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writings are entitult kethubhim inhebrewand in grewe hagiographa the
1 the gregians translatit fraehebrewintae grewe the buik o
riddell 1858 3 psalms fraehebrewintil scottis by p hately
waddell 1871 4 isaiah fraehebrewintil scottis by p hately
glum israeli read dostoevski inhebrewto the startled cries of
goel is translatit frae thehebrewneist o kin gif an
italian spanish dutch basque danishhebrewgreek latin puzlatory and buffoonish
basque nope hi- danish nohebrewno greek no latin no
paid tutor to the juniorhebrewclass at new college rls
traditionally believed indeed the wholehebrewbible had according to this
and werena acceptit intae thehebrewbible till 130 a d
circuit of the torah thehebrewbible we read moses s
as of teaching greek latinhebrewand english literature 7 the
effects of later religion bothhebrewand greek which introduced the
work in teaching physics andhebrewhe was so readily offered
image of god remarkably thehebrewword translated here as god
when he became professor ofhebrewat aberdeen free college and
had been appointed professor ofhebrewat the aberdeen free church
with smith s latest articlehebrewlanguage and literature a year
under the influence of thehebrewprophets and still more so
smith s subsequent description ofhebrewsacrificial practice as he conceived
father in 1868 of hishebrewstudents the juniors are perhaps
it s actually an oldhebrewname but it s also

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