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norm and dairfur a linguistichierarchyd yooniversitee is complicit in
linguistic norm and therefore linguistichierarchythe university is complicit in
a direct implication o ahierarchyquhilk deems standard english oar
o pooer in operation ahierarchyis imposed dt says dt
o writin dat wy dhierarchyo languages braaks doon pooer
pooer d construction o ahierarchyo languages dt whit we
foggy bees bit in ehierarchyo respect bees at fowk
power dynamic in operation ahierarchyis imposed that says one
by the creation of ahierarchyof tasks for different groups
on to describe a linguistichierarchywhich consisted of french speaking
the number of ministers theirhierarchywithin subject or other teams
the middle of the economichierarchydo occasionally shift their mode
be taken there is ahierarchythat begins with initial alert
a relationship of power ahierarchyof languages what they teach
terms of the social classhierarchyright generally speaking erm f963:
a subordinate position in ahierarchyof languages the imposition of
new system indeed the newhierarchyof standards and guidance will
top tier in the designationhierarchybut rather to provide special
that it makes to thehierarchyand the new roles and
were not working in ahierarchyi have no evidence that

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