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classic lovers troilus and cressidaheroand leander as well as
is used in verses onheroand leander by the roman
roylance an janet raden warherosuin tae be mp and
roylance a game leggit warherothat ettles tae be a
fluctuates wildly his autobiographical antiheromammon on the one hand
hit fright moment renders theheroapparently vulnerable gives everybody a
the library tae stalk maherodisraeli bi noo i wis
monet or rembrandt like myherodisraeli i hidna speired fit
one last fright see yourherogettin wounded is part of
is largely autobiographical the youngherorenounces god and when he
you get yirsel insnorled maherofor that wad me ill
was a postcard perfect localherofull of rugged sean connery
fella if you want aheroall i did was surrender
yeah he s a dogherom804: a dog hero m805:
dog hero m804: a dogherom805: yeah m804: that s
noble if you want aheroyou ve got the wrong
eleventh hour expositions of theheros aristocracy which trace their
nail shears i cut myherooot syne i sat afore
different fur a stert myherowis deid it began fin
buiks wi them bit myherowis different fur a stert
a fairmyaird aye said maherotae hissel and though i
cast out by society theherobuilds a celestial lodge as
birth til a gret newheroopen yeir een man an
wid nivver fit a buchanheromurray the jyner is the
when he made urquhart theheroof one of his unlikely
thick cut lips made aheroof himself with his one
to die but when theherotakes himself off to a
continued dead he is aheroheaped with pundonor or personal
in davidson s work theheroin smith one of davidson
telt a lang story aheros story of territory defended
jimmy i m your localherof643: [laugh] m608: [laugh] f641:
sucked dry like the adolescentheroin a french novel but
time like an auld warherolike ony bonnie fechter fan
for a wad be naeherothe auld speak says the
fur sushi japan s adoptedheroben mushroom clouds an efter
so fit does the boldherodee he walks through the
thinking his dad was aheroand a king and with
primary school telling the folkherotale of the lad born
ll think he s aherotell him ye ll gie
i made a vow theheroof my young days shall
he is a popular folkloricheroalbeit a bit knavish at
s a bit o aherofa held a dirk william
roland furious for example theheroat one point stumbles into
a new time begun theheroof this testament finds a
low bdq then have theherotake oot the baddie wi
company he now lacks theheroanthropomorphises the world of nature
he is hailed as aheroscottish samurai heich pine amang
the nicht he was aherowi german shrapnel in him
thump again i m aheroan naebody kens it i
monie times heard whit aheroye are a m a
the expectations of a romanceheroand meldrum s actions the
chaunce ti faw lyke aherofor hir sake ye winna
maister shi isna cried aherofor naethin o their joy
to be furnished with aherofrom the common stock we
the will to live theherohas obviously experienced a resurgence
colour of ripe corn theheros was dark as a
paradise lost the wanderer sherocan also be paralled with
some of scotland s nationalheroinno the waa o st

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