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o pint an a baldieheiditbrush at nott a new
lifes out o thae baldieheiditcuddies sae the elder tellt
waw shilpit tykes an tousieheiditbairns wes aye unnerfuit warsillin
sailin back an fore eyheiditin aa airts an een
ay a sonsie skirl hieheiditthe cailleach see brankit sae
threids he rade a hieheiditwhite pownie an cairried thwartlins
ferry dockit at larne daheiditstraucht fur belfast an a
screwed tae my transom anheiditoot intae the gale bow
wud wis anither gleg langheiditman wi harns afouth whae
mairrie an auld dottilt whyteheiditman irena here a ve
siller reest fin a gowdenheiditquine steppt up an lent
she wis a shargert reidheiditquine wi a peely wally
wi a bottle a reidheiditchiel their first fit nae
the ingle an his reidheiditdother in law made the
it strynge at sicna brosieheiditbumbard as hissell cuid hae
we cuid haunle sae weheiditfor hame tae report tae
o e nicht as eyheiditfor e geese peel deein
drew oot the wee leidheiditpriest that i aye cairry
me wyce chynged the heichheidithalflin wha kent aa or
played clatter as he taeheiditdoun the watter puil efter
o foamin white watter anheiditfor the faur side it
neeps twa graips an ironheiditrake that came from gideon
lot waar naebody kens iheiditback till e road comin
maister grunstane an hiz ridheiditsister i a ramstougerous laun
o the lanthern the langheiditauld pensionar gied m a
ilka sangster bairn wis fairheidittho jenny wis bonnie wi
rowers turned her roon anheiditback tae the gap they
brekkin frae the flock iheiditthem aff till they turnt
he wis a loon blaikheiditlike aa oor fowk bit
byllie wi twa walkie talkiesheiditfor the big hoose while
net fishermen the delegation wisheiditbi winnie ewing mep madame

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