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an dool tae blelack sheirfor sendin us fae the
an dool tae migvree sheirfur drivin us frae oor
wis nichol o philip sheirat law an a ve
of glasgow by whistler sheirrosalind birnie philip in recognition
a shottie at follaein thaimheirma taill o aunter an
the wes ane alumeinium warksheiran we raxit out the
to revenge it [inhale] forheirbefoir my god i protest
a sufficiand plece o haudheirsayed hiz sister an aff
whaur he wes aince sayedheirye ar fur whaur ye
nae success ar ye noheiranent the cuiverfeu than we
ken bot a m saufheiran mey be yibbil ti
thare at ye canna finndheirbot grant an the twenes
aw ye in thare furheirget out bot andra did
the exeistin atterie seistem botheirwir luk tirned the fermer
a haun inti the caibinheiryeir bryde shae annuncit bot
after queen anne assuming noheiron princess sophie the electress
the safe delivery of anheirthe narrative begins with dramatic
fleggit thai l finnd meheira maun rin out the
did pit aff at aviemoreheiranither yin a herd tuik
son o the hoose theheirtae steenhillock an aathing in
an deein wi matty hisheirjist a half grown loon
a m gaun ti dieheirthe kie ti ma houss
tel the sojers ye rheiran whan thai stert ti
you ken that fine maleheiris what robby is he
a hae hecht ti bydeheirfur hiz retour an a
me the unyt naitiouns isheirti haud the pece whitivver
heiven king shenzong royal britherheirapparent nint prince bi name
fash we l aw beheirthe morn sen we canna
birth of a son andheirthe owner intending to pay
arreistit ye maun ti inglandheira rale gowd pendil at
whan a wur born hirheirat law wis the praisent
furby the r sic clansheirawaw gin ma nevoy can
tammas wi twa mukkil buistsheirma hale gaitherin o racords
here the kintrie s richtfuheirlichtlies himsell afore me an
cursed the lan nae directheircan fyvie hae till aa
words the ei digraph inheirhere and the grammar is
beginning to displace scots spellingsheirwould be replaced by here
baptist elizabeth died without anheirand james ultimately obtained the
inglish ceitezan an a sattiltheiri gaitsgill i bonie cumbria
we are about to fallheirto about 2 500 extra
you want not as theheirto my life s work
to haue puttine it inheirkowe s trouch quha thairefter
this word quhylis is repetitheirthis forme of repetitioun sometyme
been the residence of theheirto the lochnaw title and

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