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physically she makes a halfheartedmove to touch her but
s poem is ultimately warmheartedits insider criticism directed with
will enjoy as a lightheartedand humorous read water has
indeed the opportunities for lightheartedbanter over the garden fence
be a bit more lightheartedbut there may be something
apology i made a lightheartedremark the fact is that
those who prefer the lightheartedside of life any book
should never ever be downheartedtry to enjoy what you
leg andy makes a halfheartedattempt to take hold of
his f- he was softhearted[laugh] that s how my
dressed fiona makes a halfheartedmoue at me a pale
you agreed with a halfheartednod so we went into
is undemonstrative and appears coldheartedgeorgie sister of chrissie mother
is not giving her wholeheartedattention to a serious debate
wee bairnies ll be brokenheartednoo hearken tae santa said
thomas he was a goodheartedsoul and known all round
the european parliament s wholeheartedsupport for a horizontal disability
people here are very kindheartedrobert is still fighting the
james you re that goodheartedbeaumont put these old memories
christ like by bein generousheartedi m gonna finish on

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