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ingrid kent at shö hedheda brainwave aabody luikit plaised
smootie hit wis but shöhedbaith phone numbers on her
baith names as if shöhedbeen christened wi dem magnus
faered da warst maybe shöhedbön rin owre maybe shö
dat ingrid kent at shöhedhed a brainwave aabody luikit
tae mi rescue an shöhedkindly sent me no jöst
when shö heard whit mamhedta say i winder whit
o her an afore shöhedtime ta ken whit wis
retourt tae embro whaur heihedae drink problem ae rather
ae langish nibbie an heihedae gey strang heather loup
upo tyne brewery business heihedae rolls royce car an
mowdie hei sayed thit heihedbeen descrived is ane expert
an whan askit whaur heihedbeen hei reponed a fund
watt davies it girnwud heihedbeen set on tae maw
tae sei the raft heihedbiggit fur himsell the waiter
an kum day licht heihedfeenisht thum an strecht aff
flei ae airplane an heihedhis ain plane fur ae
wheech wei lent um heihedithoot doot frichtent himsel talking
matt askit gledson gif heihedivver been up that back
whan ae younger man heihedsum grit tales tae tell
kis o his feet heihedtae aye bide on his
wur camshach deformed an heihedtae weir spaicialie made buits
on monie subjecks hei aincehedthe pownie an trap milk
fur thaim relatives whan heihedwrocht i the gairdens fur
o thum aw philhope ayehedae herd laddie whae bade
at bade it deanburnhaugh whaehedae life tyme o dailins
ae maitter o fack weihedae photo o tammy whae
owre the woarld fock whaehedbade the nicht i the
whae kam frae glesca anhedbeen ae medical student thar
mynd on revd mortimer whaehedbeen i the airmie air
mag o the snoot whaeheddepairtit this life afore a
wis ae mr dickson whaehedfowre or five o ae
whae hed nae idaia whithedhappent masel a juist bade
gratiteed shawn tae thaim whaehedhelpit thum ay the woarld
yonner wis ae couple whaehedkum doon frae ae ferm
haund wi yid nichol whaehedkythed on his wey hame
miss l d cameron whaehedmuved alang wi hir sister
a think it wur whaehednae idaia whit hed happent
ae herd whae s marrowhedt b the potts o
an mrs campbell frazer whaehedthe auld farrant paternalistic attitude
ay the wud mairchent whaehedthe contrack fur the fellin
icksheils estate mrs forman whaehedthe local hall biggit it
the butcher frae hawick whaehedthe tenancy o this ferm
clessroom til his teacher whaehedthe wusdom an perspicacity ettle
wis ae mr moffat whaehedtwae sons wullie an jimmy
smaw meirakil cam about tammasheda seicret skeill in hiz
tammas nou myndit at heheddeiffekwaltie finndin the panser eftir
tammas didna knaw at hehedg nappit aff mair nor
in the eyntment tammas athedgaed pik an mell at
mense o the idaia bothedhiz ain thochts whan tammas
fur thon linkie tammas grunstanehednou stawn hiz gowd pendil
twa mappies at the dugshedtaen tammas wes nou wi
refaised he explened at hehedti gang an finnd tammas
gang furth kent at hehedti gie tammas the ill
ower drukken ti manish anhedti gie tammas the pendil
instrukkit mirren sae puir tammashedti hypothecat hiz belouvit wone
i apryle 2004 thit thishedbeen pairtlie put richt bot
gans thit efter the daelhedbeen settled owre the new
hir thit is bairns thayhedca d the schuil scamper
it wis discovert thit yidheddisappeared the bryden s being
hae thocht thit his endhedkum housomever the lambin bein
the fermer thit the frenchhedlandit an the fermer reponed
hed veesitit the haugh anhedtelt hir thit is bairns
aye in carlyle jyle mirrenheda fouth o quastiouns bot
syne whan mirren kent shaeheda sauf havin shae sattilt
huntit fugiear fur mirren nouhedanither fasherie shae maun wun
stour an sids whan heheddichtit hiz ein mirren wes
z than juist as mirrenhedgied up howp frae the
wes a juidge suin mirrenhedhiz traist he gried ti
ye r out mirren athednou mynded hir wirries wes
rosie hed twenes than mirrenhedthe lik whan ruth s
pentar mirren kent gin ebenezerhedti lowse thaim at thai
larries grouzilt alang ahent mirrenhedtint hir wuts bot john
jo seiven moneth eftir rosiehedtwenes than mirren hed the
nane the les thai awheda guid employ an a
coff labster fur denner thaiheda skour til the eildons
guidwyfe wes better or thaihedan awnser ti the mishanter
awnser ti the mishanter athedbefawn thaim thai wes daunderin
hed richtlie jaloused at thaihedfawn inti the hauns o
out pittin thair feillins thaihedgryte habeilitie at it wi
the chaum corders lik thaihedjuist aet cordisidron bot eftir
at melrois abbay thai einhedlunch on the sauns o
weill sen thai micht ahedmair success gin we bene
a yeast risen dough thaihedna breyd bot ry caikis
wadset quittances thai fand ithednaither a waw en nor
auld leil saul bot thaihedpeyed the pryss aw the
be cantie nou fur shaehedrichtlie jaloused at thai hed
fraucht sen nane o mhedsicna cauld hert at thai
cam the cauld wedder thaihedted thaimsells out pyntin up
weill the twenes kenned thaihedthe saicont sicht sae thai
o thair bungalo the polisshedti gralloch it afoir thai
the tellie fur thai nivverhedtyme ti gie addisence til
the laird o thon castelheda jink in hiz airmour
strang an bauld hiz faimliehedan auld estaiblisht beisnes john
a shairp cut the baudronshedane fush fur hiz guid
fortrace the blak k nichthedane onexpekkit slap in hiz
en o the brig johnhedhecht hiz guidwyfe ti caw
it fortunat at anither wichthedhiz ei on the ploy
ti cum suiner nor hehedimaigined hiz harns wes bangin
hiddie giddie an the strenthhedlaed hiz lims he kent
he hard at the onkilhedlet hiz tung he fleggit
tink wey tho hiz bacehednae pirliecue atap o t
nou awned sen t grunstanehedreneged on hiz wadset quittances
sair surpreised whan hiz bairnshedsauntit insteid bot john wes
d the mirk cluds athedsmoured hiz mynd whan he
forleit hiz lumes an nivverhedthe tyme ti redd up
ither fowk dinna vaillie hehedthon pawkie glent in hiz
jumpit up an doon anheda peerie fecht jöst ta
wir blyde ta see santyhedbeen little tocht dey a
vet fur aa dat mamhedbeen struggling ta keep smootie
at med da sye anhedda vynd ta maa wid
warnin dat smootie s midderhedgien her hit wis ta
da purl 13 dagidder ihedhed ta akse mi step
but wi little success deyhedplanned days oot ta spiggie
hed brocht her up weelhedshaan her foo ta catch
little tocht dey a ponyhedsped trowe da lift ta
add insult tae injury ihedta admit ta being a
purl 13 dagidder i hedhedta akse mi step midder
dat widna ava hithedta be jöst wirds maybe
go da lettin doon hithedta geng ee wye or
a dinin room shair ihedta luik oot o place
or a baa meanwhile ihedta luik serene an dis
aert an da peerie gricehedta rin fur his life
aert an baith peerie gricehedta run fur dir lives
takkin up an dey shünheda guid haet fire all
up da clooty pockies anheda skoit inside dey wir
so uh huh f961: deyheda very fine week of
wird pictir in norn deyhedböddies o wirds for da
aften afore an dey wirnahedda chance o a right
on but da twa mamsheddecided at dey wid jöst
dan if dey wid ohedf960: no f961: tae buy
tagidder an telt dem whithedhappened an whit dey tocht
best hard blue clods deyhedi da kishie dan sat
in some place an nohedony maet dey aa med
ken whit wis up deyhedpitten a collar aroond her
huh f960: erm so deyhedplenty o diggers but de
aroond der neebors but naebodyhedseen der cat dey even
mither wes warse fur shaehedaw hir peypirs frae hir
dentie wie limmer lukkie nisbetheddeil belikkit stang tho shae
hir distres at shae alshedlost a nyow jo the
wes eith sein at shaehedthe moyen ti maun the
maet ivverie ither day shaehedti coff mair fuid ti
wes a blak man anhedtwene bairns furby shae rakkont
a caum souch sen hehedaw the lumes at ryndit
sen douglas onuised ti lokshedlaed the kie wi the
raxed glesca the scotch perlamenthedti sen in truips ti
ye a heize gin yehedane uilliewall bot no itherwyss
weill shod wi dunlops bothedauld bits o towe fur
o roslin glen its inginehedbot ane gryte ceilinder an
he wes weill bot hehedcum on the nyow railwey
an wancertainties bot wei awhedeneuch tae eat and clathes
sauf toukit awaw whaur hihedlaed it bot this wes
a bittie bot nou ahedti dale wi aw the
o the ill luk wehedwi projeks bot a didna
maister an the quair maisterhedrankit theirsels in twae raws
descrived twae sentences back ahedseemilar expairencies whan mellin wi
ay mr an mrs scotthedtwae bairns kathleen an charles
whan a wur born thayhedtwae bairns scott and dorothy
1954 mr an mrs mortimerhedtwae dochters eileen an dorothy
n mr an mrs mitchellhedtwae sons jim an bill
tee tottal himsel his familiehedadae wi ae newcastle upo
mr an mrs sandie reidhedae biggish faimlie sons an
shei deyd shei an nelliehedae bit o ae sma
stewart mr an mrs wulsonhedae callant ca d bertie
wur i the borders ahedae crack wi eck s
a mynd on weel sheihedae fareweel praisentation o ae
i conversation sic is sheihedae habit o makin the
nether horsburgh innerleithin ay georgehedae hert attack ae day
an ae jammie piece sheihedae pouerfu steven an ane
s naem but the wifiehedae readie tung i hir
sense o uimour an eyhedae readie tung i his
wife bade yonder mrs balmerhedae unique turn o phrase
wur daen wyre fencing johnhedbeen ae hind aa his
tae forstaund at hoscote sheilhedbeen ae kinda sma haudin
thinking gin the u khedbeen foondit on ae federal
ae big wurd sae ithedbeen necessar fur him tae
ae sowderin job at bobbieheddaen fur him on ane
up borth ick oral traditionhedeet at ae day whan
ae callant local oral historhedeet at thar wur ae
o ae nervous brekdoon anhedfailed his medical exams ma
ae cuttie skrieve at ahedfrae the scottis borders cooncil
been ae medical student tharhedhaen ae bit o ae
an whan ae young manhedhis ain scottis kintra dance
glorious sense o uimour yidhedn nou ae wheen thochts
the deanburnhaugh carpet boolin clubhedthair meetings on ae raigler
the ae man we vehedthe chance forby ti see
didna tell onie bodie whithedtranspired an efter ae whilie
o at schuil ae wumanhedveesitit the haugh an hed
ay monie ae drink ahedyonner whan peddlin ma bike
o a paetstack her midderhedbrocht her up weel hed
they slept ti the dayheddawed sae whan naebodie hed
thocht at the laird jhesuhedi mynd at aabodie hed
hed dawed sae whan naebodiehedseen them up the auld
hed i mynd at aabodiehedtae lair aramaic his ain
an bi ane shi jinhedconsaivit a verra perfiteness wi
fift hour afore the dayheddawed whan wang jin waukent
hairtit wis the guidal hehedfrae wang jin wha learnt
his hous weill wang jinhednaither wife nor bairn but
ploys in haun shi jinhedtaen out a fauldin bed
twa ance an auld jinhedthe time ti gang a
heard this wang jin juisthedti thole his ills an
syne whan aa the dramshedbeen taen the thriesome gied
taen whan the sheriff principalhedheard this ti the jyle
the buird nou the thriesomehedtaen a wheen drams an
the lord clerk s menhedtaen awa the sedan chairs
waitit or the sheriff principalhedtaen his seat in the
selt it the hale exerceisehedtaen mair siller out ma
in a lilly leaf ithedtaen the haill mornin gey
a mynd yince whan robbiehedtae bide the nicht wi
gin a mynd richt sheihedtae lig ithoot muvin hir
umwhile uncle adam elliot baithhedthair howdien a kan mynd
fun m the auld manhedup makkit z mynd he
back saet whaur belyve yidhedfaen owre whan ma faither
palace an whan the officiarshedgien in the mornin bethankfu
their ages whan his fowkhedgien out bickers an presst
an yince whan a maselhedtae tak a horse tae
whan this happent the doctourhedti be soumand sae whan
ane outwith birlin idaia athedtint aw virr whan we
whan he diskivvert at hehedtyned the kie he gat
cook the gairdner it hoscotehedwrocht fur thaim relatives whan
ane poll ax on thehedand strak out his braines
nem o the wie manhedane ither robotik panser kythit
oot the byous vizzie anehedricht up the road til
git til aa fowre anehedtae walk up an authort
the lawins an rab brounhedthe commeisiouns he bocht ane
wes ane auld veillane athedthe luik o a man
the laun onie sojers athedquastiouned thair presence wes ti
ma bairn heid days fockhedtae cairrie thair vivers shoppin
tyme fur sheep fermers fockhedtae git on wi thair
frae thair schuil thair faitherhedthum kivver the heids o
pit thair pows thegither johnhedti be set frie than
out o thair ruim anhedti mak strae palliasses ti
splore fur the cheirie pykeshedtirned ti leidd i thair
the wes twa brithers atheda doctour fur a faither
thare fur monie generautiouns anheda fawmous pailace at fawkland
maistres nisbet the border fowkheda grenein fur wittins o
fur stane sae the launskipheda kinna hudderie dudderie affere
bene a weir horss anhedaye the mettil fur bataillyie
gae but fur an idaiahedcum t m he hyred
match fur twintie yeir anhedenjosed ivverie meinit o d
reddies fur the waddin ruthhedgaed ti embro ti collogue
aye grened fur aw hehedti dae wes distrak the
a suin fand at ahedti darg fur masell insteid
fur the currieboram an ahedti doush a curn o
fur the nicht sae ahedti lay asyde him unner
strete gairdens fur the fyfershedtuik it awaw ti savetie
gliff wi this but profunditashedjuist rin in ahint the
the warner climates whaur ahedjuist spent ten ear abreid
their een the twa ensignshedseen things wirna juist rinnin
but weill a juist niverhedthe kin o hairt thirlt
big liu sae he juisthedti bid him wi aa
at the court they juisthedti cry in a squad
marischal tak tent they juisthedti gaither their men an
tak tent the men juisthedti heize up the stane
kent nae letters an juisthedti lissen ti ither fowk
him playin sae he juisthedti lowt doun an ask
gar him byde but juisthedti mak dae wi pitten
f960: astonished how it allhedto be juist perfect uh
dux brig weill flesher zhengheda double frontit shop wi
weill the laddie seen ithedcome ti the bit sae
pair o ye weill ithedcome ti the bit sae
hit wisna lang afore heheda fine peerie hoose tae
spoken aboot whaar her grannyhedcome fae hit wis nairrow
wullie wud an his marrowheda gey wheen bairns o
the bairns the dunlop faimliehedscottis border s conneckions aareadies
d yestreen lu da nouheda bit think ti hissel
aa da widd till heheda boannie peerie hoose joost
i da hill daek heheda muckle roog o stanes
back ti the mains anhedchen da bund ti the
he wid a geen hedit no been for da
lane da een her mamhedspoken aboot whaar her granny
expoundit yet hou lu dahedthe hair o his heid
wurds tae the effeck ahedbetter order richt nou anither
o the guesten hous nouhedbund his heid in a
rid douglas bene reddies anhedstrak an nou ebenezer wes
the tyme at the faimiliehedcum rinnin doun the peth
by whyle hir onkil athedno memore o the tyme
ti sei whedder the cailleachheda blak baudrons an richt
he telt hir at heheda dewtie ti redd out
wes solar pannells at napierhedarreinged ti hae connekit ti
fiftie copies yit ti behedaw seinyied an nummert frae
an the cottar quarto wanghedbeen sent out aforehaun ti
wes pit out at hehedbene sae stupit as ti
at cuid be duin hehedcawed ower ti the laun
wie skinkil furby the faimiliehedcawed roun ti gie m
brither cellarer an the procuraterhedcome out ti bid them
cateran win free seein ithedcome ti the bit lu
ti sei thaim eftir hehedetten a coddilt eg the
wi tries the trig kailyairdshedflakes aw roun ti haud
ti t owrancer lu thohedsmertlie leggit it inti the
ti the pax romana athedthe lik effek on europ
durand the wintir an hehedthe plece ti hissel abuin
nummer o surpreises ti behedthon nicht the lad at
mukkil concrete lek sae brounhedti bak cum at ma
derf renn ondang an napierhedti be hurled bak inti
an irksome lenth ye vehedti come largitor an the
the kie at he maunhedti drave the beistie hame
courses o mait the princehedti get up an wesh
ti the founds sae ahedti howk up aw the
me ti gang tae frizzelhedti lauch an sae the
hir frieryke the nyow gouvernamenthedti naitiounaleise the cumpanies agane
the popular the ying locumtenandhedti stap tae an chunnert
at the mou a vehedti thole thae days bypast
reply tammie kent fine whithedhappened he kent aa aboot
dunlop kent is auntie janethedthe owerance o rinnin the
wes trewth an at scotlandhedbak spangit fyve hunnert yeir
wes clair an anither dayheddawit the r twa freins
he wes shair at hehedfund the strang saur o
o the stour as hehedhechtit the ordinateir wes i
he nottit at the cloghedmuived an at anither wes
him anent the hiddil heheduised it wes in a
is thaim an monie itherhedtae gie mag an nellie
bodies jalousin at the erosionhedtae stop there wi thaim
til the stack gin yowhedfowre legs a wuid dreive
a corner thae twenty bodieshednae wey out til profunditas
tae the schuil the fermerhedreponed bi sayin til hir
pair o buits the fermerhedsayed til tammy wurds tae
mis set wi whit johnhedsayed til um n afore
inference o whit the fermerhedsayed til um yin kan
he duin it naitlie heheda routh o ither interess
fae eh ither chiels athedboats cos maist o em
a nail birss gin wehedbruikit hauns an a sair
ower the threshart gin hehedonie foirsicht he wuid a
eh winter their rops ayehedan auld car tyre hingin
frae ma auld marra hehedcoft an auld warks i
john speired whitwey the fyfershedfessit bak sicna beig auld
at the borth ickbrae lairdhedlat eck pow s auld
neir smoured wi gratiteid anhedmair nor byordinar rancie chafts
frae the verra stert wehedniver plack nor bodle frae
out ma pouch nor ithedpit intilt tho a selt
rocks far many a boathedgone afore he got eh
hill yett but the doormenhedseen him lang afore an
yet lang afore this ahedthe priest s lines an
sae zhu wu an themhedgotten thegither thirty unce o
haud on tae whit theyhedno sae lang syne at
the chaumer whaur the haafowkhedkennlt lamps an brocht in
the waash awaw the fermerhedapent the clouse frae the
bit frae whitslade ferm hoosehedbeen turnt intil whit ee
the braw at the flunkiehedbrocht frae wee su the
ablo the cairpet the dunniehedfluidit frae a pype outby
rale thriftless prenticin a vehedfrae aa thae dominies says
the heid o yill waitterhedtae flit throwe frae the
haud on tae whit theyhedit is aw aboout heizin
owrancer for whit ye veheds a smaa thing a
sojers an reteired grossars heheda guid scotch tung in
stent wi z we ayeheda guid screingin wi a
kye guid wine he ayehedfor it wis made at
day an daily a ayehedguid drink an guid butcher
licht on the hoose anhedtae gie eet up is
the smaa fuit fowk athedaye convoyed the praisents an
the smaa fuit fowk therehedspeirit out their tale they
fowk telt at the burdshedtaur pentit ontil the howes
deceisioun the blak k nichthedrabels i the rangs o
ance an the twa gairdsmenhedcoft the offrin maits an
man twa younkers at baithhedthe exak sam swype an
regrate o t aw aheda shok an tint ma
chiel eydent about the middenhedforyet aw eve s favoured
stramash at aw the reimishishedlaed ahent rab broun was
clean dumfounert him the baistheda lang look at the
an he wis up anhedhis lang coat on the
callant mr an mrs murrayhedfowre sons allie tammy jock
the abbey cley waas ithedas reid aa roun as
portions o scripter at ahedlairt aff bi hert aa
the lid o the kistieheda bit keek at the
the gigots an loins anheda branderin o m na
the voss cawin m heheda caller pynt o yill
tho a knaw at heheda histore o inanimitie wi
the ooter hebrides efter scotlandhedbocht the island o lewis
tuik tent at the nokheddevauled o a suddentie maistres
tae buit an oo vehedeneuch o at n i
o a pecht keing athedfyve laddies an ayered ilkane
the port o leith embrohedits oncome development ee kan
i a saelik mainner anhedknawlege o sic tribulence an
the subjek o jauss hehedleistent tilt an loued it
an the laist noos ahedo henry scott wis at
seas at we wan generationhedriven in favour o low
mock o me a vehedseiven or echt namelie dominies
for the jade king abunehedsent doun the speirits o
the gryte ern brig athedsic pissant owerance o the
the third braw lad whahedthe forename o yang an
the keichin bunkers the bogilshedthe lait o thae wie
yett the sojers on gairdhedthe swype o naips an
wi grefe ilkane o mhedtyned a hame i a
ploum reid cordit threids hehedwalkin hose o bawsent blue
richt yid s paternal grandfaitherhedhis howdien it the mulsintoun
drums an standarts the lounheda bit look at him
wantin a drink the guidmanheda keek at him an
a growen man maistres steinheda propone at wuid pit
a yeir syne ebenezer rossheda veisitar at carlyle jyle
the ill plece the carlinehedhecht the bogil at the
the ingyne at ever hehedinti hingin in wi him
as suin as the bodachhedraelysed at he cuidna sauf
cuidna sauf the bogils hehedsein at it wesna a
at is the wey weihedtae lair aff bi hert
an rele puir john aftheda tear i z ei
f960: only problem wir reallyhedis been wi de bit
fyve hunnert yeir the inglishhedmeithit the mairch wi a
stopped ootside eh door anheda lissen id didna take
woarld war 1914 18 anhedfocht i the trenches it
wis come an the wardenhedhim bidden intil the haa
throwe his mothers genes yidhedhis ain idiosyncrasies an yae
up in ilka airt hehedhis armour furbisht an he
waster an aister yillmuir traffichedtae gan throwe a ford
out thrie sonsie sheep anhedthem slauchtert syne aathing wis
emigratit tae new zealand thayhedthrei dochters ella myrtle an
dock were stepped an yehedtill keep weel oot fan
largitor lord clerk zhao heshedye clippit owre an ordeinit
central tae saivrel waittergate jockiehedanerlie tae walk mebbies threi
german air raids atho oohedtae adhere tae strick black
the waitter tae meadshaw yinhedtae is best is yin
veisitautioun on ma faimilie heheda wie bit snicher t
doon intill excaliber [inhale] hehedeh enchine mountin s aal
he tellt me the paiphedmuntit his crane sclimmed the
s draucht spak first hehedsein the panser i the
body wis numb like hehedthe paralytics i the houghs
ma sister he awned hehedthocht his sib sauf in
mulsintoun this efternuin ma faitherhedbeen wurkin it borth ickbrae
wis a bairn ma faitherhedlearnt uis some wee bits
waater weel bit cos sheheda proper marine diesel enchine
eh murky depths bit theyhedtill waatch cos eh sides
bonnet aff i the hoosehedbeen throwe the ferst woarld
s great great paternal grandfaitherhedhis howdien yonder its backins
cudna help lauchin ance profunditashedwesht his hauns the servitor
him though peter flett whohedbin further roond eh head
rest or the day itheddawed the neist day efter
gless a trick her midderhedshaan her her clooers made
for peter flett s boatheda car enchiney fitted a
a thumpin ah had idhedbin a typical kinda night
on the paument the wirricowhedstrak the tredsman maun hae

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