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merchin there fa saw theheilansodjers catch recruits at aikey
the background fa saw theheilansodjers fa saw them merchin
gowden flooers in shadda dappledheilanbooers the macroscosm s abstract
an aipples on the boughheilankye an wolly yowe ginger
hidey hole o yon greatheilancateran bit wis the howf
deinty on the waa theheilancoo moo moo moo i
in a wunner scotch caberheilanfling scotch tenor giein t
moo moo i m aheilancoo robin reidbreist fa s
him tae jyne the 51stheilandivision chae an winnie merriet
died oshawa canada 2000 aheilanfir across the faem wis
lochan s cweel aneth aheilanstar they gar me lang
a yo yo daein theheilanfling pit mirk s ane
widna entertain ony o yonheilankinno notions they d the
moo moo i m aheilancoo twa horns fur a
bit fegs nae waur nurheilanloch that s naethin bit

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