
no f1023: i ve neverheardthat f1025: no never heard
what f1023: i ve neverheardthat f1026: no i ve
f1023: oh i ve neverheardthat f1026: pants f1024: uh
never heard that either neverheardthat f1040: no f1043: well
diddy f1040: i ve neverheardthat f1041: i ve never
no i i ve neverheardthat i would say well
f1041: mm no i neverheardthat [inaudible] f1040: i never
aye m999: i ve neverheardthat m1000: gonn was two
oh right i ve neverheardthat m1000: mmhm f1001: well
mmhm f826: i ve neverheardthat mm aye f902: she
mentioned ye ken f1041: neverheardthat my ma aye cried
m1008: mmhm i d neverheardthat nope f1009: i d
that s int- i neverheardthat one before ehm m1042:
mm that s interesting neverheardthat one before whaur was
pants this morning f1025: neverheardthat one f1027: mm i
ah very good i neverheardthat one f963: [inaudible] f965:
that [inaudible] f1040: i neverheardthat one it was skulk
[laugh] no i d neverheardthat one m1007: [laugh] f1009:
good f1023: i ve neverheardthat one no f1024: i
dogs m1016: i ve neverheardthat one no m1014: na
heard that f1025: no neverheardthat one pam f1023: [inaudible]
but i ve never everheardthat said follae fo- follae
have m941: you ve neverheardthat story before [censored: forename] so
er m608: i d neverheardthat that must be a
the bizzie though i neverheardthat word in the north
of music they have neverheardthe birds singing the british
justice but ye ve neverheardthe like when ah wis
she on aboot ah neverheardthe lyke ah dinna lyke
a radgie puddok ah neverheardthe lyke in aw ma
mairrie a puddok ah neverheardthe lyke it wad be
mairrie a puddok ah neverheardthe lyke ma mither wul
ir expekkin it ah neverheardthe lyke morag o dear
ma born days ah neverheardthe lyke nanse it s
a drap wattir ah neverheardthe lyke nanse leaves curtain
canna flie eh ah neverheardthe lyke pompitie dae ye
for a frein ah neverheardthe lyke ye maun gang
please m805: have you neverheardthe stick went to the
the table david had neverheardthe word cow used of
it the lounge room neverheardthe word lounge used by
dumfries an she d neverheardthe word th- or the
o scots an never hivinheardthe writers speakin it they
didnae know i d neverheardthem called anything else but
gutties m1014: never no neverheardthem used as that no
good chrissie i ve neverheardyou mak in a joke
clamber in i ve neverheardyou say that before okay
heard nothing till you veheard50 fisher quines singing that
duffy s one i vehearda couple o times on
parent mafia so i vehearda few i decide that
that ehm one i vehearda lot again from er
thaim awa foraye ye veheardaboot thaim physician ay ma
only lounge i ve everheardaboot was in the pub
s right m1002: i veheardaboot yer kilt yer kilt
me noo that you veheardabout deana s mither but
t know if you veheardabout that book called the
f1148: oh yeah i veheardabout that uh huh f1149:
cause i ve not reallyheardall that many like recordings
m1008: [inhale] we- i veheardall the ones that m1007:
m734: er but i veheardall the stories about me
i m sure i veheardamericans say playin hookey m1012:
because they ve no reallyheardanybody talkin broad shetland dialect
on frae what i veheardbefore m1014: yeah i put
are f947: but i veheardbut even in the secondary
sweirin as ever i veheardbut i wis gey gled
are plotting so i veheardbut you musn t breath
and even pneumonia i vehearddon t worry i m
f1054: legless f1023: ah veheardeddie use that a lot
no other word i veheardeh artists m1012: tuil mm
from anything i ve everheardel- elsewhere m608: mm m078:
at the guesswork i veheardevery interpretation of that song
i d eh i veheardfae guys but i guess
i quite sure i veheardfiona saying don t over
the best news i veheardfor a fer fyle cauld
the best news i veheardfor a lang time fin
the first words i veheardfor tool box apart from
spode neck an i veheardfowk sayin come on dog
i you know i veheardhalf of what you did
wu says ay a veheardhe s everie inch the
though i think i veheardher dear hoarse voice through
no possible you ve noheardhim richt harry ask him
i ve h- i veheardi ve actually heard of
load of rubbish i veheardin a long time i
fuckin idea i ve everheardin my life but that
ve f1144: or hidin m1146: heardis is i well i
tae be used i veheardit a lot m1014: an
t really listening they veheardit all a hundred times
m1055: mmhm m1008: they veheardit and liked the sound
na well i- i veheardit but eh you wouldnae
i f1027: oh i veheardit but i wouldn t
so ye know i veheardit but i wouldn t
past m1004: i i veheardit but no f1006: no
but mmhm f1023: i veheardit but not really a
sitting room m1004: i veheardit ca- i ve heard
wis a pooch i veheardit caaed a grannie pooch
aye [laugh] m1013: i veheardit caed the bog afore
heard it ca- i veheardit called the sittin room
it again [laugh] i veheardit enough i mean we
i love it have youheardit f812: well i ve
s how i ve oftenheardit f965: d- were they
[inhale] i ve i veheardit from a a number
t honest say i veheardit here but yes i
[?]aye i widnae use that.[/?] f1025: sometimes you veheardit if it if if
f1009: i ve i veheardit in in skye m1008:
f1005: aye well i veheardit in the past m1004:
t know f1023: i veheardit [inaudible] heard it no
loony bin doll you veheardit mmmmh silence ed let
i ve heard it [inaudible]heardit no neither would i
them away cause they veheardit often afore f1011: [inaudible]
ve heard that i veheardit right enough m1004: that
say it but i veheardit said through the hoose
actually in ullapool i veheardit used a few miraculous
t think i ve everheardit used by non gaelic
f1009: [laugh] m1007: i veheardit used m1055: here m1007:
it aw but i veheardit ye ken but i
girlfriend all these i veheardm1007: yep i ve heard
whereas you know you veheardme saying i ve got
s kinda and i veheardmedical students say that as
all that now you veheardmr beaumont s orders so
been greeting so you veheardmrs beaumont heard what harry
s not tha- i veheardmuch worse m1020: somebody that
[inaudible] m1010: eh i veheardmy faither sayin aboot a
room yeah m1014: i veheardmy mother an faither usin
english but eh i veheardmy sister quite often saying
f1024: nipper nipper i veheardnipper or kid f1025: kid
was her favourite you veheardnothing till you ve heard
wee stotter f1005: i veheardo a stotter but i
a ve aye an aftenheardo c wa up da
f1043: oh no i veheardo it aye well used
nae something i ve everheardo m999: no m1000: no
s elderberry wine ye veheardo scottish justice but ye
another one settee i veheardo that yeah f1054: that
gaggy f1144: gaggy i veheardo that yeah [inaudible] m1146:
t know if you veheardof all these supposed libyan
taught me but i veheardof her m605: i mean
of i think i veheardof him but i ve
[tut] i think i veheardof i think i ve
ridiculous name i ve everheardof in my life when
t know like i veheardof it before but i
can t say i veheardof it i m ashamed
combined yeah f1155: i veheardof it then oh cause
word that i ve naeheardof ken that s f831:
ve you know you veheardof maryhill and you know
a land that i veheardof once in a lullaby
would use but i veheardof skelpit leatherin which brings
erm f963: i ve actuallyheardof somebody making that journey
somethin like that i veheardof that i don t
and eh f746: i veheardof that yeah f978: then
are yeah m608: i veheardof them in glasgow in
ve heard i ve actuallyheardof thowing out the ashes
was eh but i veheardoh that s like a
[laugh] m1008: and i veheardone or two people who
f1054: no but i veheardor i really like it
just i ve i veheardpeople say that for example
right m1014: well i veheardpeople sayin ye know talkin
ve m1008: word yes m1055: heardpeople saying in using it
have you know i veheardpeople singing in this dialect
they used an i veheardqu- used quite often not
tae see if they veheardronnie how much damage at
second year but i veheardrumours to the contrary i
the first person i veheardsay that actually f1018: mm
the first person i veheardsay that [?]margaret[/?] it s
fitever [exhale] eh i veheardsome english dialects an i
f1150: no although i veheardsome people say that they
in the secondary i veheardsome talking to each other
name stuck f1145: i veheardsomeone call their grandfather gaga
there there u- i veheardsomething like old s- the
sort of i ve obviouslyheardstories about the tapes that
ma misfortune an i veheardsyne that he crawled oot
ye may catch i veheardtell but say it low
shi jin aweill a veheardtell o him but he
eve noo steady a veheardtell they re aw reservit
turn some hooanever ah veheardtelt juist want money fur
him aye m1017: i veheardthat aye i ve heard
an m959: yeah i veheardthat aye [throat] [laugh] f958:
f1143: yeah f1144: heard thatheardthat before f1143: i ve
yeah i ve i veheardthat but it s m1008:
lint and just i veheardthat but it s not
[?]ye a batter in school as well[/?] [inaudible] f1143: i veheardthat but when i was
the [?]pet[/?] aye i veheardthat f1024: takin the pet
ye see i ve noheardthat f1054: aye ye can
go on yersel jimmy m642: heardthat f643: oh you ve
the first time i veheardthat for a long long
f1143: hackit yeah i veheardthat hackit f1054: that s
i like that i veheardthat i they say that
duff aye aye i veheardthat i ve heard it
m865: yeah well i veheardthat it s always very
one i ve no reallyheardthat m1014: or bowfed him
heard that aye i veheardthat m1016: you re older
kinds of foodstuffs i veheardthat mealy puddings were sometimes
handed f1026: yeah i veheardthat one as well f1023:
don t think they veheardthat one before do you
t think i ve everheardthat one f1024: hellish [laugh]
f1026: no i ve notheardthat one f1024: my mum
oh possibly aye i veheardthat one i wouldnae use
ve no you ve noheardthat one [laugh] f1054: [laugh]
t say i ve everheardthat one m1007: nope m1055:
the highlands that you veheardthat one m1008: mmhm yes
m1146: mmhm yeah i veheardthat one used quite a
take the strunts i veheardthat one yeah m1146: strunts
a wee man i veheardthat sayin m1016: mmhm or
onie man meg ah veheardthat storie afore gin it
m glad i ve notheardthat story about five thousand
not i ve i veheardthat story quite a lot
are l- well i veheardthat there are local writers
is that cause i veheardthat used in kind of
s usually f1006: i veheardthat used too i think
it wes moula ah veheardthat yairn afore an ah
oh right f1026: i veheardthat yeah but mmhm f1023:
f1143: mmhm f1145: i veheardthe children talk about chuckin
dated usage but i veheardthe first 2 recently otherwise
it eilidh ah ve juistheardthe graundest word moula is
and i think i veheardthe kids say hurl as
blooter you yeah i veheardthe kids say that you
supertramp [laugh] m815: i veheardthe name but you know
rintoul ah think ah veheardthe name hastily changing the
sent i m sure iheardthe sadness because i ve
don t know i veheardthe wife say her hubby
aboot it m1017: i veheardthe wife shoutin aboot the
know if you ve everheardthe word but long ago
and bottom well i veheardthe word masel fae aal
heard m1007: yep i veheardthem all but i don
fairmin logic i ve evenheardthem broth wis aye they
of m1015: yeah i veheardthem gutties as well yeah
mmhm m1161: yeah i veheardthem in the canteen speaking
the opening line i veheardthem lilting at our yowe
wouldnae yaise them i veheardthem now that they re
any stories m1017: i veheardthem sayin he- oh he
the playground but i veheardthem speak it in the
s masses f1145: i veheardthere s wiser on the
ultra violet rays a veheardthey re like tae gie
m865: [laugh] yeah i veheardthis before yeah must be
as the front i veheardthis kind of waistcoat being
eh s- i ve noheardup the sti- i have
think i i ve everheardused in normal english anyway
a sayin that i veheardused quite a few times
you ve heard mrs beaumontheardwhat harry that the clack
reputation lilian jack you veheardwhat he says you have
only one i ve actuallyheardwhich always provokes him they
ve monie an monie timesheardwhit a hero ye are
news harry aye i veheardyou got a good leathering
[inaudible] f965: but you veheardyou knew the word peever
it myself but i veheardyou know it being used
s a word i veheardyou know like you hear
oh hooray they must haveheardyou singing they ve jumped
up to make its voiceheard11 54 lord james douglas
ma bones shiverin and ahhearda voice far away in
a muckle stane whan ihearda voice in front o
tae pu the trigger ahearda weeny voice nae bigger
voice of the victim isheardabove that of the criminal
a voice which will beheardand listened to by local
that the nurses voice isheardat every possible level in
ye can mak yer voiceheardcontents scottish democracy in action
you can make your voiceheardcontents scottish democracy in action
and a pleasant voice isheardfeather juist a wee bit
and shona s voice isheardfrom offstage shona himsell is
a pause my disbelieving mindheardhis almost familiar accented voice
ensuring scotland s voice isheardin the convention and that
his ain voice bauldy hadnaheardme comin near him an
mrs boyter i thought iheardmy man s voice mr
voice of the needle isheardneedle ah dinna lyke this
because of that she justheardshe hears a voice in
ever ah coud whan ahheardah wes wantit queen it
must have has anyone everheardand it is actually true
okay ehm have you everheardeh of a language called
only time i d everheardit called appleringie was as
evidence that i have everheardmore seriously it seems that
i ever if i everheardmysel pit it on i
accent that i have everheardnaebody speaks that any langer
[laugh] nobody else has everheardo it [laugh] sheep s
sae that naebodie haes everheardo me an naebodie can
ye ever have ye everheardof an oogiecapiv f1054: [laugh]
asked whether they had everheardof the committee of the
f1023: yeah ye hardly everheardof truant f1026: people would
you know have you everheardof w-w- would you like
the best word ah everheardsae it is enter shona
wittiest reply i have everheardshe mangled me she ate
not think i have everheardso many in relation to
right enough before i everheardthe first names mentioned ye
m865: mm have you everheardthe term scots not referring
m865: eh have you everheardthe term scots referring not
in skye have you everheardthem used in skye f1009:
a language have you everheardthis m952: na no [laugh]
the only one i everheardusing that but there was
the first music i everheardwas the fiddle mmhm f746:
that s all you everheardyou know m608: yeah m1163:
a matter of routine weheardabout that in evidence that
evidence that this committee hasheardand on wider experience i
people and we have allheardanecdotal evidence about them however
low linda fabiani i haveheardanecdotal evidence of and read
on the figures i haveheardanecdotal evidence that the staff
evidence that the procedures committeeheardas part of its consultative
in england and wales weheardconflicting evidence about whether private
the inquiry we have probablyheardenough research evidence but perhaps
no national agreements however weheardevidence earlier that the marketplace
be aware we have alreadyheardevidence from a range of
opinions too the european committeeheardevidence from andrew duff the
inquiry highland council the committeeheardevidence from councillor david green
charity law reform when weheardevidence from jean mcfadden it
at stage 1 the committeeheardevidence from local authority officers
local enterprise companies the committeeheardevidence from mr gordon cox
said at stage 1 weheardevidence from professor alan miller
a moment maureen macmillan weheardevidence from scottish natural heritage
at 10 04am the committeeheardevidence from the following witness
investigation of complaints the committeeheardevidence from the following witness
investigation of complaints the committeeheardevidence from the following witnesses
2 arbuthnott report the committeeheardevidence from the minister for
budget 2001 02 the committeeheardevidence from the minister for
winter bed planning the committeeheardevidence from the minister for
4 hepatitis c the committeeheardevidence from the minister for
in service training we haveheardevidence from the nursing profession
budget 2002 2003 the committeeheardevidence from the scottish executive
of the committee the committeeheardevidence from the scottish steering
held in the hub weheardevidence from young information and
almost immediately and has alreadyheardevidence on the matter that
sweden in it we haveheardevidence that in some lines
not think that we haveheardevidence this morning to justify
of reports before they haveheardfinal evidence the cross party
into this subject evidence washeardfrom mr tony higgins secretary
with the evidence that weheardfrom the scottish daily newspaper
yes andrew wilson we haveheardgood quality evidence although the
about the evidence that itheardgordon jackson read out a
before marilyn livingstone earlier weheardin evidence that price is
lines of questioning and evidenceheardin relation to its inquiry
economic impact i have notheardmuch evidence this morning to
much in evidence the committeeheardof the need to include
of veto mr mcmahon youheardsome of the evidence that
mccabe committee we have notheardsufficient evidence and i would
of them were investigated havingheardthe evidence i do not
the board you will haveheardthe evidence that has been
advertising bans in place youheardthe evidence that we were
of other issues mr gordonheardthe evidence this morning i
the evidence that we haveheardthis morning does not make
evidence that the committee hasheardthis morning has underlined that
the evidence that we haveheardthis morning it seems that
the evidence that it hasheardtoday and what additional information
[laugh] so i f1025: [laugh]heardthat before f1023: i had
pet f1026: i haven theardthat one f1023: mmhm mmhm
lauder i heard that iheardfolk say they thocht it
f940: aye but if iheardif i heard [inaudible] m942:
if i heard if iheard[inaudible] m942: well no it
heard it and then iheardit a million more times
the first song when iheardit and then i heard
doon or f1143: yeah f1144: heardthat heard that before f1143:
escape aye said lauder iheardthat i heard folk say
heard the calfie lowe faheardthe bagpipes skirlin roon the
heard the tinker singin faheardthe calfie lowe fa heard
frae cripple jean chorus faheardthe tinker singin fa heard
a term i hadn theardbefore which was casuals and
but one case to beheardbefore your son s he
didn t hear before sheheardbut aye some m741: mmhm
the bog f1054: i havenaeheardduffy before m1012: mm aye
i ll have the soupheardit before said lily wearily
before the standards committee hadheardit we do not want
f963: mm i haven theardof that before yeah f965:
the laws we have allheardthat argument before again and
yes yes m1008: have youheardthat before m1007: [inaudible] f1009:
f1054: oh i haven theardthat one before f1018: och
and i i hadn theardthat term before f963: was
how long before the sheriffheardtheir petition these were questions
in context although i haveheardthis fact mentioned before the
rest of us before iheardthis i was in two
a fuss neil he hasheardthis often before i know
that one before f1107: havenaheardyou sing it in a
on the face when sheheardher using the word ken
word that eh i oftenheardin where i was brought
a word i hadn theardsince childhood my mother called
last may we have notheardthe word independence since entire
key point we have constantlyheardthe word reassurance we have
not a word i dhearduntil i came to perth
try a cooch f1054: iheardyou say anither word earlier
authorities done that we havehearda bit about the lack
be needed i have nothearda single member from the
country what we have notheardabout in the debate is
delicious cake and we haveheardabout mr davidson s birthday
sectors for example we haveheardabout organic milk production s
next day shocked to haveheardabout the accident from daniel
funds too i have alsoheardabout the difficulty of getting
of the fsa members haveheardabout the many stages negotiations
berwickshire ld we have alreadyheardabout the short consultation period
uh huh m805: have youheardabout them m804: no you
the mainstream elections we haveheardall sorts of contributions today
in the budget we haveheardan awful lot about the
either believe what you haveheardand accept the lord as
hand as you may haveheardand if ill hertit folk
the comments that i haveheardand received from cosla and
made arise from what iheardand remember and i have
have the right to beheardand to have their views
an example and members haveheardanother example from my colleague
brian adam i have notheardany argument whatever to suggest
of finance i have notheardanyone today or in the
it s difficult have youheardanything about scots f950: mmhm
that both arguments we haveheardare intended to achieve the
be omitted we have alsoheardarguments for the inclusion of
parties from which we haveheardas we might expect they
young people we have alreadyheardat some length from cathy
with syrup which i haveheardcalled the poor man s
permission and licensing i haveheardcomplaints particularly in relation to
additional questions that we havehearddiscussed today included in the
that ye ll probably haveheardehm skanky yeah everything s
pattern repeated that we haveheardelsewhere which was that people
come to naught i haveheardendless commitments about money being
years in politics i haveheardendless promises about surveys which
the views that we haveheardexpressed this afternoon on the
convention which as we haveheardfacilitates the free movement of
such as norway we haveheardfrom ash that there may
aug 29th you may haveheardfrom carole about her coming
was being reduced we haveheardfrom david elliot about videoconferencing
my opinion and we haveheardfrom jamie mcgrigor about some
than anything that we haveheardfrom labour members it is
it is not we haveheardfrom several councils that it
would wait until we haveheardfrom the court users organisations
reached the convener we haveheardfrom the key agencies that
system crashed we have alreadyheardfrom the scottish executive that
being given yet we haveheardfrom your union and other
milking the drama have youheardgeorgie an how would we
federation which as members haveheardhas more than 80 000
bodies from which we haveheardhave made suggestions such as
not quite as we haveheardhe deviated a little from
or raither you d haveheardher pause she s eighty
about scots today we haveheardhere repeated the calumny that
the parliament if i haveheardhim speaking more often about
absurd he said i haveheardhume quoted as if his
i think i would haveheardif all wasn t well
have been the main speechheardin crathie from the early
most thoughtful that i haveheardin four years and i
been destabilised as we haveheardin many submissions mr mcaveety
between what we have justheardin question time and what
with disabilities have not beenheardin the making of those
defender whether what we haveheardis a fair representation of
know if you ll haveheardit but i was teaching
the first that i haveheardit may be somewhere in
and the community you haveheardit said that an agent
more permanent i have notheardit suggested that there is
what oh you must haveheardit that sort of thing
have been beneficial as iheardlast week that the rates
s debate however we haveheardlittle about what the opposition
s so ba- i haveheardm818: lot of shite man
it s have you noheardm942: wasn t twelve pound
on it as we haveheardmany volunteers are involved in
smoke tavish scott i haveheardmarketing people make the opposite
iain murdoch some people haveheardme discussing the materials and
final draft after we haveheardmembers comments we want to
of the parliament we haveheardmembers say one thing particularly
the directive that we haveheardmost about during the past
could do it we haveheardmr elliot s comment on
mr jim wallace i haveheardmr gallie and mr wallace
up those provisions we haveheardmr matheson and his colleagues
vaccine finally i have notheardmuch about flu epidemics elsewhere
am sure he would haveheardmuch about him the great
but i have read andheardmuch about it now for
budget process we have notheardmuch about policies from the
past few years we haveheardmuch from new labour about
weaving and mining i haveheardmy father say that he
the old town i haveheardmy father say that he
only i mean i haveheardmy wife often enough she
his last point i haveheardnothing from the snp that
it s er have youheardo straiton park terrible well
if you said have youheardo that dad where somebody
a lot m999: have youheardo that scuddlin is that
m865,: yeah mm have youheardof a language called scots
alastair dempster i have notheardof any i do not
for you i might haveheardof cancer but i didn
the ordinary folk who haveheardof his part in rescuing
the first that i haveheardof it my second point
a waiting list we haveheardof people moving from one
you see erm have youheardof that company f1154: what
in ireland i have notheardof that happening 10 15
oh yeah no i haveheardof that uh huh yeah
in fact i have notheardof the idea of post
and very fit have youheardof the mexican wave phenomenon
only poet most people haveheardof the only one who
first time that they haveheardof the programme when in
it was like have yeheardof turkish delight ye know
the unions make to beheardon that matter you have
right to have their complaintheardon the time scale a
the fact that we haveheardor may still speak the
have deficiencies that you haveheardother people ta- say about
cut off point i haveheardpeople say that some organic
in other disciplines we haveheardpeople say that they must
any authority and i haveheardsmith quoted although it would
feelings on what you haveheardso far mr mcaveety i
reputation will continue we haveheardso much about social inclusion
be addressed properly we haveheardsome excellent speeches and some
morning is disappointing we haveheardsome good speeches i hope
parliament has taken we haveheardsome very good speeches from
school how many have youheardspeaking scots about five or
on to marking we haveheardstories about timing issues and
old theme again we haveheardthat dear old [censored: companyname] will
iain murdoch yes we haveheardthat from parents in various
that view we have alsoheardthat if highland council gets
additional housing we have alsoheardthat implementation might involve increased
commencement date today members haveheardthat in five months the
sort of thing have youheardthat iona yes f1009: mmhm
that question i have notheardthat it is not i
by a munter have youheardthat one a munter and
the sqa board we haveheardthat reassurances were being given
members or not we haveheardthat residents like to receive
you budding celebrities i haveheardthat some of you have
on record we have allheardthat the bans on scallop
the past week we haveheardthat the government is not
rev iain murdoch i haveheardthat the materials have been
in gibson street we haveheardthat the old clydesdale bank
inquiries from people who haveheardthat there is a difference
first time that i haveheardthat there is a serious
european level this morning weheardthat we have a very
f1054: mmhm m1004: i haveheardthat you know if you
for the highlands we haveheardthe allegation that the calculation
the projected savings we haveheardthe concerns of the delivery
this debate and to haveheardthe contributions of members from
to speak f958: have youheardthe first couple of like
education circles and have notheardthe minister s statement will
real identifiable savings we haveheardtheir queries about the projected
sannies m1004: though i haveheardthem referred to more recently
the comments that we haveheardthis afternoon a final draft
aware from what we haveheardthis afternoon and in previous
licensing legislation as we haveheardthis afternoon some fairly strict
the information that we haveheardthis morning i do not
view that we have notheardthis morning we cannot come
at home oh have youheardthis song erm how does
mmhm m865,: ehm have youheardthis term in this connection
understand from what you haveheardto night from the life
locally from what i haveheardtoday i suggest that subsidiarity
lewis macdonald as we haveheardtoday people s priorities and
up the sti- i haveheardup the stick but i
a result of what theyheardwe have said clearly that
to date we have notheardwhether they will again give
the sector i have notheardyet why scotland is such
light is dimmed we haveheardyou groan and sigh we
views about what you haveheardyou will be responding by
tuck i said we haveheardyour estimate that we will
f1054: cause i a- alsoheardblootered meaning drunk meaning drunk
did f1054: you might oheardo it [laugh] f1143: no
aboot m1004: cheesed off iheardsomething whispered there eh f1054:
or clout f1054: i havenaeheardwouf tell me about that
stop an listen when ahhearda blackie sing he sat
pat in lest nicht ahhearda knock that canna be
ah wunner ah thocht ahhearda rabbit or sum ither
maria serghyeevna masha ay ahheardaboot it nae guid wul
eftir whit ah hae juistheardah dinna believe it wes
aa o a sudden weheardbawlin an sweirin ah think
s the tyme ah haeheardit liltin amang the fulyerie
gunlöd the halie virgin haesheardma prayers gunlöd ay ah
be eftir oniething ah haenaheardo afore ringan coud ah
a sid ah i hadnaeheardo that yin no m842:
wes that a maivis ahheardsingin ootby the spring canna
puddok wes that you ahheardspeak the nou puddok ay
club ah coud sweir ahheardsumthing rustle rustlin the ogre
turn aw ma days ahheardtell o this place langsyne
the fowert spring cam ahheardtell throu gangril merchants ye
lori is that diggin ahheardtess tess yur een micht
cheeta in siberia toozenbach ahheardthat anaw aweill the toun
were practically misting over ahheardthat iverybody goat laid here
ah cam tae again ahheardthe stoundin o anither hert
an silky flesh later ahheardthe verra same soun on
an inta bed when ahheardthem leavin ten seconds a
a passing fire engine isheardthis is terrible ah m
yoo hoo hey ya areheardtoozenbach but ah maun awa
fyne no bad ah haeheardwaur it soonds awricht whit
dinna mean that thorfinn yeheardwhit ah said valgerd that
valgerd mak reddie ah haeheardwhit haes happent til ye
valgerd ai but ah haeheardye as lang s ye
stout stout stick ringan ahheardye war in this chaumer
are ye quo he ahheardyer voce in the yaird
juist ti fash us ahheardyestrein she s ettlin ti
f1071: ah [exhale] m1070: iheardyou went out f1071: [tapping]
tae come awa again ihearda bit o a reeshle
wan ti meiklebrig toun theyhearda bodie say i the
gaun clickety click when ihearda cheep cheep this little
making her opening remarks ihearda chirp coming from my
along alderman road when ihearda disturbance at the back
f1009: mmhm m1008: and ihearda it s a longer
turnet for e hoose ihearda kinna bark fae e
i i mean i mhearda lot aboot de scalloway
lacking [laugh] f745: yeah ihearda lot of people wanted
say of him as ihearda man say about his
the debate in which wehearda minister saying i am
t be daft gordon ihearda noise mum carolanne you
gaun wi that gordon ihearda noise outside sadie a
be out there gordon ihearda noise sadie aw right
ur ye daen gordon ihearda noise sadie where ur
class an ye cwid ohearda peen drap i winner
forgotten about that until ihearda programme about it a
yeh monanday at morn ihearda puir auld grey meer
scottish borders [inaudible] f809: ihearda really interesting thing the
o elm trees whan ihearda splash then anither that
tae raise the rod ihearda step an alang cam
mull ducat o arnhead ihearda story about him ducat
yule tide nicht that ihearda tale by the peat
puffie o gas i niverhearda wird aboot it an
time efter a i dheardaboot folk scatterin the ashes
arabic for christmas yes iheardabout al s english escapade
fur of a cat iheardabout gaia quite by chance
in does it hurt iheardabout it this morning and
i thought that he hadheardabout last night and dr
best the best story iheardabout that f965: [laugh] and
right no i hadn theardabout that f978: and you
said how are you iheardabout the accident of course
to know how he hadheardabout the accident oh i
along the m8 so iheardabout this on the radio
es biz bizzin i dheardagain in aastrian alps i
movement f785: mmhm ehm iheardanne donovan talk and she
keeping well i haven theardanything of norrie lily well
did that from what iheardanyway a lot of people
eu states as you probablyheardat previous meetings i do
auld he wis so iheardauld eneuch tae ken better
the first time i dheardaye right an i thought
you hear beaumont aye iheardbut you you see naething
to the chickens i recentlyheardby the way of a
invade it i haven theardcarole s reaction to sadat
breadth of the land iheardcathy peattie saying that someone
for their concerns to beheardconsidered and i hope taken
did the deserting when iheardcoulter s candy from some
owld trash an i mhearddem on aboot watter divinin
you know various people hadhearddifferent words an oh i
about whisky than i dheardduring a lifetime in scotland
richt ill teen an ihearde left it at e
anither time lang seen ihearde same meesic in a
ran for e road ihearde twa o em laachin
i think mr monteith weheardearlier that mr miller the
t been i hears iheardeen eyes dat that those
fae here in fact iheardefterhin she hid a loon
another one i hadn theardehm until i mentioned it
was the latest figure ihearder people corpus linguists of
you look more closely iheardfarrach from my french teacher
a bittie deif hen yeheardfine fit i said wid
institute s very aggrieved iheardfolk saying that if it
and eh an expression iheardfrom again one of my
right stuff the last iheardfrom chrissie she was keeping
has been unusually mild iheardfrom one of the librarians
words and sayings that iheardfrom the folk around me
getting on i haven theardfrom you at all this
blythe o a suddenty iheardgrannie fusper tae peter fit
a bit disappointed when iheardhe was going to be
heaven or tae hell iheardhe wasna deid when they
in parliament only when iheardhelen eadie clarifying what saga
know switch it off iheardher being interviewed on radio
it s it s iheardher last day he s
has talked about jobs iheardher on the radio the
ceiling above my head iheardher stomp towards the window
worth all the hassle iheardhim ask as he opened
and again today if iheardhim correctly the first minister
its merk i sweir iheardhim hoast the worry a
i m sure i evenheardhim refer to a loch
sing the beautifull song iheardhim sing 30 years ago
tolled an hour later iheardhim stir and soon the
swear at work i dheardhim swearin at work but
says that s what iheardhim trying to catch her
portrait gallery but whin iheardhit wid be gyaain tae
in basingstoke i haven theardhow he got on afterwards
convincing argument that the committeeheardi see that he is
that greitin an maenin wesheardi the air an eldritch
at hairst time a ballantheardi the park gut scrapers
of magazines as she dheardi wasn t well i
also fair forfochen which iheardin california falkirk ye know
m605: i think it sheardin lanarkshire and ayr- it
s the best news iheardin years we ll get
song f1104: [tut] [inhale] iheardit at [censored: forename] s yesterday
speak o the toun iheardit at the institute ane
i cannot remember where iheardit but it was mentioned
[laugh] [laugh] m1055: i iheardit for the first time
believe it i hadn theardit for years f963: right
you know i think iheardit in that like a
love an i hadn theardit in this context at
[inaudible] m939: [inaudible] eh iheardit m942: cause in every
tae hear t nooadays iheardit on e veitsch an
thing aboot at gairman iheardit on e wireless receiver
from the horse s iheardit straight from the horse
sun i mean i onlyheardit the other day but
and not too cold iheardit was about 15 c
minnie swore richt then iheardjock dow spikkin tae alec
tom leonard norman maccaig iheardlater that the video caused
to her personally but iheardm741: right cool uh huh
i dinna think i iverheardma faither sing bonnier the
manager comin along an iheardmy dad say this kei
i mean i he- iheardmy grandsons talkin aboot eyes
thing on monday morning iheardmyself saying and take the
this happening although i dheardnews of it on the
this ritual pleased me iheardno more breaking twigs when
t know i haven theardof anyone that [?]could do[/?] that
m1008: which i hadn theardof at the time funnily
show i had only actuallyheardof four one was a
struck me when i firstheardof it it s a
going on i haven theardof it m055: mmhm mmhm
around for funds i recentlyheardof one small organisation in
mean i i i dheardof them myself er there
eh ye know and beinheardon on the media i
of an interview that iheardon scottish television some time
the rest are fine iheardon t v that they
face on alastair i justheardon the grapevine that this
the other day but iheardone o the kids sayin
yes m1008: i i actuallyheardone of them saying somebody
wrang wi that i havenaeheardonie argument today that persuades
the wye through i hadnaheardonybody ca him that since
were aye i hea- iheardquite recently in fact er
the roof ehm one iheardrecently in fact [laugh] describing
ere an wi at iheardricht for e first time
the estimates that he hadheardron tuck i think that
weel i dinna ken iheardshe was mean and mains
a bad een lizzie iheardsome affa loud crumps they
because the other day iheardsome expert complaining on the
know the first time iheardsomebody say something about seeing
on noo quo chae iheardsomethin o the kyn frae
thing m1078: here erm iheardsomething on radio just this
years old when i firstheardsyd barrett on a compilation
grampians it s niver binheardtae greet i s sweir
a tink you are iheardthat ain m1108: [laugh] [child noise]
oh i d- i havenaheardthat an so on so
f1121: mmhm [censored: forename] [censored: surname] iheardthat f1122: bubble that was
bam m1108: whoa f1107: iheardthat fart again m1108: [laugh]
handmade books the music iheardthat first day in the
i think christ i havenaeheardthat for years aye ye
down so when my friendheardthat i was looking for
long time angered i havenaeheardthat in a long time
to me i i justheardthat one last night to
cool uh huh m605: iheardthat she d passed m741:
mine at last but iheardthat step an checked the
angered but i haven theardthat used in a long
his scottish reets till iheardthat wyte for t he
shh uncle harry hae youheardthe news harry aye i
fraud last night when iheardthe news that the labour
sit like this when iheardthe oddest sound so out
indeed was where i firstheardthe phrase a stitch in
ussr game because i dheardthe score it was in
boys we re wanted iheardthe three of them shuffling
get pronunciations exactly as iheardthem bit i ll spare
them mrs laing why iheardthey got up to all
cars rushing by i alsoheardthird hand that i caused
mean to lift now iheardthis lady saying i hear
be f965: some people iheardthis may be apocryphal f963:
if they go well iheardthrough the grapevine that prof
bloodless his mither is iheardthum sayin in the shop
teachers in my area iheardtwo interesting responses which i
queer kinna stories i iverheardwar aboot the wee fowk
eh that i that iheardwas ehm for the the
wasna watching it i justheardwee bits that bit goes
indeed i hope that heheardwhat i said because i
fin i wis wee weheardwir scots history ilkie wikk
said eh f1103: aye iheardye f1104: aye what s
at the work f1117: iheardyou at your work i
here is daniel hartmann iheardyou had an accident how
huh m1106: mum [?]did you just eat[/?] iheardyou sayin urgh f1105: you
if that s fitt iheardyou singin f1142: no f1141:
day m1110: [child noise] f1109: iheardyou singing can you sing
else f1142: aye f1141: iheardyou singing f1142: farr at
you singing ken fitt iheardyou singing f1142: uh huh
at playgroup ken fitt iheardyou singing ken fitt i
please f1071: [banging] m1070: iheardyou went somewhere that has
the executive and today weheardabout an administration then there
don t know if youheardabout it f745: oh yeah
world but how had heheardabout the accident don t
suits and towels we dheardabout the hot springs at
to tackle social exclusion weheardabout the new opportunities fund
about the views that youheardat the open day on
quiet about that when heheardaunt pol s familiar cry
know about this an heheard[censored: forename] talkin about the holiday
wondered about their validity weheardjohn rickman s argument that
o rourke may comment youheardme earlier asking about initiatives
about the charges we firstheardof the policy after it
s how humans procreate heheardthem talking about it when
ti ye sir a dheardthere wis hardmen about tae
a heap the ogre isheardtramping past offstage grumbling about
the scottish office he washeardat one meeting to say
furlin roon his heid heheardeen o the toffs say
paip this mornin an aheardhim say the son o
them in the byre andheardjean say to him that
on the shelf minnie hidheardjock dow say bit at
appetite an hei wis yinceheardtae say ae goose is
the road ae wifie wisheardtae say at s the
nail in the court heheardthe judge say this ll
and back a farmer washeardto say it s nae
an uncle of hers washeardto say it was no
lugs prickit up when shöheardwhit mam hed ta say
ti hissel whan he dheardaa this gin a wis
best english a d ivverheardan a jaloused richt awa
some leddrach sklaik he dheardat the kirk on sunday
her to elaborate she dheardboys talking at the saturday
eez heid he d ahearde roller seener in e
more unusual explanations they dheardfor not being able to
a bittie gossip she dheardfrae the fishwife that trampit
swatch o sang she dheardher mither singin an hauf
soundit weel an they dheardo the placie in a
at he said he dheardof rotten neeps as a
that the last he dheardshe was barefoot and pregnant
or twa fur he dheardshe wis easy trysted awa
obey her frown she dheardso many stories of women
o his neibours he dheardtell that some o his
is that cause you dheardthat war was declared m636:
was another story he dheardthat weir and satan his
minister remember that we lasthearda full debate on this
was the last time yehearda [?]goldie[/?] whistle as it
struck her last then shehearda stooshie get up a
other witnesses deponed that theyheardhim confess on monday last
was the last thing heheardon earth afore the fire
simple maitter you ll haeheardthat last year folk were
at lang an last weheardthe fash o the firth
by dismissing her they hadheardthe last of her for
eaten all year round wehearda beautifully sung song from
to get something back wehearda good lecture from her
lanarkshire with old friends theyhearda rumour from the capital
launch of the year wehearda very good presentation from
our sitting room when weheardan awful thud from upstairs
wednesday no one no oneheardanything from her or seen
of local authorities and weheardbroadly the same from the
sound of an accordion isheardcoming from the street the
hoo and hey ya areheardfrom beyond the garden chebutykin
it want different provisions weheardfrom michael matheson that the
into account their experience youheardfrom mr gallagher that initially
target in sweden as weheardfrom nic lampkin an action
door a faint clatter isheardfrom off they all freeze
heavy tramping and moaning isheardfrom offstage enter the broun
convener you said that youheardfrom parents that the materials
be reflected in what weheardfrom people in the voluntary
transport and the environment committeeheardfrom people who experienced the
that goes on and weheardfrom scottish quality salmon that
were convinced by what theyheardfrom teacher trade unions but
example the equal opportunities committeeheardfrom the black and ethnic
sound of the shuttles washeardfrom the byres to the
practice in particular the committeeheardfrom the disability rights commission
often we hear as weheardfrom the snp today that
and from them he hadheardof something that had occurred
following morning [censored: forename] [censored: surname] hadheardof the situation from the
that s where dimps isheardscreaming from outside you ll
robb from the meenit weheardthat the factory wis tae
tae greet ye micht haehearda preen doonfaa fin sorra
the lea ye ll haeheardaboot the latest in genetic
awa it must hae beenheardbut gie badger his due
hid in ye could haeheardeh laughter ower at eh
foo mony interviews hae yeheardfar the questions are pit
zm zm ye suid haeheardher cairry on the sair
[inaudible] f902: ye ll haeheardo phyllis an f826: oh
fightin fund ye ll haeheardo the lulu lingerie sit
privately james beaumont hae youheardtell of the muckle purchases
me again but hae youheardthat uncle jack s sailing
wids spikk oot we haeheardthe cooncil planners will come
the ither gowfer maun haeheardthe cry for he birlt
ceitie waws ye maun haeheardthe signal for the third
behind the screen hae yeheardthe troops ir be in
hae ye an whan heheardthis lu da lowpit up
up next week eence theyheardaboot me moving into roxburghe
his maisters auld joe anelyheardaboot the waddin sixth haun
aboot twa saiconds efter heheardthe pop pop bam bam
either think on usin orheardbein used or skivin m999:
an nae mair for heheardahint him a bodie cry
would label him a conformistheardhe had ten mistresses twenty
ye wir up wang jinheardhim an cam speedilie out
rale braw lads the laddieheardhim an wis muckle roused
ai but the yungest princessheardhim awricht she did that
strain their lugs fur theyheardhim clear s ye like
own house deponed that theyheardhim confess frequent incest with
jylit or waur fin sheheardhim kickin a beer can
faa o t the elderheardhim out then answert bi
for it no one hasheardhim use it the thing
should be seen an naeheardhis parents always admonished him
fin she an isie hidheardjock dow roarin ooto him
demons yi saw him yiheardum in the hospital an
client list shows however wehearda complaint that there is
grun until the day wehearda scraping ootside the kitchen
debate has been strange weheardandrew wilson s single transferable
none the less we alsohearddavid davidson s speech he
buil- that s how weheardf643: that s right m642:
service assessments were rigorous weheardhow much had been spent
sensory impaired at which weheardrehabilitation officers saying what rehabilitation
splash aff it anen weheardspencer shoutin oot he hud
of our guest appearances weheardtales of a shortage of
scotland with his master weheardthat he acquired education and
going on with hmi weheardthat hmi was perhaps not
staff and their volunteers weheardthat the time scales for
orra thing wis we ayeheardthe soond looder when we
o the puil whan weheardthe splash o a whusky
tae lowp them whan weheardtheir vyces it wis the
hauf an oor whan weheardthir twa comin alang the
and we all all weheardwas this patter eh right

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