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derkness n darkness dern vhidedescrive v describe devauls v
denner dinner derk dark dernhidedeserr deserve dichtie dirty dill
derk a dark dern vhidedevaul v yield ding v
m1019: hide and seek m1021: hideand seek aye why they
do you remember hessy m1019: hideand seek m1021: hide and
go hide the chickens gohidef1113: he s going to
rock rock shut up shophidehide hurts inside cutting skin
rock shut up shop hidehidehurts inside cutting skin boundary
to hide i want tohidei m like why why
ah no i want tohidei want to hide i
hide in it you wouldhidein it but where s
was a [?]polo[/?] you wouldhidein it you would hide
to hide them aa bitshideit here f1127: well i
th- th- the chickens gohidethe chickens go hide f1113:
oh mummy i gaun tohidethem aa bits hide it
up an aboot girnwood playinhidean seek i the hey
away lookin for them f1018: hideand seek basically m1021: er
was er more or lesshideand seek except that er
disappear it s like ahideand seek game f1043: it
game f1043: it s likehideand seek mmhm f1054: an
it still kept spinning leapfroghideand seek popular with both
nell you re het forhideand seek shut your eyes
tig kick the can andhideand seek there were lots
co ming ready or nothideand seek through trees sun
an auld torn cloot playedhiden seek by the auld
him ma auld skin wihideand hair tae keep him
that doll came fi somehideaway took oan what ah
ah ve got something tihidecammy oan the defensive dimps
git close thigithir in thehidestew ah ve moved oan
them back oan beth bethhidethem please if i don
nearly here i canny findhidenor hair o betty i
an i ve seen neitherhidenor hair o him since
linshie bit aifter at naehidenor hair o im i
there wis neither hair nurhideo her tae be seen
thousands of women have tohidelike this carolanne s neighbours
maggie well enough tries tohidetears that come suddenly carolanne
and waves to her tohidethe top catching on carolanne
wi sharp razor teeth kinhidedimps sits up dimps fuck
dinnae fuckin tell us dollhideaway place paupers grave stew
tune with nature remember thehidestew babes in the wood
from the general public farmershidebehind commercial confidentiality at the
s inquiry no one canhidebehind european union rules on
unpleasantly bright then i wouldhidemy gear behind a pile
here nae toga haps thehideagin cranreuch cauld yer weemin
s shairly no possible taehideaw yer soul s preoccupations
och ye didnae care taehidebut rose up in yer
lowp aff yer face theyhidethirsels in dumplins the cake
friens i ll scrat yerhidewillow pattern text bridges link
d shew them up taehideyer cheeks an spare yer
yer actions bit ye maunhideyer main attractions serpent aye
pokin neb nae nymphs canhidenor soum away wee burnside
d tae gaun away anhidean he was left tae
better go then you musthidethat now right away pause
these books and we wouldhidethem away in secret places
his cloven foot awa anhideahint a dyke if ye
shows nae remorse a llhideawa among the whins or
burn funny that how theyhideawa when they ken it
caird ah l awa anhidemasell goes to the wardrobe
fecht he went awa tohideshe searched for him till
my grief i scarce cuidhidewhan i fand the auld
i m like why whyhideit s just rain it
and if i try tohidefrom them under the blanket
can rarely be said tohidehis light under a bushel
intention under the bill tohidethe identities of authorising officers
in bervie we had tohideunder our desks once the
the notebook which he willhideunder the mattress miss wood
think it was will wehidethem again and you can
come up here beside mummyhidethem in the bubbles f1112:
have boxes of gold theyhidethem in the corner when
me maggie so you wouldhidethem that s what he
funeral andy wishes he couldhidethem the pleats in fiona
a find a place taehidea cannae unnerstan thae men
s the wee passage f1089: hidein fitt there s nae
da made nae attempt taehidethe fact he likit her
fand it oot it cudnahidefrae him fit if jock
aside an niver true emotionhidefrae the gentle wumman by
i ken for he cannaehidehis scent an sign frae
her hoose a place taehidefae yon gran skweel fa
f1113: he s going tohideis he f1114: yes to
good mind to tan hishidefor him chrissie sour you
and ah d rin andhideunner the stair watchin him
ower tae the laft anhideahin the corn sacks they
come across the road taehideahint the hedge aside us
wullnae speak she tried taehideher feet gordon wis richt
yoursel i ve nothing taehideoh no he shouted would
ll hae tae tak anhideyersel or whit may hap
go back to balriddie andhidein a cellar near the
car [censored: forename] i think youhideeverything in here do you
trousers m1090: if do youhidein here f1089: no there
door f1111: you used tohidea lot o things in
and we used to allhidein the kitchen with the
should not be used tohidemistakes made by the state
and everything where the trouthide[inhale] and you ve to
you ve got something tohide[laugh] it s lovely m964:
wee pir win midgies divhidethursday 26th temp 6 15
he would run not tohidebut to be found more
lined path where we wouldhidein the shelter of leaves
to take it out andhideit andy s commode would
letter he s planning tohidein amang the cargo till
canna get it if youhideit up there can he
a pettit craitur he cudnahidethat he favoured her far
first minister mr swinney cannothidethe fact that he does
slow tide crawls up tohidethe thing mammon remarks on
far teachers on supply canhideecho foxtrot golf hotel dante
war on her head tohidethe curlers she has a
life an hou wad ahidesic a faut a ll
that good girl now youhideit somewhere safe really safe
too solid pause now thehidewas more in tune with
in towns are places peoplehidein skyscrapers like specks they
treacle slithers over the crackedhidethat is bark bark like
his hand on it tohideit but realises that his
a start and tries tohidethe needle by gathering his
f1104: i m goin tohidef1103: are ye was you
ye was you goin tohidefrom me f1104: uh huh
no there s nothing tohidein there is there m1090:
redd a grave o mitherhideme there an stell a
the bill from mr rabhidedeputy chairman of scottish council
we are not seeking tohidefrom the reality of performance
which meant no one couldhidefrom the teacher pupils always
speirin for t the lassieshidefan they see me comin
i canna fight it ihidebottles on top o the
o the tsars did ithidein the tents o the
for women and children tohidei wrote it for the
troughs and furrows in myhidethough i did not invite
and was bushy enough tohidea hundred andies a thousand
yeir jaiket pompitie runs tohidein a bush but the
sinner in a bullock shideconsorted with a cat and
as on shore anely ahideas teuch as a crocodile
a wall of warmth elephanthidefeels bullet proof a bursting
of discretion rather than beinghidebound by some bureaucratic centralist
man died tess strong cowhidebag that is wid hud

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