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size o this thing bloodyhellan it s a female
to them afterwards and saidhellbloody mend you m608: mmhm
empty the ashtray sadie bloodyhellcarolanne bloody hell she s
for it f812: really bloodyhellm811: sometimes you get f813:
the square cut neckline bloodyhellmary he whispered shaking his
sadie bloody hell carolanne bloodyhellshe s out of her
his head and smiling bloodyhellwell if that s a
s tae heaven or taehelli heard he wasna deid
the marriage of heaven andhellit wis noo inno the
in heaven than sane inhellone is left to question
ever again in heaven orhellor anywye else but i
ye are for heaven orhellwill no be plooin auld
the dancing tunes now fuckinhellhe said this is jist
says it cammy woooooh fuckinhelllisten ti it talk steve
smelt him by noo fuckinhellman paddy grieg i mean
the that that dimps fuckinhellsteve the the that that
them trained silence ed fuckinhellstew that s aw you
ed yeh silence dimps fuckinhellyi noh gonnae tell us
right bilin you would sayhellof a het f1001: hell
hell of a het f1001: hellof a het m999: eh
m815: [laugh] m816: what thehellare we goin there for
would be relit what thehellare you doin m815: i
in ma foot aye m815: helljust by kickin it m816:
[cough] m816: oh go tohellm815: yeah m816: [inaudible] you
[laugh] m815: just scares thehelloot o me as if
from that wow what thehells that m815: in over
i know m816: oh tohellwi darts oh yes female
fur zeb krista what inhells fire gave yi that
lee laughs jilly what thehellur yi daein jilly looking
us silence lee what thehellur yi talking aboot whey
in here pat what thehellyi talking aboot jilly silence
prison silence lee what thehellyou bein coaching mah laddie
feet sadie damn it taehellbeth i cannae speak fur
sadie enters sadie whit thehells aw the racket fur
god sadie gordon what thehellur ye daen gordon i
offered for information fit ehellhid been goin on aboot
like lookin thinkin what thehells goin on here you
place is deserted what thehells goin on it was
to him thinkin what thehells he goin on aboot
mither nature is jist ferhellbent tae pit the fear
tae pit the fear ohellintae us is her intent
tae pit the fear ohellintae us is her intent
s skellocht hir wey intihellinti the blek burnin pit
pit doun tae fiery glaurhellthe birlin tractor layin intae
in oor shop whit thehellare you daein here i
an mp tae whit thehelldae they aw dae double
bowffd at him whit thehelldae ye think ye re
face froze over whit thehelldae you think you re
but whit s that bluidyhellgasped tam an wi that
an i thought whit thihelli ll swim it banks
esoteric legal argument whit thehells aa this aboot i
the faur bank whit thehells big john daein growled
me wunner tam whit inhellwis gaun oan a gadgie
tae oor left whit thehellwis that hisst wull as
in spite of them techniquehelli thought this is something
we just thought what thehell[inaudible] they ve spent m941:
finished the job glug glughellmorag thought there surely was
and drove it through tohellwith farmers i thought as
that road gangs strecht tihellwhaur a dout ye belang
a road the road tohellwhen eden had been on
grass road the road tohellwhen eden had been on
nothing berna love what thehellhus that ti dae wi
ti dae it she shuddershellis mirklyke returning to her
the same buttons only ahellof a lot more often
say that there is ahellof a lot more that
mmhm m642: he done ahellof a lot of them
know why there was ahellof lot of medical students
man gangs on ram stamhellbent ye d think on
her an her man skelpthellfor leather across the field
m818: oh fu- m819: [inaudible]hellman m818: er it s
to me ye re ahellof a man okay ye
an i maun gyang taehellan birssle like a rasher
mair hicht bit ach taehellat s wirk e cheer
ve sent his soul taehellbit och he brocht it
lord cast him doon taehelldoon the laidder da speired
rowth at caa tae keephellfou nae lack ava ye
watter let s get taehelloot o here afore they
him tae get tae bluidyhelloot o there he wis
ah made him git thehelloot telt him tae invest
afore he was sent taehellthat john vanse alloued him
in the benmaist neuk ohellthe deil was minded tae
fish the gairden puil taehellthey hadnae been doun mair
life in paisley s soakinghellwe d gang tae spain
faur as i could taehellwi harpin i roared oot
plan for increased wark taehellwi this cries ae heid
pate s voice cam taehellwi you sae here i
in to cook why thehelldid he not have a
a m andy why thehelldid you try to kiss
use it but why thehellwould they m741: yeah m605:
he opened his eyes inhellbeing in torment o what
didn t know what thehellhad happened to roberto smoking
kind ok now what thehellis that walking towards my
use affected language what thehellis urquhart telling us there
don t know what thehellit is f631: [laugh] f689:
i canne mind what thehellit was ab- it was
lecturer m944: [inhale] what thehell[?]like a key[/?] is in your hand
had a fine nickname ahhellmaybe that s what he
in the eternal fires ohellpause bit that wis what
fibian the fib- what thehells a fibian i went
her chops [laugh] who thehellsays what s her chops
wait a moment what thehellwas i talkin about [laugh]
both looked up what thehellwere we looking for in
airts til the fyres ohella wad be here aw
aw ma bonnie bairns thehellgled that he is the
turn an face me yehellhoond turn macbeth o aw
my torch on him thellah ken the face as
him fourteen and brylcreemed tohellfrench kissing wee audrey logan
him once he finishes treatmenthellget home for good and
frae the birsslin lowes ohellit wad bide ootside the
naebodie mang the deils fraehellitsell owregaes macbeth malcolm ay
that aye right where thehells this lassie frae i
blaik as the earl ohells westcoat liquid ice frae
atf like the haimmers ohellan didna stop rinnin till
maister s saul out ohellan he prefixt a chancy
made bi the earl ohellas iver wis myra hidna
o fekfu truibil lyke ahellbree byle an bubbil all
blaik s the earl ohellgaun ram stam ower a
porter at the yett ohellhe d never be duin
men o harlech at thonhellhole in the heilans ashtray
faw an the seeds ohellir sawn aince mair issa
at hame coud gang tihellmacduff o scotland scotland malcolm
her steps takk haud ohellminnie s da hid said
iz alane ye buggers ohellmorag wha s that ah
on e flat reef ahello a din it cd
a bevy an creatin ahello a din the pub
the nicht rab caad thishello aa diseases an rabbie
lass hinna gotta hope nhello gettin ony brass nae
bleck as the earl ohells waistcoat an gaun doun
i the derkest plaid ohellsae ma sherp knyfe wul
like a bat oot ohelltwa three year efter this
of its close association withhellonce it got here its
here now the harrowing ofhellwell at least the girl
aberdeen ye d see allhellbreakin loose two guys three
it she d go tohellfor wishing it if it
hotel dante d reinvent hishellif he faced a primary
d bade at hame inhellsae if faust still wants
right now she looked likehelltoo she d been bawling
lay on ma bed ohhellma only comfort wiz eh
nor onie ither name inhellmacbeth ma name s macbeth
getherin sins ah lowp intihellabuin lyfe an daith from
bin a special meetin ohhellah wiz for id ah
a heivin an fear naehellava ah l lay thir
the forenicht ah ludged inhellnaith the yallae springs whan
were dubbit the ladies faehellbi the germans such wis
wis just wonderin hoo thehellwir ye fed yer body
fower yairds anent me bluidyhelli thocht in a swither
got me a traffic jamhelllady me even got pollution
well this woman gave mehelllast week cause m1048: i
burning to the bottom ofhellnow let me alone ye
it did take me ahellof a long time to
words but it depresses thehellout of me altogether when
me when you go tohellyou ll need to teach
re now a knight umhellsays donald that s er
get a the siller likehelli will it ll be
i had to get thehellout of there fast back
ll get his reward inhellthe reid hornit deils will
s er f1037: how thehelldo you know that [laugh]
wi each other you knowhellgoing on er in their
her in astonishment where thehellam i i don t
i was like where thehellis that no f1154: did
fuck sake pause where thehells steve cammy gave masell
on trent f835: where thehells that f832: it s
least ye didnae rin likehellbut showed some carin but
yer wife ye re ahellof an auld nuisance when
re right actually the f1001: hellof a cauld [laugh] hellish
alastair you re making ahellof a noise with that
he taks her aff tohellthe implication is that she
i ll go straight tohellcoming back i balance on
then i ll go tohellif i die tonight john
teacher who would go tohellwhen he died the poem
if she had been tohelland back on the burma
l infierno the grave ofhelland had two stars denoting
had nothing to do withhellbecause they had been around
if there had been nohellto shun there would have
furth ti heiven or tihellhe leaves curtain scene ii
you said wife whaur thehellare yer kids then wee
exactly said boswell well tohellwith cameron then i ll
mak a difference did ithelle mochs dreeve on as
but monday mornings are absolutehellaren t they he thrust
he lost the heid aahellbroke loose he streakt across
he would be burning inhellmy lord was not perturbed
barely recognized herself looked likehelleyes red as radial flares
like a bat out ofhellmanaged to weasel his way
regulated coaches like this arehellpack them aa in shut
there was just like whoahells angels appear [laugh] m642:
an tho they laached likehellwi the aadience they aye
consists of psychopaths beating thehellout of each other behind
i was actually kickin thehellout of it [laugh] and
convention by striding out ofhellthis can also be seen
mankind that there s naehellnick shuik his heid wi
f965: erm just for thehellof it f963: [laugh] mmhm
a bucket just for thehellof it quite a show
predominant to them that washellon earth the convener the
of them she sure ashellwasn t going to be
corridors glass in hand andhellto pay if you didn
s ferr owre cauld forhella l play this gemm
heatwave sandwiched between blasts ofhellbelow zero summer s great
find it warm enough inhellbirds blackbird s song a
universe in a ballad ofhelldavidson s heroine a suicide
hurcheon wheinged 3rd witch thehellhag crys it s tyme
you tried it s ahellof a message to hear
you angelica no dod horrorhells teeth it must ha
key a think it shellthis mornin richt aneuch more
that someone could create merryhellwith this is a member
to produce his new wordhellhas no connection with rubbish
scream of anger who thehelldo you think you are
i shall deliver you fromhellmy son and carve your
do it no security tohellwith security you need experience
didnae mean it right ochhelllights a cigarette carolanne immediately
faain doon or damp ashellan ivery factory is a
claymore in a picter ofhellbi some loon caad hieronymus
waking from a dream ofhellclinging to the horizontal bar
the water sure is onehellof a way to park
yet weird one dervish fromhellone a goat with a
staring into the depths ofhellthen we walked down the
sex sex is sin ishellperdition with its tongues of
conserve the ruling class tohellwith soft idyllic scenes for
gagged in some domestic suburbanhelli don t doubt i
hale which we pronounce ashellmeans whole helly means weekend
hieronymus bosch they thocht thathellmicht hae bin the heidmaist
jimmy but the days arehellthe rational thing to do
become the tourist guide fromhellis that famous people planted
lowe all cum heich inhellor laich kyth yeirsell an
clot infierno the grave ofhellignorance was bliss draw quickly
for sun nor mune buthellhauds neither peace nor rest
sufferers in the torment ofhellhold up their hands and
great lakes used in thehellraising wild west canadian style

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