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din dirnie how din dirnieheydin dirnie hae and i
wi my hey din dirnieheydin dirnie hae then he
on like this wi myheydin dirnie hey din dirnie
s nae richt wi maheydin dirnie how din dirnie
[inaudible] m1090: [inaudible] santa heyheya clock santa f1089: a
bit of a boogie heyheya we need noo is
yer fitt s this heyheycome here fitt s this
ll excuse the expression heyheydinnae greet man dinnae greet
m i m standin goinheyf1041: aye m1042: hey you
[pots a ball] f1107: [?]you want me to[/?] hey m1108: heyf1107: fitt ye daein aa
and there it goes f1114: heyf1113: hey which one do
zebra f1097: hey m1098: yayheyget that ain now f1097:
i [inaudible] m1090: [inaudible] santaheyhey a clock santa f1089:
a bit of a boogieheyhey a we need noo
s yer fitt s thisheyhey come here fitt s
ye ll excuse the expressionheyhey dinnae greet man dinnae
but the raging drowns everythingheyhey hey i protest gripping
bed are they and thatheyhey hey right just leave
[inaudible] f1133: eh f1134: [singing]heyhey i dinna want this
the raging drowns everything heyheyhey i protest gripping the
f1089: put it back m1090: heyhey it is a wee
march march march march f1121: heyhey look look what you
got it for her birth-heyhey look you just sit
makes to help dimps dimpsheyhey ok ok cool ah
are they and that heyheyhey right just leave that
my fair f1118: lady f1117: heyhey right wow is that
really nice and gentle f1112: heyhey this is the [?]hairdress i'm doing[/?]
hang in there m1096: ayeheyhey what about that the
f1133: eh f1134: [singing] heyheyi dinna want this sandwich
raging drowns everything hey heyheyi protest gripping the bundle
put it back m1090: heyheyit is a wee pa-
from their back seat eyrieheyjunkie hey smack heid fuck
march march march f1121: heyheylook look what you ve
it for her birth- heyheylook you just sit here
for ze- m1098: zebra f1097: heym1098: yay hey get that
m1108: aye [pots a ball] f1107: [?]you want me to[/?]heym1108: hey f1107: fitt ye
say my maw ken m1013: heyma aye hey ma f1054:
ken m1013: hey ma ayeheyma f1054: okay grandmother m1010:
to help dimps dimps heyheyok ok cool ah m
they and that hey heyheyright just leave that okay
fair f1118: lady f1117: heyheyright wow is that a
back seat eyrie hey junkieheysmack heid fuck off ya
nice and gentle f1112: heyheythis is the [?]hairdress i'm doing[/?] you
daze f1103: hey tommy f1104: heytommy f1103: no don t
sitting on sunny daze f1103: heytommy f1104: hey tommy f1103:
in there m1096: aye heyheywhat about that the [inaudible]
it goes f1114: hey f1113: heywhich one do you want
goin hey f1041: aye m1042: heyyou loonie awa doon tae
santa m1090: yeah look we-heylook a rollin ball santa
asked santa for m1090: yeahheyninja turtles f1089: yeah ninja
f1107: i said very goodheycome and get [?]flowy[/?] m1108:
me m1108: [singing] he gaunheyconversation more action plea- [singing]
just making funny shapes m1108: heyf1107: what [something hits the floor] whoopsie well
[inaudible] wait a minutie m1108: heyi m trying to peuch
we go m1108: [laugh] [inaudible]heyi ve got aa dirty
aye f1107: okey dokey m1108: heylook this is a worm
mak it into something m1108: heymum f1107: fitt m1108: i
m1108: aye f1107: aye m1108: heymum f1107: what m1108: watch
shine can t ye m1108: heymum f1107: what now you
cooker can they m1108: noheymum i ve made you
obsessed with farty pops m1108: heymum who can jump from
oor christmas did it m1108: heypat and jessie s sleeping
biscuit crocodile teeth m1108: o-heythat s a lion teeth
they rotten f1107: wait m1108: heythis is like [censored: forename] s
drawer cause you might m1108: heywe re needing some of
wasn t it m1108: ayeheywho s that f1107: that
do ye m1108: yummy fittheyyou ve got aa messy
this washing on here m1090: heyf1089: [censored: forename] m1090: look what
fitt colour s that m1090: heyf1089: is that coming off
go in the car [?]that's[/?]heyf1089: you want to do
aah i want apple f1089: heyi want doesna get in
it nice do it niceheyis that perfect f1089: that
look what i found thisheymiss meet [?]it's hanging up[/?] f1089: mm
get in this house s-heypepper f1089: fitt do you
s f1089: no m1090: dannyheywhere did it go f1089:
[laugh] farted [laugh] f1089: oiheyyou wee rascal and fitt
sing them a song f1112: heybut they re covered up
playing during the day f1112: heyfitt about [?]throwing the dollies backies[/?] f1111: not
in don t we f1112: heyi catched it [laugh] f1111:
careful wi that chair f1112: heyi sometimes slip f1111: mmhm
f1112: [inaudible] f1111: [?]in here[/?] f1112: heyit s testing testing f1111:
blue f1112: you do itheylook at my f1111: you
tummy you were squashed f1112: heylook at my [inaudible] f1111:
s staying on the f1112: heylook path look at him
we re gonna do f1112: hey[?]mum[/?] ha- hairdressers always put
it up f1112: oh [inaudible]heythat one s very dirty
f1112: uh huh [inaudible] musclesheythat s a bonny thing
clev- oh well done f1112: heythink this one s not
m1090: mmhm [chew] [swallow] [?]yeah[/?]heylook this is from mcdonalds
you did open it m1090: heywhat s this is a
these down m1092: huh f1091: heyand it was fine seeing
shut m1092: okay mm f1091: heycome here come here come
time f1091: mmhm m1092: [exhale]heydad put it on [inaudible]
m1092: cow f1091: a cowheydiddle diddle the m1092: cat
m1092: a wee moose [?]me know him[/?]heyhm yey f1091: whey so
bit [inaudible] f1091: i thinkheym1092: me want this [inaudible]
oot you re rude m1092: heymum f1091: what where you
toffee s stretching m1092: mmhmheythat is like nina f1091:
monkey f1091: the monkey m1092: heythere a there a hippo
little mermaid m1092: who thatheythere s the old one
to finish this story m1092: heyuh huh f1091: right dinna
put that back then m1092: heyyou got my thing on
m1092: uh huh f1091: nowheyyou ve done well you
nothing m1132: aye f1131: mmhmhey[censored: forename] m1132: fitt f1131: come
t you what about yourheylisten fitt aboot your snake
sit doon on mummy lookheylook fitt s this that
one book the end f1091: heytell me fitt s in
get up there f1091: mmhmheyyou ll soon be climbing
s for her hair f1118: heylook socks for her socks
as well f1118: yes f1117: heymissy stop throwin fa s
she will she oh [inaudible]heystop shu- chuckin things f1118:
is it f1118: too sm-heythis baby aa fits f1117:
have to tidy up f1118: heythis was not on here
[exhale] away f1103: [inaudible] f1104: heycome back here [inaudible] beddy
bones in that ain yeahheyf1103: need ain wi six
got [inaudible] erm cinderella f1103: heyf1104: pumpkin [inaudible] pumpkin f1103:
goes here no f1103: noheyf1104: that bit goes there
that ain f1103: aye f1104: heyhurray [inaudible] in f1103: it
f1103: oh aye f1104: upheyi m free i m
trousers f1103: mmhm mmhm f1104: heymum i have a good
that skirt for ye f1104: heymy skirt f1103: mmhm and
sleeping beauty snow white f1103: heyyes f1104: so that s
s that [laugh] f1113: [laugh]heycome on look at something
m not [inaudible] the spongeheyf1113: look f1114: i made
would hae said trashy m1010: heylook at her she s
the shoppie leave your bikeheylook the dog s got
[inaudible] [sob] [sob] [sob] f1125: heylook this is what you
can have that one f1104: heyit s got bones in
press the button f1101: [?]go on, go on then[/?]heyf1102: mum can i go
side with mum f1122: ohheyi want to go down
gonna go in and goheymum [laugh] f1155: [laugh] oh
and she wants her [inaudible]heydora dora s her best
it s a para- [inaudible]heyf1113: it s a parachute
s car s that f1116: hey[inaudible] f1115: just comin in
that s that side filledhey[inaudible] side full f1097: [inaudible]
[inaudible] stinky dock [exhale] f1141: heythat s enough f1142: my
ice cream f1126: [inaudible] f1125: heythat was clever f1126: [?]pass it over[/?]
nae on the table f1134: heythis is kind of [inaudible]
was thinking on [inaudible] m1132: heytoo big f1131: ah but
f1122: [inhale] i [inaudible] f1121: heywhat was you doin today
don t laugh [inaudible] m1098: heyyou no f1097: [inaudible] stop
gaun to come an visitheyyou re a [inaudible] into
that bydes thare wul getherheyan kinnlin dinna you lat
and get the other barbieheydinna be nasty or i
my face f1141: dinna [censored: forename]heythat s enough well dinna
down f1121: is she okayheyare you gonna be a
f1121: two and one f1122: heyf1121: okay then we ll
this rub a dub dubheyf1121: what f1122: that s
f1122: aye [inhale] a butterf-heyit s a bird f1121:
the day [laugh] f1115: owheycome here gie me your
was somebody out there sadieheycome on we re safe
come oan you two cammyheystew mibi dimpsy boy wants
sausage face f1142: yeah f1141: hey[censored: forename] had on her watch
and one for [censored: forename] m1096: heyf1095: watch where you re
what s that ah f1127: heyfann granny [censored: forename] comes in
like meep meep meep f835: heymy name s [censored: forename] [laugh]
whoa whoa whoa whoa [censored: forename]heyno leave that m1098: [laugh]
off the gas i hesitateheydon t lose your grip
[laugh] cut off his hairheyf1114: that s it that
f1130: it came off itselfheyis that my party bag
s all sadie from offheynever heard it cawed that
servant runs off calling setonheyseton dejectedly a m seik
i think it is offheythis lo- will you will
cairt alang wi e aalheyan e guana bag wi
sunday and monday atween eheyan e hairst when they
an disturbance nor e fusperinheyboys she s pished er
size o yer strae orheycrap thinkin aboot e olympics
staan nae bit fit eheyd been sair connacht afore
it wis ceiled wi eheylaft abeen an e fleer
sneddit tools sledgin e driedheyon poles an biggin coles
e wark wis in eheyparks scythin wi lang sneddit
like at disturbance at eheysoo bit ere wis something
e tail eyn o aheysoo stannin still a fyow
eyn o e steadin eheysoo wis ay ere an
connacht wi watter an eheywis black an fool lookin
wi the dialect or langheyye feel fit s e
f809: okay f810: but ehheyehm that s it that
okay that s easy daeinheywhat a load o stuff
colours then f1124: aye iheyi want black f1123: well
mm f965: to say ohheyyou want to sit in
right f1114: i pull twoheyf1113: wey that s good
one piece is left yeheyf1114: let s do it
see there that s itheyf1114: that s the p-
got the rest in f1113: heywh- what colour s nemo
i m painting again f1141: heygo and put that back
tae go beth to othersheyhow aboot that maggie well
round and find out thatheyi just need to go
going by and i goheythere they are so i
[laugh] f1027: day one toheywell there you go [laugh]
it s you to goheyyou only spin it once
he d a thocht abootheyfirst an foremost bit nae
hide an seek i theheyshed an roon aboot the
willie quarry aboot an aalheysoo it wisna mowse ay
in an canna lowp abootheywyfe dae ye hear me
wi yer wee brief caseheydriver ye re no sleep
wud ah a hushle oheyin runkelt claes wi a
throng wi enormous burdens oheyon eir backs lookin fae
enter stew and steve cammyheystew thought wi hud a
park wi a bale oheytae keep them quait jonsar
packit her schule buits wiheytae line an warm them
wi long sleeves do w-heythis thing that s what
wisna playing wi a- f1095: heyyou ve got a christmas
fermer cood gey near beheymaker mild aye mild it
t m1010: aye maw m1013: heymaw [laugh] my maw mmhm
miss [censored: surname] and mrs [censored: surname]heydid mrs [censored: surname] s get
hair get weet and di-heydid ye catch an apple
dirty dancin the lambada ohheyi could get intae this
lilian oh i get itheylisten everybody let the fallen
f1117: what have you gotheyyou re goin to get
think she s maybe workingheyher car s still here
re going to do f1122: heya hole a hole i
morning early wee willie grayheyca thro we re a
but f718: [laugh] m734: erheythey re safe because they
somewhere else sadie to sweatshirtheypal you got an ugly
and faced the hectoring mobheyi m noe a fuckin
them after all by sayingheyi m not a maggot
m going spiderman [child noise] f1127: heywe ll soon be puttin
chair rubbing her ribs gordonheyagnes you could ve been
a moment or two georgieheyd you min thon ramenski
tae pit it that weyheygeordie are you tryin tae
lang since i ve seenheygytit what do you mean
and actually stoppin and goinheyhow are you doin you
you would hear the cryheymin yer pints is lowse
fighting no drugs no gangsheymister are you sure this
f1126: yes [exhale] [tut] ahheymummy you broke my pencil
dad use coos calfs straeheyneeps you say you speak
iron out toward dimps cammyheystew man you noh wantin
know cause they d sayheystop that or you know
you will never find itheythe list for the shopping
f806: ehm but yeah f807: heyum are you going to
tell you all about dimpsheywally wooden top shut yur
s that s it m939: heyyou it was a metal
pat as he falls leeheyyou settle doon ih beej
to the cupboard m1094: [panting]heyyou ve [exhale] i ll
you goin to be badheyyou will fall that box
what s this is aheyit s not better than
f1127: eh m1128: [child noise] f1127: hey[ripping noise] m1128: this one s
wiz a bit o diplomacyheychon are ye comin doon
not magic sadie impressed ohheycatch oan resigned just dae
we can colour in ohheyfarr did your other mini
stuff trying to say [laugh]heyer it amazes me actually
nice [laugh] f1018: i knowheyi d never heard it
well a thought a shoutetheyhod the bus a minnit
them oot that s itheynae like that ah well
l souk him dry asheyan nicht an day nae
and binniaraix roads in itsheyday it would have been
a gentler time in itsheyday the evocative soller tram
the nicht is neir goneheynow the day dawis the
an a half meenits anheypresto the ither day he
to see the interaction millerheyhaud back fae the peer
boot thudded inta ma sideheychist oot o eh corner
rise noo an pass theheypark is heich as ma
carolanne on the bed sadieheyshe did somethin normal noo
s nae simmer canna beheymaker friday 31st temp 3
the night that s ifheyagnes which wey up dae
gowds o matthew bruce sheyan corn parks dandy hid
an ti him profunditas saysheyladdie whit s in yir
mi a smaoineachadh gun robhheys bha na busaichean fhèin
d sprauchle oot in theheys saft bed dreepin inno
s brither wattie cried ootheyskipper is thon no anither
green that s the [?]grass[/?]heythat is it is [pages turning]
an eh she ll sayheythat s a good no
planted on the ground butheythat s enough bombardment for
that s clever to gladysheyuse kitchen roll instead its
the organisation and folk saidheywait a minute faa s
i just turned another pageheyhooray a new ain a
wis gey mucky stuff atheyaifter iyin for mair n
kam upo ae stack oheyan watt wis reputit tae
horse an forked in theirheyit wis jock dow fa
coles roon widden hairtin framesheywis a main crap ilky
starts to cry agnes awheygordon ll no let him
are ye a clever loonheyare ye a clever loonie
the airn an he speirsheyguildbrithers hae ye onie guid
[sob] no no mummy f1141: heyken something i went to
men time tae sort theirheyan feed fur nicht ay
feedin them their brakkfaist oheyan oats aince the shelties
til the kie an wunninheyan sic lik auld wattie
stable fur a feed oheyan watter at eleyven o
the sea hudderin heiderin hodderinheycannon rick is cauld an
an i can smell theheyfresh cuttit in the simmer
troch in the yaird forkinheyinno his manger an wyin
kintra tae early flouer theheyparks wad be thick an
nellie ae heize i theheytyme an sic lyke whan
that the ark m1128: [child noise]heymummy mammy mammy f1127: we
mm but ehm yeah f807: heywhen is our erm that
yae tyme whan dain aeheytyme fur watt davies it
i in a tv thrillerheyandy c moan in shouted
winding our arms became entangledheyi protested for concentrating on
the wood pantheist in aheypark on simmer nichts i
out with soliony shouts ofheyho yoo hoo are heard
shouts of yoo hoo andheyya are heard from beyond
trees shouts of yoo hooheyya are heard toozenbach but
in saft july the showdinheyis dried afore the weet
had juist been crappt oheytwa three days syne shuir
the stage comes a shoutheyho irena starts awthing gars
proportions sean connery a furryheyjimmy doorknob made in dundee
fermer in a hurry turnsheymaker saturday 19th temp 9
fermer noo turns intae aheymaker wednesday 18th temp 8
eat greedily hert n heartheyn hay hie a high
arm and quite audibly whisperedheyeddie see yon mealie mou
wind and the rain tuneheyho the wind the rain
in yon neuk better nurheynor corn faith even the
the form on top andheypresto the deed was done
road inbye ben the showdinheytakk the road inbye fur
the ram ben the showdinheytakk the road inbye takk
09 composed to the tuneheytutti taitie previously used by
qualities of grief and sympathyheytutti taitie sometimes called robert

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