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hei spak the treuth botheididna tell hir thit eet
an shut eet agane whanheigaed roond his sheep the
eet tae yid housomever isheisclam owre the wyre fence
ve herd eet sayed thitheiwud perk his rolls i
greed tae dae an thitheicuid gan roond wi geordie
meadshaw the neist morning whilkheigreed tae dae an thit
this mowdie hei sayed thitheihed been descrived is ane
whuppit awa maist terrible quickheimaun hae thocht thit his
en tae the extent thitheimicht hae gane awa back
a page 160 175 whaurheimints thit this biggin wis
gans on tae say thitheisat up aa nicht makkin
the tale aboot this mowdieheisayed thit hei hed been
pruve til the fermer thitheiwis ithoot doot ane expert
him tae promise hir thitheiwud ey mak shuir at
wrocht fur thaim relatives whanheihed wrocht i the gairdens
wrocht til ma faither tilheijyned the royal navvy i
accordin tae his marrow anheiwrocht fur ae gey wheen
fur fock a ken atheiwrocht fur ma faither ae
an efter hei wur demobitheiwrocht on the borth ick
ane o yon cottages anheiwrocht on the ferm bunt
1939 45 war an efterheiwur demobit hei wrocht on
an whan gledson sayed atheihedna matt s repone wis
in ae lood steven howtheihes sayed plentie ma faither
doon an cuidna bei menditheisayed til sumbodie ay mr
aff the bus frae hawickheiturnt roond an sayed til
wuid bei richt eneuch kisheiwuid hev sayed plenty areddies
ludge efter yids daith whareheibade til hei deyd a
daith whare hei bade tilheideyd a hae fond mydins
hei retourt tae embro whaurheihed ae drink problem ae
pipe an whan askit whaurheihed been hei reponed a
askit whaur hei hed beenheireponed a fund masel feelin
instancies a wur telt atheiretourt tae embro whaur hei
tae gan tae hawick isheisat doun hei taen his
yer ain fore door ayheispak the treuth bot hei
hawick is hei sat dounheitaen his hat aff an
hame frae new zealand anheitelt mei at hei wis
an hei telt mei atheiwis hame on holiday frae
bit matt askit gledson gifheihed ivver been up that
foryet whae it wur botheiwis ance askit bi ae
gress wuid bei sneddit saeheibade yid guid day an
tae the sheep bot nawheiwisna tae bei fund efter
m juist gey shuire atheiwud bei maist approachable gin
wheen strakes wi the scytheheistappit an leukit it yid
an aboot auchterarder ae dayheiupset the umwhile yid nichol
the wyre fence tae yidheiwis inspired tae say til
gie yid ae hertnin botheiwisna verra shuir how tae
hes keepit the hecht atheigaed his muther on hir
airlie 2004 frae australia whaurheihes seeminlie been bidin fur
i scotland hes pruiven atheiisna blate tae prent airticles
owre frae mr howe whanheiretired chisholm hoose hes been
anenst mei it roberton schuilheibade yonder ana the revd
tyme him an mei colloguedheiconfirmt it wur him an
speerit an thar an thanheigaed mei hert kent forstaundin
afore the laird wi remordheiquickint mei wi his halie
his dugs him an pegheitelt mei wur bidin in
ma maimorie sers mei richtheiwis killt accidently whan trainin
his antrin ootins tae hawickheilikit his wheen pints o
the haugh frae hawick anheiwis appearinlie the waur o
the loan yonner i hawickheiwis oot exerceesin his dugs
efter hevin been i hawickheiwud gie ae bit stagger
kinnilt thar s nocht atheilikes better than ae guid
answert ma pley fur forgienessheithar an than kam intil
i the waitter an sadlieheiwis droont thar wur twae
fermer an kum day lichtheihed feenisht thum an strecht
feenisht thum an strecht affheiretoured tae girnwud an haundit
thum an a think atheiwis hind it borth ick
an nellie whuther or naheiwis sib til thum a
an kis o his feetheihed tae aye bide on
kis o his manifest intelleckheiwis notour an a sei
kent i the localitie kisheiwurkit til his ain haund
cuid speak on monie subjecksheiaince hed the pownie an
yaised ae langish nibbie anheihed ae gey strang heather
newcastle upo tyne brewery businessheihed ae rolls royce car
fur watt davies it girnwudheihed been set on tae
pound tae sei the raftheihed biggit fur himsell the
tae flei ae airplane anheihed his ain plane fur
torch wheech wei lent umheihed ithoot doot frichtent himsel
perthshire whan ae younger manheihed sum grit tales tae
feet wur camshach deformed anheihed tae weir spaicialie made
his wheen pints o beerheinivver drank speerits ma faither
tae the meadshaw herdin whaurheiwur fur ae gey wheen
derk it wur an isheigaed oot intil the derk
ay mebbies threi meenits efterheiwur back hammerin on oor
haund it the snoot afterheiwur dischairged frae the airmie
tae leave the schuil aforeheiwur fowerteen ear auld sae
him an his faimlie whanheiwur killt ae day wi
the hotel dinin room nawheiwuid eat his piece i
hills i onie airt anheiwuid find i the wunter
kent i the waittergate wharheibade fur the fek o
bot guid hertit an forstaundinheibade i the ludge anenst
ma paternal grandfaither bade whanheiwis ane o the deuk
fowerteen ear auld sae atheicuid bide wi his granny
whan owre seventie ear auldheifufillt his lifetime ettle tae
ay mebbies 40 ear syneheiwis dreivin yin o the
gan roond wi geordie isheicheckit his mowdie traps howsumever
roond i copeshaw holm whanheifermed de main holm kershopefit
the local village schuil whilkheigaed til afore gaun doun
intil his 90 s whanheideyd an the laist noos
wum hame til the haughheidrove the car intil it
retired an i the hinnerendheiflittit intil the ludge efter
car intil ae ferm tractorheiput ane back axil an
the sheep on the hillheiwis brocht intil the settle
yetts intil the big hooseheiwis ithoot doot o guid
tinkerin aboot wi mechanical thingsheiconvertit ae auld morris cowley
boy s brigade pipe bandheimarriet ae lass frae lanarkshire
than an it yae tymeheitraivelt ae stallion ca d
it blackcock ha yill waitterheiwis ae brither o auld
car tae hain his expensesheiwis ae man wi ae
got in towe wi whanheiwis ae student i scotland
on monie ae differn subjeckheiwis weill kent i the
wi ae hertie appetite anheiwis yince heard tae say
s ae gey yaisless craiterheiwunnae ein burn i the
wull cuid walk wi speedheiyaised ae langish nibbie an
bot his haunt wis whanheimade his antrin ootins tae
ick mains ferm hoose anheifermed baith ferms col fasson
the ferm hoose kitchen whaurheilay doon an turnt his
tae speak tae oniebodie whaeheihappint tae fa in wi
shuir so the whae sheithen who is he then
wee section there whae sheithen ye ken him i
it wis ithin saiconts whanheiflung apen his wagon door
aramaic his ain langage whanheigaed the kirk its gud
frae the roberton manse whanheigaed up wurkin him an
nip o whuskie an whanheigat aff bert nichol s
mynd on the tyme whanheireistit on the job an
the 1939 1945 war whanheiwis in charge o the
fell the beast housomever whanheiwun forrit tae inflick the
holiday frae east afrika whaurheiwis ane engine dreiver wi
reek fallen efter him isheiran doon the steps oot
arrest hainin preservation hechts promisesheihe herkin til listen to
o the roberton horticultural socitieheiwis ane elder i the
an gin a mynd richtheiwis falloet bi tam aitkin
is a kan mynd anheiwis kent fur his thrift
i the car sae atheimicht hae his sleep oot
hochs wi hert felt remordheianswert ma pley fur forgieness
sei a page 67 atheiwis it sindrie tymes baith
o henry scott wis atheiwis leevin i copshawholm on
a masel wis born athoughheiwis tee tottal himsel his
tae weir spaicialie made buitsheiwis the chisholm estate horseman
oor kye an ilka nichtheicad it oor hoose tae
thaim ears afore an whitheihez ey been ettlin tae
a ken man muckle aforeheikam tae bide i scotland
reist on the job ginheididnae haundle him richt sae
reistit on the job anheiwudnae lat huz intae his
history an border kulter anheiisna blate tae express himsel
at things didnae wurk ootheitae the best o ma
appent the sluice gate isheileukit his hirsel it nicht
isteid o steerin his teiheiput the spuin i the
the help o crutches isheistuid ootsyde his ain fore
yaud s amang the cornheitakes his muckle pleugh staff
back on george an houheiput wi uz bairns aye
jalousie tammy s thinking isheistrampit wi crutches ana doon
heis have differ as anheimay have the power to
bell college was designated anheion the 1st of august
awfu lot oo say thatheis a hash an hard
s thochts an emotions isheiwrat at verse n leuk
raicent idaia s aboot whitheiettled hevin huz joiners dae
4 section 2 types ofheiin the following section the
being a higher education institutionheiif it is designated under
associate colleges annex type ofheilegal basis powers and status

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