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wait till we see [note: on phone]hellohello oh [inaudible] oh no
i get that phone [note: on phone]hellom1098: [child noises] look look [laugh]
f1005: ehm just something m1004: hello[note: on phone] you re speaking with
till we see [note: on phone] hellohellooh [inaudible] oh no erm
where are ye yes sayhelloit s tina say hello
hello to tina f1089: sayhellotae tina hello tina m1090:
f1089: say hello tae tinahellotina m1090: sa- mum say
[exhale] f1089: t- twist ithellotina yeah oh yeah [censored: forename]
hello it s tina sayhelloto tina f1089: say hello
answering on the phone sayhelloto tina [inhale] [exhale] f1089:
tina m1090: sa- mum sayhelloto tina no you re
m1098: oh [note: speaking on phone] hello nohelloaye aye aye makkin cake
hello erm [laugh] erm hellohellobar- [inaudible] barbie swan lake
lake f1103: hello f1104: sayhello[censored: forename] barbie swan lake f1103:
f1104: [exhale] [exhale] erm hellohelloerm [laugh] erm hello hello
[inaudible] barbie swan lake f1103: hellof1104: say hello [censored: forename] barbie
f1114: it s a bighellof1113: hello keek through hello
you sit down here hellohellof1114: i ve got a
f1113: hello keek through hellohellof1114: [laugh] i can see
scare it m1132: [inaudible] hellohellof1131: hello pussycat m1132: [inaudible]
f1142: it s bleepin hellohellof1141: he s nae needin
august dear mum dad alhellofadduh hello muddah here i
hello hello erm [laugh] ermhellohello bar- [inaudible] barbie swan
is f1104: [exhale] [exhale] ermhellohello erm [laugh] erm hello
right you sit down herehellohello f1114: i ve got
hello f1113: hello keek throughhellohello f1114: [laugh] i can
dinna scare it m1132: [inaudible]hellohello f1131: hello pussycat m1132:
[censored: forename] f1142: it s bleepinhellohello f1141: he s nae
s a big hello f1113: hellokeek through hello hello f1114:
mum dad al hello fadduhhellomuddah here i am in
goes off again peggy offhelloneil neil off hello peggy
your dad m1098: oh [note: speaking on phone]hellono hello aye aye aye
take your hand hello pussycathello[noise to entice cat] m1132: look f1131: here
off hello neil neil offhellopeggy enter peggy her clothes
fleein out midges urgh m1132: hellopussy hello pussy here f1131:
midges urgh m1132: hello pussyhellopussy here f1131: mmhm it
i ll take your handhellopussycat hello [noise to entice cat] m1132: look
m1132: [inaudible] hello hello f1131: hellopussycat m1132: [inaudible] f1131: want
see you are you sayinghelloto the pussycat he s
see it f1131: no m1132: hellopussy mummy f1131: is it
name poor wee tat m1132: hellof1131: eh you re nameless
gonna speak to them m1132: hellofishies f1131: oh they ll
[inaudible] this peek a boohellokeek a boo teek a
here good morning fishes [child noises]hellofishes f1131: [sniff] [sniff] ah
[censored: forename] f1103: oh i seehellobarbie f1104: what are you
s going to find lorettahelloloretta loretta not looking up
loretta loretta not looking uphellopeggy the weather s improved
my sister s quine teeniehelloauntie georgie georgie to audience
yon wumman auntie olia sayhelloauntie olia two street musicians
she sits still peggy offhelloneil been enjoying the sun
to see you soon christianhellochristian i always feel that
2004 13 19 33 0100hellochristian no problems at all
ma call it [laugh] m1004: hellof1005: ehm just something m1004:
georgie you re late chrissiehellojim jim i m just
ye see tellt ye dodhelloma georgie aye loon to
her hopeful as ever dodhelloangel you re lookin affa
a chance to exit ohhellodod lizzie slyly i ll
s laughin at ye f1142: hellof1141: [baby gurgles] f1142: mister man
whit will ye say carolannehelloagnes oh i dinnae think
stops staring back gordon ehhellocarolanne enters without key carolanne
waiting in the corner carolannehellopause yes it is pause
playing wi m1090: ehm myhelloi ve got one f1089:
turn [toy noise] he s sayinhello[inaudible] f1089: [?]let me see you[/?] turn left
i ve got one f1089: hellom1090: this this is for
washing up f1121: [censored: forename] [inaudible]hellocan you phone me back
say f1112: you ca- f1111: helloand welcome to baby [censored: forename]
fitt mountain f1104: this mountainhello[censored: forename] f1103: oh i see
[laugh] no [inaudible] like thathello[censored: forename] i m eh [laugh]
get her to move f1122: hello[censored: forename] i m putting her
i m eh [laugh] [censored: forename]hello[censored: forename] m942: friend i m
s [censored: forename] to see youhellohere s [censored: forename] to see
[censored: forename] that are going sayhelloto [censored: forename] f1155: [cough] oh
what nanny f1103: [censored: forename] f1104: hellowhat s that what is
quadrant glasgow g12 november 2004helloand welcome to our november
a winnae gang warm welcomehellothere aye jist step richt
and they ve been sayinghelloto me and i ve
knew from classes and sayinghelloto them and stuff i
and picks it up maggiehellopause startled by what she
an yeah m959: people sayhelloto you instead o just
ah juist say til himhellout concecutivum an he sterts
the ice sheddie jim ohhellolizzie no i canna come
you see my hand f1101: helloaye f1102: farr [?]you my[/?] twinkling
water f1112: uh huh f1111: hello[laugh] f1112: i got some
roond eh door chamb ohhelloah m back ah seyd
carrying a small basket jackhellomartha martha oh jack it
brisk undertone oh eh mhellothere she stood pauline eh
back ah seyd eh ohhellowiz cos she d fowk
the day [inaudible] [running water sounds] [running sounds]hellomillie i get you to
re aa meltit [phone rings] m1128: hellof1127: eh yer heidie okay
jocky and i was likehellojocky [laugh] and eh he
in water like a bighellothe suicide lady rolls jelly
1988 and soon a bighelloto 89 the last year
[laugh] f641: [laugh] [laugh] m642: hellodear how are you f643:
in the pool of lighthelloi m john biram may
i ll speak tae maselhellothere bob how re ye
and have a a weehellom608: mmhm m642: talk with
it you can dae ahelloa lot wi folk in
onything bit wirkin be instincthelloi said have you seen
an an things like thathellonow where are you goin
nae sae much as ahelloooto her nurse mackenzie hidnae
pipped her at the posthellothere the youngster cried cheerily
colour print this is howhellostarted so watch out all
corner sellin hash an smackhellomrs flanagan wid ye like
was like sort o ahellophotoshoot or somethin like that
best christine quoting cdeluca [censored: emailaddress]helloalan foo is du i
we were set up [audience member apologises for late arrival]helloand er that the group
whitever billy examined his fingernailshellothere china he said graham
spending g├╝ten morgen bonjour andhellothe employees of the barcos

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