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giggles a wee warning firsthelplesslaughter work up to it
wont you untie a poorhelplesslittle boy silence steve kin
masell myself maucht strength mauchtlesshelplessmaun must mawkin hare meinit
arrive aw white froth anhelplessstanes behind wis a sheer
sawn off limbs flayed likehelplessliving things lie scattered ready
he views the death ofhelplesscreatures who die in order
pidgin russian followed by ahelplessgrin she obviously took this
was trapped in an angryhelplessstate of child like dependency
showed whan lyin rackt anhelplesson his back there s
its shape to keep himhelplessbut couldn t free himself
corn as we might sayhelplessand here is the great
you know they re kindahelplessan m819: save themselves and
the solar plexus rendered himhelplessin the days that followed

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