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and his feres pit stouthertstae a stey brae and
jyne the thrang wi lichthertsapiece but whan thay war
that ill for men whashertsis fauss ti shaw a
glens whaur fowk bydes whashertsis saikless blyth lyke bairns
the lang wearie oors whashertsken naither joy or dule
whas no heeze up yerhertsye re no alane in
warl o fowk wi stouthertsan strang baks at cuid
weans nou wae s thehertso daunerin men harkin back
ben the daylicht drave theirhertsstounin faist as the ledrach
at s fit wye fowkshertsdiv bleed press your doonfa
hinmaist squaar heezen wi littlehertslugs pented flat ready ti
tae traivel wie an stoothertstae rely on the hinmaist
roddenberrie sein straucht inti thehertso baith men an the
skellochin lauchin amang freins forgetherthertsmade lichtsum for a wee
duin areddies an tho thairhertsan thair heids kens noo
gate ti tornes wi hiehertsat nicht thai stappit at
ti this blasphemey yur darkhertsuh ll flair up sair
hyde what s in oorhertsl macbeth ye maun stap
we were hauf wey dounhertslowpin an haudin oor braiths
harns are belbevart and oorhertsbrak gie us virr tae
him the owerance o thairhertsan mynds a wudnae hev
a gowden baw til thairhertscontent ah m thinkin that
conscript wratches nou an thairhertsis no in the fecht
an curse me in thairhertsseton answers his call and
thair daily darg wi blithsomehertsthe day the steidin is
auld fowk eithlie gies thairhertsthe sweetest wyne at lest
when aabody s singing theirhertsoot weel it s like
della tradition dictates krista oorhertsin the land oor souls
voice tip toeing through oorhertstess helps della tess awa
ll hae tae steel oorhertsagin the loss the deil
up we l speak oorhertsthegither banquo a l dae
corks nor ropes naethin disappyntithertssinkin we were juist turnin
caur rummle kemps wi rowtinhertsnear spean bridge car noise
finds slavery utterly repugnant thehertso aw men that hivna
no sense that faddoms thehertso men 17 and what
tae yoke their dear sweethertstae aa that wark aboot
it wis nae joke wihertsmaist like tae burst fae
tak em tae staffa theirhertsmissed a beat or twa
estuary netsmen fair gleddened thehertso fishers an poachers alike
thrawart threipins aquila 1976 andhertsbluid chapman 1995 written three

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