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bel tellt me chrissie youhinnagot a cousin bel georgie
warld i ken hinna gottahinnagotta bairnie hinna gotta lass
is the warld i kenhinnagotta hinna gotta bairnie hinna
gotta bairnie hinna gotta lasshinnagotta hope n hell o
hinna gotta hinna gotta bairniehinnagotta lass hinna gotta hope
a bag evie evie youhinnahad real tea in the
tae see it if yehinnagotten a copy areddies if
tae see it if yehinnagotten a copy areddies if
the basket ah but ihinnabeen idle this last six
[censored: forename] f1124: here f1123: ihinnagot any f1124: fitt for
fitt s caul oh wehinnaput that in the oven
tutankhamen s saucer ach youhinnatouched fit you ve got
that gladys oh aye ihinnadeen that for ages loretta
be oot here loretta ihinnaseen her peggy she doesna
in the back row loonshinnagot the application as miss
f1131: mmhm the fish wehinnafed them m1132: mm mm
to see will you youhinnagot onything like 40 year
40 years an you certainlyhinnamy wee beastie you re
be thrawn ana so ihinnafinished wi im yet i
oh well i says ihinnagot naething yet oh weel
haulin t oot but ihinnaopened it yet i thocht
that you ken fine ihinnastarted my spring cleanin yet
ill for deein for ihinnatelt ye yet fit kinna
forrit tae the roads yehinnatraivelled yet tae the fowk
the only way that youhinnaturned it yet that way
tongue pairts o the estaiblishmenthinnachynged muckle deep doon inside
o their ain toon richthinnagot muckle gan for them
dealt wi me weel ihinnamuckle experience o bookies but
step ben step ben wehinnago aa day tae wyte
will he telt brian ihinnatelt yer mither she d
nippily i jist trust yehinnabin buyin mair crucifixes tae
be the puddock stew ihinnabin richt since halloween i
like that angelica weel ihinnagin tae a this bother
scots pairlament shop but wehinnabeen able tae git onie
mair nor the firsten yehinnasocht efter onie callant weel
snarls jonsar eck och ihinnabeen affa weel i didnae
somewye are you sure youhinnagot my money jonsar eck
s affa hard because ihinnanoticed onybody fae oor class
look at that tangerines ihinnaseen a tangerine for fower
every thursday efterneen pause ihinnaseen him since of course
stuck on m1128: [child noise] f1127: hinnaseen the colouring book though
need to mak een ihinnagot een in the hoose
richt feerich here an ihinnathe farrach eynoo tae mak
men bluid tee no theyhinnagot a curse jist weemin
aw f1103: aw me youhinnagot a lot o bones
a the time dod ihinnai got ye a the
that his poems an hymnshinnahid mair recognition he wis
o early mairch surely wehinnahid the teuchits storm es
o an overlay if yehinnaye mith ken t as
look at you noo youhinnaeven had a bite o
two have spirit noo ihinnai like an easy life
yer bed in blankets athinnabeen in eese for a
she s confessed it yehinnaheard a hundredth pairt o
music i speir usually theyhinnabecause there s nae siller
scunner but ae thing wehinnasaught we hae biggit ane

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